The Catacombs Dialogue
David Kano Dialogue

David Kano

Clifton Jones

Total dialogue: 236 lines.

Matter Of Life And Death (16)

  1. Commander. Preliminary reports from onboard computer coming through now, sir.
  2. He checks out. It's him alright, Commander.
  3. We could do it, sir. But only just.
  4. Hasn't changed, Commander. We've peaked your optimum take-off time. There's just two hours before we have to abandon Phase Two.
  5. Did I, sir? I must have been mistaken.
  6. Commander Koenig.Essential we have flight coordinates for Phase Two probe.
  7. We're cutting it very fine, sir.
  8. Yes, sir.
  9. Yes, Commander!
  10. If we leave within the next thirty minutes we'll make it. Though it will cut our surface operating down to zero minimum.
  11. No impurities.
  12. Edible.
  13. Commander. You know those feasibility programs we've been running on Main Computer?
  14. Well, it seems our present trajectory will take us past something like ten million planets. Well, it means we should pass near to three thousand, six hundred Earth type planets, statistically. Now, that means about ten Earth type planets for every one on Alpha.
  15. Not very much, Professor. Relatively speaking, that is.
  16. Two thousand, five hundred and forty-three years old to be exact, sir.Just thought you might like to know.

Black Sun (16)

  1. Fair-sized asteroid, but there's nothing to worry about.
  2. There's no need to, Paul. It's not going to collide with us.
  3. Commander Koenig. Collision course reaffirmed. Impact area Alpha.
  4. It's force is immeasurable. Even Computer cannot determine it.
  5. But Computer will have to be deactivated for the force field.
  6. It will cut through fish scales.
  7. Well, you should have said so. It's your responsibility. If it takes more power, then say so.
  8. Computer's functioning fine, Professor.
  9. We had to utilise minimum power for usual heating services during your force field test.
  10. We have plenty of power.
  11. We have less than four hours before entering the black sun. Commander. Alpha cannot survive without Computer.
  12. Computer on minimum capacity.
  13. Commander.What about Computer?
  14. My figures read less than two hours.
  15. Yeah.
  16. Oh, thank you.

Ring Around The Moon (16)

  1. Ted, come away from there.
  2. Computer unable to make any calculations. Insufficient data.
  3. Yes sir.
  4. It's no use, sir.
  5. It's no accident, Paul.
  6. Eagle One under Main Mission control.
  7. Eagle One touch down.
  8. Memory Cell Three Seven One classified, the complete breakdown of our life support system.
  9. Only if you stop her.
  10. Only once, but it worked. When I jammed Computer the force field was turned off for three point two seconds.
  11. Thirteen minutes ten seconds from lift off to getting through the force field, which of course won't be there.
  12. Plus ten seconds. It's easy. Like jamming a typewriter.
  13. Any moment now.
  14. Naturally.
  15. Paul. Information on Triton is in place. Doctor Russell. Now you can only transmit what we want them to know.
  16. Get ready.

Earthbound (7)

  1. Estimate..a minute or less.
  2. Data analysed and ready for print out, Commander.
  3. Negative, Commander.
  4. Spectro X, Commander. Internal Lunar gravity.
  5. It'll take some time, Commander.
  6. Commander, I have Computer's choice for the return to Earth.
  7. Yes, sir.

Another Time, Another Place (3)

  1. Repaired and checked.
  2. Commander.
  3. Gravitational forces compensating steadily. Shockwave conditions not expected.

Missing Link (7)

  1. Paul. Computer's located them. They crashed down in a crater...over a hundred miles from here.
  2. Seven..six..five..four..three..
  4. Zero!
  5. You clumsy fool! Is it so difficult to carry a tray of coffee?
  6. This inefficient..
  7. You're not in command here yet!

Guardian Of Piri (20)

  1. It has been scanning the data continuously ever since we first became aware of the planet's existence. But it still reports it to be insufficient.
  2. Well, in neither case would the computer be so irrational as to guess.
  3. When will they ever learn.
  4. They're doing just fine by Computer.
  5. Both computer's confirm G forces as estimated.
  6. I kept on telling you, Computer has insufficient data. It can not assess the planet unless you feed it the right information.
  7. But Computer does not make that kind of mistake.
  8. Yes, but so far they have found not the smallest malfunction.
  9. We can find no fault in the system.
  10. Commander, that happened..
  11. But we can find no fault.
  12. I have thought of it.
  13. As you say, Commander, there is only one way.
  14. All set.
  15. I swore I'd never go through this again.
  16. What you mean is I survived it once, but the other three patients ended up mindless vegetables. What does that do to my chances now?
  17. Let's get on with it.
  18. Computer is right. Piri is just perfect for all our needs.
  19. There is light.
  20. Commander.Computer has analysed the data from the Long Range Scanners. Planet Piri now has life, water, vegetation, everything!

Force Of Life (5)

  1. Nothing, Commander. No indication that there is anything out there at all.
  2. It's being restored now, sir.
  3. Storage cells are exhausted, Commander. Something caused a massive loss of power in that entire area.
  4. Anton Zoref last entered Generating Area at twenty forty five lunar time.
  5. Not yet, Commander. Relay in all the affected areas is not working.

Alpha Child (10)

  1. They've already called computer for data on the Generating Area. It looks as though the Commander's re opened the enquiry into Jack's death.
  2. No new facts, no new answers. It seems-
  3. Nothing yet from the computer, sir.
  4. It's made of some kind of alloy. Composition unknown. It's a hundred metres in diameter, forty meters high. Yet it has very low density.
  5. The Computer finds some form of life indicated, but not human. Without previous experience Computer can not identify it.
  6. You said it was primitive.
  7. The question is, who does the job?
  8. Everyone seems alright, Commander.
  9. Alan. Is the Commander with you?
  10. According to Computer you're in the Medical Centre. And have just issued a command that the door is to remain locked.

The Last Sunset (22)

  1. Computer's flight plan for their descent to the planet surface.
  2. No problems.
  3. At present rate of expansion, Commander..not less than infinite.
  4. Computer never tells..
  5. Computer can't read much of this data. There's too much interference.
  6. They must be flying into an electric storm or something. An atmosphere is a mixed blessing.
  7. Ah, communications are bad, Commander. We're back to the static and crackle of Earth.
  8. Eagle Two Eight. Come in, Eagle Two Eight.
  9. Eagle Two Eight. Come in, Eagle Two Eight. Eagle Two Eight, come in. Eagle Two Eight, do you copy? Eagle Two Eight, come in. Come in, Eagle Two Eight. Eagle Two Eight, come in.
  10. Eagle Two Eight. Come in, Eagle Two Eight. Eagle Two Eight, do you copy? Come in. Eagle Two Eight, come in.
  11. Eagle Nine to pad One. Eagle Twelve to pad Three.
  12. Eagle Two Four to pad Five.
  13. Eagle One Nine to pad One.
  14. Lift off, Eagle Twelve.
  15. Elevator locked on pad four. You're clear to go, Eagle One Four.
  16. Main Mission to Eagle fleet. Wind is south westerly at two one zero and falling to strength three. Dust is still the problem over the search area but..good luck.
  17. They've run out of daylight. The last Eagle is returning to base.
  18. Eagle One Five is grounded, Commander.
  19. Apparent seizure of the lateral stabilisers. So far five Eagles have reported similar faults.
  20. Nice lift off, Commander.
  21. No systems malfunction indicated.
  22. Nice lift off, Commander.

Voyager's Return (11)

  1. Positive analysis, sir. Object approaching us artificially powered.
  2. It's some sort of call sign, Commander.
  3. Message coming through, Commander.
  4. Limited safety..eleven hours.
  5. Yes, Professor.
  6. It's just not interested, Professor.
  7. He was Queller, but his name was changed to Linden by Earth command before he was assigned to Alpha.
  8. Nine hours, ten minutes.
  9. Positive identification, sir. They're spaceships. Flight path identical to Voyager One, and heading for Alpha.
  10. Voyager One now in space area red.
  11. Link up.

Collision Course (19)

  1. Eagle One's in trouble.
  2. We're losing the time-line, Commander. Alan needs a minimum of a hundred and ten seconds to get out before we detonate.
  3. Blast in ten seconds. Nine.
  4. Eight.
  5. Activate.
  6. Computer reports power failure in Residence Buildings C and D.
  7. Pad Four might function.
  8. It defies logic.
  9. Thirty four. And it is on a collision course. Impact will be in one hundred and five hours and some thirteen minutes from now.
  10. Save the planet the trouble by blowing ourselves up.
  11. By a miracle.
  12. Fine, but don't ask computer to work it.
  13. Well, the Cargo Eagles carrying the nuclear charges should be leaving now.
  14. Unless we let shockwave go ahead.
  15. It's against every fact and calculation..
  16. Two minutes fifty nine to detonation.
  17. Gravitational pull increasing to strength four.
  18. Gravitational pull increasing rapidly now.
  19. We must detonate.

Death's Other Dominion (3)

  1. Yeh. But it's little more than a technicality on the Ice Planet. Smog's still dense.
  2. How can anything live there?
  3. Full power.

The Full Circle (9)

  1. Eagle Three. Ready for lift off.
  2. Tell her to put some lunch on.
  3. I see she got some lunch ready.
  4. Where's she gone? We were talking to her ten minutes ago.
  5. What's the matter with you?
  6. I hate back seat drivers. We've got lights.
  7. Professor. Look!
  8. The Commander?
  9. Yes, Professor.

End Of Eternity (3)

  1. He's in Assembly Area D.
  2. Yes, Commander.
  3. Commander. Computer reports that Balor has just entered Mike Baxter's quarters.

War Games (13)

  1. Alien ships approaching at speed fourteen point two.
  2. They have just thirty seconds, Commander.
  3. Twenty seconds.
  4. Fifteen seconds.
  5. Ten seconds.
  6. Five seconds.
  7. Laser range at two minutes five.
  8. About the emergency power, Commander. We're running off solar batteries. With minimum requirements, they'll be exhausted within eight days.
  9. Anti gravity units in all areas are smashed beyond repair too.
  10. It's the Commander's Eagle.
  11. Twenty seconds. Fifteen seconds.
  12. Ten seconds.
  13. Five seconds.Four. Three.Two.

The Last Enemy (8)

  1. We'll be in range to survey the left hand planet in twenty four hours.
  2. It's a ship. Battleship size. A colossus.
  3. Coming through now, Commander.The gyromagnetic ratio has an anomalous factor two when applied to electron spin. The Landé g-factor expresses the... But that isn't what I want.Gyromagnetic has an anomalous factor.. Commander, computer's going haywire.
  4. Fluctuating power loss. Our communication systems are also knocked out.
  5. Malfunctioning, sir.
  6. Yes, sir.
  7. No radiation hazard. All clear.
  8. No further contact, sir.

The Troubled Spirit (5)

  1. Computer cannot trace the source of the disturbance. It tells us everything else, except that.
  2. Yes, Commander.
  3. Computer recorded a definite temperature drop in the Medical Area. Identical to the first. And still no reason why.
  4. Commander. Temperature drop registering, source unidentified. Hydroponic Unit.
  5. So you reject the idea that these events have a supernatural origin?

Space Brain (15)

  1. We're getting a continuous relay of data from their onboard instruments, Commander.
  2. There's no analysis yet, but we're still receiving.
  3. All transmission from onboard computer ceased.
  4. It's got through.
  5. Commander. The meteorite. Computer estimates it must have come from between orbital references three fifty and four hundred.
  6. I can't understand it, Commander.
  7. I've checked everything. Computer is transmitting data into Kelly's brain.
  8. Into him. And through him it's being beamed towards orbital reference three nine seven.
  9. The process is now reversed, Commander. Computer is now receiving data. It's coming from the same area of space and reaching computer via Kelly's brain.
  10. He's reprogramming so fast I can't get any details.
  11. From the data we've managed to process, computer has determined the energy field has no mass.
  12. Three minutes to detonation.
  13. Sections A, B and C pressure readings normal.
  14. External pressure reading up two points in section B.
  15. Section D under severe stress.

The Infernal Machine (12)

  1. No.Nor has computer.
  2. By all that's scientific, if that's a spacecraft...
  3. Computer. I want detailed information about the space object.Anything.
  4. Nothing, Commander. I can't explain it.
  5. He's not reaching us by radio waves. Computer's scrambled.
  6. No computer, again.
  7. Faith, hope and..
  8. Yes, Commander.
  9. Destruction of Alpha..imminent.
  10. Commander Koenig. Main Mission calling Commander Koenig. Commander Koenig. Come in, Commander. Can you hear me? Commander Koenig. Come in, Commander. Main Mission calling Commander Koenig.Commander, what's happened?
  11. We've despatched an Eagle.
  12. It's not lifting up.

Mission Of The Darians (2)

  1. Signal decoded.
  2. Nice to see your face again, Eagle One. What happened?

Dragon's Domain (5)

  1. Check.
  2. I was hoping for a real game, Commander. I beat computer every time.
  3. It won't stop me beating you. Checkmate.Computer is probably angry because you insulted her.Tony Cellini has entered the restricted area on launch pad four. But he's not on duty.
  4. The Eagle's on manual control, Commander. Computer can do nothing.
  5. Sir?

The Testament Of Arkadia (9)

  1. There's something wrong with the generators, Commander. There's a five per cent power loss right across the board.
  2. Power loss rate now seven per cent.
  3. Power loss now..eight per cent.
  4. We've completed the tests on the generators, Commander. We can't trace any faults, but-
  5. We're still losing power.
  6. Computer puts it down to..external forces.
  7. Computer's not a crystal ball, Commander. She can only predict on specific data.
  8. Don't worry. It can only get worse.
  9. Computer confirms. Power loss fifty per cent and stable.

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