The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

These desks are dark grey, with 5 drawers in cabinets either side, plus two shallow drawers in the central span. Two of them of often seen together; a third one without central drawers appears in Weapons Section.

Eagle passenger module

The Last Sunset

They first appear in The Last Sunset in the Eagle passenger module. Later in the series they will use a Main Mission desk.

Missing Link

They also seem to be used in the passenger module in Missing Link (in scenes filmed after the later episode).

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

In Dragon's Domain the two desks replace the seats.

All That Glisters

The next appearance in the passenger module is in All That Glisters,where it serves as Tony's bed.

Weapons Section

Behind the scenes, December 1976

Not clearly seen in the episode, the desk in front of the console in the Weapons Section is a variation, with no central drawers.

The Beta Cloud

The desk against the facing wall in Weapons Section is a standard filing desk.

Life support/Power room

The Exiles

In The Exiles it appears propped up by boxes in the wreckage of the Area B technical room. It does not appear in the Life Support Complex version of the set in the same episode.

One Moment Of Humanity The Beta Cloud

We see the table in One Moment Of Humanity, and there are two in The Beta Cloud

Seed Of Destruction

In Seed Of Destruction it is in Observation (on the right).

The Lambda Factor Dorzak

It is in the Engineering/Technical Lab sets in The Lambda Factor and Dorzak

The Seance Spectre

In The Seance Spectre we can briefly glimpse it (right) in the Computer Room

Nuclear Monitoring Station

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

We can briefly see one of the tables in the Nuclear Monitoring Station in Bringers of Wonder part 2

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