The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Leisure Facilities
by Martin Willey

15 Leisure Facilities

The Testament Of Arkadia

The gymnasium in The Testament Of Arkadia. Note the dumbbell rack and Olympic barbells (left)- no plates for the barbells can be seen. Machine weights are in the foreground.

Arts & crafts Vincent's ship in a bottle, Kate's pure hand-loomed wool sweater in The Taybor The Taybor
Badminton Alan & Tanya in The Last Sunset, a racket is traded in The Taybor The Last Sunset
Backgammon Paul & Kano play in The Testament Of Arkadia. A board is seen in Recreation Center in The Lambda Factor. The Testament Of Arkadia
Brewing Tony in Journey To Where, The Taybor,Catacombs Of The Moon, A Matter Of Balance. Plus someone made the punch in Guardian Of Piri
Chess Black Sun, Dragon's Domain, Another Time, Another Place and 3D chess (Strato Chess, by Dynamic Games, released in 1973) in The Lambda Factor
Another Time, Another Place The Seance Spectre
Dragon's Domain
Connect 4. The Milton Bradley game introduced in 1974 is seen in the background of the Recreation Center in The Lambda Factor
Drinking Victor's brandy in Black Sun, punch in Guardian Of Piri, Tony's beer??
Electronic craps Crato & Renton in The Lambda Factor. It is based on the 1976 electronic game "Gotcher" by Dacoll Games.
Horticulture Yasko's bonsai tree in The Taybor, Koenig's flower in Dragon's Domain The Taybor
Jigsaws Space Brain: Koenig beats the 5 hour record at 4 hours, 52 minutes, 20 seconds. Koenig's painting is "The Visitation" (circa 1470) by the Master of the Life of the Virgin. Helena's picture is "The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels" (circa 1650), by David Tenier the Younger. In The Seance Spectre we see an unfinished puzzle, "Coquelicots" also known as "Poppy field near Argenteuil" (1873) by Claude Monet. Space Brain
Kendo Koenig & Ferro in The Testament Of Arkadia
Library In One Moment Of Humanity, Zamara uses data discs containing plays and music. These also appear in a deleted scene in The Exiles. The labels in The Exiles are:
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Crime
  • Fashion
  • History
  • A.History
  • Literature
  • Mathmatics (sic)
  • Politics
  • Mythology
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Scripture
  • Space .R
  • Trees
One Moment Of Humanity
Magic Bob Mathias in Guardian Of Piri
Marriages the Frasers in The Metamorph, Sally & Mark in The Lambda Factor
Modelling Baxter's model aircraft in End Of Eternity, Victor's Saturn V in his quarters
Music Paul in Black Sun & Guardian Of Piri, recital in The Troubled Spirit; Bergman has a violin in his quarters
Painting Regina in Another Time, Another Place
Parties in Guardian Of Piri and One Moment Of Humanity
Picture Library used by Alan & Tony in The Seance Spectre
Plays discs of Julius Caesar and Othello are in the Recreation centre in One Moment Of Humanity
Poker Smitty in Black Sun
Sculpture Helena in The Exiles & The Taybor
3D Solitaire Maya's present to Tony in The Beta Cloud
Sunbathing Force Of Life, The Exiles, The Taybor The Exiles
Weight training bench press machine seen in Recreation Centre in The Taybor

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