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21st December 1998
15th December 1998
9th December 1998 George Eichler has closed the Fan Activity Network, which published an excellent fanzine, the resource guide and fiction. George did a wonderful job for nearly 6 years, but regretably he no longer has the time to continue.
Thanks to Don Gerner for pointing out the World Series is baseball, not football :-) Coming soon: a detailed description and analysis of an unfilmed script, A Breath Of Death.
4th December 1998
18th November 1998
  • Current merchandise updated with the latest news on Comet Miniatures models and the Ertl re-releases of the MPC/Airfix Eagle and Moonbase model kits.
Also note that there is a new Nick Tate interview in the British magazine TV Zone: TV Zone Yearbook (Special number 31), £3.99, released November 3rd 1998
27th October 1998
21st October 1998

Includes the essential critics reading list, including influential articles by Isaac Asimov, John Brosnan, David Hirsch and others.
Plus revealing interviews including a rarely seen insightful interview with Zienia Merton. Other newly added interviews include Keith Wilson and Nick Tate.
Also the Bellak/Penfold writer's guide and other fascinating material.

14th October 1998 Some merchandise news: Fanderson have announced that late this year or early next they will release the Space: 1999 Year One CD. It will be a 2 CD set with about 150 minutes of music.
A 2 CD album of Derek Wadsworth's Year Two music will appear next year from Fanderson.
6th/11th September 1998 I'm not really back yet, but here's some new material...
2nd September 1998 The Catacombs is now in stasis, while I go offline. I hope to return- with lots more material- before the end of the year. Although I will occasionally check the hotmail account, please don't expect prompt replies. Also please don't send attachments (normally I love to see the pictures people send me, but they don't seem to work with hotmail)
29th August 1998

Again, thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado for scanning in most of the above!

11th-12th August 1998

Special thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado for scanning in the above!

3rd August 1998
  • BBC The Last Sunset description added: "Only the human need for survival can save a boring episode from destroying a fascinating concept."
  • TV Junior Story 1 can now be read in full (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado). Non Portugese speakers should be able to follow the story.
  • AB Models Eagle Transporter description updated and added Tereu Yamada's Eagle, the revised Warp Comlock and the Commander Koenig figure. The AB Eagle is now available from Comet Miniatures in the UK. The first batch of 25 (released now) is sold out; of the second batch of 25 (due end of September) 18 have been reserved.
  • Production Guide Appendix added: early series proposal.
  • Enter your details on the Cybrary's Master Fan Database project:
27th July 1998
  • BBC Alpha Child description added
  • BBC links page updated (they've added the Cybrary, Cyber Museum and Fanderson)- quote "one can tell why the Cybrary has one numerous awards."
24th July 1998
15th July 1998
7th July 1998
  • BBC Missing Link description added
  • Improved linking between Mattel, MPC, Ahi- Arak Hamway, Roadstar in the Merchandise Guide.
3rd July 1998
30th June 1998
  • BBC Another Time Another Place review added (thanks to Petter Ogland).
  • Pictures of AMZ and Zack comics in the AMZ and Zack comics guide (thanks to Angelo Finamore).
  • Information about Espacio 1999 in Portugal in the International Guide (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado).
20th April 1998
  • The Catacombs are opened.
17th March 1998
  • The Catacombs are born.