The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Keypad and printer panels

The keypad and printer panels are seen in Main Mission and featured in several episodes. Occasionally these two panels appear elsewhere in Alpha.

Black Sun

The printer panel produces slips of paper. Only the bottom left of the slots is functional. In Black Sun we see a column of 6 slots, most with plastic cards inside them (memory cards?). In later episodes these are all missing. There are prominent slotted screw heads in the corners.

Ring Around The Moon

The keypad panel has a 9 x 9 square of unlabelled keys. There is a row of slots alongside it, apparently for printing, but these are never used.

Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death Black Sun Another Time, Another Place

In Breakaway, the two panels are far apart (keyboard in bank 3, printer in bank 6), but in most other episodes they are alongside each other, either horizontally or vertically, usually in bank 3.

Matter Of Life And Death Black Sun Ring Around The Moon Ring Around The Moon Ring Around The Moon Ring Around The Moon Earthbound Another Time, Another Place Guardian Of Piri Voyager's Return The Last Enemy

Printer under the Big Screen

Space Brain Space Brain

For some scenes in Space Brain, the printer panel moves under the Big Screen (there are three different configurations of panels in this episode).

Outside Main Mission

In Main Mission, the keypad panel always has the keypad on the right side (except in reversed shots of Ring Around The Moon). Outside Main Mission, it often appears "upside down", with the keypad on the left side.


The keypad is in Medical Isolation in Breakaway

Black Sun

Both panels appear in Bergman's living quarters in Matter Of Life And Death and in Black Sun.

Alpha Child Alpha Child

In Alpha Child, the keypad is featured in the Nuclear Generating Area (in Force of Life it is in the observation room).

Space Brain Space Brain

In Space Brain, the keypad is featured in the computer room.

The Exiles

In The Exiles it is in the life support section. The single column of black keys is now two columns.

Brian The Brain Brian The Brain

It appears in the Swift pilot section (foreground bottom) in Brian The Brain. The printer panel is on the opposite wall, by Helena's head.

The Seance Spectre

It is also in the computer room in The Seance Spectre

Printer in Medical

Earthbound Earthbound

In Earthbound, Helena uses the printer panel in Medical.

In the Eagle

The Last Sunset War Games The Testament Of Arkadia

The printer panel starts to appear in the Eagle passenger module in End Of Eternity, and remains there until Testament Of Arkadia. The keypad appears in The Last Sunset and Testament Of Arkadia only.

Dragon's Domain

The printer panel appears in the Ultra Probe command module in Dragon's Domain.

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