The Catacombs What Was New

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15 December 2013
  • Location guide updated with more studio photos and links to Google streetview, thanks to Simon Rhodes.
  • Merchandise guide updated with numerous additional photos, thanks to Gordon Moriguchi
27 October 2013
  • Eagle scale updated with new text and images, thanks to Marcus Lindroos
  • Eagle Guide other sections also updated (cockpit, access corridor, passenger module), thanks to Marcus Lindroos
  • Numerous other updates, thanks to Adam T., Patrick Zimmerman, Paul Stankevitch and others.
1 September 2013
  • News: Round2 are reissuing the Airfix/MPC Eagle in the USA in November 2013
  • Author of the novelisations Douglas R. Mason (a.k.a. John Rankine) has died. 26th Sept 1918 - 8th August 2013
  • Events: Andercon 2014 is a Gerry Anderson convention scheduled in London for 19-20 April 2014 (Easter weekend).
  • Events: Autographica 2014 21-22 September 2013 will have Nick Tate, Sylvia Anderson and Roy Dotrice as guests.
  • Events: Alphacon 2014 is a Space 1999 convention scheduled in Peterborough, UK, for 12-15 September 2014.
23 June 2013
21 March 2013
  • News: has moved to a new server. Sorry for disappearing for the first part of the year.