The Catacombs Dialogue
Maya Dialogue


Catherine Schell

Total dialogue: 926 lines.

The Metamorph (38)

  1. I like them, father. They're very attractive, aren't they? Quite unlike any of the others.
  2. Would I make a good Alphan, father?
  3. Oh, father. You only taught me because you knew I'd eventually master the art myself.
  4. I'd help you in your work if you'd like.
  5. Oh, father-
  6. And these Alphans? Will they help you to restore our planet?
  7. An increase in Psyche's power levels, how?
  8. He agreed?
  9. That's wonderful, father. Will the rest of them help us too?
  10. Did I startle you, Commander?
  11. Forgive me, I meant no harm.
  12. Maya. Mentor's daughter.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry, I should have warned you. About the forcefield.
  14. Why are you so unfriendly?
  15. Obviously Commander, you have not fully recovered.
  16. My father would harm no one. Come. He wants to see you.
  17. Relax, Commander. Your friends are inside.
  18. But father, the Commander is very unhappy. I want to be here when you explain.
  19. How primitive. And how disgusting that the Commander should descend to such deception.
  20. I don't have your tolerance.
  21. Negotiate?! With a liar! You disgust me. We welcome you as friends and you plot to kill us.
  22. My father is an honourable man.
  23. You know why! Without help he can't transform this planet: other people helped us.
  24. They attained happiness. Rapport with Psyche benefits everyone.
  25. Is there no vile thing you won't say against my father?
  26. Nobody's allowed down there, they're radioactive.
  27. There's nobody down there, I tell you!
  28. That's not true!
  29. No..
  30. You're lying!
  31. You're lying!
  32. Promise that Mentor will not be harmed.
  33. I was in the pits. I saw what was down there, I saw!
  34. You said he wouldn't be harmed!
  35. Father!
  36. Come with us, father! Leave Psyche! Psyche made you do evil!
  37. And losing mine.
  38. Everywhere but on Psychon I'll be an alien.

The Exiles (24)

  1. Fifty three unknown objects.
  2. Dense, metallic, approximate length ten feet.
  3. Insufficient data to compute intention.
  4. No. They're locking into orbit around the Moon, Commander.
  5. Still insufficient data. Sensors unable to probe the shell.
  6. Thank you.
  7. No evidence of electrical activity. No heat emission.
  8. No longer functioning.
  9. Theoretical possibilities about the construction technique. But nothing of any practical value in terms of piercing it.
  10. Cylinder pierced, Commander.
  11. Perhaps a detonation device.
  12. Heat seven points off maximum.
  13. Are you quite sure about Commander Koenig's sense of humour?
  14. Yes, Commander.
  15. Okay.
  16. You can't do it, Commander.
  17. That transfer process nearly blew our whole life support power system. To attempt to transfer fifty more people would inevitably destroy it.
  18. Alan. Standby for depressurisation.
  19. I've double checked the calculations. The antigravity effect will return them exactly to their original course.
  20. Commander! I'm registering a tremendous surge of energy from the power section.
  21. Court martialled?Court martial. A military or naval trial for breach of discipline. Me?
  22. In your world a kiss causes embarrassment?
  23. It's more fun that way. Would you like to try?
  24. Oh, Tony.

One Moment Of Humanity (16)

  1. But it's fun. What do you think?
  2. What?
  3. Tony?Who cares what Tony thinks, anyway?
  4. If they lied about that, they'd lie about..
  5. We can't do it without power.
  6. Unlikely.
  7. We have a critical problem. Heat loss and oxygen rundown.
  8. Forty two hours..maximum.
  9. Any form of combustion would use oxygen.
  10. I'll get to work on it.
  11. Do you think he'll get through to the Eagles?
  12. We might be able to use magnetic attraction.
  13. The chemical reaction is giving off maximum heat.
  14. The force field is blocking ionic transfer. Electrical currents simply cannot flow.
  15. The computer has a failsafe device. If the energy source is disturbed the whole planet explodes.
  16. They're all linked together, like a chain..if we can break one link...

Journey To Where (36)

  1. They can cover billions of miles in a matter of seconds.
  2. The eclipse story checks out. In seventy two hours an entire constellation will begin to move between us and Earth's solar system. Communications will be impossible for almost a century.
  3. Progress?
  4. No thanks. I've tasted your last concoction.
  5. Do you know your problem, Tony?
  6. You're prejudiced.
  7. Prejudiced.
  8. What is it then?
  9. No precise quake forecast- that means the whole transfer process could be affected.
  10. You told me heroes were fools who had a talent for nothing else.
  11. You know, this stuff doesn't taste so bad after all.
  12. Tony. Wherever they are, they're alive.
  13. Wait a minute. Normal except for Doctor Russell's temperature- it's rising.
  14. Earth's desert is uninhabited. They couldn't breathe that polluted air. They'd be dead by now.
  15. I think I can handle it from here, Tony.
  16. How heavy would the force be, doctor?
  17. At our present rate of speed and distance from you, I can send a beam down in thirty seconds.
  18. Can you clear a channel in your computer?
  19. I'm matching up with you, Space Station One.
  20. Matched up. Ready to beam.Hope we don't do a wipeout.
  21. Ready, Space Station One?
  22. Switch on for detonation. Now.
  23. Doctor Logan, if...when you locate Commander Koenig, what happens? He has no transference dome.
  24. In eighteen hours the eclipse will block out all communications.
  25. Not in your lifetime, Yasko.
  26. Look at the problem again, doctor. You've run your seismic reconstruction. On that basis you've recalculated. Again and again.
  27. The possibility that they landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere are one in a billion.
  28. The probability that they're alive elsewhere is almost unacceptable.
  29. Perhaps he's searching in the wrong time.
  30. Or the future.
  31. And remember, Doctor Logan. We have only ten hours.
  32. Morse code?
  33. Scotland?
  34. Bannockburn plus twenty five.
  35. Short lived recovery if she's going to have any of that.
  36. You're not giving up, Tony, are you?

All That Glisters (44)

  1. We now have close visual contact.
  2. Oh no, too close, too quickly can be dangerous.
  3. Geophysical scan confirms presence of large deposits of milgonite.
  4. Some kind of life form is registering. Minimal and..unidentifiable.
  5. Oxygen, nitrogen, inert gases, hydrogen,..breathable.
  6. Piece of cake?
  7. We had many wonderful things on Psychon.
  8. What is it, Dave?
  9. There's no sign of any life form now.
  10. Tony's brain is still functioning, Helena.
  11. You can't!
  12. If there's a cure, it's in the rock.
  13. Isn't there any way we can reach him?
  14. We have to if Tony's going to have a chance.
  15. But the secretion from the rock won't be as powerful as the rock itself, and with my molecular structure I won't be in as much danger.
  16. Then the rock must be a living organism.
  17. Tony!
  18. Tony!
  19. Tony!
  20. Commander!
  21. Commander over here!
  22. What happened to the milgonite?
  23. Well, there's something wrong, Dave: there are clouds above that have dropped no rain. The hydrostat says so.
  24. If I could reach it... I could save Tony.
  25. I'm sorry, Commander, I can't communicate with it.
  26. It refuses.
  27. Over the centuries they drained this planet dry.
  28. Commander. The human body is mostly water.
  29. What are you gonna do?
  30. Maybe the energy added to the rock's power has affected his molecular structure.
  31. He was transported!
  32. The sudden power surge has weakened the rock.
  33. Tony!
  34. The laser gun is taking longer to adapt than I thought.
  35. Not long.
  36. Four laser beams fired together will create enough heat to dry up a reservoir.
  37. Perhaps kill it.
  38. Commander! Help me!
  39. I can't! It's pulling me towards it! But you can break it's grip! It's using most of it's power to fuse me! Break away now! Break away now!
  40. Red is death! Red is death!Use your laser gun! Dehydrate it!
  41. It didn't want to hurt us, it only wanted to survive.
  42. We can make them give it up! Nucleoid active crystals, we've got plenty on board.
  43. Yes, Commander.
  44. Yes, Commander.

The Taybor (31)

  1. Screen clear.
  2. Who, me? Well, it's my doctor.
  3. Now we're friends.
  4. What drives your ship?
  5. Most people can do a lot of things, operate a computer for instance, without the slightest idea of how it works.
  6. You have a suspicious nature, Tony.
  7. My home is the planet Psychon.
  8. It no longer exists.
  9. Tony!
  10. The scanners clear, Tony.
  11. They must be in hyperspace.
  12. I don't know, Tony. It could be a million light years away. There's no way of figuring.
  13. Mmm.
  14. I can compute all the figures of the trading if you want, Taybor.
  15. It's beautiful.
  16. I must show it to Helena.
  17. Who is she?
  18. Never saw her before in my life.What are those?
  19. We are leaving?
  20. Leaving soon.
  21. Send me back, Taybor.
  22. I want to go back to Alpha!
  23. You don't know how wild, Taybor.
  24. Send me back.
  25. Yes, I understand. You wanted no longer to be lonely, Taybor. You wanted companionship.
  26. Then you shall have it, Taybor, love..
  27. Thank you, Commander. You were right. He only wanted beautiful things around him.
  28. That's not nice.
  29. You know, I could have had a hairdo at the Astra on Azoth.
  30. Mmm. If I'd just said the word Taybor would have given me the Universe.
  31. Well, he had a nice way of speaking. Unlike some people I know.

The Mark Of Archanon (5)

  1. Archanon?
  2. Archanon.. It's the planet of peace.
  3. And you, I know, are Commander Koenig.
  4. There are legends of the coming of the Peace Bringers. The conquest of evil by good.
  5. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha, come in, Moonbase Alpha.

The Rules Of Luton (73)

  1. Surface temperature seventy three degrees. Atmosphere breathable.
  2. They're edible.
  3. If we break a branch or injure a tree they'll condemn us without a chance.
  4. Arrowheads?
  5. Oh.
  6. Must we kill them?
  7. Well, if we reveal ourselves it's a sign of goodwill. It's obvious we mean them no harm.
  8. We'll make contact.
  9. We are not your enemy!
  10. They don't like the water.
  11. Even if they can't understand us they must know we want to talk. Why won't they talk?
  12. Maybe they're leaving.
  13. What is it, Commander?
  14. The plants killed the animal?
  15. I thought they were against killing.
  16. I wonder what abilities they gave our adversaries?
  17. Maybe a lion or a tiger might even out the odds.
  18. Come back! Come back, we won't hurt you.Your shoulder. Come on, sit down. Come on.
  19. Mm. One they gave the strength to tear mountains apart and the other they made a Transport.
  20. Perhaps they're only permitted to use their abilities once.
  21. Nothing to thank me for.
  22. Oh, I'm sorry but...I've got to stop the bleeding.
  23. Be careful when you move.
  24. What you need is some rest.
  25. It's too heavy for you.
  26. You'd better rest.
  27. You're getting weaker, what you need is some nourishment.
  28. Some broth. Maybe chicken, rabbit. Beef.
  29. Well, maybe they didn't kill off all the animals. Not every animal's a plant eater.
  30. Yeah.Careful.
  31. Oh, you can't go on.
  32. Any questions?
  33. There's a long line of animal skeletons. All along the rim, looks like they're in formation".
  34. And the animals lost.
  35. Yeah.There's nothing I can see from here.
  36. Right.
  37. You were supposed to be resting.
  38. I had a great bird's eye view of the valley, but I only saw one of them.
  39. On the valley floor somewhere I imagine. What are you making?
  40. The bolo. Can I help?
  41. Are you alright?
  42. Um?
  43. It's not funny.
  44. Fifty years ago.
  45. The memories aren't sad. Except at the end. Psychon was a happy place. That's why most of us wouldn't leave it even when we knew we faced disaster.
  46. My brother, like Mentor my father, was on Psychon's High Scientific Council. He knew there was no hope when our planet began to boil. So my brother and a thousand others went off into uncharted space...preferring to take their chances than face sure death.
  47. We never heard from him again. Or any of the others who built spaceships after that and left. As Psychon's temperature kept rising.
  48. My father's dream was to restore Psychon. To make it the beautiful planet it once was. But nobody shared his dream. They all left. Preferring to take their chances in the unknown.
  49. He wasn't only stubborn. He was in love. My mother's tomb was on Psychon, and he wouldn't leave her.
  50. Oh, he tried to make me go. But I wouldn't. I couldn't let him stay alone.
  51. You don't understand. He really believed he could perform the miracle of restoring Psychon. And I got caught up in that dream. Mentor was a great scientist. And he was my father. I knew he could do anything.
  52. I don't see anything.
  53. Must you keep at it?
  54. What about you, Commander? Did you have any brothers?Sisters? Mother, father? You had nobody?
  55. Had?
  56. No. Unlike your planet we were all of one race, one religion, one government. Our planet was so rich in resources that there was no separation of classes.
  57. You mean people killed people just because they were different from each other?That's disgusting.
  58. What was she like?
  59. A weapon.
  60. He's down there then.
  61. His weapon is still there but I don't see him.
  62. I don't see him anywhere.
  63. It's alright. It's alright. It's alright. Ssh. Hey. Oh. Are you better now?
  64. No,. You fell asleep.
  65. Alright, if it will make you happy. You were delirious.
  66. It has to be cleaned. I've got to find some water.
  67. They're letting Alpha make contact.
  68. Moonbase Alpha. This is Maya. Go ahead.
  69. No need.
  70. We have visual contact.
  71. Tony gave them to me. He thought that might make me cheer up after our ordeal.
  72. Oh, I thought it was a nice gesture.
  73. Do you want one, Helena?

Brian The Brain (47)

  1. I have no reading, Commander.
  2. Just one. A gravity pull from space.
  3. Review cancelled. Gravity scan in progress.
  4. Predicted position of gravity prediction.
  5. Research Unit, prepare to evacuate.
  6. Change constant. But rate of close accelerating.
  7. Estimates only.
  8. No, Commander.
  9. I calculate that it's a small planet with no more gravity pull than we have.
  10. It's working. Star mission of nineteen ninety six, mothership and four Swifts, under Captain Michael.
  11. There was a communications break. Fate unknown.
  12. No, Commander. I'll check if it's a real gravity threat or if our computer has developed a fault.
  13. I'm not sure.
  14. It's a self programming computer. Self monitoring too.
  15. That's a difficult question. It doesn't breathe, it doesn't reproduce. Depends what you mean by alive.
  16. Tony.
  17. I've got a bad feeling about that machine.
  18. Mm.
  19. I have a bad feeling. What are they doing on Swift? Open a channel.
  20. No response.
  21. There's no picture, whichever button I press.
  22. Nothing but a mathematical sine wave. Try the memory bank. What date is it?
  23. The same?
  24. The computer's either had it's memory wiped,
  25. or the links to it have been paralysed.
  26. The Brain had the same computer as ours. When it got in here it somehow gave the command 'eradicate'.
  27. What about the computer on Eagle One?
  28. It could be a trap.
  29. I can guide you.
  30. Planet D.
  31. Mm.
  32. Presumably the crew. I tested the atmosphere. Toxic, deadly.
  33. Permission to test the console, Commander?
  34. A sine wave. The same response as on Moonbase. That means the Mothership is blind.
  35. That's why the crew didn't know about the poison and went out there and died.
  36. The fuel?!
  37. I had a good look at Captain Michael.
  38. I can fit into your pocket.
  39. The Brain still has its antenna.
  40. Reprogramming of memory core complete, Commander.
  41. Horizon data direction check.Operational.
  42. What do you intend to do about the Brain, Commander?
  43. We've made it blind and taken away it's memory.
  44. Well, it felt guilt about it's master.
  45. We could always reinstate it's memory core. Though...that could be dangerous.
  46. Yes, Commander.
  47. What test was that, Commander?

New Adam, New Eve (47)

  1. The turbulence is magnetic.
  2. Turbulence decreasing.
  3. What about it's sun?
  4. My readings indicate he's telling the truth about the environment. The planet could support us.
  5. It's data is identical to what I have about Earth.
  6. The air is totally without pollution.
  7. But it's our home.
  8. It's also bad biology. We may not even be compatible.
  9. Those very qualities might get in your way.
  10. That's atomic dispersal, that's very interesting.
  11. No, it's still there somewhere, only...only he's exerting some power
  12. to disperse it's particles,
  13. like...powder dissolving in a liquid.
  14. Those are just names..your kind has given to an all powerful being that you think exists but you don't understand.
  15. Well, his food's not poisonous.
  16. Try Helena.
  17. Very ingenious. Magnetic field cocoons. Positive. Negative.
  18. Yes.
  19. Oh. I said yes.
  20. Comparative Universal Theology used to be a hobby of mine. An interesting thing, we- we managed to find our God. The creator of this Universe. To find that - he had a God. Who created a bigger one.
  21. Um. And another point about divine power. If we learn to explain it, I mean understood it's mechanism.....I mean..would we..regard divine?...
  22. Mm. Yes. We are.
  23. No.
  24. Any time.
  25. What is it out there you don't want us to see?
  26. No. No, I don't think so. I scanned him just now. There's some kind of power source inside him.
  27. No. It's an implant. Fantastically potent, and I don't know how it works, but it's mechanical.
  28. Mm. It's a device. Which means that his powers are physical, not psychic.
  29. Like he can hold this planet together. Look.
  30. The Moon is very much bigger in relation to this planet than it was to Earth.
  31. and very much closer.
  32. Mm, Magus must be countering it. Or else this planet would blow apart under the strain.
  33. An owl, I think. For it's eyesight.
  34. Mm. Which proves he's a superman but not supernatural.
  35. I found the same ones- only inside the glade as well.
  36. Over there, behind some bushes. I saw it clearly from the air, come on.
  37. Is he alright?
  38. An immature and irresponsible reaction!
  39. Not even you can destroy the Moon.
  40. Of course. He needs light. His power comes from light.
  41. That implant I detected in him. That could be a light decelerator.
  42. Imagine light travelling at hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second.
  43. You find a way to slow it down to zero, constantly, as it's coming at you. And then you harness the resulting energy.
  44. It isn't, for us. But they managed to solve it. That's why they're superbeings. There must be some small crystal implanted somewhere in the brain stem.
  45. And directed simply by thought.
  46. Only Magus' power is holding this planet together against the pull of our Moon.
  47. Commander.

The A B Chrysalis (49)

  1. Magnitude within one per cent of last observation.
  2. Shockwave will hit Alpha in exactly a hundred and forty three point two seconds.
  3. One minute forty.
  4. One minute.
  5. Thirty seconds.
  6. Twenty seconds.
  7. Yes. But it's still too distant for our sensors to give much information.
  8. And with the exact twelve hour interval between detonations we can assume it is not a natural phenomenon.
  9. Warning. Stay away?
  10. Forty two minutes, eight point forty seven seconds.
  11. The planet's atmosphere is chlorine gas. Specific gravity seven point four nine three. Magnetic coefficient oh four seven.
  12. Atmosphere negative. But they're emitting a high energy potential.
  13. Energy level unnaturally high.
  14. Heavy metallic
  15. concentration. No evidence of life.
  16. That's it. The source of the high energy levels I've been getting.
  17. Well, it appears a platinum tungsten alloy. No reading from interior.
  18. Commander. Come in, Commander.Alan, we've lost contact.
  19. Commander.
  20. The energy level is rising to a critical point.
  21. It's critical.
  22. Have power on computer. Sensors operating.
  23. Energy level reaching critical.
  24. The system could behave like a ring of thunder clouds.
  25. The equivalent of a gigantic electrical storm. Lightning arcing across thousands of miles between each moon in the ring.
  26. Assuming the same twelve hour interval between explosions..just under six hours.
  27. We understand. But we must speak to them.
  28. Chlorine.
  29. Alan, that's chlorine gas!
  30. Alan's still in there!
  31. Commander. There's an animal on the planet Kreno. It lives in high volcanic areas and breathes chlorine.
  32. It's so difficult to remember.
  33. He should be taken back to Alpha immediately.
  34. Of course.
  35. My orders are to fire on voice command but..they've prevented the Commander.
  36. Alpha is passing the planet. But if the Commander can't stop the next explosion there's no doubt Alpha will be destroyed.
  37. If the Commander can delay them for another four hours Alpha will be far enough away to withstand the shockwave. But too far away for us to get back".
  38. Alpha is beyond Eagle One's reach.
  39. Detonation positive.
  40. Shockwave will hit us in ten seconds. Alpha eighteen seconds later.
  41. Five seconds.
  42. They limited it. Controlled it. Stopped it from destroying us.
  43. They used the explosion to give us enough propulsion to increase our speed to eight hundred and four. That's enough.
  44. We can reach Alpha.
  45. Creation is better than destruction.
  46. Well, that's because your numerical system is based on ten. Ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand and so on.
  47. Mm, so when I'm working our trajectory through space, time and distance, those are just elliptical progressions, they're simple calculations. Well, plus three plus five divided by two.
  48. Mm. Listen, I really must go. I promised to have lunch with Tony.
  49. Mm. Well, there's a formula to convert back. Look.

Catacombs Of The Moon (6)

  1. Yes, Tony.
  2. Tony!
  3. I'm here, Tony.
  4. Tony!
  5. Where's Osgood?
  6. What about Osgood?

Seed Of Destruction (60)

  1. Commander. We're now being affected by an energy field of great magnitude. Our instruments are behaving erratically.
  2. The asteroid you're reconnoitring.
  3. Scanners show a localised atmosphere. Breathable. Area zero D.
  4. Alan. I'm getting some peculiar readings from your sensors. Can you delay lift off?
  5. But a few minutes aren't going to make any difference.
  6. Commander. I'm getting some strange readings.
  7. I can't make anything of these. They're incomplete.
  8. I haven't had a chance to complete these sensor readouts.
  9. Well then I'd like an opportunity to analyse the sample you took. There might be another way of breaking through this screen without..
  10. Without instruments?
  11. But surely that's-
  12. Your methods, Commander. Your data is totally..
  13. I'm not arguing, I'm being scientific. We lack vital information.
  14. How can I question what I haven't got? As Science Officer, I insist-
  15. Why did the commander turn on me like that?
  16. Captain..Bligh?
  17. Yeah, you're right, I am a Psychon. And I might not know anything about your Captain-
  18. Bligh. But I'm hypersensitive to all forms of living matter. And when Helena tried to touch the Commander...I sensed a coldness. He wouldn't let her touch him.
  19. Why do you think I was so insistent? He's keeping us in the dark. Take that sample of crystal he brought back with him. He said he analysed it, but I don't know the results.
  20. Tony, I'm being serious. The situation is serious. We're not getting any right answers.
  21. Who..who's talking like a mutineer now?
  22. But he's still our Commander. And if he is in control of his mind..
  23. Well, there's one way of finding out. Talk to Doctor Russell.
  24. What surprises me is that he let you touch him.
  25. Did he react? Did he say anything?
  26. Do you think he suspects anything?
  27. The answer's in the crystal.
  28. Do we tell Alan?
  29. I'm ready to go in now.
  30. It's incredible. I've never seen anything like it. This is no crystal. It's an unbelievably dense, complex type of living matter from which all energy's been drained but it's not dead. It's only dormant like a seed. It's impossible to imagine the effects that such a substance could have caused on a human being.
  31. We have to face the possibility that Commander Koenig may -no longer be -flesh and blood.
  32. It works. The ultra frequency sound seems to split the molecules into particles of atoms that bombard the crystal.
  33. Alan, we just demonstrated some very odd properties in this crystal.
  34. Alan. Please listen. You will accept that the Commander is not behaving in his usual manner.
  35. Helena managed to touch him and his skin was as cold as ice. It's texture and temperature approximates that crystal.
  36. Or something's got control of him and won't let him tell us.
  37. Oh, arguing it amongst ourselves isn't going to help him.
  38. Maybe we can.
  39. Alan, you've got to help us get an Eagle.
  40. We know.
  41. Instinct, training! You're hiding behind words.
  42. If your duty was to John Koenig you would help him.
  43. I'm not armed.
  44. Tony, when we touch down, what's our plan of action?
  45. That energy reflector's beginning to cook this place.
  46. Tony.The Commander.
  47. It's like a reflection.
  48. From where?
  49. I think this could be the Commander.
  50. I don't think he ever left.
  51. He can't respond, not as long as he's frozen in that state.
  52. His reflection. Well, anyway an intelligent life form that can take form from a reflection.
  53. Laser.
  54. Tony, we've found out what we've come here to find out. If we don't move quickly it won't matter.
  55. Your image is up on Alpha.
  56. That's why he needs our energy.
  57. A reflector. He's beaming the energy.
  58. If we can find it, we can destroy it.
  59. I've programmed our comlocks to the exact same pitch.
  60. Even Alan believes he's you.

The Beta Cloud (76)

  1. I'm trying to get a reading, Commander.
  2. Hydrogen. Nitrogen, mainly.
  3. Certain elements unidentifiable.
  4. There's something about that cloud that's affecting everything. My readings are not clear.
  5. And sensors erratic.
  6. Eagle Six would have exhausted it's fuel two days ago.
  7. Tony. Sensors pick up no life forms on Eagle Six.
  8. There is no life on board Eagle Six.
  9. Tony. Are you alright?
  10. What did you find?
  11. What's it range?
  12. I'm getting some readings.
  13. Well, it's a strong possibility.
  14. There's something in that cloud that's emitting high frequency impulses.
  15. My scanners are picking up a mass of some kind.
  16. Well, sensors can't define specifically, but there's something in there beyond just gas vapour.
  17. Give me a fix on it's position.
  18. We can't exist without it.
  19. But Tony..
  20. I want to stay with you.
  21. Tony ordered me away, you've got to get him to let me help him.
  22. Then noone can help him.
  23. What's happening?Tony. Tony, answer me.
  24. It's just that he's out there on his own.
  25. And if the creature doesn't walk into the trap?
  26. Lasers don't stop it, and lack of oxygen doesn't affect it.
  27. Tony, this might not work on that creature.
  28. How are we going to get close enough to use it?
  29. It's heading for Life Support Centre.
  30. Tony. It'll get to Life Support before we will.
  31. It's confused.
  32. The Hydroponics Experimental Section. Lead it there. We can fill it with chlorine.
  33. Tony.
  34. I'm at Hydroponic. Can you open the door?
  35. Yeah.
  36. Remember I told you there was a chlorine breathing animal on the planet Kreno?
  37. I've tried, Tony.
  38. Not this one, for some reason its molecular structure eludes us.
  39. Tony. We've tried everything. Nothing works.
  40. But we can't stop it.
  41. Nothing we've done has had an effect!
  42. Yes. The cloud. That's what controls it.
  43. How?
  44. Range forty three thousand. Elevation twenty seven three.
  45. On target.
  46. It's thinned out a bit, Tony.
  47. Tony.
  48. That must be its control centre.
  49. Range: forty three thousand two hundred. Elevation twenty- seven seven.
  50. We've done it!
  51. Range forty four thousand.
  52. Elevation twenty eight two.
  53. Range forty four seven. Elevation twenty eight three.
  54. Tony.
  55. Circuit activated.
  56. I know.
  57. Say what?
  58. We don't have time to play with words, Tony.
  59. Tony. It's no life form.
  60. When Eagle Six came down, my sensors showed no life form. It lived in a vacuum, chlorine didn't affect it, lasers, electricity, nothing affects it.
  61. Tony. It's a robot.
  62. But we can beat it.
  63. By getting to it's control centre.
  64. It won't get up again.
  65.'re awake.
  66. Oh, Tony.
  67. Three dimensional solitaire.
  68. They're all well now.
  69. He's assessing the damage your friend the creature did.
  70. Checking out life support systems.
  71. Oh. He only suffered bruises and contusions. And he heals much quicker than you do.
  72. It's disappeared. It's really eerie. Something almost kills us and then just disappears as if it never was.
  73. Look. This is how it's done. The cards are played from one level to the next. Like that. Right?
  74. Wild garbage?
  75. That's wild garbage?
  76. Mm.Right.

A Matter Of Balance (52)

  1. Sensors are picking something up out there, Commander.
  2. Can't tell yet.
  3. No thanks, I'd hate to ruin a beautiful friendship.
  4. Shermeen has a teenage crush on you, Tony. You have to handle her with care.
  5. Constellation- -nineteen Pintarus...planet-
  6. ..Uncharted satellite.. atmosphere compatible..
  7. ..Temperature at constant seventy eight degrees.. suitable for human habitation. Abundant vegetation, no sign of animal life.
  8. Everything is under control, Commander.
  9. No hostile environment. Temperature still constant at seventy eight degrees. No life forms.
  10. Commander? You shuddered. But not from cold.
  11. Well, if you want to knock on wood there's plenty of that about.
  12. My sensors still record no life forms.
  13. Shermeen!
  14. Shermeen! Where are you?
  15. I can't find her.
  16. Well, there could be a shield force coming from that structure. Cutting out our communications and blocking out our sensors.
  17. Shermeen.
  18. Uh! Shermeen. Are you alright?
  19. Well, how did you get in here?
  20. The creature must have been concentrating on us and missed you. Come on, let's go outside, the Commander's worried... Oh, wait a minute. I want to get this down on video.
  21. Shermeen.
  22. Shermeen, wait!
  23. You saw?
  24. I found these on the walls.
  25. They depict the whole evolutionary process of man. Emerging from a sea of primeval slime,
  26. then advancing through all stages of development...Simian, Australopithecus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon,
  27. to modern.
  28. I'm not sure, Commander.
  29. There's something strange. Somewhere up the ladder of development, at some period in time, something happened.
  30. There was violent death. Whatever they were they must have died in some searing bursts of energy.
  31. Well, based on what I've observed and computer hypothesis, I think we're dealing with a form of antimatter against matter.This accelerator was set up in the temple.
  32. I've seen a similar one once before, on my own planet.
  33. It's used to convert. Antimatter into matter.
  34. Well.This is made up of particles of matter, and, this is made up of particles of matter, and even this is made up of particles of matter.
  35. Well, for every particle of matter there's a balancing particle of antimatter. It's called the law of symmetry. In other words it's nature's way of maintaining a balance.
  36. No. Occupying their own antispace. If there was an antimatter being here, right now,..
  37. ..My hand would go straight through him.
  38. Commander.
  39. Eagle One has just taken off without authorisation.
  40. Fraser was piloting. Shermeen was with him.
  41. He's in a trance. Hypnotic.
  42. He won't go past the obelisk.
  43. How is it our lasers bounce off antimatter?
  44. Are you antimatter?
  45. Commander! Tony!
  46. I'm trying to remember the one on Psychon.
  47. If I make a mistake, matter and antimatter will collide.
  48. I can't remember.
  49. Oh, Shermeen...
  50. Okay.
  51. It's gone back to being antimatter.
  52. How about that? A couple of days ago Shermeen was pining away due to unrequited love.

Space Warp (12)

  1. Mentor...don't do it, must leave Psychon...don't do it, Mentor...we have to..leave the planet..
  2. Mentor..! Mentor..!
  3. Oh. I've been having terrible visions. Flames all around me...volcanoes erupting.
  4. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Helena. * Where's Tony? I want Tony.
  5. Mentor! It's happening again!
  6. I'll help you...I'll help you...ahhh!!
  7. Yes, I know, the nightmares, they're getting worse, they're taking over.
  8. No... That won't do it. Helena, I'm beginning to lose molecular control. I don't know what will happen. You've got to put me in restraints.
  9. You've got to! I can be dangerous! Put me in restraints!
  10. Helena...The restraints..?
  11. But I'm dangerous.
  12. Like I've been riding the tail of a comet for days on end.

The Bringers Of Wonder (21)

  1. There was a reported increase in the neutron count. The commander went up to investigate.
  2. No. That would need a specific stimulation. With atomic fuel.
  3. Then you don't know the side effects? Is it worth the risk?
  4. Sensors pick up configuration of spaceship.
  5. Directly at us.
  6. Even at the speed of light it would take that spaceship almost an hour to reach Alpha.
  7. They're on their way back to report.
  8. It's impossible! That means it's exceeding the speed of light!
  9. Is it always like this between you?
  10. Um, what do you do here?
  11. How did you obtain a speed faster than light?
  12. Well, I..I didn't want to disturb the big reunion.
  13. Well. I..I don't want to disturb everybody.
  14. No, no. Please, Tony. Um, I've got to check some computers.
  15. Me, naive?
  16. Command Centre?
  17. Tony. I'm at the Records Lab. We have an emergency.
  18. He's jammed the lock on his side.
  19. Tony. I can get through the air vent.
  20. Are you alright?
  21. I hit him with my stick.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (57)

  1. That's the pilot ship.
  2. People. From Earth.
  3. Whose telepathic control?
  4. One of us is wrong.
  5. Well, that would mean of course that.. everyone else is wrong.
  6. Well, either the machine has distorted your consciousness..
  7. Telepathic control.
  8. It's possible.
  9. I find it odd that everyone from Earth is
  10. somebody's friend. It's against probability.
  11. Yes. They could have tapped
  12. everyone's mind and
  13. projected what they needed out of what they found there.
  14. It is possible that they could project images from other people's minds into my mind.
  15. Perhaps they're letting us for a purpose.
  16. And in the Records Lab.
  17. Kander, they took him over.Controlled his mind.He must have made a discovery which threatened them. He didn't go berserk.They made him release the oxygen causing the explosion which killed him.If only we knew what it was that he'd found out.
  18. That should have occurred to me.
  19. I'm willing. If the Commander's right..
  20. Oh, but you can handle the machine, we can't.
  21. Normal.
  22. Well?
  23. They look like the plasma that forms on some organic matter when it begins to decompose.
  24. Oh, I think I know.
  25. Oh...they're so..repulsive.
  26. Don't ever ask me to do that again. They have the minds of geniuses and the instincts of vultures.
  27. Well, they're a species that live on radiation.
  28. Yes, the only kind of energy they can assimilate; it's what keeps them alive.
  29. Well, their planet ran out of radiation. They're starving. Unless they get a huge intake soon they're going to die. They want our nuclear waste dumps...
  30. It's not that easy.
  31. Well, they need, ah, the kind of intense radiation they will get from blowing up the dumps.
  32. Mm.
  33. That's why they've got control of our minds, so we don't know what we're doing when we blow them up.
  34. They have very little kinetic energy, they don't seem to be able to handle physical activity. They plan to manipulate us into exploding them for them.
  35. By making us think we're doing one thing when actually we're doing something else.
  36. And they were flying in the Eagle.
  37. Well, they can't do that without atomic fuel.
  38. They won't know they're doing it.
  39. Helena. Commander? John?
  40. They're still in the Atomic Fuel Store.
  41. That would obstruct the telepathic input of the aliens.
  42. They'll try to use our people to stop us.
  43. They must have known about the white noise. They must be concentrating all their power on Alan, Ehrlich and Bartlett.
  44. Well, every piece of electrical equipment on Alpha emits a minute amount of radiation. They must be getting it from that.
  45. No, Commander. The terrain is too crumbly. With the weight of the Eagle, we'd go straight through the surface.
  46. Decompression complete, Tony.
  47. Commander. Ehrlich is losing air, his tank is punctured.
  48. Alright, Tony. Take him up.
  49. Yes, commander.
  50. Well, they have no power to harm you, either mentally or physically. They need all their energies to control Alan and Bartlett.
  51. Yes, Commander.
  52. Well, the human brain generates electrical activity. There may be enough among the population on Alpha to keep them going at survival level.
  53. Very greatly.
  54. Careful, Commander. With everyone else unconscious, they're running out of energy. With what little they've got left, they'll concentrate on Alan.
  55. Oh. A larren.
  56. A larren. It's natural habitat was the moon of Psychon where the atmosphere was very thin.
  57. Ah, it has the ability to store oxygen. Like a camel can store water. And it's skin is like a spacesuit and is very strong.

The Lambda Factor (31)

  1. Commander?
  2. I think I may have found our problem.
  3. Some sort of space phenomenon. I'm not sure what.It's filled with..electrically charged particles.
  4. The particles seem to be affecting our sensors.
  5. No, but I assume we'll get more malfunctions as we get closer.
  6. The electrical charge is pulsing at a fairly low level, it's too slight to harm anyone.
  7. I can only go by my instruments, Commander. I assume they are less fallible in their readouts than humans.
  8. If she's perfected a device that can exert tremendous internal pressure..
  9. Only jealous men are rational?
  10. Sabotage?
  11. The electrical pulse is getting stronger.
  12. I've checked the memory banks. Nothing like it has ever been recorded.
  13. Who knows? It's affecting our sensors so much they can't give it a proper reading.
  14. Well, it's remote. But possible.
  15. Alan?
  16. Commander.
  17. I'm getting a new reading.Lambda waves. Or something very like them.
  18. Carl
  19. That's right.
  20. Easy. Just by concentrating.Very good, Mister Renton.
  21. Very interesting, but nothing definitive.
  22. It's a forcefield to block out the lambda variant.
  23. Mm. It could point to the killer. Whoever still emits the lambda variant even when they're shielded inside this booth could have something to do with Sally's death.
  24. Nothing. That thing is still
  25. covering the base and there's no way of knowing if we're going to get out of it or not.
  26. Commander.
  27. It's a sudden burst of energy.
  28. That rules him out.
  29. Well, it couldn't have been her. I'll make my report.
  30. No.
  31. No.

The Seance Spectre (40)

  1. My sensors record a source of internal energy which has caused a definite change of position.
  2. Internal energy. Electrical storms... rain, sleet.. an atmosphere.
  3. Well, if the atmosphere doesn't clog up our recycling system..there may be a solid centre.
  4. Range counter seven. How far in do you want to go?
  5. Nothing to indicate a planet. There could be anything in the centre of all that.
  6. Ready on Main Computer?
  7. Range two.
  8. Let me switch to the on board computer.
  9. Approaching range one.
  10. Commander, it's a planet.
  11. Yeh.
  12. They're.. .. both damaged.
  13. I think so.
  14. Our oxygen recycling plant is less than five per cent effective - insufficient to maintain life.
  15. Transmission systems not functioning.
  16. It's a three hour flight back, Commander. We've only got enough oxygen for one hour.
  17. But a plant needs the sun, so it can start the photosynthesis process, to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  18. Yes.
  19. It's oxygen starvation, Helena. The atmosphere couldn't support both of us.
  20. On our present course we collide with the dust planet in eight hours.
  21. You'll trigger deliberately the atomic waste?
  22. Anticipate severe damage in all sections. High fire risk.
  23. Forecast zero survival rate.
  24. Evacuation complete, Commander. Two hours and twenty three minutes to collision point.
  25. We'll be swallowed by red dust and toxic gases.
  26. There's no time, Tony.
  27. Stay where you are.
  28. If Tora's atmosphere gets into our recycling system our air will be lethal.
  29. I couldn't, it was jammed on kill.
  30. Okay.
  31. Setting?
  32. Is that going to give you enough time?
  33. Good luck.
  34. Right, Commander. We have no visual of Sanderson. Continuing
  35. to scan.
  36. Nothing, Tony. Where could he be?
  37. Right, Tony.
  38. I'm trapped!
  39. I can't reach the controls!
  40. The Moon has changed course. We're no longer on collision course with Tora.

Dorzak (64)

  1. Tony, it's in a position to go into a high orbit around us.
  2. Croton. Our Psychon astronomers did identify controlled sources of photon emission in the third galaxy.
  3. Scanner confirm. The ship is photon driven.
  4. I feel fine.Why? Why did you do that?
  5. Get her away from me!
  6. Get her away from me..
  7. But that's wonderful! But..isn't it?
  8. Dorzak!
  9. No, she's lying.
  10. She's lying, I tell you. Dorzak was a philosopher, a poet. He was a man of peace. He wouldn't change.
  11. That can't be!
  12. He's alive?
  13. Here?
  14. Tony. Tony, I want to see him, please take me to him.
  15. Tony, why do we have to wait for her permission?
  16. Even if she's obviously trying to deceive us?
  17. So that we can talk to Dorzak.
  18. You should be anxious to cooperate if you were telling the truth.
  19. Because Dorzak was in command and you were the one in stasis.
  20. Dorzak. That's a forcefield.
  21. He doesn't pervert minds. More than likely the Crotons were so impressed by him that they were drawn to him.
  22. The Crotons were oppressing the people and he was opposing them, of course they'd send him into exile.
  23. Well, a version of the truth, anything to keep us from reviving him.
  24. Tony.
  25. But he's a wonderful man, I know him.
  26. Tony. I'm not the only Psychon alive.
  27. I think I can get him out of stasis.
  28. I never thought I was ever going to see anyone of my own race again, I must speak to him.
  29. Well, even if her accusations are true, he can't harm anyone, he's behind a forcefield.
  30. I understand Tony.
  31. Don't worry, Tony, I wouldn't do anything against Alpha.
  32. Dorzak..?
  33. I survived the destruction of Psychon...the only survivor. We thought all of you were dead.
  34. Not for long. Sahala, the commander of the ship..
  35. Her lies won't help her now that Yesta has been revived.
  36. In Medical Centre.
  37. And Mentor tried to restore the planet by use of a biological computer..
  38. But Mentor's brilliant intellect was not sufficient. Psychon blew up.
  39. Yes, Tony.
  40. I knew it.
  41. I already have. Then I have your permission to release him from the forcefield?
  42. I have. Of course with the help of my father.
  43. Only Psychons have the unique molecular structure that permits the transformation.
  44. You're so brilliant about everything.I enjoy doing something you cannot.
  45. I'll be right there, Tony.Exercise that famous mind of yours in finding my Alphan friends a habitable planet and I will teach you molecular transformation when I get back.
  46. It's purpose is to jam electrical waves, amongst other things.
  47. She's accusing Dorzak of transmitting these impulses?
  48. Well, if that's true why was Clea affected, and Yesta?
  49. Helena, how can we be sure that she's not tricking us?
  50. No, Tony.
  51. Is there some flaw in the Psychon nature that turns us all into monsters? First my father, and now you.
  52. But the Alphans aren't warped by their struggle.
  53. They saved me. From our doomed planet.
  54. I refuse.
  55. I was wrong.
  56. Not really. I could hardly believe what I heard. From his own lips. He's not the Dorzak I knew.
  57. I was afraid.
  58. Yes, I'd love some.
  59. In a while, Tony. I'd like to stay here and apologise to Sahala.
  60. Please, Tony. I'll meet you back in Command Centre.
  61. I want you to perform an operation for me, Doctor.
  62. Oh, Tony.
  63. What happened?
  64. Very clever these Earthlings.

The Immunity Syndrome (53)

  1. Food...water...minerals! The planet's a wonder.
  2. Yes, but the Computer's so slow!
  3. Anyway, I wish we were with them.
  4. Nothing. They still haven't found Tony.
  5. I feel so helpless. I keep thinking about him. Alone, perhaps. Hurt, suffering down there.
  6. Yes...I know.
  7. Yes, Commander. Commander.
  8. How is he?
  9. Go ahead.
  10. Jerry...Jerry..
  11. Commander. Jerry Travis just called in.
  12. Something happened at the alien structure. The communications malfunctioned..
  13. Can you correct?
  14. Moonbase Alpha to Survey Eagle. Moonbase Alpha to Survey Eagle, come in. Moonbase Alpha to Survey Eagle.
  15. The survey Eagle's malfunctioning, they're checking out the circuits.
  16. I don't think so...only..
  17. I don't know. We've lost contact, not only with the Commander, but the Base Camp communications are affected as well.Something's happening to that planet, Helena. The atmosphere readings have changed drastically.
  18. They're heading back to the planet.
  19. They're on touch down approach.All systems holding.
  20. Temperature increase.Helena. The ship's on fire.
  21. They didn't make it, Helena. Their controls disintegrated before touchdown.
  22. Close.
  23. I can't be precise.
  24. I can tell you want we both want to hear!There's a chance.
  25. I'm analysing the data now.
  26. The planet.. It's an ecological disaster. The computer registers a massive build up in poisonous elements.
  27. I know. It was safe. It started to change when they landed.
  28. Well, if the computer is correct, that's exactly what I mean.
  29. No. Indications lead to a different conclusion.
  30. Intelligent. Hostile. Powerful enough to mobilise the natural forces of the planet to destroy our people.
  31. I don't know. Unless it's so unfamiliar it's presence can't register.
  32. Yes, that's possible.
  33. How's Tony?
  34. The atmosphere will soon become impossible to breathe. They won't have time for any effective counter measures.
  35. The glider. The reentry glider.
  36. Yes, it's made of carbon fibre. We can replace the metal seals on our spacesuits..
  37. I know. For two passengers.
  38. I've tried to assess all the relevant factors.
  39. Well then we'll discover the joys of walking, won't we?
  40. Standing by.
  41. Bill, there's a fault. We haven't got release.
  42. Stand by for reentry.
  43. Twenty five thousand feet, stand by for turbulence.
  44. We've got to get out of this turbulence.
  45. That's right.
  46. Landing site?
  47. Tony?
  48. Commander. Do you read me?
  49. How do you feel?
  50. You've memorised the path?
  51. Good luck, John.Bear right.Straight.Duck.
  52. Don't remove your helmet.
  53. Tony.

The Dorcons (44)

  1. The energy field is highly sensitive to matter.
  2. Commander. Something's triggered an energy build up inside that object.
  3. Helena!The pain! -It's tearing up my mind...Help me! Heelpp...!!
  4. Yes, I think so.
  5. A mind probe.
  6. It probed all of us.
  7. Mm. When it found me it changed intensity. It almost tore my brain apart.
  8. No more than I registered before. A highly sensitive forcefield with no sign of life forms.
  9. Also solidifying.
  10. And expanding fast.
  11. Dorcons.Dorcons...
  12. Dorcons..
  13. It's a Dorcon spaceship..
  14. It's after's after me..
  15. ..It's after me...that was a Dorcon probe..
  16. You don't understand!...None of's a Dorcon spaceship..
  17. Enemies. Enemies. Psychons fear most of all.
  18. Oh, you can't help me. Not against them.
  19. ...It's a means of..of transforming..matter into energy..and reshaping it in whatever form they like.
  20. You saw how that spaceship arrived. Commander. Those are Dorcons. They're the most powerful race in the galaxy.
  21. For centuries they've pursued my people. Hunting us like animals.
  22. The Dorcons control all the forces of nature except one. Death. They know that through us they can achieve immortality. Commander. Promise me you won't let them take me alive.
  23. Resistance - is futile.
  24. They'll kill everyone, you can't stop them!
  25. No! Let them have me before it's too late.
  26. Not yet. Commander, sealed doors won't stop the Dorcons.
  27. Our brain stems.
  28. They don't die as our races do. Their brain stems cease to function at a certain age. They discovered that Psychon brain stems last for ever.
  29. Yes.
  30. Maya. I'm the last living Psychon. They won't leave without me.
  31. He's right, Commander.
  32. Helena. Kill me.
  33. If I'm dead they'll leave. Use the laser, Helena, please.
  34. Do you want to see me end up like a living husk? Do you? I would be if they take me alive!Kill me. Please.
  35. People injured...killed.. It's all my fault.
  36. They won't go away. It's a waste. They won't go away.
  37. Commander!
  38. Maya, daughter of Mentor.
  39. Yeah.
  40. Yeah, I'm fine.
  41. The word of a Dorcon, Commander.
  42. Thanks, Alan.
  43. What?
  44. That's a highly improper question to ask any lady, Tony.

Copyright Martin Willey