The Catacombs Dialogue
Tony Verdeschi Dialogue

Tony Verdeschi

Tony Anholt

Total dialogue: 1229 lines.

The Metamorph (41)

  1. Security alert. All standby crews to position.
  2. Rescue Eagles full alert.
  3. Laser crews to surface positions one five.
  4. In our past history we've been betrayed too.
  5. Booster units? You're in a hurry to get out there, aren't you?
  6. Good luck.
  7. I want a full scan on that ship.
  8. John. There are no life forms on that ship. Fraser, Torens, they're not on it.
  9. The ship is empty.
  10. Mentor's ship is radiating magnetic energy. He's using it like a magnet.
  11. Pulling you down to his planet.
  12. John.
  13. That ship.
  14. It's turning into a ball of light.
  15. Keep on scanning, Sandra. They're down there, somewhere.
  16. Yeh. Our beam is bouncing off a scanner shield of some kind. We're not going to read anything they don't want us to read.Is she going to be alright?
  17. I'm worried she's going to -crack up.
  18. Yeah.
  19. We've picked up a sudden energy charge of enormous thrust
  20. in the Research Area. Send out a unit to investigate.
  21. Punch it up.John! We'd given you up. Commander, what's happening?
  22. Evacuate?
  23. Just like that? No study, no research, just pack up and go down?
  24. Not disputing, John. Just wondering.
  25. I know what directive four is.
  26. It's a coded signal. A clear instruction to destroy the place it originated from.
  27. It's mandatory.
  28. Return to your position.
  29. Maximum destructive power?
  30. Obeying orders.
  31. So is the Commander and Doctor Russell and the rest of them.
  32. Directive four cannot be countermanded.
  33. In ten minutes it will be all over.
  34. Our Eagle was intercepted. We might be in for an attack. Activate defence shields.
  35. What's happening?
  36. Well, what was it?
  37. Launch Eagles for a full attack.
  38. No, neither do I.
  39. Raise Eagle Four.
  40. Fraser.
  41. Got something for you.

The Exiles (42)

  1. Yeh. Every one with an atomic sting in its tail, maybe.
  2. We have magnification.
  3. Those are missiles.
  4. They're turning.
  5. Launch Eagle flights one and two.
  6. Raise defence shields.
  7. At this closing speed we'll never get 'em all.
  8. There are too many of them.
  9. Some are bound to get through.
  10. They're pulling away.
  11. Anything on armament?
  12. Three. Pressure, time fused or remote control.
  13. Eagle flights one and two return to base.
  14. You got anything, John?
  15. Bringing one down?
  16. You heard the man.
  17. Immediate relay.
  18. Yeah.
  19. Prepare transporter Eagle for launching. Any particular container?
  20. Right.
  21. Those are people out there, like you and me.
  22. Is survival all important? What sort of society is it that abandons fifty innocent beings?
  23. Look. You asked what sort of people they are? What sort of people are we?
  24. What are you doing? Have you gone mad?!
  25. Okay. I'll make sure they're never left alone in the life support complex.
  26. Right.
  27. Can't shift it.
  28. Emergency Area B.
  29. Clear.
  30. Hey, Maya, wait a minute. Let's not explode down there like a couple of rockets. Play it cool. We don't want to panic them. Okay?
  31. Maya!
  32. You're wasting your breath, Helena. He doesn't even understand what you're talking about.
  33. Yeh, what I don't understand is why they didn't kill you.
  34. Right.
  35. Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?
  36. Can you help us get back to Alpha?
  37. You know if this was a military base you'd be court martialled.
  38. Well, it's all over Alpha. That switch you pulled on the Commander. First rule of any chain of command, don't embarrass the man in charge.
  39. Well, apparently it does in your world too, since you had to change into another woman to do it.
  40. You've got a long wait, kid. Ciao.
  41. I'd sooner be known as a man of taste.
  42. Maya.

One Moment Of Humanity (64)

  1. Computer pin point fault.
  2. Main electronics malfunctioning.
  3. Negative.
  4. You alright?
  5. Yeah.
  6. They're androids?
  7. Delicious.
  8. Guest!?
  9. Time for what?
  10. Which is?
  11. This is Tony Verdeschi calling Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha. Alpha, come in.
  12. No.
  13. Helena, what are you talking about? What's going on here?
  14. Oh, now let's not start believing robots now.
  15. Kill? Why?
  16. Right.Hey, wait a minute, why did they let me keep a weapon?
  17. Maybe they didn't know I had it?
  18. Anyway, here goes.Come on.
  19. You have...nothing to fear.
  20. You're not android.
  21. A self generating system.
  22. Yes. What about their emotions?
  23. Why don't they rip the masks off?
  24. How?
  25. Thank you.
  26. Let's find out about that forcefield.
  27. We were worried about our friends. We were trying to find a way to get back to them.
  28. You alright?
  29. I don't know.Commander?Weapons Section? Petrov, why aren't you at your section?Medical Centre. Mathias!
  30. We can't be!
  31. Helena. The star chart.
  32. That pulsating dot is our present position.
  33. And that
  34. was the position of Moonbase Alpha when we left it to go to Vega.
  35. We are now two light years from there, and moving further away every second.
  36. We'll never get back there.
  37. I thought you might like some coffee.
  38. Yes, I know, I've been trying to figure out the same thing. They must have transferred everybody down there.
  39. How?
  40. Oh, Helena.
  41. Nothing. We can't do it without them.
  42. Yeah.Yeah, sure he will. Come on, have some coffee, it'll help you relax.
  43. Helena.
  44. Helena. Helena.
  45. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were sleeping. I just came to see if you were alright.
  46. Oh.. still jumpy. Well, um, I'm sorry I disturbed you.
  47. Helena. Helena, answer me. Helena! Helena!
  48. Helena, we are losing our atmosphere. Where are you?
  49. Helena.
  50. Now, easy, Helena.
  51. I only want to help you.
  52. Dexetrol? Wait a minute, think I drugged your coffee? That's why you sabotaged the Life Support system?
  53. I don't know why. Maybe..loneliness..suspision..fear?
  54. Helena. We're the only two people on Alpha. It must have been you.
  55. If!
  56. Well, now who's hallucinating?
  57. How about that! Yi-he-he-he-hooey! Bang, bang, you're dead! They don't even know how much fun we've had playing these games!
  58. The party's over, kids! Come on out!
  59. Come on out, where-ever you are!
  60. Ooh? You mean it isn't?
  61. There is a way to beat them. If we can get to the Main Computer. It's in a dome on the other side of the grove.
  62. Yeah.
  63. Well, hang on. Just as long as Maya can neutralise that computer.
  64. There's got to be a way to stop them!

Journey To Where (59)

  1. Dunno. But it's no random transmission.
  2. They're calling us.
  3. When we left Earth the first neutrino experiments had just begun.
  4. Yeah, sure. We've been in space for months.
  5. Right!
  6. That's fantastic.
  7. Hey. The natives are growing restless.
  8. Right.
  9. Wow wee..
  10. Yeah, come in.
  11. Mm mmOh. Oh wow. that is...fantastic. Well. Pretty fantastic. It took me six months to reach this stage of perfection. How about a sample?
  12. Oh, come on, it's not going to affect you.
  13. All I wanted was an honest opinion.What does an alien know about beer anyway? Give me that.
  14. No, what's my problem, Maya?
  15. Me, prejudiced? Just because you look funny, come from the planet Psychon and turned into an eel the last time I put my arms around you?
  16. That's not prejudice.
  17. Fascination. Now come on, how about a hand with these?Look, Maya, how about a h-hand with the- Listen, everybody's in Command Centre waiting to celebrate our return to Earth.Well, don't just stand there, come on.
  18. Ah, well?
  19. You know your problem? You've got no taste, kid.
  20. Hmff. Pilot.
  21. Fantastic! Chalk one up for our side!
  22. Yeah. The Earth tremors could distort the beam reflection. John, why don't you hold off, just for a while?
  23. They said three, didn't they?
  24. Good luck.
  25. Respiration, heart, temperature rate?
  26. Ready to go, John.
  27. Doctor Logan. Take good care of them.
  28. Doctor Logan, what's happening down there?
  29. Time?! What for?! Where are they, doctor? I want to know what's happened.
  30. Doctor Logan. We're reading them. They're somewhere in space. You've got to find them.
  31. Respiration, heart rate, temperature all normal.
  32. Rising!
  33. Doctor Logan. You've got to find them. Fast.
  34. Huh, well how about that. Join the tribe, Space Station One. Define, please.
  35. But.
  36. Hold on, Space Station One. We have an expert who thinks she can solve your problem. Here she is.
  37. Is it possible your pollution didn't affect everywhere on Earth- that somewhere there's some freak valley, an air bubble almost?
  38. Somewhere where they could still breathe?
  39. Look, I'm sorry, everybody, I - Well, I guess I haven't been thinking the way I should. We still have time to send some of you back down to Earth. If anybody wants to try it. Look, you all heard what Maya said. There may not be another chance.
  40. Is that the way the rest of you feel?
  41. Because they're still alive.
  42. Then you think they're on Earth?
  43. Then why can't Logan find them?
  44. Look. You know that they can't live on the Earth's surface in present conditions. And we know that they are still alive. So please. Rethink your calculations.
  45. I'll take that risk, Doctor.
  46. Keep it going.
  47. You keep signalling. Let them know that we're still searching.
  48. No, doctor. We accept nothing. Until that eclipse actually takes place.
  49. Yasko, does that mean anything to you?
  50. Anybody? Does anybody get that?
  51. Maya, the computer.
  52. It's in the British Isles.Location established. Scotland.
  53. Doctor Logan, do you read me? Bannockburn plus twenty five.
  54. Helena. We're going to toast your recovery.
  55. Oh, you're starting that again, huh? Alien.Ah, John. Have a drink.
  56. Oh, huh, huh-
  57. Oh, about five.
  58. You know your problem? No sense of adventure.
  59. Pilot.

All That Glisters (9)

  1. You can say that again.
  2. Yeah. But she's not used to loud mouthed Irish Romeos.
  3. Hmm.
  4. Or an Irish cowboy.
  5. Everybody leave it alone. It's my baby.
  6. Owe, Helena. What happened?
  7. Quit your shoving!
  8. It's dying.
  9. The milgonite..another time.

The Taybor (37)

  1. Science Lab Computer says they're not weapons. I don't understand how they got through the security system. It just does not...
  2. Yeah, it's a hobby of mine. I'm getting closer to perfecting it all the time. That.. Well, out of a scale of one to ten, I'd give it.. six for potency and three for flavour. Well, I'm glad you like it. Some people don't appreciate it.
  3. Alpha is just primitive junk to him. What have we got that he wants?
  4. Anybody who likes my beer is somebody who can't be trusted, right?
  5. No, this isn't a penal colony, but maybe we could put you in the brig for causing injury to a couple of our people with your things.
  6. Well..
  7. John. Is it a good idea to go aboard his ship?
  8. Yeh, I know. But he may have ideas about jump driving us out into space and then taking over Alpha.
  9. John. Do you read me?
  10. Come in, John.
  11. Taybor the trader.
  12. Well?
  13. Security? Get Fraser and McDougall on the surface on the double. Check out the entire area where that alien ship landed.
  14. That wouldn't make sense. He could have taken anything he wanted any time.
  15. Search patterns, everything in the book.
  16. Maya, you know about hyperspace. Where is that ship?
  17. Well, if you can't figure, then guess!
  18. John, where are you?
  19. Fraser! McDougall!
  20. Get the hell out of there!
  21. Step on it! Clear that area!
  22. If you want to stay alive, get the hell out of there and make it fast!
  23. Faster!
  24. You're all clear, well done. Okay, Eagles return to base.
  25. A wax work dummy with a computer voice? He's not right in the head.
  26. You know, John, there's a little man running round inside my head who says you trust him less than I do, if that's possible.
  27. Time's getting on, Maya. We'd better get back to the Command Centre.
  28. Taybor. I'm sure the Commander will be in touch with you.
  29. Alright, well... I'll see you in Command Centre.
  30. Yeah. But the man does put on a good sideshow, I've got to admit that.
  31. Oh, she, ah, she's stopped off at Helena's. Wanted to show her going away present from Taybor.
  32. What'd'you mean, okay?
  33. They're in hyperspace. We'll never get her back.
  34. Maya! You alright? It's really you, is it?
  35. Well, it's lucky you don't qualify.
  36. The Universe, oh sure. Rabbits out of the hat, you mean. He was nothing more than a con man.
  37. If you just said the word, he'd have given you the Universe, huh?

The Mark Of Archanon (81)

  1. Okay, set it up over there.
  2. Could this be some form of cryogenic suspended animation set up?
  3. Impossible, Alan. That's impossible. But just suppose that -the Moon was inhabited sometime in the past. Could this be some sort of - burial ground?
  4. Hey, wait a minute. You see that?On Krom Two the inhabitants knew that as a sign of.. danger; they called it, ah...'Flammon, the Death Glow', you remember?
  5. Yeah.
  6. Now that must be the power source.
  7. Yeah.
  8. If I knew where to start. If Maya was here, she could figure it out in a minute.
  9. Back, out of here! Helena! Move it! Everybody!
  10. Helena, get out of here!
  11. Over here. Swing him round. That's it. Alan!
  12. Come on. Set him down, over here.
  13. Yeah, it went through on the last transmission.
  14. Yeah. He's starting to come through now.
  15. Okay, I'll get Eagle Three on the Launch Pad ready for immediate lift off in case you need bringing in.
  16. Origin unknown. No I.D. Unable to interrogate yet. Until we can, they're an X factor.
  17. Check.
  18. Keep the channel open. They'll get back to us when there's a break in the storm.
  19. From most of the races we've come across, you don't seem to have had too much success.
  20. Then how come that same race can condemn a man and a boy to an eternal living death in a stasis chamber?
  21. Got him?
  22. What kind of people can do that to one of their own race?
  23. No, zero. I don't even know how to open it. Oh, Etrec. Your father's on his way.
  24. Heh heh. You?
  25. Well, listen, I'll tell you what. If we have any -wave particle problems, we'll send for you, okay?
  26. Yeah, well. How about opening it? Commander. I figure you can at least show us how to do that.
  27. Yes, we've got those. But they don't look anything like this. What's it's range?
  28. Ah. I see.Yes, Helena.
  29. Yes.
  30. Could it hold just a bit?
  31. Yeah, okay, okay, about this first, huh?
  32. Yes, Helena.
  33. Well, no, they left there for Medical Centre when you asked. Aren't they there yet?
  34. Okay, I'll get someone right on to it.
  35. How are you doing, Yasko?
  36. Eagle One, are you receiving?
  37. What is your position.
  38. Do you want us to launch Eagle Three? It can reach Blue Quadrant in eighteen hours.
  39. How about damage to yourself? And Maya?
  40. Yes, Alan. What is it?
  41. We've lost contact. We'll try to put you through if we regain.
  42. Emergency in Tech Lab Three. Security move in.
  43. Alan. You okay?
  44. Medical Centre.
  45. Emergency. Tech Lab Three. Get here fast.
  46. No accident. Pasc assaulted Alan and Johnson. Severe head injury.
  47. Attention security. Find Pasc.
  48. He's dangerous, maybe armed.
  49. Alright, come on, let's go. Pierce, you come with us. Long, stay there with Johnson.
  50. Let the woman go, or I'll kill the boy.
  51. Attention security. Clear all access corridors to Eagle Three.
  52. All security guards. Alert station signal three.Doctor Russell has been taken hostage by Pasc. Approach with caution.Doctor Russell's well being takes priority.
  53. Launch Area. I want Eagle One in the air above the pad. Nothing else is to move off the base. Repeat, nothing, but Eagle One to lift off.
  54. I want all men in protective suits. There'll be a team of sharp shooters with stun guns and anaesthetic gas guns.Where's Etrec?
  55. Good.
  56. Alan. We've got to get aboard that spaceship
  57. without alerting Pasc. Now, how about the Cargo hatch?
  58. We could use an acid.
  59. Well, what's say we go through the propulsion tubes. The inspection plates from the engine room are thinner.
  60. Helena? Are you alright?
  61. Pasc just called in from Eagle Three. He wants to make a deal. Swap Helena for the boy.
  62. Oh, sure. Like standing in front of a laser beam. But Helena tried to say something. She said 'Get Raul. Tell him to- '; and then Pasc cut her off. Now, what do you think she meant?
  63. Okay, thanks. I'll get back to you.Alan. The kid trusts you, you can talk to him.
  64. Yes, I heard him. But I also heard what Pasc said, and this time I think he means it.
  65. Both.
  66. Haven't you got through to Eagle One, yet?
  67. Well, keep at it.
  68. Eagle One?
  69. This is Moonbase Alpha. Who are you?
  70. Identify please.Get her on the Big Screen.
  71. You have it.Yes, Alan?
  72. Be right with you.
  73. We've gotta let Pasc know that we know.
  74. Okay.
  75. Pasc.
  76. We have.
  77. A moment first, Pasc.
  78. Hold it, Pasc. Look at this.
  79. All right, Pasc. You have control.
  80. Yes.
  81. Right. Have them brought straight here.

The Rules Of Luton (39)

  1. Okay.
  2. Oxygen leak, life support system.
  3. Right.
  4. Do we abort?
  5. Check.
  6. Eagle One requesting clearance for touch down.
  7. Thanks, Alpha. Do you have another Eagle standing by for me?
  8. Thanks, Helena.
  9. Eagle Four ready for life off.
  10. What?
  11. I've got to get the Commander off that planet.
  12. Eagle Four to Command Centre.
  13. I'm getting no reading on my sensors.
  14. Well, how about yours?
  15. When I approach the planet, or at least when I think I'm in the area of the planet, I'll check in.
  16. Oh, you never know. I might even be lucky and make visual contact when I get there.
  17. I'm not letting anybody else share this risk, Helena.
  18. What I'm remembering is that I told John and Maya I'd be right back for them.
  19. Eagle four to Alpha.
  20. Eagle Four to Alpha.
  21. I'm close to the planet. Or where it should be.
  22. No.But I do have you on the monitor.
  23. Do you have me on the screen?
  24. How about the planet?
  25. Oh yes I can. Send another Eagle to refuel me.
  26. Eagle Four to Command Centre.
  27. Refuelling Eagle coming alongside.
  28. I don't want a relief pilot, all I want is
  29. refuelling.
  30. No way, Helena. One of us taking this risk is all that Alpha can afford.
  31. According to my instruments I'm uncomfortably close.
  32. I'm still hoping for a visual.
  33. I'm not in the mood for miscalculation, Helena.
  34. Forever. If I have to.
  35. I've checked and I've rechecked, Alpha. According to my onboard computer I'm at the planet. And yet nothing.
  36. Phew. Okay, Alpha.
  37. I've found the planet.
  38. Hydroponics.
  39. I thought so too.

Brian The Brain (59)

  1. John.
  2. We're changing course.
  3. It looks the same as it always does.
  4. The computer's still reviewing the memory tracks.
  5. That's correct.
  6. Nothing.
  7. It could be a black dwarf.
  8. All Eagles, prepare to evacuate. Repeat, prepare to evacuate. Eagle Ten to remain on standby to evacuate command personnel.
  9. We're getting closer to whatever's pulling us. And we don't have much time.
  10. I don't know. Seems to have slowed up.
  11. Eagle One and Two. Intercept unknown spaceship approaching Moonbase Alpha. Command Centre will guide you.
  12. On target.
  13. Weapons Section. This applies to missiles standing by for evacuation. Target, incoming spaceship, an old Swift from Earth.
  14. Standing by.
  15. On stand by.
  16. Well. What do you make of that?
  17. Well, what was it?
  18. Well, is it alive?
  19. Well, I don't know what I mean. But that sure made my day.
  20. Uh huh.
  21. A bad feeling?
  22. Oh, come on, Maya. Well, give it a chance, it's doing a check for us. We don't know where we're heading yet. You know what your problem is? You brain works like a computer so you're jealous of that other computer.
  23. Okay.
  24. Red alert.
  25. We've been cut off. Where are they?
  26. Try a straight line to the Medical centre.
  27. The same. Now what diameter is this moon?
  28. Yep.
  29. Well, either way Moonbase Alpha is blind.
  30. We can't even tell where the horizon is. Are we on a collision course or are we going into orbit round some gravity centre?
  31. Our communications have been wiped out.
  32. Yep.
  33. Wait a minute. Fraser. Could you fly without guidance from base computer?
  34. The Commander and Doctor Russell have been abducted on that Swift and we've got to get 'em back.
  35. We'll go after them with a whole squadron of Eagles, come on, Maya.
  36. Circle target.
  37. John!
  38. We can't just leave you.
  39. Command received.
  40. Okay, send all the other Eagles back. We'll go on. We've got our own fool proof computer. Maya.
  41. John.
  42. We landed ahead of you so we came aboard.
  43. Yeah.
  44. They went out without their suits. They must have been crazy.
  45. It blinded the computer on it's own Mothership?
  46. John. Why did the Brain kidnap you?
  47. Listen. How do we get at the Brain? We can't just rush it, it's still got Helena.
  48. Okay, so how do we get at it?
  49. Breaking it's mind?!
  50. Well, does that matter now?
  51. What are you on to, John?
  52. You got her?
  53. Take it easy. We can't approach too close or the Brain might blind us.
  54. Right here, John.
  55. Okay.It's operational!
  56. We're not spinning round planet D. We're on the same course we always were.
  57. Listen, when it was operational it killed a lot of people.
  58. Yeah. You could order it to self destruct if it ever harbours any evil thoughts again.
  59. Hey, Maya. Now that our computer has the Brain's memory, you'd better not transform yourself into a yellow wheeled trolley. Or this console will get up and chase you.

New Adam, New Eve (45)

  1. Ah, excuse me, but, ah, human kind does like to have a little look around before it calls a place home.
  2. Wow! You could plant grain here and have lasagna come up.
  3. Just a minute. The Moon itself, what about that?
  4. The pair bonding!?!
  5. What!
  6. You've got a lot to learn about humanity, Santa Claus.
  7. Offspring! You would say that. You couldn't just say children.
  8. The's disappeared.
  9. Well, I'm glad you think so.
  10. Hey, do you think...well, that he could really be what he says he is,...God, I mean...Jehovah.
  11. So, you're saying that he could be God.
  12. Well. Let's go see what his food's like.
  13. Well, that's something.What the-?!
  14. Yep.
  15. Well, here we go. That little old matchmaker in the sky.
  16. I wonder who does his arrangements?
  17. It's just simple brain washing, you know. The music I mean.
  18. It doesn't mean a thing.
  19. What do you call the dangers..the apes or those other things?
  20. John, are you alright?
  21. Yeah.
  22. And sooner or later we're going to get close to them.
  23. How did he know about that?
  24. What did he mean when he said he could..ill afford the energy?
  25. Like what, for instance?
  26. Yeah. And it's obviously something he's doing that's stopping anybody coming down from Alpha, right?
  27. Yeah.
  28. Maya. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Good luck.
  29. You mean he caught you and let you go?
  30. Looks like those rocks have only just been put here.
  31. Which way now?
  32. Well, it's not mutual, believe me.
  33. What? A way out?
  34. Superman, afraid of the dark?
  35. But we saw him, last night when we crossed the boundary-
  36. A what?
  37. For you I'll try anything.
  38. So how do we fight that?
  39. Hurry it up, Magus will be here in a minute.
  40. Yeah.
  41. Yeah.
  42. If this doesn't work, or if Magus suspects, it's the end of all of us, and Moonbase Alpha.
  43. Come on.
  44. That's a real long shot, isn't it?
  45. No.

Catacombs Of The Moon (75)

  1. Why, that's uncanny. A twenty degree rise in temperature in twenty minutes.
  2. Well, can't you pinpoint the source?
  3. I don't need a computer printout to tell me it's hot and it's getting hotter. Look, we need specifics. I need to know why and where that heat is coming from.
  4. Yeah. I'm sorry. Where's Maya?
  5. Okay, well, let's try to relax. I suggest all the fellers and especially the ladies try to cool off.
  6. John. If the situation goes critical and you haven't returned yet..I suggest we evacuate all nonessential personnel from the surface and get them down below.
  7. Check.
  8. Extreme heat can set off the explosives on this level, so let's move them down to level D fast. Alright, load up that trolley. Breathe easy, walk lightly.And handle that stuff very carefully. How are we? Under control?
  9. That's what I like about you. You always give me such a great sense of security.
  10. Yeah, sure, Pat, but don't make waves in here, things are a little touch and go right now. Come on, let's talk privately.
  11. Pat. I'm sorry about Michelle. I-I wish we could have found tiranium in those catacombs.
  12. Don't give up hope. Helena is doing everything that is medically possible.
  13. How?
  14. Pat. Is that what you came storming in here just now to tell me?
  15. Only faith, huh?
  16. Mock you? Oh come on, Pat, you remember me? I was best man at your wedding. Now if I didn't have faith-
  17. Oh, come on, Pat, what you're saying-
  18. Fleeing?
  19. Pat. I know what you're going through over Michelle. And I know how much it hurts. It hurts me just to watch it happening to you. But believe me, nobody is running away from anything, least of all the Commander.
  20. Patrick old buddy. The Commander has gone on a long range reconnaissance to try to find out what's causing these high temperatures on Alpha.
  21. I know. You predicted this.
  22. There are all kinds of visions, Pat. Come on, why don't you talk to Helena?
  23. A correction. I am your friend.
  24. Alright, alright. Let's talk about it.
  25. Alright, let's talk about visions then. Come on, I'll go with you to Helena.
  26. Pat!
  27. If he shows, hold him. But no unnecessary force.
  28. Michelle.
  29. The last time I saw him, he was fine.
  30. Oh, you know Patrick. He's a regular bull in a China shop. He married you, didn't he? Swept you right off your feet. If he hadn't, I would have.
  31. Stop worrying, will you. The moment he knows you're fine, he'll be fine. That's a promise.
  32. How's it coming?
  33. I thought that was impossible without tiranium.
  34. You mean it worked for him?
  35. Good luck. Especially for her.
  36. Yep. Helena, we had a scramble with Osgood in the A level explosives room. Well, he was on the boil, hungry for a fight, hitting everything. Now he may be on his way down here. Okay. Wait a minute. What was he doing in the explosives room?
  37. The explosives rooms in B, C and D levels are off limits to all unauthorised personnel. Especially Patrick Osgood.
  38. Area three living quarters. Get Security onto it.
  39. Get a stretcher.
  40. Helena. We've got Osgood. Emergency Reception.
  41. How is he?
  42. Another vision, Pat?
  43. Listen, Pat, this is no time for games.
  44. Pat, you can't.
  45. It's wrong what you're doing, Pat. All wrong.
  46. Approach with extreme caution. He is wired with explosives. Repeat. Approach with extreme caution. And if spotted, don't crowd him, stay clear and report his position. Repeat. Do nothing, just report his position.
  47. We've lost him.
  48. Alright. Put Alpha on emergency status. Full alert. Fire fighters. Extra crew to explosives and munitions building. Helena. Casualty stations.Peter. All nonessential machinery and equipment shutdown right now, and I mean shutdown.
  49. I'm going down the catacombs after them.
  50. He was cut off, Helena. We don't know what he was going to say.
  51. Yeah. Well, we may all go up in smoke anyway. Take what you need.
  52. Yes, Helena.
  53. Must be shockwaves from the storm.
  54. We'll get her.Come on.
  55. Yeah. Osgood prophecy. Just as well we're following a prophet.
  56. Pat. It's me, Tony. Listen. The new heart, it's working.Wait, Pat, listen.
  57. It's no good. We'll never find him in the dark.
  58. Maya.
  59. We're in the catacombs, level three. Get here on the double.
  60. That's another thing I like about you. You're always upbeat.
  61. Maya.Maya?
  62. Osgood's taken Michelle deep into the catacombs. Now somebody's gotta go in after them. Somebody who can see in the dark.Let's hear you, so we can follow.
  63. I'm okay. I've got Michelle.
  64. He's buried. Under a rockfall. Give me a hand. Get her to Medical fast.
  65. I'm not going to leave him here.
  66. He's alive.
  67. Yeah, maybe. Given enough time. And faith.
  68. I see you can't tear yourself away from admiring my artistry.
  69. Yeah, about Patrick. You know, one thing bothers me. His prediction of that heat storm. I mean how come he knew that? Don't tell me he was in communication with that storm cloud.
  70. Not me. Oh, would you look at that colour. Pure amber. And the consistency of it, why there's not a bubble in sight.
  71. Yeah, yeah, yeah, unfit for human consumption, sure I know. Would you tell me what does a computer know about beer anyway? No lust for adventure, no imagination, no taste. Nothing. Hmm. Verdeschi, you're a genius.
  72. Yes, Sahn.
  73. Everything's okay, John. As a matter of fact, we were just about to raise a glass to your safe return.
  74. Oh, that is fantastic. Now who said that was unfit for human consumption?
  75. I'm going to find Maya. If I'm going to be insulted, I want it done by an expert.

Seed Of Destruction (49)

  1. Yes-
  2. She was only doing her job.
  3. I've come to parle with the mutineer.
  4. Discipline, discipline, discipline. A throw back to Captain Bligh.
  5. Ah, forget it, how would you know, you're a Psychon.
  6. Bligh.
  7. Yeah, I noticed that. He's unwilling to talk, as if he's withholding information, facts.
  8. Alright, will you take it easy, or you'll have a fit and turn into some wild creature from far out space.
  9. Maya. Whats say we grab us an Eagle, go there, take a look for ourselves.
  10. That's not mutiny, that's security and that's me. If something is wrong we have a right to find out.
  11. Say for some reason he isn't. If he's flipped out, if he's declared mentally incompetent...Hmm. Talk like I've been drinking my own beer. Is it possible? John Koenig, mentally incompetent?
  12. The same trouble.
  13. Okay, I'll lay it right on the line, Helena. If John won't, or can't explain the change that's come over him, if he won't let us try to help him, if..if there is something that he's not telling us or is helpless against, how do we stop him?
  14. Yeah, and Alpha's getting pretty weak. My being head of security is a joke. He's put a clamp on everything, everybody.
  15. You don't like it, do you?
  16. I'd grab an Eagle and try to find out what happened on that asteroid. Maya thinks that perhaps the crystal has the answer, but- . Maybe it has some control over John. If we could prove that, he could be declared -medically incompetent.
  17. Say it, Helena. Go ahead, say it. Hardly human?
  18. And now?
  19. Yeah. So our next move is to get the crystal, right?
  20. No, no, not yet. Not until we're absolutely sure. Okay, Maya. The first move is yours.
  21. Alan. We've got to get to the asteroid, knock out the rest of that stuff.
  22. How can you be such a dumb blind kangaroo? Can't you see what is happening?
  23. But?
  24. You said yourself something happened to him on that asteroid.
  25. Alan, we're just as loyal to John as you are.
  26. No, or convince him apparently.
  27. Yeah, how?
  28. Oh, come on, Alan!
  29. Exactly.
  30. We'll have to play it by ear when we get there, Maya. One thing's for sure, we stay together.
  31. Wow.
  32. Yeah, there's the cave.
  33. Just like Alan said.
  34. We just left him on Alpha. Wait a second. Look at the lettering on his jacket. It's backwards.
  35. A reflection.
  36. What is it, Maya? What are you doing?
  37. You're saying he was able to transport himself down here?
  38. John! John!
  39. If that really is John, then who the hell is that on Alpha?
  40. Stand back.Okay, so how do we break him free?
  41. I mean without killing him.
  42. John, I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, I'm going to use my laser. Now break away fast so I can cut the beam as soon as possible.
  43. Are you alright?
  44. We don't know what he's trying to do.
  45. With sound. High frequency sound. M- Maya split open a sample of the crystal with sonar.
  46. It won't be easy when you get back, John. He's in command. Helena is the only one who suspects there's something wrong.
  47. Yeah.
  48. Well, time to play our song.
  49. It's on the other side.

The Beta Cloud (145)

  1. John.
  2. Give me a hand, someone.
  3. Take it easy, John.
  4. Put it on the screen.
  5. That's impossible.
  6. Eagle Six, this is Moonbase Alpha. Boy, are we glad to see you. Welcome back.
  7. Eagle Six, this is Moonbase Alpha. Do you read me?
  8. Oh come on, Graham, wake up, answer me. Eagle Six. this is Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Eagle Six.
  9. What?
  10. Helena. Let me talk to John.
  11. Helena. Eagle Six is right over our heads.
  12. Negative. It exhausted it's fuel two days ago, and Maya's sensors pick up no life forms.
  13. Helena, I've got to talk to him.
  14. How many men still on their feet?
  15. I want one to meet me at the Travel tube on the double. Get the other two to Command Centre.Okay, Fraser, let's go.
  16. Graham!
  17. I don't know. But whatever it is, it brought our Eagle back.Who are you?Where's Graham?Alright, no further or we stop you.Fire.
  18. Run.
  19. Maya.
  20. Tell Security I want them at the Travel Tube armed with heavy rocket guns. On the double.
  21. Yeah. For the moment.
  22. Anything comes out of that tunnel, fire those rockets without hesitation.
  23. Who are you?
  24. Try me.
  25. What do you want?
  26. You mean we just give it to you?
  27. Fire!
  28. Okay, the two of you, get down to Medical Centre.
  29. Don't argue with me, go on.
  30. Maya, if you want to help me, get the hell out of here. Now move, both of you.
  31. Hold it.
  32. We're going to do something.
  33. Helena. Urgent. Let me know as soon as Maya and Sahn get to you.
  34. Yeah.
  35. Okay.Computer. Priority One. As of this moment all doors are nonoperational. Repeat, all doors to remain locked, to be opened only at my voice command.
  36. We don't die on request.
  37. Oh, sure.
  38. Open as ordered.Close!
  39. We split up here.
  40. He'll head for there.
  41. I'll decoy it, you get to Life Support, set up a defence.
  42. Yes, Alan?
  43. Desperate.
  44. Just keep everybody out of the way.
  45. I'm in Techlab Five. I'm trying to get it into the vacuum chamber.
  46. Oh, oh, I've got trouble.
  47. If this works maybe I won't have to take any more chances.
  48. Helena, let me talk to John.
  49. Oh.
  50. Nothing to be sorry about. Let me talk to Alan.
  51. Helena. Helena,
  52. you alright?
  53. Yeah. It's in the vacuum chamber, Alan. Everything's under control.
  54. Maya, get out of here!
  55. Run, Maya!
  56. Open.Close.
  57. Hey, you'd better get off your feet.
  58. Hey, how's John?
  59. Yeah. Well I was a little premature.
  60. Uh huh.
  61. Yeah, well human this thing ain't.
  62. Okay.
  63. It's got to work. Something's got to work.
  64. I don't know. We've just got to.
  65. See if we can find it.
  66. Yeah, let's go.
  67. That's all I need, buddy. You passing out on me.
  68. I'll be okay. Open.
  69. Close.
  70. Maybe. In here.Open.
  71. Close.There it is.
  72. Yeah. Let's see how really confused we can get it.Creature!
  73. You, Creature!Creature!Here I am.I'm over here.
  74. He's falling for it.
  75. Okay. Open.Close. Creature!
  76. Here I am! I'm over here!Here I am! I'm over here!
  77. Computer. Open door to Hydroponic Section.
  78. Alan.
  79. It's a ploy to confuse the creature.
  80. We're going to try to get it into Hydroponic Experimental Section, hit it with chlorine.
  81. Only Fraser. He's holding down Life Support. But if the chlorine doesn't work I think we've had it.
  82. Right.Open.Close.
  83. Open.Close.
  84. Close.
  85. You ready?
  86. How are we going to get it into the chlorine?
  87. Right.Creature!
  88. I'm over here!
  89. Open.Close.
  90. Yes, Alan?
  91. The chlorine isn't having any effect.
  92. That's too long a shot. Unless I can get in there to help her.
  93. Open. Open!Maya!Stay down!
  94. Alan. It didn't work.
  95. Hunting for our life support system, I guess. And it won't take him long to find it.
  96. Okay.
  97. Maya. There is one way we can get on an equal footing with that creature. You become one.
  98. But it's a life form. You can change into any life form.
  99. Yeah, I know. You're gonna kill us with kindness.
  100. Come on, Maya.
  101. Back.
  102. Let's go.
  103. We have to keep trying.
  104. Maya, we can't give up now.
  105. I know that, but...hey, wait a minute. There is something we haven't tried. The cloud.
  106. Right. Now if we can threaten it somehow, beat it off even. It'll have to call the creature back.
  107. Come on.
  108. Give me range and elevation.
  109. Right, here goes.
  110. Yeah.
  111. Yeah. Target.
  112. It worked!
  113. The one on the left.
  114. The one on the right.
  115. Let's get out.
  116. Hold it!
  117. Everything set?
  118. Well, nothing else has.
  119. Yeah. And if it gets it..
  120. Okay Maya.
  121. Right, come over here.
  122. Next time it's going to make it.
  123. Maya...This isn't exactly the time I'd picked to say this.
  124. Psychon's my favourite planet.
  125. Maya, I love you.
  126. Fire!
  127. How can any life form take that?
  128. Oh yeah.
  129. Open! Fraser!
  130. It doesn't matter what it is, if it gets that core.
  131. How?
  132. We don't even know where it is.
  133. M...Maya.
  134. Oh no, I always sleep with my eyes open when I'm in traction.
  135. What's that?
  136. Solitaire? How come I'm all alone in Medical Centre? Last time I was here the place was jumping with patients.
  137. What about John?
  138. And Helena?
  139. Well what about Bill Fraser. He was bandaged up pretty good, why isn't he in here with me?
  140. Oh, very funny. Hey, listen, talking about friends. That cloud, is it still on the screen?
  141. Mm.
  142. Oh, ah, Maya, you know all that wild garbage that I handed you?
  143. Yeah, well you know, the heavy syrup, the thousand violins, all that romantic stuff.
  144. I mean the pressure was murderous. A guy says a lot of strange things when he's under pressure. Right?
  145. Well, how about that. She's really crazy about me.

A Matter Of Balance (64)

  1. Shermeen. This time I think we've finally got it. Go get some glasses, will you?
  2. Shermeen. The moment of truth has arrived.Well?
  3. Hey, Eddie. How about a sip of beer?
  4. Happier today than usual, huh? Come on.
  5. Alright, everybody. Get ready for the taste of a lifetime. Verdeschi's brew number twenty nine, made from a generation of Alpha hops especially brewed by our famous hydroponics botanist Shermeen Williams. Shermeen. You do the honours, please.
  6. I see. Okay.Well huh huh, very funny. It didn't taste like that in Hydroponics.
  7. Well we sure misjudged something.
  8. No thanks, Shermeen, Hydroponics is out. I want to try something different.
  9. Well, I wasn't accusing her!
  10. Just because she cultivated a few hops for my beer? Oh, come on, you're all over reacting.
  11. Well, Shermeen's been on the first team a long time, John. She's going to be very hurt.
  12. Shermeen.Shermeen.
  13. I've come to apologise.
  14. For being an unfeeling insensitive bore.
  15. I didn't mean to be rough on you. I know you put in a lot of time and effort to help me, and,..well, I wish I had an excuse for acting the way I did.
  16. Oh, sure we should try again. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I've got a hunch we'll come up with the right combination next time.
  17. Oh sure, that sounds like a great idea. Look, there's something else, Shermeen. You know that planet that's hanging out there?
  18. Well, the Commander's sending a small landing party.
  19. Hang on. You've been upset, and...Eddie Collins is the botanist that we're taking.
  20. I know, I tried to tell them that.
  21. Shermeen..
  22. Shermeen..
  23. I'm sorry.
  24. Yeh, all on board.
  25. Well, I don't know. He should have been here.
  26. Well, good luck.
  27. That would explain why our sensors recorded no life forms. Yet you did see a life form.
  28. Uh. That's a theory I never did understand.
  29. I don't have to be a genius to understand that.
  30. Existing where?
  31. Occupying our space.
  32. Yeah.
  33. I see.
  34. Why don't you ask her?
  35. Oh, I see. You want me to ask her, right?
  36. Not anymore, I don't think.
  37. Okay, I'll try.
  38. Shermeen. I'd like to talk to you.
  39. About the way you've been behaving. You haven't been yourself, you used to be so happy, full of life, and now you walk around... as if you're sleepwalking.Where did you get that?
  40. Assist you? To do what?
  41. I see our world is more attractive than yours.
  42. We have no objection to your coming over into our world, Vindrus. If it will keep you from ending up in the slime. Why don't you let us help you cross over?
  43. Why not?
  44. Oh. Wow, do I feel lousy.
  45. What?
  46. How did you know?
  47. Well, I know it's crazy, but..I feel I've seen him before.
  48. John. Don't go in there. Don't ask me how I know, but...there's terrible danger in there.
  49. I'm going in with him. You stay out here as a back up, Maya.
  50. Now I remember.
  51. You sent her into your world so that you could come into ours.
  52. No, Vindrus, it's not.
  53. It's no use, Vindrus. She'll be back. She didn't go all the way.There wasn't enough power.
  54. Come on, Maya, hurry it up.
  55. There's gotta be a switch here somewhere. Wait a minute. He was standing there when he closed it.
  56. I'll take Eagle One!
  57. Get him in the back.
  58. Hey, look at that. The whole planet's just
  59. disappeared, right from under us.
  60. The problem is mechanical. It's not creative, no way. Proper flow, proper time, proper place, that's the trick.Oh, Shermeen, you've brought me some new hops. Thanks. Be right with you, soon as I've fixed this.
  61. Yeah? Oh. Well, how about storing them for me until I'm ready, hmm?
  62. Hmm? No more hops?
  63. Yeah. And now she looks straight through me like I was..
  64. Yeah.Hey. Antimatter. Yeah.Now if I could blend some antimatter hops with some hydroponic barley, or some antimatter barley with some hydroponic hops... Where would I get the antimatter grain from? Hmm. And then if I did come up with a great beer, would I be able to see it? Or taste it?

Space Warp (27)

  1. What the hell's going on?
  2. What happened to Alpha?
  3. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  4. Ah, it's no good, John. I just can't get a fix on them.
  5. They could be billions of miles away. We have fuel for less than a million.
  6. Yeah. We wouldn't even know which direction to go in.
  7. Shall we try number eleven?
  8. Yeah. You never know, we could get lucky.
  9. See. We are getting lucky.
  10. Power cut. Okay, we're locked on.
  11. Yeah, okay.
  12. John, that power room is amazingly sophisticated. It's way beyond our capabilities.
  13. Yeah.
  14. Well. If it's any consolation to him, we know how he felt.
  15. Wish we had Maya here.
  16. John, it's a hell of a long shot.
  17. John, even if we do break through that space warp and come out on the other side, we're never going to catch up with Alpha. We don't have enough fuel.
  18. Okay, John. I should now be hooked up to your onboard computer.
  19. Okay. I've got all the coordinates. Now all we have to do is understand them.
  20. One. Two. Five. Six. Seven. Four. One down to blue.
  21. Yeah.
  22. Ah..port thruster, twenty two point two second burn. Inertia factor green plus two.
  23. That's it.
  24. Well, if Alpha can do it, so can we.
  25. Hey, do you see what I see?
  26. Would you believe a friendly alien?
  27. Well how about that. We've been beating our brains out trying to jump back through a space warp and they've been doing nothing back on Alpha but catching up on their sleep.

The Bringers Of Wonder (91)

  1. John. What the hell's going on up there?
  2. John, what's going on up there?
  3. Come in, John.
  4. John, can you hear me?
  5. Do you read me?
  6. John, get out of there. That's lethal.
  7. Alan, take over that Eagle by remote.
  8. If he hits one of those domes he could cause a nuclear explosion.
  9. He's gonna crash. Alan, get over there. Take a couple of nuclear physicists with you, just in case.
  10. John, get out of there!
  11. Will he be okay?
  12. What happened to him up there?
  13. I'm on my way, Sahn. Hang in there, John. Come on, Maya.
  14. What is it?
  15. Maya?
  16. Range?
  17. Heading?
  18. Helena? How long before I can talk to John?
  19. Okay, thanks.
  20. What happened to the monitoring crew that went out to the nuclear waste area?
  21. Magnify.
  22. Alan, what do you make of that thing?
  23. No, it can't be.
  24. The Superswift never got off the drawing board.
  25. Physics hasn't changed. That thing is moving faster than the speed of light.
  26. Whatever that thing is out there, let's not get sentimental about it.
  27. Weapons Section. Arm all lasers.
  28. Open a channel. Moonbase Alpha to spaceship. Identify yourself.
  29. Repeat, identify.
  30. Moonbase Alpha to spaceship, identify yourself.
  31. Repeat, identify.
  32. It's Guido!
  33. It's my brother Guido.
  34. Guido!
  35. Guido!
  36. I saw you on that screen, I didn't believe it.
  37. Oh, well that cuts both ways.
  38. How are things back on Earth?
  39. Come on, I'll introduce you. Maya, this is my brother, Guido.
  40. In every other way he's a poor second.
  41. Certainly, old buddy.
  42. Oh, yes, he has to have his little fantasies. Comes from the fact I always got his girls.
  43. He's a cab driver.
  44. It's a miracle anyone made it.
  45. Don't let him fool you, Maya. He hasn't got the faintest idea what he's talking about.
  46. Oh, I can't wait! Maya?She'll be alright. How's mama?
  47. I know, I know, everything in it but holy water. How did she take it? When the news broke out that we'd blown out?
  48. Oh boy, that's mama.
  49. And papa?
  50. Yeah, sure.
  51. Hey, Clive! You're always on the camera, huh? Is there anything you don't get on tape?
  52. Now where do you think you're going?
  53. What are you talking about?
  54. Oh, don't be so ridiculous. You couldn't disturb anybody. Now come on..
  55. Maya. Come here.
  56. Look, I always knew you were naive.
  57. Yeah, but I never knew you were shy before.
  58. Um. Diana, this is Maya.
  59. Maya is a Psychon, ah, she's the last of her species.
  60. Well, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We manage.
  61. What?
  62. Oh.
  63. Yeah, I couldn't survive without it.
  64. Maya!
  65. John, good to see you back.
  66. John. My brother, Guido. What's the matter, John? This is Guido, my brother.Are you alright?
  67. What's wrong with him?
  68. Why ,he's as erratic as he was up in the Eagle.John. They're friends.
  69. Alright, take it easy, John. Just calm down, everything's going to be alright.
  70. Will you just calm down..
  71. Weapons Section, abort laser gun.
  72. John, no.
  73. John, take it easy. It's alright.
  74. Helena, can't you do something?
  75. Now, John, will you listen to me. Those are people out there form Earth. Now you know some of them. They've come to take us home.
  76. He's the last man I would have suspected to flip out.
  77. Helena, could that medical apparatus have..aggravated his condition?
  78. But how do you explain that wild ride of his in Eagle Ten? And his claim that Guido and the others are monsters?
  79. Maya, what's happened?
  80. Alan, wait! The Emergency Oxygen Supply, he's got it full on. You'll blow the whole place to pieces.
  81. Yeah. Okay.
  82. Alright, everybody, this is it. You ready?I think I'm more nervous than anybody.Ehrlich.
  83. Bartlett.Carter.
  84. Well, you win some, you lose some.
  85. Yes.
  86. Not really. They're all volunteers, john. They specifically asked to come.
  87. Yes.
  88. That's right.
  89. John, I drew the names.
  90. Maybe this'll convince John, now that somebody's actually seen Earth again.
  91. Oh, terrific. What the hell happened?

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (19)

  1. John. My brother Guido.
  2. Hold it, John. Where do you think you're going?
  3. Now stay back.
  4. Helena. How did he get out of Medical Centre?
  5. Then why the hell didn't you give the alarm? Now he could have hurt himself and us.
  6. Yeah, well you do that.Right, you stay with the Commander. make sure he's properly taken care of.
  7. You coming, Doctor Shaw?
  8. What the hell is going on here?
  9. Kill them.
  10. They've disappeared..vanished.
  11. I can't see them, John.
  12. There's something over there, to the left.
  13. There they are.
  14. Alright, now move it, Maya. Move it!
  15. Coming in now, John.
  16. Maya, I've been meaning to ask you something. What was that creature that you transformed into?
  17. A what?
  18. How does it survive?
  19. Maya, put me down. Maya. Listen. Would you quit fooling around and put me down.

The Lambda Factor (54)

  1. The same kind that did this.
  2. I don't see how, it's too jagged. It must have been ripped out somehow.
  3. Yeah, I checked. Nothing broke into the base or left it.
  4. Yes sir.
  5. Break it up.
  6. Alright now, what's all the noise about?
  7. Oh boy. Well, you'd better stay out of games of chance. You seem to be too lucky for your own good. And as for you, Crato...if you can't take losing, don't play. Now get lost.
  8. Sorry to interrupt you guys.
  9. Look, I hate to lay it on you, just straight like this, but...Sally Martin is dead.
  10. Yeah.
  11. Yeah, well noone knows the full story. Yet. The Commander would like to ask you both a few questions. Maybe you can help us find some answers.
  12. John. I have Mark Sanders and Carolyn Powell outside.
  13. Why?
  14. Yes it is. But our circumstances are unusual to say the least. And we have to find answers.
  15. So you picked up with Carolyn where you and Sally left off.
  16. And Security on Alpha is my personal business, okay? Now. Word was that Sally went around saying some..unladylike things about you after you broke up.
  17. You said that, not me.
  18. She blamed you for the break up?
  19. You're experimenting on something in the labs, a pressure device?
  20. You haven't submitted any reports on it yet.
  21. Hmm. Nobody ever accused a jealous woman of being rational where love is concerned.
  22. Look, she's holding back on something, I can feel it.
  23. Yeah, well. Maybe that goes hand in hand with my being head of security, Commander.
  24. Yeah, I saw that.
  25. Murder. I would like this device explained to me.
  26. Yeh, I know, you've already said that. I'm not the Science Board.
  27. I will, baby, I will, if you'll just answer a couple of questions about the pressure principle of this device!
  28. Stop that.
  29. Are you expecting the next murder?
  30. Okay.
  31. Alan?
  32. Is that you in there?
  33. Alan, can you hear us?
  34. Alan!
  35. Maya. We've got to break in there.
  36. Hey, you still in one piece?
  37. What the hell went wrong this time?
  38. Yeah, well I'd call that sabotage.
  39. What happened about those tests Helena was conducting?
  40. What is this thing?
  41. Good. That'll upset that whirligig thing.
  42. Well, that thing out there didn't do this. We were watching it on the Big Screen, it was just sitting up there peaceful and cosy.
  43. Yeah. My vote still goes to the human element. One of Helena's super Sensitives to be exact.
  44. Well first Sally, now Mark. You name a better suspect. John. I'd like to bring her in for further questioning.
  45. Alright. But I want to be there.
  46. Thanks, Helena. Alright, Carolyn, you come with us.
  47. Helena, you alright?
  48. Come on.
  49. Stand back.
  50. Can you bring him out of it?
  51. This is a restricted message from Verdeschi to all Security personnel. Carolyn Powell is to be found and held immediately. This woman is extremely dangerous. Stun on sight.
  52. Commander!
  54. Not..enough..air...suffocate..

The Seance Spectre (74)

  1. You're off limits, Sanderson.
  2. That's a vast weather belt in fact.
  3. Well, let's hope Maya's instruments are wrong. Cause if Tora's got a hard core and we're on a collision course with it... God help us.
  4. Hold it, Sanderson.
  5. So you're beating up the guards now, huh? What the hell is the matter with you, Sanderson?
  6. Oh yeah? Well everything you see from now on is going to be via the monitors of the Restriction Area. Now get him out of here.
  7. Okay. But I want him constantly under guard. And I mean properly this time! Now take him away.
  8. What's happening, Helena?
  9. Watch it, John. You could get sucked right into it.
  10. Looks like you're clear to go in as close as you like.
  11. You're clear to approach, John. Zero gravity. Repeat, zero gravity.
  12. Okay, Sahn.
  13. Computer malfunction - turn back now.
  14. Turn back, John, turn back.
  15. Turn back, Eagle One. Do you read me?
  16. Come in, John. Maya. Respond, please.
  17. John. Maya, are you receiving me?
  18. This is Command Centre to Eagle One, are you receiving me?
  19. No, nothing.
  20. Intact? Alan. Could you pull them out of there, on remote control?
  21. Yes.
  22. Well, how about level A?
  23. Right, well start again from square one. I want Sanderson found.
  24. Alert rescue units.
  25. Maya. Maya?
  26. Maya. You alright?
  27. What happened?
  28. While we were concentrating on you, Sanderson broke in here and sabotaged the Main Computer.
  29. He's in Travel Tube D. But if we try to get to him he'll just mow us down.
  30. How?
  31. Well, no. We just don't have the megatons.
  32. You know that could work - if we had an atomic trigger - and one hell of a lot of luck.
  33. John. All essential equipments on board. The personnel boarding's complete - apart from pads six, eight and nine. Transporter Eagles ready for lift off in nine minutes.
  34. Nah, he's still in the Travel Tube.
  35. John. Trouble. I just checked the boarding lists. Sanderson's missing. He's still down there, somewhere on Moonbase.
  36. Sanderson, listen to me. There are two hours
  37. twenty minutes to collision point.
  38. Sanderson, I'm coming down for you.
  39. Yeh.
  40. No, Alan. Hold your position. That's an order.
  41. E T A to collision point?
  42. What is that thing?
  43. Well magnify, dammit.
  44. Alan.
  45. There's something on the surface. Can you identify from your position?
  46. That's Sanderson. John. Sanderson's down there waiting for you. Do you read me? Sanderson is waiting for you.
  47. D'you got that, John?
  48. Yeh, I know how you feel, Alan. We can't risk anybody else.
  49. I know that! If and when we pinpoint Sanderson we'll go down after him, believe me.
  50. He's down there somewhere.
  51. Eagle Three calling Eagle Six. Any movement in area three, Alan?
  52. Can you see anything, Maya?
  53. Sweep coordinates two four.
  54. Keep an eye out, John. Sanderson's around somewhere.
  55. Maya.
  56. Three o'clock.
  57. Maya? Maya, can you hear me?
  58. John.
  59. Eagle Two's been hit. I've lost contact with Maya.
  60. Watch Sanderson. He's still dangerous.
  61. John! Look out!
  62. Eagle Two, come in.
  63. Come in please. Maya, it's
  64. Tony, can you hear me?What's the damage? Maya, answer me.Eagle Two, do you read me? Maya, come in please.
  65. You're running out of time.
  66. John, get out of there.John, are you okay?
  67. No report, we can't raise Maya. Get out of there!
  68. This is Eagle Six calling Eagle Two.
  69. Come in Eagle Two. Maya, can you hear me? Maya, this is Tony, answer me. Come in, Maya. Eagle Two, come in please.
  70. How is she, John?
  71. Four minutes. They're not going to make it.
  72. John! Lean on it!
  73. Well, you said choose something from the Picture Library, right?
  74. That is what I call choice. Oh mother.

Dorzak (94)

  1. Magnify.
  2. Heading?
  3. Yeah, I know.
  4. Prepare lasers. target, that approaching spaceship.
  5. Identify yourself please.
  6. No. You do not have permission to touch down.
  7. Maya, run a scan on that ship.
  8. What's its armament.
  9. Helena. Will you get a medical team down to the launch area. Take care of the injured. Wear anticontamination suits and check, double check, that there is absolutely no danger to any of us from the plague before you board the ship.
  10. You have permission to land.
  11. Alan. Take Maya, go meet the landing party. And make sure there's no threat.
  12. Lower launch pad to boarding level.
  13. That gives you the right to shoot her? Because she's a Psychon?
  14. I don't care what you were! Now look, if Maya doesn't come out of this then you are going to remain locked here in detention for the rest of your life.
  15. Now you cannot tell me anything!
  16. Alan. She gets nothing.Come on, Alan, let's go.
  17. Okay. But a guard stays outside this door permanently.
  18. Now, it's okay Maya.
  19. Alright, I want her back in detention.With a guard outside her door at all times.Maya. One of the spaceships that escaped from Psychon before it blew made it to the Croton system.
  20. Yeah, but listen. According to Sahala he turned on them, he tried to take over.
  21. Well, she says that he incited an insurrection on her planet, Norvah.
  22. Yep.
  23. It's protocol, Maya. We don't go aboard a visiting spaceship unless we have permission from it's commander.
  24. We would like permission to board your ship.
  25. Quit stalling, Sahala. Let us talk to Dorzak, we'll know the truth soon enough. Just you get him out of stasis.
  26. Sahala. I don't want to board your ship without your permission, but if you don't give it I will anyway.
  27. Alright, get her back to Detention.Let's go find Dorzak.Thanks. You had me worried for a while. I thought maybe she'd got to you.
  28. Yeah. Crotons are obviously very cultured people.
  29. Yeah. Looks more functional then ornamental.
  30. What do you think, an electronic bug?
  31. I'll get Technical to check it out.
  32. He doesn't look much of a menace there, does he?
  33. It's possible. His ideas were seen as a threat to the Croton establishment.
  34. I'm not sure we ought to take that risk.
  35. Helena. If you can bring Yesta back to consciousness, it might help solve a lot of problems.
  36. I know.
  37. If what Sahala said is true-
  38. Okay. Go ahead. See if you can revive him.
  39. Yes, Helena.
  40. Okay, I'll be right there.Now, Maya. That forcefield must remain intact.
  41. Let's go, Alan.Get Sahala to Medical Centre.Maya, can you handle it?
  42. Okay.
  43. At least we know where we stand.
  44. Maya.
  45. It seems Dorzak is innocent.
  46. If you succeed in reviving Dorzak-
  47. Yes. Take him to more comfortable quarters, level D.
  48. Get her back to Detention.She was obviously lying, Alan.
  49. She talked about Dorzak's mind having power over other people. Maybe she's the one with the power. Will you take some advice from an old buddy?
  50. Something like that.
  51. Hey, Sam.
  52. I want you to run a check on that for me, will you?
  53. Yeah? Well, how about filling me in?
  54. A deliberate implant?
  55. What was it supposed to jam? You have any idea?
  56. What does that mean?
  57. If I was going to give you an order or a message the impulses from my brain would look like that?
  58. And you could jam that message if you had one of these implanted in your head?
  59. Phew. Sam. Did our sensors pick up any organic psycho waves like these transmitted today.
  60. Maya, will you report to Medical Centre, please?
  61. Maya. Look at this. It's a neuro pulsonic jammer.
  62. Yeah. Such as hypno-suggestion.
  63. And they stopped just after Yesta's death.
  64. Maya. We can't be sure of Dorzak either. Now if he can control minds from stasis he could take us over completely.
  65. Don't worry, I don't intend to do that.Would you escort the lady back to Detention?Please?
  66. Maya. There is a way we can get to know the truth. If Sahala and Dorzak were left alone together, then all the cards would be on the table.
  67. Attention all security personnel. The Croton woman, Sahala, has broken out of Detention and is holding Doctor Russell hostage at gunpoint.
  68. She is presently in section L proceeding towards the Croton ship. Noone, I repeat, noone is to try to stop her.
  69. Well, thank you.
  70. Alright, Alan, how did it happen?
  71. Well, what the hell is security playing at?
  72. It crossed my mind.
  73. Yeah, I'll bet. Dorzak for Doctor Russell.
  74. I thought Crotons didn't kill.
  75. Give her another couple of minutes. Then we'll go in.
  76. Okay.
  77. Maya.
  78. Are you alright?
  79. Hey. Tell her she can have her ship back now. But I want it off Moonbase as soon as possible.
  80. Hey. I know what will cheer you up. How about a beer? I just made a fresh lot. You know how my beer always cheers you up.
  81. Well, great.Zen there is a fabulous French restaurant that I know at the end of block D, level nine.Oh la la. Or we can have a nice relaxing time floating around in outer space.Come on, let's celebrate, sweetheart.
  82. Apologise? Oh come on, Maya, you don't have to do that.
  83. Okay. But I'll be waiting. Come on, Helena, let's go.
  84. It's just not my day.
  85. Well, thanks.
  86. Yes, Ed?
  87. She's a doctor, that's a Medical Centre, mm?
  88. Well, there've been a lot of unusual things happening around here lately, Ed. You know I even suggested Maya have some of my beer just now and she actually said she'd love some.That's pretty unusual behaviour.For Maya.
  89. I'm not sure.
  90. Helena.
  91. Helena, you alright?
  92. Welcome back.
  93. I'll let you know everything soon as we get Dorzak back behind this forcefield.
  94. Where's Alan? The least he could do is spare me a few grateful words for saving his alien friend.

The Immunity Syndrome (27)

  1. John. I was just about to call in. Oh boy, you should see this place. It's fantastic! There's a valley here that's absolutely perfect for us.
  2. Yeah, sure.Here.Come on.
  3. Joe?
  4. Joe!
  5. Joe!
  6. Tony. Tony!
  7. ..John..
  8. How... are we doing?
  9. Lustig...
  10. I..I didn't kill Lustig.
  11., now. Listen to me.. We got separated...I heard a shout...I went back..
  12. ..he was crazy..
  13. ..tried to kill me..
  14. I was call in..and..I heard..something...weird, weird noise..
  15. seemed to be all around me..
  16. ..A was... eating up my mind..I..
  17. ..I tried to get away..and I turned..
  18. ..I saw it..
  19. No, just light..
  20. ..intense patterns of energy..
  21. ...forming...changing..for a second I..I thought it would..take on a..definite form..
  22. seemed to being trying to converse..
  23. ..but it didn't..
  24. Yeah.. something hit mind, it just burned up..
  25. Maya.
  26. Maya.
  27. Huh..I really didn't think we were going to make it this time.

The Dorcons (34)

  1. It's radiating some kind of energy field.
  2. It's too weak to have any offensive potential.
  3. Raise defence shields.
  4. It's through the shields!
  5. What's the matter with her?
  6. Welcome back.
  7. That's it.
  8. A mind probe?
  9. Here, come on.
  10. There's no response. That probe has burned out the databank.
  11. Why don't we just blast that thing out of space?
  12. It's converted to raw matter.
  13. Maya, take it easy.
  14. Maya, you're with us. There's nothing to be afraid of.
  15. What is that?
  16. Maya. We are not going to let them take you.
  17. Yes, sir.Arm surface lasers.
  18. Maya!
  19. You are not going with them.
  20. Standing by.
  21. Wait a minute. They want us to give you up for that? It's obscene!
  22. I don't want to hear!
  23. John. Energy build up.
  24. Perimeter areas four, six, and nine destroyed.
  25. No, Commander.
  26. Maya!
  27. Eight perimeter stations gone.
  28. No, Maya. The Dorcons are to blame. Not you.
  29. John.
  30. Maya. Are you alright?
  31. Damage repairs are well in hand, John.
  32. You know, Maya. I was just wondering something.
  33. Is there anything else in your Psychon past that we ought to know about?
  34. Oh, I beg your pardon.

Copyright Martin Willey