The Catacombs Dialogue
Sandra Benes Dialogue

Sandra Benes

Zienia Merton

Total dialogue: 362 lines.

Breakaway (7)

  1. Yes, Paul.
  2. Paul.Commander. There is a steep rise in heat levels in Disposal Area One. This is impossible.All indications show that the radiation level is normal but the heat continues to rise.
  3. It is incredible heat. But still no radiation.
  4. Burn out. Camera gone.
  5. All visual contact lost.
  6. The radiation count normal. Magnetic field zero.
  7. Heat level holding, magnetic field fluctuating.

Matter Of Life And Death (11)

  1. We have link up with on board computer.
  2. Yes, sir.
  3. Eagle systems functioning.
  4. Analysis of the data does suggest that the planet is just right for us, sir.
  5. Nothing, Commander. Almost too good to be true.
  6. Oh, Commander. We are going down, aren't we?
  7. Planetary data programmed into on-board computer.
  8. It looks good, uh huh?
  9. The flowers!
  10. I cannot see...
  11. Aargh! I'm blind!!

Black Sun (19)

  1. Thank you, Tanya.
  2. It is still quite a distance away and holding course.
  3. Close.
  4. Paul!
  5. Commander, the asteroid's course: it's suddenly changed, as though it's been pulled off it's course.
  6. Less than one minute.
  7. It is changing course!
  8. What is it?
  9. We should be receiving a clear picture since Michael is between us and the object.
  10. Right here, Michael.
  11. I'll be waiting.
  12. I know, Doctor Russell. But there is so much to do.
  13. It is beautiful. Like fish scales.
  14. Report from all service sections.
  15. Please, Commander. There is no need to say anything.
  16. Paul, what if it does not work?
  17. It was thoughtful of you to come, Paul. You didn't have to.
  18. I will be alright.
  19. And I was afraid of doctors.

Ring Around The Moon (13)

  1. Paul.
  2. What is he doing? He doesn't know anything about a computer.
  3. Commander Koenig! Commander Koenig!
  4. Security to Main Mission. Security to Main Mission.
  5. Sir. Scanner shows that the object is not moving. I do not understand. Look at that monitor. It is still getting closer to us.
  6. Commander. I have his report. All Nuclear Generators and Reactors check out but power is operating at only minimum capacity.
  7. Why did they not destroy us?
  8. Sir. Scanner confirms.
  9. Paul. Malfunction in scanner systems.They've all gone dead!
  10. No visual or audio contact.
  11. They are coming back.
  12. Paul, -quick!The scanner is picking up another object.
  13. Visual contact.

Earthbound (6)

  1. Commander Koenig. Sensors detect a powered object approaching Alpha at speed three point seven two. Range four nine zero three.
  2. Indications are that it is a manned space craft, Commander.
  3. Visual.
  4. Visual coming up now, Commissioner.
  5. Commander.
  6. Moonbase systems are running down, Commander. We must decide soon.

Another Time, Another Place (8)

  1. Another solar system.
  2. Activating.
  3. Commander.Beyond normal radio and magnetic disturbance there is no source of controlled signal. None at all.
  4. Ten seconds.
  5. They're going home.
  6. No!
  7. You cannot do it, Commander. We have children, a future. We will not let you destroy it.
  8. We are in different space.

Missing Link (7)

  1. No other force was recorded on the instruments, Commander.
  2. Doctor Russell.You must not let him die.
  3. What difference does it make? He is still alive.
  4. Wait. Please wait a while longer.
  5. It is true, Commander. I know you have decided not to return to Alpha.
  6. Doctor Russell is going to disconnect your Life Support System. She believes you are dead. Now I can tell her..
  7. It is like a dream.

Guardian Of Piri (4)

  1. There's data discrepancy and the difference is increasing.
  2. Anything unusual?
  3. So when someone needs an operation we bring him back to Alpha, perform the operation, and return.
  4. There are many forms of life. But this is beautiful.

Force Of Life (10)

  1. Yes, sir.
  2. Commander. Fluctuation in the energy levels.
  3. Section C, the Solarium.
  4. Commander. Emergency in the Medical Centre. All power gone. Automatic systems not functioning.
  5. Commander. We have Zoref on visual. He's in section C.
  6. Power in corridor fifteen also failed.
  7. No power in fifty.
  8. First energy losses in section F recorded.
  9. Corridor fifty three.
  10. Power levels stabilising.

Alpha Child (12)

  1. I like that!
  2. I'm...I'm happy.
  3. You mean we can never expect to have normal children?
  4. Like Jack Crawford's death?
  5. What does the computer have to say about Jack Crawford?
  6. If they are friendly, why don't they say so.
  7. Confirmation on spaceships, Commander.
  8. Commander.
  9. There is a gigantic spaceship.
  10. It's taken up position over Alpha base.
  11. ..pulsating green light as previous spacecraft.
  12. Commander! Pulsating has stopped. The spaceship is leaving. It is going away.

The Last Sunset (18)

  1. You should monitor Eagle surface temperatures carefully as you enter the atmosphere.
  2. Gravity is increasing, Paul. By the time we go into orbit it will be almost the same as Earth's.
  3. My pulse rate is increasing.
  4. Away from Alpha. Away from sensors, monitors and computers. We have done the longest tour of duty ever. We deserve a break.
  5. I am happy with anything that gets me out of Alpha.
  6. Sunlight?
  7. Do you know which Earthly sound I miss most in the silence of space?
  8. Airsick! That's why I opted for the Space Programme!
  9. Paul.
  10. I thought we had found our home.
  11. But-
  12. Has it rained?
  13. Paul.
  14. Gone to fetch water.
  15. Paul said it had rained.
  16. Was it much?
  17. Thank you, Paul. But I-
  18. To begin the human race all over again. It's a nice thought, Paul.

Voyager's Return (12)

  1. Two seconds to visual.
  2. It is being monitored constantly.
  3. One hour to interception.
  4. Commander Koenig! Urgent. Main Mission.
  5. Three objects. Travelling a long way behind Voyager.
  6. Countdown minus fifty seconds.
  7. Visual contact.
  8. Fifteen thousand.
  9. Range ten thousand.
  10. Range five thousand.
  11. Range three thousand.
  12. Range two thousand.

Collision Course (12)

  1. Radiation screens at full power now.
  2. I am trying, sir, but these readings do not make sense. It is the radiation.
  3. Their transmissions cannot penetrate the radiation cloud.
  4. Yes. But that is on the interstellar frequency band.
  5. No instruments, visibility nil and he has no idea where Alan is, or even if he is alive at all.
  6. It has an atmosphere.
  7. But it is not ideal.
  8. I think we could survive. Temperatures range from a high of approximately ten degrees centigrade to minus thirty. So it is almost certain that some kind of life could exist there.
  9. There is no communication at all. I am getting nothing from the on-board instruments.
  10. Paul.
  11. Commander, the radiation cloud has cleared now. The readings we are getting are accurate. David has double checked them with the computer and the fact is we are going to collide with that planet in less than seven hours.
  12. All generators are working at minimum capacity.

Death's Other Dominion (3)

  1. Surface temperature reached a hundred and eighty nine below during the night.
  2. Perhaps we are just not hearing them. We are transmitting on interstellar strength, but they cannot.
  3. Earthmen.

The Full Circle (22)

  1. All systems are working, Commander.
  2. Where to?
  3. Now?
  4. Alan, down there! Look! I saw something moving!
  5. Alan?Alan?
  6. Alan?
  7. Where are you? You gave me a fright going off like that.
  8. Don't be long. And be careful.
  9. Eagle Two to Carter. Eagle Two to Carter. Alan, where are you? Eagle Two to Carter. Don't play tricks on me, Alan, please. Alan, where are you?
  10. Eagle Two to base. Eagle Two to base.
  11. I've lost contact with Alan. He went out to have a look around, and..and now nothing.
  12. Don't worry. Wild horses wouldn't drag me out of here.
  13. Alan! Is that you, Alan? I've been worried out of my mind. I have been trying and trying to get through to you. Professor Bergman and David are coming down in Eagle Three. They haven't heard from the Commander either.
  14. I'm sorry to go on like this, but you have no idea how scared I've been out here on my own. Still, it's good to talk to you, Alan. Alan?
  15. Eagle Two to Carter. Are you receiving me? Come in, Carter? Alan? Please?
  16. Eagle Two to Eagle Three. Receiving you.
  17. I will be glad to.
  18. Hurry on down. I don't want it to get cold.
  19. Doctor Russell?Commander?Oh...why did this happen? What is happening to me? You..must..know me! Helena! Please! Help me!
  20. No! No!
  21. No! No! Alan, they're going to kill me! No! Helena! Alan! Helena! Noo!
  22. We got frightened, angry, jealous, vengeful.

War Games (15)

  1. There was no indication on the long range scanner.
  2. Commander. A new contact.
  3. Orbital reference three four eight.
  4. All three Eagles destroyed, Commander.
  5. Eagles at reference three two six. Hawks at three one nine and closing.
  6. Yes.
  7. Commander.
  8. Travel Tube to Door Nine. Corridor Nine is safe and from there you can enter through the Commander's office.
  9. That is not all, Commander. The food production and recycling plants have been very badly damaged. The water is heavily contaminated.
  10. Nine weeks minimum. But then it would be at least ..two more months before we could begin cropping.
  11. Casualty list has increased to a hundred and thirty one.
  12. Why has all this happened to us, Professor?
  13. Paul! I have a contact.
  14. Recording now.
  15. Alien contact.. lost.

The Last Enemy (14)

  1. Still too distant for visual analysis, but the spectrographic analysis looks promising.
  2. Commander. Powered object approaching.
  3. Commander. Our defensive screens. They have been deactivated.
  4. Negative, Commander.
  5. No, Commander.
  6. Commander? Spaceship approaching Alpha.
  7. Missile launch from planet Betha.
  8. Certainly, Commander.
  9. If there is anything you need?
  10. Yes.
  11. I am sorry. Commander's orders were that you were to remain here.
  12. No. Normal security procedure.
  13. Guards!
  14. Commander. Dione! She's gone.

The Troubled Spirit (1)

  1. Does it matter what it is or where it came from? The important thing is that it is here. Amongst us.

Space Brain (4)

  1. Congratulations. I thought noone would break the five hour barrier.
  2. Goodnight, Commander.
  3. Commander. It is coming from somewhere along coordinate line three nine seven.
  4. Section D coming through now.

The Infernal Machine (6)

  1. How is Paul, Commander?
  2. Tell me you've seen something like that before.
  3. We've lost visual, Commander.
  4. No visual.
  5. Look, it is lifting off!
  6. He's coming back!

Dragon's Domain (1)

  1. Commander, I have found it. The Ultra Probeship is there.

The Testament Of Arkadia (9)

  1. Eight point five degrees relative. There is no mistake. Our course is altering.
  2. Scanner
  3. malfunction. And there is a power loss.
  4. Nothing.
  5. At the present rate of loss we have thirty eight hours. Phased economies would give us ten hours more.
  6. This should warm the game up.
  7. Paul! It has stopped! The power has stabilised.
  8. No change.
  9. The power! We are gaining power!

The Metamorph (12)

  1. There it is.
  2. Look, I know they are down there, but I cannot get a reading. All we get is the planet surface.
  3. She will as long as she knows that he is alive.
  4. Be patient with her, Tony. They have only been married two months.
  5. Tony. It is coming from the planet.
  6. Well, it is unusual procedure.
  7. Computer is refusing access to directive four. I will need the security code.
  8. Well, at least somebody is happy.What is directive four?
  9. Destroy the planet? But they are still down there.
  10. And you will carry it out?
  11. Can't we double check? I could try and raise the commander, get clarification.
  12. Eagle Four from Alpha. Eagle Four from Alpha.

The Exiles (14)

  1. Nine hundred and eighty thousand and closing.
  2. Bearing away from Alpha.
  3. Commander.
  4. Ranging closing, one eight zero, one six zero.
  5. One three zero, one one zero.
  6. Eagles climbing to intercept.
  7. Range critical.
  8. Commander, target changing course.
  9. Confirm Eagle flights one and two return to base.
  10. Rescue, Medical and Decontamination Units proceed to Underground Research Area.
  11. Immediate relay.
  12. Commander.
  13. Activity in life support.
  14. Go on, Tony.

One Moment Of Humanity (6)

  1. Alarm circuits going haywire.
  2. A through G malfunction.
  3. Communications...normal.
  4. This is Moonbase Alpha, come in. This is Alpha, come in, Doctor Russell. Still no answer, Commander.
  5. This is Moonbase Alpha, come in. This is Alpha calling, come in, Doctor Russell.
  6. Commander. Security Report. There is an alien form in the Recreation Area.

Catacombs Of The Moon (11)

  1. Surface temperature now forty degrees centigrade and rising rapidly.
  2. And still rising.
  3. It's out there somewhere, that's about as specific as we can get. All computer printouts show is that-
  4. That is why the Commander is out in space, Tony, trying to get visual contact with the source.
  5. She's in life support, trying to squeeze power out of the air conditioning system.
  6. Nothing, sir. The temperature just keeps rising.
  7. No tantrums yet. Have you found out anything?
  8. Security. Area three, living quarters.
  9. Heavy damage to all surface installations, Commander. Some casualties, but we are functioning.
  10. Top priority, Commander.
  11. Tony, Eagle One has just touched down.

Seed Of Destruction (7)

  1. Why was the commander in such a hurry?
  2. Eagle One is space borne, sir.
  3. For the asteroid.
  4. You cannot mean that!
  5. No sir.
  6. Commander, you cannot.
  7. Water in the recycling plant is frozen. Hydroponics -frozen. Protein production unit -inoperative.

The Beta Cloud (36)

  1. Constant.
  2. It isn't, Commander, it's range is constant.
  3. Scanners are malfunctioning.
  4. Tony.
  5. Eagle Six!
  6. Tony. Eagle Six is landing.
  7. Maya, the cloud. There's new activity.
  8. Still twenty two thousand.
  9. Do you think what the Commander says is true? That it's the cloud that's causing all this?
  10. You mean there's a planet or an asteroid hidden in there?
  11. Tony. Travel Tube.
  12. Nothing can live in a vacuum.
  13. Help me.
  14. She has the sickness, Alan.
  15. But we can't release the doors.
  16. Still under sedation. You said everything was under control.
  17. Even if we had something which might be effective, how could we apply it?
  18. What do I do?
  19. She's sleeping now.
  20. Tony!
  21. Bill. Listen carefully. Go to the
  22. Main Electrical unit in corridor thirty four.
  23. Take the limpets. The ones used for emergency cable runs.
  24. Fix them both sides of the corridor. You have got to make a cable barrier.
  25. Good, Bill. There should be some cable rolls on the bottom shelf.
  26. You need type H. T. one five. I will give you the details when you get there.
  27. You think you're going to be okay but if you don't stay off your feet you will have a relapse.
  28. Tony and Maya can handle it if anybody can, now come on.
  29. If we can get enough voltage through it, it could work.
  30. Get the mobile H T generator.
  31. And take it to the barrier.
  32. I will take you through it step by step.
  33. Right.
  34. Terminal forty two. Four two.
  35. Right. Now take the remote switch gear through the barrier.
  36. It should be alright, but don't touch the barrier, just in case.

Space Warp (25)

  1. Moonbase Alpha calling Commander Koenig.
  2. This is Moonbase Alpha calling Commander Koenig.
  3. Come in please. Commander Koenig, come in please.
  4. Alan, I cannot locate them. What did this to us?
  5. Nothing.
  6. That was our position.
  7. This is our position now.We have moved five light years in a matter of minutes.
  8. Unless he can find a window in the space warp.
  9. Back to normal.
  10. You have to tell her, Alan.
  11. You're the doctor, Helena, so forgive me for prescribing, need some rest.
  12. Helena, if I can..
  13. Emergency in Weapons Section.
  14. Alan.
  15. The launch pads are sealed off, she cannot get to an Eagle.
  16. Moonbase Alpha to Eagle Three. Moonbase Alpha to Eagle Three.
  17. Command Centre?
  18. It's approaching area Copernicus
  19. of the Copernicus depression. It's pace has slowed.
  20. Creature is now on a bearing of two six seven zero and still slowing.
  21. None.
  22. Refuelling Eagle maintaining position.
  23. Just that they are almost at the point of no return. Are you alright?
  24. Alan, look. I am getting peculiar readings from the area of the refuelling Eagle.
  25. There is something, Alan. Sensors are picking up an enormous disturbance. Sensor readings increasing in magnitude.

The Bringers Of Wonder (19)

  1. Commander Koenig.
  2. Tony.
  3. You'd better see this.
  4. He's heading for the nuclear waste dumps.
  5. Crash unit four to launch area.
  6. Tony, I have something on the screen.
  7. It's too far away to tell.
  8. Ninety million, two hundred and ten thousand miles.
  9. Tony! Range forty million miles!
  10. Thirty two million miles.
  11. Tony, it's moving in to land.
  12. Tony, they're trying to come through.
  13. Peter darling!
  14. Oh, come on, I'll introduce you. Helena, this is Peter Rockwell.
  15. He's a pilot. We were going to be married when my tour of duty on Alpha ended.
  16. You knew each other before?
  17. Oh, somebody's party.
  18. What about fashions? What's everybody wearing?
  19. Tony. The pilot ship is ready for lift off.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (1)

  1. Just to be there.

The Lambda Factor (6)

  1. Minor bugs, Commander. False signals, ghosts.
  2. Message from Recreation Centre, Commander. Tests will be concluded in..Commander? What is the matter?
  3. Something is very wrong. Commander Koenig has locked himself in his quarters. I cannot contact him.
  4. Carolyn, please..
  5. Carolyn Powell has taken over Command Centre. She wants to see Commander Koenig.
  6. Look.

The Seance Spectre (11)

  1. Ready to receive data.
  2. First atmospheric indications- high density..high carbon dioxide content..unbreathable.
  3. Circuit one - okay. Circuit two - okay. Power lines one through to ten - okay. Circuit three - malfunction!
  4. Moonbase Alpha to Eagle One. Moonbase Alpha to Eagle One, come in please.
  5. I have a reading on the damage. Pressure hull pierced. Transmission silenced. Oxygen recycling plant damaged. Engines and guidance systems intact.
  6. All emergency, fire and decontamination units to Eagle hanger bay one.
  7. Command Centre to Launch Area. Lower Eagle One to launch bay.
  8. Fifty seven minutes.
  9. I am trying.
  10. I've got it.
  11. Scanners indicate that he is amongst the rocks but I cannot pinpoint him from here.

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