The Catacombs Dialogue
Dr Mathias Dialogue

Dr Mathias

Anton Phillips

Total dialogue: 126 lines.

Breakaway (5)

  1. Commander. Doctor Mathias here.
  2. Frank Warren died at thirteen twenty eight.
  3. Doctor Russell is with him now.
  4. That's it, Commander.
  5. Medical Section, Paul. Explosive decompression in two compartments. Areas sealed off. No leaks. Sufficiently operational to accept casualties.

Matter Of Life And Death (13)

  1. Yes, Commander.
  2. Doctor Russell.
  3. Something strange, Doctor. Could you come to the Care Unit straight away?
  4. Yes, it's functioning perfectly. But it's still not recording his vital signs.
  5. That's the maximum, sir. I can't give him any more.
  6. It hasn't worked.
  7. Commander. Could you come to Doctor Russell's quarters, please?
  8. I found her on the floor of the Care Unit.
  9. I've checked her over. There's no damage.
  10. Mister Russell. Please. You should be in bed.
  11. You're not well.
  12. Yes, in a moment.
  13. He's dead.

Black Sun (1)

  1. You'll never beat me, you know.

Ring Around The Moon (16)

  1. We've actually seen it, Commander. At the base of the brain, in the cerebellum.
  2. Donovan is dead, Commander. Carter is still alive.
  3. Easy, Commander. You'll be okay.
  4. He'll make it.
  5. Dead.
  6. Maybe Doctor Russell is their hostage.
  7. I'm sure you do.
  8. Blood pressure's normal, eight over a hundred and twenty. Bone marrow count. Sugar. Everything checks out.
  9. Yes, it's perfect.
  10. How many do you see?
  11. Well, I can't explain it. But from all're blind.
  12. Obviously.
  13. There it is, Commander. That ball of light. Just like Ted Clifford, except it's stronger, more alive. The same with her cerebrum and her optic nerve. Now, once Doctor Russell is activated this ball of light enables her to see...well, like a high speed camera.
  14. Commander. She can't take much more.
  15. I just want to satisfy my curiosity. Hmm.
  16. You have a lovely optic nerve, Doctor Russell!

Earthbound (4)

  1. We're ready to try again, Captain.
  2. Captain Zantor is in charge, Commander.
  3. Attention Commander Koenig. Commander, could you please return to the space ship. We need your advice.
  4. Captain.

Another Time, Another Place (2)

  1. Yes, Commander?
  2. Nothing too serious. Getting back to normal.

Missing Link (6)

  1. That could kill him.
  2. Only just.
  3. There is nothing more you can do for him.
  4. Are you sure?
  5. Carter, take it easy.
  6. Take it easy, Carter.

Guardian Of Piri (5)

  1. Doctor Russell. She's dead.The transfusion blood supply stopped.
  2. I can't control everything! I am not a computer!
  3. Ah, Commander.Relax, Commander, relax. You had a fall. You passed out at the party, that's all.
  4. Here, drink some of this.
  5. Oh, she's attending a command conference now. Commander?

Force Of Life (9)

  1. Yes, Doctor?
  2. Yes, doctor.
  3. There's nothing wrong with the machine itself, Doctor Russell. It was the energy cells. They were completely drained.
  4. The Commander is just coming.
  5. Yes, Doctor.
  6. Disconnect him, quickly.
  7. Morrow! What's happened to the power in here!
  8. But our patients are dying!
  9. We need that power!

Alpha Child (5)

  1. Are there any complications?
  2. His brain activity looks no more, no less than you'd expect of a five year old.
  3. But he's not communicating.
  4. No!
  5. One life for three hundred?

The Last Sunset (5)

  1. Yes, Commander.
  2. We're directly over the last point of radar contact, Commander.
  3. Atmospheric pressure's falling rapidly, Commander.
  4. Commander! Fifteen degrees left!
  5. Spacesuits, Commander. The atmosphere is thinning fast.

Voyager's Return (1)

  1. He's nowhere in the Medical Area.

Collision Course (2)

  1. Doctor. He's clear.
  2. Well, the Eagles have radiation screens.

Death's Other Dominion (2)

  1. Auxiliary de-icers on and functioning.
  2. Commander, we must call Alpha. They're waiting for news.

The Full Circle (4)

  1. Professor Bergman. Professor Bergman. Commander, excuse me.
  2. Oh, he was a stone age man alright. Ah, similar to our Cro Magnon period, say forty thousand years ago. Well, he died of shock. His heart just stopped. Nothing else was wrong with him. But, Professor, he had caps on his teeth.
  3. Now, on the basis of this, I made further tests. He's one of ours. Sandos.
  4. Skin type, blood group, finger prints, hair, everything checks out. I don't understand it.

End Of Eternity (12)

  1. Right.
  2. You run a check on Baxter.
  3. Alright, Doctor Russell.
  4. Erratic.
  5. Hold it.
  6. He's dead.
  7. Doctor.
  8. No mistake.
  9. Right.
  10. Commander!
  11. The alien's escaped from security.
  12. Yes, we'll rush an autopsy through straight away.

War Games (1)

  1. Hurry! It won't hold!

The Troubled Spirit (3)

  1. Mateo's still under sedation.
  2. Sure. Nurse.
  3. I've never seen anything like it.

Space Brain (12)

  1. His brain activity is phenomenal. But his breathing is back to normal.
  2. Two points.
  3. Right.
  4. Commander. Kelly's gone into the Computer Room.
  5. Right, Commander.
  6. The stun is neuronic concussion: the effect should be immediate.
  7. He was struggling to get something out. There was something he had to do. He asked her to make them understand.
  8. Well, he's weakening fast.
  9. You mean he was dependant on computer?
  10. Connected here.
  11. Doctor Russell. I need help.
  12. We can't evacuate. If we disconnect him he'll die.

Dragon's Domain (3)

  1. Alright. Take him to Intensive Care.
  2. It's incredible he's alive at all.
  3. Oh yes. On courage.

The Testament Of Arkadia (6)

  1. Paul. Look, I know you've got problems, but I must have more power, or my patients will freeze to death.
  2. Thanks, Paul.
  3. Morrow! What the hell's going on?
  4. If you don't give me more heat you might as well shoot my patients!
  5. Damn it, those people can't survive in these temperatures!
  6. Then it's on your conscience!

The Metamorph (2)

  1. Easy, now, easy.
  2. She needs to rest.

The Exiles (7)

  1. Hold those doors!
  2. Doctor Russell.
  3. We still can't assess the effect of the explosion on him.
  4. He's fading again.
  5. It'll kill him.
  6. Don't look so worried. He'll be alright. He'll regain consciousness in an hour.
  7. Yes, it's not such a long time. And they'll be no ill effects.

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