The Catacombs Space: 1999 Music

Music cue sheets were prepared by ITC to document all the music that was used in the series. Industry associations use these records to pay royalties to the composers and musicians.

The longest track used is in The Seance Spectre (8 minutes, 9 seconds). Other long running tracks are in The Troubled Spirit (4 minutes 43 seconds), Space Brain (4 minutes) and Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (6 minutes 28 seconds). Most episodes had about 20-30 minutes of music per 51 minute episode (including opening and closing title music).

Derek Wadsworth's incidental music is identified by codes (1M1 - reel 1 music track 1), but several episodes were scored reusing the same codes. When tracks are reused in later episodes there is no indication which was the original episode (1M1 could mean the first track of Metamorph, The Exiles or One Moment of Humanity). Some tracks had more evocative names: "Creepy Music 1" first appears in The Beta Cloud and appears in several episodes afterwards, and there's a "Chase Music 1" in Bringers Of Wonder part 1.

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