The Catacombs Dialogue
Alan Carter Dialogue

Alan Carter

Nick Tate

Total dialogue: 1155 lines.

Breakaway (25)

  1. It's fine, Young. How soon can you do it?
  2. Commander. Nice to see you.
  3. Yeah. We can start the countdown as soon as you give the word.
  4. Every hours's delay only reduces our chances of success.
  5. Oh, seven days.Back up crew? What do you mean?
  6. Well, we can't do it. Calculations, coordinates.Hey, come on, Commander, you've got a problem you're not telling me about.
  7. Yeah. We're ready to go.
  8. They've died? Eric? Frank? Of what?I mean I was told-
  9. But the Meta Probe?
  10. A twenty fold increase in the magnetic field.
  11. No, sir. They're all committed.
  12. Right.
  13. Eagle One to Alpha.
  14. Lift off complete, trajectory computed and programmed. I will be in orbit in four minutes.
  15. Alpha, can you hear me? Alpha, do you copy? Alpha, I'm not receiving you. Now maybe you're receiving me.
  16. The Moon is going out of the Earth's orbit. That explosion.
  17. It has pushed us out of the Earth's orbit.
  18. Alpha, can you hear me? I repeat. Alpha, are you okay?
  19. Alpha, do you copy? I am not receiving you.
  20. Alpha! Alpha, what's happening to you down there?We've lost contact.Can you hear me, Alpha?Alpha, I'm open on all channels. Now, if you're alright, send out a radio red, anything.
  21. Alpha!We are moving away from Earth!Alpha, do you copy? Alpha!
  22. Commander. Thank god you're okay. What's happening down there?
  23. Yeah, I read you loud and clear.
  24. Yeah. I can make it.
  25. I'm closing now. I can make it.

Matter Of Life And Death (24)

  1. Commander, we're getting a reading. Eagle One in orbit and holding.
  2. Eagle One still holding.
  3. Commander. Flight pattern shows Eagle One on course and closing.
  4. Normal. Still on automatic.
  5. People are wondering why Phase Two is not taking place now, sir.
  6. But sir, it can't be Russell. It just can't be!
  7. Reconnaissance Section reports Eagle Two on standby. All equipment checked and loaded.
  8. Sir?
  9. Right, Commander.
  10. All pre flight checks now complete, sir. Countdown continuing. Twenty seconds to take off.
  11. Eighteen seconds.
  12. Sixteen seconds.
  13. Vanished?
  14. Seven seconds.
  15. Five seconds. What do we do, Commander?
  16. Yes, sir.
  17. Right. As long as you keep your locator beams on..we'll find you.
  18. Hey, Commander. Good luck.
  19. Yes, sir?
  20. Well, the, um, insulation's beginning to act up a bit. Doesn't seem serious, Commander.
  21. Yes, sir.
  22. Commander. I've got smoke pouring from the insulate panels. All the seals on the ship are melting.
  23. I can't get out! All the systems are failed!
  24. Paul and Sandra are waiting in the Eagle as instructed, Commander.

Black Sun (16)

  1. Seven-seven-niner, zero-four.
  2. Same here, sir, no readings.
  3. Confirmed, Commander.
  4. He's accelerating. We can't help him.
  5. Commander, there's still time to change your mind.
  6. Well, hang on to your hats.
  7. Commander. I've got to talk to you. What's this about a survival ship? Somebody going somewhere?
  8. Did you know about this?You Sandra?I didn't believe it. Eagle Five was nearly loaded and ready to go, and I was not informed, Commander. None of us were.I can't speak for the rest. But I care about dying. How I die. Staying here on Alpha with everybody; I'd already accepted that. But now there's going to be six or seven lives on that ship.
  9. Well, I should be one of those six, Commander. Because if anyone could get them somewhere...I can.
  10. Commander.
  11. Yes, sir.
  12. I'll send you a postcard.
  13. Right.
  14. And to you. All of you.
  15. We went in the opposite direction.
  16. I'm an astronaut, Professor. Not a philosopher.

Ring Around The Moon (32)

  1. These Tritonians, they might not appreciate our looking them over, Commander. I don't think we should wait for them to make the next move.
  2. Huh, well it's the wrong one, Commander. They've already killed Ted Clifford.
  3. Yeah. Perfectly clear, Commander.
  4. Eagle Three to Main Mission, ready for lift off.
  5. Eagle Three to Alpha.
  6. All systems A-okay.
  7. I can see a...kind of a surface.
  8. No sign of activity.
  9. Commander, there's a..a beam of light
  10. being projected from the sphere.
  11. Commander, I'm going for a ninety degree turn!
  12. It's no go, Commander. I can't get away from the
  13. light.
  14. Can't hear you, Commander!
  15. The increasing!
  16. Visibility zero!
  17. Oh, fantastic.
  18. No, not a thing. Just the light. It just -kept getting brighter. Sounds crazy. A force field, made of light.
  19. Lucky for me Morrow brought us in.
  20. Me? No, no, I was in never never land.
  21. Yeah, Commander.Where's Donovan?
  22. Yeah. Well, we changed places. Besides, Commander, I already know the way.
  23. Range one zero zero.
  24. Velocity seven point five. Range.
  25. Five Zero.
  26. Range...three five. Velocity eight point three. Velocity eight point five. Vee..eight point seven.
  27. Vee...nine point one.
  28. Force field eight zero. Seven zero. Six zero.
  29. Force field four zero. Three zero.
  30. Neither was I.
  31. Right, sir.
  32. Right!

Earthbound (19)

  1. And if they're hostile, sir?
  2. Commander?
  3. Spacecraft flight unstable.
  4. They're in trouble. They're not going into orbit.
  5. None.
  6. It's going to crash.
  7. Carter here. We'll be lifting off in five seconds.
  8. Looks like some kind of a hatch on the port side, Commander. I'll put her down, see if I can get a connection.
  9. Confirmed complete contact, sir. Vacuum chamber is now ready for entry.
  10. I'm returning Eagle to stand by on Launch Pad One.
  11. Now hold your horses, Commissioner. We're all breaking our necks for a look.
  12. Commander. I had Kano run the Kaldorian data through the Telemetric Computer.
  13. Well, the relative position of Earth, sir. It's that-a-way.
  14. Ah, yes, well. The Computer passed that one up. Pretty busy with other problems just now.
  15. Well, I don't mind giving it a whirl.
  16. Yeh, keep talking, grandad.
  17. We can't, Commander. We can't let Simmonds jump the Computer.
  18. Okay. So let Simmonds think he's going, Commander. We can take him on his way out to the ship. Especially with Zantor in the know.
  19. It's blackmail!

Another Time, Another Place (33)

  1. Velocity's increasing.
  2. Our velocity readings are off the clock.
  3. Yeah.
  4. Right.
  5. Some travelling, Professor.
  6. Billions of miles in a matter of seconds.
  7. Well, the sensors won't tell us how we got here.
  8. Now working.
  9. Operational and on automatic.
  10. Great! We can take an Eagle down for a look right now.
  11. Oh, come on, come on. Let's cut the talking and get going.Damn it. What is keeping the Commander?
  12. But we are going into orbit. The Computer confirms it.
  13. Now that's just another reason why we should go down there right now.
  14. Yep.
  15. Right. I'm on my way.
  16. What the hell was that all about?
  17. Me? Why me?
  18. Her...
  19. Living in the future?
  20. No. Leave her.
  21. Another Moonbase.
  22. Right.
  23. Well, we have no boarding tube.
  24. Uh. Where to?
  25. You've gotta be joking.
  26. Eagle now on course for Santa Maria.
  27. There are signs of habitation below, sir.
  28. Well, looks kind of different out there.
  29. Yeh.
  30. That was when we came into orbit. Our Regina died too. Both at the same time.
  31. Paul, there's no time to argue this out. Give the word, Commander. It's our decision, not their's.
  32. Back to what? Certain death?
  33. I wonder if the others made it. If they survived.

Missing Link (18)

  1. We're losing power!
  2. Commander?
  3. Tanya. You have the most beautiful voice in the world.
  4. No, it's Carter, Paul.
  5. Yeah. But the Commander's hurt pretty bad.
  6. Make it sooner.
  7. He's gonna be alright, isn't he?
  8. Paul?
  9. Send us a cargo Eagle as fast as you can. We can't move any one.
  10. We'll have to separate this section from the rest of the Eagle and have it carried back to Alpha.
  11. Paul. We're all set. Have them lower away.
  12. Piece of cake.
  13. That is not the point!
  14. And who's going to take over? You?You, Paul? Kano? The man in the moon, eh? Koenig is still breathing. And while he is for my money he is still the Commander.
  15. Leave it alone, Doctor Russell.
  16. You're not going to kill him!
  17. Mathias.
  18. You're not going to kill him!

Guardian Of Piri (30)

  1. They're two hours ahead of schedule.
  2. They're too low and their G forces are increasing rapidly.
  3. Yeah, well, Computer's just gotta be wrong.
  4. They're too close and they're too fast.
  5. G forces of seven above Computer's estimate. They won't be able to hold that.
  6. Well, they're wrong!What the hell are you doing?
  7. They've just disappeared.
  8. Look, I am not concerned about the Computer's assessment of the planet. I want to know why it fouled up on the normal flying data. Time, distance, orbital velocity, rate of descent, G factors. Kano, you can't have got this thing more an about face.
  9. What, you're telling me I do, eh?
  10. Look, it was two of my mates that died out there.
  11. Because they believed what that lousy computer told them to believe.
  12. That'll be a pleasure, Commander.
  13. Like I said. It'll be a pleasure, Commander.
  14. Yep, Computer was wrong about the G force. But I've cut my approach speed right back and
  15. I reckon we're holding her nicely.
  16. They haven't crashed! They're alright! Just hanging there, motionless.
  17. Well, don't ask me how, Commander, but she's all in one piece and that's good enough for me. I'm going to dock.
  18. Just keep her steady, John, eh?.I'm going through now, Paul.
  19. Paul?
  20. It's a Marie Celeste. There's noone here.
  21. Well, I was on manual.
  22. There must be some kind of life there, some power at least.
  23. And call you if anything happens. I wish I could be sure I'd have time for that.
  24. No place like home.
  25. Yeah.
  26. Yeah. Yeah, I heard you.
  27. Nice place, eh? Kind of peaceful.
  28. Nice people?
  29. Hey. Easy, Commander. Easy.
  30. Main motors.

Force Of Life (3)

  1. I may be able to cut him off.
  2. No.
  3. Down there.

Alpha Child (36)

  1. A day to remember.
  2. Maybe we had no right to expect it to be normal.
  3. It's this crazy life we lead. Nobody really knows how it's affecting us physically..not long term.
  4. Yeah. Well, he'll have to do something.
  5. And what's your name?
  6. Oh. Jackie, huh? How do you like to come flying with me? We'll take an Eagle and we'll soar into space.
  7. Well, we just have to show him then, won't we? Come on. Away we go!
  8. Now, lift off, shhh...
  9. It's moving fast, Commander.
  10. Where did that come from?
  11. And if I'm attacked?
  12. Hey, I'll see you later, huh? Hey! What's up? I'll be back!
  13. Nothing, Commander. Except the green light.
  14. No movement. Just hanging there.
  15. Right. Moving in a little closer.
  16. I'll let you know if they fire.
  17. I have 'em lined up, Commander. The laser charge is at maximum rate.
  18. Why?
  19. I just don't get that feeling.
  20. Do I shoot?
  21. Right.
  22. It's an attack.
  23. Right.
  24. Eagle leader to Alpha. Alien spaceships dead ahead.
  25. Now you're talking. Eagle leader to group. Select on board ranging, but with manual over ride.
  26. I said manual over ride!
  27. Manual check, and fire!
  28. And fire.We can't get a hit!
  29. With those things almost within spitting distance we're not even going to get an Eagle up off the pad.
  30. Well, um...
  31. I'm not incompetent.
  32. It must have been my instruments...
  33. What are you trying to say to me, Commander?
  34. Jackie Crawford?
  35. Like what?
  36. Doctor Russell.

The Last Sunset (42)

  1. Hello, Main Mission.
  2. Commander, Ariel's atmosphere looks like peasoup from up here.
  3. I have scanner contact. Alien object approaching.
  4. Alien object closing fast!
  5. It's homing on me! It's some kind of missile!
  6. I can't shake it off!
  7. We're alive, Commander. It hasn't gone off.
  8. It's just attached itself.
  9. Approaching now for final descent.
  10. Fine, Commander. So far it hasn't made a move.
  11. Let the Professor prod it about as much as he likes. Don't let's waste any more time in getting back to that planet.
  12. So it's made it's move.
  13. Hey, Paul! Tomorrow we'll build a swimming pool!
  14. Fine. Not much evidence of rainfall.
  15. Now we're really flying!
  16. Hello, Alpha. This is Eagle Two Eight. I'm getting severe turbulence on the run up to the Taurus mountains. I'm going over the top.
  17. Alpha, we're in trouble!Come in, this is Eagle Two Eight. Do you read me?
  18. Main Boosters.
  19. Back up power.
  20. All systems out. Crash positions.
  21. Every transistor, every condenser. Not one of them isn't blown.
  22. Yeah.
  23. Look. We've got enough food to last us a fortnight. It's about thirty gallons of drinkable water in the tanks. And with twenty seven serviceable Eagles back at the base, I'll lay you even money finding us is a piece of cake.
  24. Doctor.
  25. How's Sandra?
  26. They're never going to see us here.
  27. Hey!
  28. We're here! We're here! Come back!Come back!
  29. Hey, how many times has a man got to shift before he gets some breakfast around here?
  30. Why was it stored anywhere near the food?
  31. Lucky?! Th-
  32. Oh yeah. And about half a drop of uncontaminated water. Great! It's a hundred and twenty degrees in the shade out there. What's that going to do to Sandra with a high fever, huh? She needs all the water she can get.
  33. Well, you rooted pretty hard for the crazy idea of settling out here, instead of going down to the planet Ariel.
  34. No. Paul and I'll share one.
  35. Like walk?
  36. Hey, you're a regular pioneer. Where'd you get the steam to be up all night?
  37. It doesn't seem to have done him any harm. I mean, if he put this little lot together overnight, he must have got the strength from somewhere.
  38. Hey, I say don't knock it, doc.
  39. Hey, just in case it is okay, I'm going mushrooming.
  40. Paul. Wait a minute.
  41. Commander. I'm alright. It's Sandra. She needs help. She's in a shack over there.
  42. It's leaving us.

Voyager's Return (34)

  1. Sensor readings growing stronger.
  2. Object's course and trajectory holding steady.
  3. Check, Commander.
  4. We're picking up a signal, Commander.
  5. We're under attack, Alpha!
  6. Eagle One...turning...back!
  7. Alpha, how am I doing?
  8. Yeah, I think so. Abrams. Did he make it?
  9. What hit us?
  10. Eagle One coming in on approach course.
  11. I think I can make it. Eh? Keep your heads down. Just in case.
  12. His Queller Drive killed Steve Abrams, remember?
  13. Well, it's a three phase operation, sir. On the screen there.
  14. As soon as it enters the green area, the Eagles go on automatic alert.
  15. Now, if it enters the yellow area we move into positions here.
  16. And the moment it enters red
  17. we let loose with everything we've got.
  18. Eagles Six, Nine and Ten. Launch positions.
  19. All Eagles now ready for launch.
  20. Eagles Six, Nine and Ten. Condition Yellow
  21. now operative. Go!
  22. We're watching you. Good luck.
  23. Alpha base to Eagles Six, Nine and Ten.
  24. Intercept positions.
  25. Hold positions.
  26. Three minutes to intercept.
  27. Eagles to firing positions.
  28. Lock weapons.
  29. We've got to give the order, sir, now!
  30. It's too late!
  31. We can't just wait here like sitting ducks, let's get in there first.
  32. Yes, sir.
  33. Eagles Four, Six and Ten. Return to base.
  34. Return to base!

Collision Course (17)

  1. Yeah. The problem's in the main booster. I can't get the speed.
  2. All the way, Commander.
  3. The release mechanism's jammed.
  4. She's going.
  5. She's gone!
  6. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Alpha. Alpha, this is Eagle One.
  8. Who are you?
  9. Who are you?
  10. Why have you come to me? Where have you come from?
  11. Who are you?Who are you?
  12. No. Where are you? Come back. Don't leave me now.
  13. Take me with you. Take me with you! Take me to your people!
  14. Where are you?
  15. Arra. Arra.
  16. Arra. She called. Where is she?
  17. Commander. Where is Arra?

Death's Other Dominion (30)

  1. Solid cotton wool.
  2. This can't be too good for our onboard instruments either.
  3. Some paradise, huh?
  4. Ho ho. Nice touch down, Computer.
  5. Commander. I just took a look around.
  6. Amen to that.
  7. Smile, smile, smile. As long as you -Lucifer- second stanza - Lucifer to light your fag..!
  8. No!
  9. Alpha, Alpha, I can hear you.
  10. Paul. Paul, I can hear you, do you copy? Paul, do you hear me?
  11. Alpha, Alpha, in case you can hear me. I've gotta take off here, before-
  12. I'm buried.
  13. I don't know if you can hear me, Alpha. I'm going to try to get rid of some of this snow. Full power.
  14. Come on, you beautiful bird. Lift off. Lift off!
  15. You beauty, I've made it.Paul. Paul, I've made it!
  16. Alpha. Alpha, do you copy now,
  17. Alpha? Alpha, this is Eagle One. Do you copy? Come in, Alpha.
  18. It's no good news, Paul. I'm the only one on board. We went to the source of that radio signal.
  19. Nothing. Nothing but snow, ice, smog.
  20. They must be dead. We got lost in the smog, were separated. Just by sheer chance I stumbled back on the ship. The others never made it back.
  21. Paul. As soon as we get into the smog you won't hear us, but keep talking. Put us down as close to the original fix, huh?
  22. Next to it. Bob, switch on the infra-red de-icing circuits.
  23. You can tell him we'll be right there!
  24. All this and live forever? When do we move in, Commander?
  25. They must be crazy.
  26. Commander, they went off their heads when they heard you were okay. What are they gonna do when they hear that we can all live here forever?
  27. Commander, I just don't see what you've got against it.
  28. Sounds fair enough to me.
  29. Leaving gravitational pull and switching to automatic.
  30. Most times you know you can do that. But this time? Commander, I just don't see your problem.

The Full Circle (34)

  1. Yeah, got it.
  2. Right.
  3. Hey, look lively, sweetheart, you're coming with me.
  4. Down there.
  5. Aerial search. Come on.
  6. Um. Now.
  7. Right, now that's yours. Make yourself comfortable.
  8. Eagle Two ready for launch.
  9. Eagle Two to base. I'm starting my search from Eagle One's position. I'm going north on the first leg of the north eastern sector.
  10. You'll be lucky.
  11. Eagle Two to base.
  12. I'm just completing the first northern leg of the north eastern sector. I'm returning south on a parallel course.
  13. Well, it looks like the jungle in Brazil.
  14. No, not yet.
  15. But there's, ah, one or two small patches of mist. Now they just..just could be smoke.
  16. Will do.
  17. Check.
  18. Yeah, Eagle Two to base. I've lost contact with the Commander. Can you try him please?
  19. Support Party was trying to catch up before dark. Now, they were approaching an area of mist. I've had nothing from the Commander for some time.
  20. How long does the night last down here?
  21. Right. Well, I'll join Eagle One for the night. If you hear from the Commander let me know. Out.
  22. Ah,..I can't see anything. But there is something odd about this place. Hold tight. I'm going down.
  23. I'm having a look around. I'm at the Moonbuggy. They've left a trail. I'm going to follow on for a bit.
  24. Hey! All this concern. Paul's going to get jealous.
  25. Kano! Stop!
  26. Don't go into the mist.
  27. I know. They've all gone into that mist. The Reconnaissance Party. The Commander, Helena, everyone. The last message I got: we're moving into an area of mist. We're trying to catch up with the Commander before dark.
  28. Right. And none of them came out.
  29. Professor, be careful. David. Over here.
  30. Victor, what the hell are you doing?
  31. Are you out of your mind?
  32. It's a yellow sleeve. It's Sandra's. Look at it!Look at it! It's got blood all over it! What have they done to her? All those murdering savages!I'm going to search this cave. Every inch of it! My god, if they've hurt her. Sandra! Sandra! Sandra!!
  33. Sandra! Sandra!Sandra! Sandra!Sandra? Sandra?Sandra!
  34. Sandra!

End Of Eternity (10)

  1. He's in a bad way, Commander.I doubt if he'll make it.
  2. Right. Let's go.Lift.
  3. I have a question. I used a full blast kill laser on you. I don't understand why you're not dead.
  4. He's just destroying everything, Commander.
  5. Wait a minute, Paul. Balor's gonna hear that.
  6. Are you crazy? He'll tear you to pieces, you can't fight him..
  7. He'll kill him, Victor.
  8. He's gone in there to take Balor. Alone.
  9. Now!
  10. Ranging now.

War Games (30)

  1. They're war machines. And that's enough for me.
  2. Main motors.
  3. We're locked onto them, Commander.
  4. We can't hold them, Commander!
  5. Uh.. 's too easy.
  6. We'll take care of you.
  7. Leader to Flight One. Select your opposite number. If any of them get through..we won't have a home to go to. Right, here we go.
  8. Split, Eagle Two!
  9. Main motor!
  10. Reduce power!
  11. Let's hope they take us for a dead one.
  12. Alpha's got one laser equipped Eagle left. If they can get it launched. Somehow, someway big, this one's down to us.
  13. Head up the target display.
  14. Give us all the power we've got, Pete.Laser at maximum rate.
  15. Yes, Alpha, we copy.
  16. It was the big one. I reckon they meant it for Alpha.
  17. We were just playing dead. How are all of you, anyway?
  18. Well, we're down to auxiliary power. I reckon we can make it back to Alpha. What do you think they've got next?
  19. Maybe that bomber was their last fling.
  20. Yes, Commander.
  21. Right, Commander.
  22. Right, Pete. Off you go.
  23. Right.
  24. It looks like their defence is fully alert, Commander.
  25. Force fields. Closing down main motors. Fire retros.
  26. We can't do it! She'll break up!
  27. She's breaking up! Eject!
  28. We can't hold them, Commander!
  29. Commander?
  30. Yes, Commander.

The Last Enemy (25)

  1. The last ones are moving to the launch pads now, sir. I'm on my way.
  2. Yes, sir.
  3. Eagle One ready for lift off.
  4. Thanks, Paul.
  5. Eagle One to all Eagles. After lift off centre on me above Beacon Four.
  6. Eagle One to base. I have no lift off.
  7. No go. All systems check. All the dual systems check.
  8. All the safety cut outs are functioning correctly.
  9. Eagle One to base. I've still no lift off.
  10. Eagle One to base. I do not read you. I do not read you. Come in, base.
  11. Eagle One to base, you must get us lift off.
  12. Holy cow.
  13. Eagle One to base. Eagle One to base. Do you read me?
  14. All okay. The shooting match is over, eh?
  15. Copy.
  16. Copy.
  17. I'm circling the spaceship now. Looks pretty knocked out to me.
  18. No signs of life.
  19. Copy.
  20. I could have sworn that ship was completely knocked out.
  21. Well, that escape craft managed to get out okay. I don't know.
  22. I don't know.
  23. What are you trying to say, Commander?
  24. Now wait a minute, Commander, you're cracking up.
  25. Come on, come on. Hurry it!

The Troubled Spirit (2)

  1. Commander. What are we looking for?
  2. You want us to believe that Alpha is being terrorised by some kind of psychic being...a spook?

Space Brain (36)

  1. Yes, sir. Wayland and Cousteau, they're ready to go.
  2. Right.Wayland and Cousteau, you're in Eagle One. Move it.
  3. Commander.
  4. Kelly. Rescue Eagle to Pad Three. I'll meet you on board.
  5. What the hell was that?!
  6. Well, I can't tell for sure; my instruments are picking up a lot of electrical disturbance.
  7. Right.
  8. Oh, I've no idea. And if I were you, I wouldn't wait round long enough to find out. Just look for Eagle One. Okay?
  9. Hey, Kelly. Good luck.
  10. Decompression complete, Kel.
  11. Okay, Kelly. Go.
  12. Kelly, abort. We've been recalled.Kel, do you read me?Kel? Are you receiving?Kelly, signal if I'm getting through to you.Main Mission.
  13. Eagle Four here.
  14. Paul, check out communication line. I'm getting no response from Kelly.
  15. Then Kelly's in trouble. I'm going out after him.
  16. Commander?
  17. Commander, that's Kelly out there! You can't expect me to just leave him.
  18. Kelly? Kelly, can you hear me? Kelly, I'm not receiving you. Kelly, are you receiving me? Kelly?Hey, Kel. Hey, come on buddy. Right. Got you. Let's get you back to the Eagle.
  19. Right, so we're back to the old problem of how to drive this Moon the way we want it to go.
  20. Yeah. Well, I'd better get started on that right away, Commander.
  21. All the charges are fused, checked, and ready to go.
  22. Destruct mechanism set for eighteen forty five.
  23. Well, I feel a lot happier now we've done something.
  24. Well, whatever's out there, it's going to get one hell of a headache when it starts to squeeze that little bundle.
  25. They crushed Eagle One to a pulp, Commander. I don't see any reason to doubt they'll do the same to us too if they can.
  26. And leave Alpha wide open.
  27. Kelly. Kelly, is there anything you can do?
  28. Stand by strike!
  29. Strike at Pad Four!
  30. Nice bit of flying, Commander.
  31. Commander! Sensors indicate a burst in the crew room on Launch Pad Four.
  32. It's all clear, sir.
  33. Bulkheads sealed.
  34. Commander. All Eagle Maintenance Areas completely flooded.
  35. It's easing.
  36. No increase, Commander.

The Infernal Machine (24)

  1. That thing's hostile.
  2. Huh, it's clever.
  3. Survival first, brotherhood after.
  4. And we have our emergency..
  5. Commander, I'm not getting through.
  6. I'm taking those Eagles up.
  7. Yep. That's why I'm carrying out the Commander's original orders.
  8. We're ready and waiting, Commander.
  9. We're on our way.
  10. Carter here.
  11. Both the Eagles have superficial damage, but they're operational.
  12. I have the machine in sight.
  13. Sensors indicate..a body.
  14. Dead.
  15. I'm moving in.
  16. We have brought the supplies. Sir.
  17. Everything that was on the list. Where do you want them?
  18. It's all accounted for.
  19. No. No, this is a comlock.
  20. It's part of our intercommunications system.
  21. But the Professor! Well, you said that...
  22. Yes, Commander.
  23. You sure?
  24. It's coming straight towards us.

Mission Of The Darians (22)

  1. Maybe it's not too late, Commander.
  2. Well, there is no sign of a way in, Commander.
  3. We're being drawn into the ship.
  4. All Eagle systems are smothered.
  5. It's no use.
  6. Alright.
  7. It's useless.
  8. If there's trouble?
  9. It's getting worse.
  10. We'll never get through this.
  11. Lowry. Lowry.
  12. Okay, now you were here when the others came, right?
  13. Hey, Paul, this opening wasn't here before.
  14. No, Paul. Leave him. Leave him. He's done what we asked. He got us here. Come on.
  15. Let her go!
  16. Don't try it.Spirit? This is no spirit. Look! They have deceived you!He's a man! He's a man like you! He's a man like me! Right, tell them. Tell them so help me or I'll throw you to them.
  17. Tell them!
  18. Louder!
  19. Right, now you know where the rest of my people are?
  20. You'll take us to them?Right. Now, he will take us to the place of the false spirits. Who will follow?Who of you will follow?
  21. Hey! You want to run away now you know the truth? Well come on.Move it.
  22. Remind me to tell you sometime.If the same thing happened on Alpha would you have chosen differently?

Dragon's Domain (7)

  1. Hey, Tony. What're you doing, sleepwalking?
  2. Kind of a space motor show.
  3. Right, sir.
  4. Yeah.
  5. What's that guy got against me?
  6. He could dock the command module on the probe ship.
  7. Docking complete, Commander.

The Testament Of Arkadia (12)

  1. Ah, thirty hours. Round trip.
  2. Right.
  3. We're wasting our time, Commander. It's just desolation and more desolation out there.
  4. We're running out of time, Commander. We have to get back to Alpha.
  5. Not much time.
  6. When the ship's sinking the rats are the first to leave.
  7. They're inside.
  8. Huh, we've heard that one before, Luke.
  9. Yeah.
  10. Come in, Main Mission, Carter calling. Survey Eagle heading for Alpha.
  11. Safe. But we've lost Luke and Anna.
  12. We're fine.Excuse me a moment.

The Metamorph (16)

  1. Right.
  2. We're in position, John.
  3. We're losing altitude.
  4. Full power, Commander. We're still held in a vice.
  5. She won't take it! She'll break up!
  6. No response.
  7. Eagle Four to Moonbase Alpha, come in, Alpha. Do you read me? Eagle Four to Moonbase.. ah, I- I can't raise them, Commander.
  8. The way they -move, the way they look..
  9. He doesn't know us.
  10. Okay.
  11. Are you okay?
  12. He's selling out.
  13. Commander.
  14. We've got to warn Alpha.
  15. You mean we just do nothing? We're trapped in here.
  16. Yeah, go ahead, Alpha.

The Exiles (7)

  1. Right.
  2. Tony? Eagle Four. We'll maintain the mission from here. Oh, and have all the other Eagles clear the area.
  3. Along side now, sir.
  4. Standing by.
  5. Ten miles, Commander.
  6. Alongside, Commander.
  7. Standing by.

One Moment Of Humanity (9)

  1. Section F malfunctional.
  2. Negative.
  3. Complete power loss.
  4. Why?
  5. You said you wanted to take two of us.
  6. Ah, nothing. We've drawn a blank in every section.
  7. Right.
  8. I can't get through to the Launching Pad. There's no power in the Travel Tube. And I'll bet no Eagle will have power for lift off.
  9. Well, without our scanners we can't even find it.

Journey To Where (37)

  1. Ah, who needs nature?
  2. Well, umm. On an ascending scale of ten I'd say that you'd reached maybe..two?
  3. Ah hah, before I tasted this, I had.
  4. Maya.
  5. Why, do you want to take the risk?
  6. Fly me from the moon at last..Let Alpha be my long lost past.
  7. Yeah.
  8. Rain. Trees. Well, at least it's an atmosphere we can breathe.
  9. Fire, fire, burn so bold, can't you see she's feeling cold. Well, now you can see why I got drummed out of the boy scouts. Hey. Will you tell me something.
  10. If we're not on Earth, where are we?
  11. Yeah, well he'd better not drag his feet. That eclipse takes place in less than twenty four hours.
  12. Hey, I've got a suggestion. Let's go find some shelter, huh?
  13. Damp air? A cold.
  14. Animals.
  15. Atmosphere. Rain. Birds. Vegetation and animals. Chances are there's going to be some kind of intelligent life form too.
  16. No, it's at least six feet thick.
  17. Uh huh. Normal.
  18. Hey! Hey!
  19. What is it, Helena?
  20. No chance. Walls of solid rock. Ten inches of seasoned timber in that door. Even if we were sure that it was safe to move her.
  21. Well, I think they'd just about like us to stop.
  22. Enough?
  23. Hey, that mountain could almost be Copernicus.
  24. If that's the Moon,
  25. then this is the Earth after all. The lifeforms we've seen don't just coincidentally resemble us.
  26. It can't be. It broke away. The Moon broke out of the Earth's orbit.
  27. Then this is the Earth before the Moon broke away.
  28. Okay, if this is Earth, where on Earth? And when?
  29. Yeah, the people seem European.
  30. Well, they can't all be malfunctioning at the same time.
  31. Ah, well, would you believe we lost our way?
  32. Hey, now wait a minute..
  33. No, it's just not like that.
  34. Here's looking at you.
  35. Bannockburn. Bannockburn. I can't remember. It's a long while since I was at school, John.
  36. Would you believe still two?
  37. No, no, no. He's just going back to the drawing board.

All That Glisters (44)

  1. Hey, that's some cloud bank we went through, John.
  2. Not bad? You didn't feel a thing?
  3. Ah, yeh, well, if we're not off this planet in about three hours...three hours and two minutes to be exact.
  4. Ah, the fastest gun on Alpha.
  5. Where d'you think you're going.
  6. Mm-mm.
  7. Yo.
  8. Well, the computer could have had a malfunction.
  9. Right.
  10. Tony! Tony!
  11. He's blown another piece of rock off.
  12. What?
  13. Oh, you need to examine your head. That thing goes.
  14. We've got trouble up here!All systems are dead.
  15. Eagle Four to Moonbase Alpha. Eagle Four to Moonbase Alpha, do you read me?, come in?
  16. This is Eagle Four, come in Alpha. Alpha, are you reading me? Alpha, perhaps you're reading me, but we're not getting anything from you. Try to send us anything. Are you receiving anything from us, Alpha? In some way can you try and contact us? Alpha, we are getting no contact with you.
  17. Eagle Four to Moonbase Alpha, do you read me?
  18. Eagle four calling Alpha.
  19. Eagle four to Moonbase Alpha, do you read me? Eagle Four-
  20. What's happening?
  21.'s yellow.
  22. No, no, all communications are dead.I wish it could tell us what it wants.
  23. Maybe it could brain wash the computer into believing that milgonite was here. Oh boy, that's gonna make the cowboy jump for joy.
  24. Not on this planet, cowboy.
  25. Then give your mouth a rest.
  26. John. I think she's in communication.
  27. To her grave.
  28. Didn't have to commandeer our Eagle. We could have helped it. Taken it to a planet with water.
  29. Which deadline runs out first? It's or ours?
  30. Hmm, we know that feeling.
  31. Well, how are we gonna stop him?
  32. What happened?
  33. I've got his laser.
  34. Hey, cowboy!
  35. Maybe he's dead.
  36. Then he's been taken over like Tony was. Oh, he had to go charging in there!
  37. Well, then it's a cinch to dehydrate the rock, weaken it!
  38. We can't risk letting Dave bring any of the parent rock back.
  39. Here he comes.
  40. The rock's turned red!
  41. Easy, Maya.
  42. He's okay.
  43. Helena. Tony. Get back here now.
  44. Can I?

The Mark Of Archanon (65)

  1. ..Alphans travel in haste; Deep in the caverns of Alpha Moonbase; Through such a tunnel what mysteries unfold?; Could be we'll find us a pot of bright gold!
  2. Well, this looks like a good place, Bluey; set her up.
  3. Try the cutter.
  4. Broaden the beam.
  5. What the... Cut the beam!
  6. It's impossible!Hey...I thought I just saw..
  7. Well, I saw his eyes open, I tell you. I saw his eyes open.
  8. What does that mean?
  9. And the control panel; now that must control the force field.
  10. Tony! Tony! Get out of there!
  11. No, Tony! He's a kid! He's just a kid!
  12. Is he safe?
  13. Hey, cobber; you're up and doing.
  14. Yeah. That means you're a pal, you know, a real- close buddy.
  15. Why the stasis chamber? Why didn't they kill you?
  16. Etrec. Hey, is he alright?
  17. Alright, I'll take him. C'on.
  18. Yep. Up you go.
  19. How is he?
  20. Hey. Hiyah, cobber. How are you feeling?
  21. Hey, you her that, doc? You know, the only thing wrong with this kid, he hasn't had a square meal in a thousand years. I'll tell you what. There's a little place just down the corridor. Hamburgers like you wouldn't believe, right, doc?
  22. Hmm. Well, they're a little bit mixed up with hydroponic soya, but they taste like the real thing. Is that okay, doc?
  23. Come on. Let's go.
  24. Hey. Can you make it?
  25. Well, come on.You're right. Oh no, I think I'd better carry you.
  26. Okay. Hop up on the old kangaroo. Hey, we're off for a bite to eat, you want to join us?Come on then, cobber. Here we go. Hey-heyy! Heey!
  27. Okay, Etrec, take this pass, clean..
  28. Ah. Ah, that's good. Ooh. That really is good. Now we're going to try the stop kick again. You ready? You wait here.
  29. Now, remember, son: two..hey, Bluey, out of the way, son, out of the way. Etrec, two eyes, into two hands, you ready? Here we go. Long and low. Heeey!Hoh, ho. Great! Right, okay, now this is the big one, this is the big one, this is the try line, you ready? You've got to get past me, I'm going to tackle you. Everything goes. Swerving all the time. Okay, put it in, run, go! I'm going to tackle you, I'm going to tackle you, oh boy, heeh-heey!Wuff! What happened? Heh-heh. My grandad'l be real proud of you, Etrec.
  30. Hey, Bluey. You're just in time. You want to be ref?
  31. Ah, is that a real football? Son, this is the football. Australia beat Great Britain fifty to twelve. Swinton sixty three.
  32. Ah, that's Harrison's own signature.
  33. That's it, son, because they were mates. Hey, Bluey, you've got to be referee, I've got to get the champ here in shape for the big match.
  34. Oh, the stasis chamber and the power unit?
  35. Right. Let's go.Come on, Etrec. over to you. Attaboy.
  36. Right. Oh!
  37. You score anything?
  38. Well, in the meantime move over and let an expert take a look.
  39. Ha ha. Him.
  40. Well, I'm in Tech Lab Three with Johnson, Tony. We think we've found some kind of recording device on the Power Unit. If you're still hooked into Eagle one, we'd like a patch with Maya for an opinion.
  41. Okay, thanks.
  42. Yeah, well, you see it's just that, now this small panel, now that could be a screen.
  43. Ah, you just lack the old finesse. Bluey.
  44. Right, well now, let's -have a replay.
  45. Yeah, Pasc. Find Pasc.
  46. I thought Archanons couldn't kill.
  47. Oh, Etrec. Etrec. Go ahead and cry, son. You can be alone in here.
  48. I left him in the Recreation Centre.
  49. No, there'd be too much noise for drilling.
  50. Yeah, but the most powerful acid we have would take nearly three hours to eat through an Eagle hull.
  51. Yeah.
  52. Etrec has already made his choice!
  53. Well, he doesn't want to go with Pasc. You heard him.
  54. Which do you want first? The kid? Or his blood?
  55. How are you doing?Hey, now they're not supposed to be let out. Oh, come on, he'll fly back when he needs something to eat. Hey, cobber, we've got a very big problem. Pasc is going to kill Doctor Russell unless he gets you back.
  56. Etrec. Doctor Russell tried to tell us something, now, Pasc wouldn't let her. Now Raul thinks Doctor Russell wanted him to get a sample of your's something to do with the killing sickness.
  57. Look, I'm not a doctor. I don't understand these things. But, cobber, this can be some thing really good, this your life and Pasc's.
  58. Can you kill me, cobber?
  59. Etrec, what have you done to yourself?
  60. We've got the kid's blood. And something else I think'll interest you.
  61. Etrec sent for this. It tells the whole story.That's Lyra, Etrec's mother.
  62. Yeah, make it fast. There's another battle going on right here.
  63. He took it himself, Pasc. He gave it freely.
  64. Hey, cobber. I've got something for you to take back home with you. Now remember. Two eyes, two hands, huh?
  65. Oh, come on. Just a beat up old football. Anyway, we're mates, aren't we? See you.

New Adam, New Eve (12)

  1. Right.
  2. Nah, they'll be down on that planet.
  3. That's the only place they can be. One thing's for sure.
  4. We're certainly not going to find them by sitting on our butts here.
  5. Eagle One ready for lift off.
  6. It's been twenty four hours, Yasko. I'm going after them.
  7. Eagle One to Command Centre, there's something wrong.
  8. I haven't got lift off.
  9. Additional boosters in place, Yasko. I'm going for lift off again.
  10. I'm going up to full power.
  11. Repair crew to section eight. Repair crew to section eight.
  12. Well, maybe to put pressure on John.

The A B Chrysalis (47)

  1. Eagle One to control.
  2. We're in position.
  3. Yes, Commander.
  4. We'll be ready to land as soon as the shockwave has passed.
  5. Come in Alpha. Come in, Moonbase Alpha.
  6. Do you read me, Alpha?
  7. Come in, Moonbase Alpha.
  8. Calling on all frequencies, I'm not getting any reading.
  9. Let's go.
  10. Check the air.
  11. We lost audio contact.
  12. Computer copies.
  13. It's ringed by moons.
  14. It's an almost perfect circle.
  15. John.
  16. It's some sort of station.
  17. I'll get a suit on.
  18. Decompress.
  19. John. John, can you hear me?
  20. Are you alright?
  21. What is it?
  22. It's a star chart.
  23. Hey, how about that.
  24. Hey. Good old clean air.
  25. Ignition negative. We've lost main power.
  26. Still negative. The impact's blown the main fuses.
  27. There's still no juice in the ignition system.
  28. This time.
  29. Storing up enormous power in the spheres.
  30. When the potential's reached a high enough level, discharge it.
  31. And Alpha's moving closer every second. She's gonna be totally destroyed.
  32. We've met Two Four Eight.
  33. What? What does it say?
  34. Listen, will you tell whoever is in this thing..!
  35. No! No!
  36. It's our last chance to save Alpha!
  37. What's happening?
  38. Well, then fire.
  39. Fire.
  40. How long has he got to delay them?
  41. Yeah. And getting further away all the time. You'd better check out John and see how he's doing.
  42. We don't have enough fuel to catch it.
  43. I know what I want to do.
  44. This is the tricky part.
  45. Phew. Hey. For my next trick.
  46. What happened?
  47. Hope is better than despair.

Seed Of Destruction (41)

  1. Like some sort of invitation.
  2. Looks like ice.
  3. It's the malfunction alarm.It's in the stabilisers.
  4. Don't you want to wait until I catch up with you?
  5. Okay.
  6. What's it like in there, John?
  7. I'm still working on it.
  8. Yes, John.
  9. Well, I haven't quite finished adjusting the stabilisers yet.
  10. The Commander says he wants out of here now.
  11. Well, I still haven't managed to correct the malfunction in the stabilisers. ...Hey. Hmm. Okay.
  12. I don't know. I remained on board the Eagle; we had a sudden problem with the stabilisers.
  13. No, I'm thinking..he must have discovered know, some other danger,..inside those caves, and he doesn't want us to know about it, not yet anyway.
  14. Look. I'm trying to understand, but I still don't buy it. You and Maya are coming up with a lot of theories: you can't prove anything.
  15. Yeah, what is happening is a lot of crazy talk.
  16. Listen, we've come across a lot of things odder than that!
  17. But it didn't cause us to make crazy accusations.
  18. Okay, he's uptight.
  19. Look, I said he found out something. He's come across some terrible threat and he doesn't want us to know about it, not yet anyway.
  20. Ooh, listen, we're talking about John Koenig. You remember him, John Koenig?
  21. Well, you've got one hell of a way of showing it.
  22. All the Eagles are grounded. All the launch pads are sealed off.
  23. Oh. By help, you mean steal; well, I can't do that.
  24. It goes against all instinct, all training.
  25. Words, huh? Well, they may be just words to you, but to me they add up to something else. Loyalty and duty and my duty is to John Koenig.
  26. Huh. Well in my book, cobber, your kind of help is mutiny.
  27. Alpha to Eagle One. Return to base immediately. Do you read me? Return to base immed-
  28. John?
  29. The laser!
  30. John, that is one of our Eagles.
  31. Prepare the laser gun.
  32. Laser gun on target, John.
  33. Ah, would you mind repeating that, John.
  34. Commander. I can't do it. I -I know who's up there.
  35. Well I won't so it! Oh, come on, Commander. I can't.
  36. Weapons Section. Retract the laser gun.
  37. Commander. Our temperature is dropping rapidly. This will eliminate half our instruments.
  38. The oxygen units have failed. We're on emergency. We must have more power.
  39. John!
  40. We can't do it, John, we'll destroy Alpha!
  41. Not only Doctor Russell.

The Beta Cloud (33)

  1. Yeah, John.
  2. You're gonna be okay.
  3. I feel better. Weak, but better.
  4. Hey, you alright?
  5. Tony, what's the situation?
  6. What can we do to help?
  7. Where are you?
  8. Hey, Tony, don't take any chances.
  9. Maya. Maya, he shouldn't have to worry about you right now.
  10. Yeah, I know, but if he can decoy that thing into the vacuum chamber..
  11. Well, then you will have to help him.
  12. Tony. She's fainted.
  13. Got you up. Come back here.
  14. Take care of her.Tony. You want to talk.
  15. You've got to help him, Maya.
  16. No, Maya doesn't need the doors.
  17. I'm alright, alright. Oh- maybe I'll think better sitting down.
  18. What, is that creature still on the loose?
  19. Tony, I'm going with you.
  20. What was that?
  21. The red alert.
  22. Well, Tony, isn't there anybody else to help you?
  23. No, no. Maybe not. Listen, I haven't got time to explain. Get yourself over to the Hydroponic Unit.
  24. Fraser. I want you to set up a heavy duty electrical barrier across the approach to the Life Support.
  25. No, me neither. Listen. Sahn's the expert.Give me a hand.She'll tell you all about it.
  26. Tony?
  27. How is it going?
  28. Listen, can she get close enough to hit it with that anaesthetic gun?
  29. No, Tony, stay where you are, will you. You get in amongst that chlorine you'll kill yourself. And that will not help Alpha.
  30. ..I'm okay...I think I'm going to be okay now.
  31. I've gotta get out there and help them.
  32. Tony. Go to the Life Support. But be very careful. Fraser is setting up an electrical barrier.
  33. He's taken the core, no.

Space Warp (86)

  1. Will do.Sahn. Will you get Eagle One up on the Big Screen and open up a channel.
  2. John. We'd like an E T A on your return.
  3. Helena's worried.
  4. All personnel assume emergency positions. All personnel assume emergency
  5. positions.
  6. Alright, everybody. Back to your stations.
  7. How long before you can restore full power?
  8. Can you get Eagle One on the Big Screen?
  9. I'm not sure yet. Keep trying.
  10. What's our position?
  11. We've gone through a space warp.
  12. There's no chance of the Commander ever making it back to Alpha.
  13. The chances of that are pretty remote. What's our present velocity?
  14. Get ready to launch a refuelling Eagle.
  15. Yeah. I know it's a long shot. But if they can find that space warp, then they're gonna need refuelling to get back to Alpha.
  16. Command Centre.
  17. That shaking. We went through a space warp. Eagle One is on the other side of it. We are five light years from our last position.
  18. If there are any developments, Helena...
  19. Well, you know John. He won't give up.
  20. It depends.
  21. On luck.
  22. I heard.All Security Personnel. There's a dangerous creature loose on Alpha.
  23. Take no chances. Put your laser guns on kill. Take no chances. Kill on sight.
  24. All nonessential personnel to remain in their quarters. This creature is dangerous. I repeat, this creature is dangerous. Security. Kill on sight.
  25. Elevator seven. Levels C and D.
  26. Hey, now wait a minute. That creature is -
  27. Top priority. All personnel. Don't shoot to kill. Change to stun.
  28. Hey, don't lose contact. But stay out of reach, huh? Tranquilliser darts are almost ready.
  29. Well, the stun guns have had little effect, Helena.
  30. Mm.
  31. Well, you think it's making for the Eagles?
  32. She's making for launch pad four. Come on.
  33. Cut off the power to the main Travel Tube.
  34. Alright, Helena. We've got it trapped underground. We've hit it with stun guns, tranquilliser darts..and she's still on her feet.
  35. Oh, boy, what do we do now?
  36. Come on. We'll try the alternate travel tube.
  37. This is top priority alert. Block Travel Tube tunnel one. Permit -
  38. Launch area.
  39. Launch Area, what's going on in there. Launch Area personnel, will you get on the comms post and give me a report. Launch Area personnel, can you hear me? Will you get on the comms post and give me a report. Launching area? Launch Area, what is going on in there?
  40. Launching Area?
  41. What's happening?
  42. Okay, I figured that. Where's it gone now?
  43. I'll bring her down.
  44. I'll bring it in.
  45. No, no, we've no control over it now.
  46. Get the rescue unit on the double.
  47. Move it! Go!
  48. Well, can't you save her?
  49. Well, you've got to do something.
  50. Just stand here and let Maya die?
  51. Helena. How long ago did Maya transform into this?
  52. Okay, now, you're afraid to operate because you're unfamiliar with its anatomy, right? Well, Maya can't hold this form for longer than one hour. We've only got to wait another fifteen minutes.
  53. Make sure your gun's set on stun.
  54. Check.
  55. Anything?
  56. Check.Attention all Security personnel. All the corridors are clear, the travel tubes are clear, the life support area is clear, levels C and D are clear. Now check levels A and B.It's gotta be somewhere on this base.
  57. Well, it might take a little time, but we'll find her.
  58. Sahn,
  59. Will you patch me into the refuelling Eagle.
  60. Gary, what's your E T A?
  61. When you reach the rendezvous point
  62. I want you to cruise the area.
  63. Well, until I give you further notice.
  64. Right, we're on our way.
  65. It's still trying to get to Psychon.
  66. Uh huh, explosive decompression will wipe out everybody in this section on Alpha. You guys set on stun?Fire.
  67. What are you doing? If that breaks through the outer airlock door onto the surface, she'll die instantly.
  68. It'd better.
  69. There's nothing. No effect at all. Maya!
  70. Yeah.
  71. How long will it last though?
  72. No, not just yet. Get yourselves suited up and wait for a command round in airlock C.
  73. Slowed, huh? It must be running out of air.
  74. Roger, Alpha.
  75. Moonbuggy to Alpha. We have visual.
  76. Helena, hang on. Get out of the way.
  77. Helena! I'm losing oxygen.
  78. Air. Beautiful.
  79. Any developments?
  80. And they have nothing to report either?
  81. Yeah, I'm fine.Hey. Well. That's something. At least we've got full power again.
  82. There's nothing on the screen.
  83. Helena. I have a little surprise for you.
  84. Take a look at your screen.
  85. How come you've got the derelict in tow?
  86. What is it? Is there something special about it?

The Bringers Of Wonder (33)

  1. He's too low. He'll hit one of the domes.
  2. He's deactivated the remote control. I can't take over.
  3. Ehrlich, Bartlett.
  4. Well, we're lucky. Damage to that nuclear dome was minimal.
  5. Yeh. It's gonna stay that way for centuries unless some fool drives a hot plutonium rod into one of the domes.
  6. It's a Superswift.
  7. Aah, but it is, I tell you.
  8. No.
  9. Not before we left Earth, but things have changed.
  10. Seems like human technology to me.
  11. I've still got the Houston Base Championship, buddy.
  12. You are looking so fit!
  13. Well, hello.
  14. Uh hmm. You're his sister, right?
  15. Oh. His daughter?
  16. I know, you're his grandmother.
  17. Oh boy. I guess that only means you're going to tell me what I'm afraid you're gonna tell me?
  18. You betya, tens of thousands!
  19. You look a little lost. Can I help you?
  20. I wonder if you wouldn't mind, Ben. I have some very important questions that I want to put to Louisa. You know, about the shape of things back on Earth, the configuration of the modern female form.
  21. Hey, Guido. What I want to know is what kind of propulsion you use to boost you past the speed of light?
  22. What's the matter, John?
  23. John.
  24. John. John, it's alright.
  25. His mind. Oh, it wouldn't just cave in, not John Koenig.
  26. What's happening?
  27. Stand back, I'll blast it open.
  28. Hey, all systems are go here.
  29. What's the hold up, Alpha?
  30. There it is. Earth.
  31. Did you ever see such a beautiful sight?
  32. Well, that's what they said the breakthrough they made was all about, time.
  33. Don't you go away, blue eyes.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (15)

  1. Oh, you little beauty.
  2. What's the first thing you're going to do, Joe?
  3. Me? Her name's Jeanie. How about you, Jack?
  4. Will you look at that weather pattern! I'd swear it's snowing over California!
  5. Well, here we go on the carousel.
  6. Hey, down there, Earth control. This is Swift pilot ship two. Do you read me? Do you want me to fly this crate in?
  7. I hear you, oh Earthman.Alan Carter to Moonbase Alpha.
  8. We're now going into Earth orbit
  9. and then on down for a landing.
  10. You got your historic lines ready?
  11. Where is the nearest john?
  12. Let's get this luggage into the hotel.
  13. In the old days they used to call this town the Big Apple.
  14. Bartlett. Come out here and give me a hand.
  15. That blonde. She might have been an illusion, but she was..

The Lambda Factor (13)

  1. I don't know, it just doesn't make sense.
  2. It's on record. For the last week every time a job's come through your hands we've had a malfunction.
  3. You were grounded after your crash.
  4. What, no after effects?
  5. Well, if it's not you, what is it?
  6. Yep, well, I have to report to the Commander myself.
  7. Yep.
  8. Command Centre. Command Centre!
  9. Command Centre. Command Centre!?
  10. Tony? Tony, get away from the door, there's an atomic motor about to go up in here! Evacuate the area!
  11. Yeah.Oh. Maya. You sure play rough, honey.
  12. Well.I had the motor switched off. And it came on again by itself. No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get it to go off.Even the connections were seized.
  13. You're out of place, Carolyn.

The Seance Spectre (33)

  1. He's just the craziest guy, and he came up to the redhead, you know, um, you know, technical, what's her name?, um..?
  2. Sure you do, you know, the crazy red-... What, you got something?
  3. It can't be.
  4. Right.
  5. Stand where you are.
  6. Right.Launch Area. Prepare Eagle One for lift off.
  7. Stand up.
  8. No gravitational trace: you're clear to approach to range three.
  9. I'm getting a slight tremor here. It could be atmospheric vibration. Or the beginning of a gravity pull.
  10. The tremor's gone, Maya.
  11. We'll give it a try.
  12. Ah. I'm getting feedback from Eagle One.
  13. I'm firing forward thrusters.
  14. Come on, baby, come on..
  15. Lift off!
  16. We have lift off!
  17. Ready launch pad one. We have a damaged Eagle.
  18. Okay, Sahn, bring down the launch pad, let's go.
  19. Or else the patient wakes up wondering what all the worried faces are worrying about.
  20. Yeh. Alter the Moon's course.
  21. Ah, some of it.
  22. Tony.
  23. Eva can't get through to Sanderson. I'm going down.
  24. Yes, Tony.
  25. Can you give me any coordinates?
  26. We shouldn't be hovering up here.
  27. away from all the action.
  28. Sanderson is down there.
  29. Eagle Six. Nothing so far, Tony. Will continue search.
  30. Eagle Six to Eagle Three. No sign of Sanderson. Recheck your area, Tony.
  31. Are you alright?
  32. Yeah, well. As you said, if you like nature, doctor.
  33. My mother was never like that.

Dorzak (52)

  1. Our Eagles are just model Ts compared to that.
  2. She says she has injured on board.
  3. It has no armament.
  4. Tony, give her a chance.
  5. I'll be with you in a second.
  6. Well, it's not that I'm a better listener than Tony. It's just that Maya means an awful lot to him.
  7. The planet Psychon, is that a member?
  8. Yes, Maya knew that some of her people left Psychon before it blew up. But she never knew if they ever made it to another star system.
  9. Wait a minute, wait a minute, you see, you've got something out of balance. Maya is no virus.
  10. But you said Dorzak's the prisoner on the ship.
  11. The weapon you used against Maya?
  12. If Maya doesn't recover..
  13. Well do that. And you'll get Tony on your side.
  14. Let her prove you wrong, Tony.
  15. Now, wait a while-
  16. I wouldn't think of it.
  17. Different? No.We all come form the same planet, Earth. oh, unless you mean my accent. Yeah, I guess I am a little different. On Earth I come from a country called Australia.
  18. Yeah. It is, to me.
  19. Well, that's because you are easy to be with.
  20. Maya will do nothing she is not permitted to do.
  21. You don't know Maya.
  22. How?
  23. What happened to Clea?
  24. Where is he?
  25. She is. Why don't you listen to her?
  26. Look, there is a witness who can tell us what happened. She is in the Medical Centre, Yesta.
  27. She has got to me.
  28. Impressive place.
  29. Just like the lady said.
  30. Something?
  31. I've been through the other alcoves. No trace of anything similar.
  32. Yeah, could be. Maybe some kind of charm.
  33. He sleeps easily for somebody who perverts minds.
  34. What if Sahala is telling the whole truth about that man?
  35. Why don't we wait until we hear Yesta's story?
  36. Obviously? Something doesn't hang together here, Tony.
  37. Stay away from her?
  38. If only we'd known what that thing was before we removed it from Yesta.
  39. No. Wherever she is, she'd know that you wouldn't blame her.
  40. Of course.
  41. The only one who he can't control is Sahala.
  42. It's going to be okay this time.
  43. I don't know.
  44. She must know by now.
  45. Right.
  46. I'm going to tell Sahala.
  47. Maya caught him off guard. He thought he was talking to you. We got the truth.
  48. Well, you can start by forgiving us for doubting you?
  49. I was. And I am.
  50. The wall.
  51. Well, I'm not conditioned, and I'm not ashamed of the way I feel, knowing I'll never see you again.
  52. How do you say goodbye on Norvah?

The Immunity Syndrome (38)

  1. Any luck?
  2. What about him?
  3. Well, I don't know: ask a doctor. Let's hope they find him...if he's still alive. Come on, let's see if we can burn away some of this rock.
  4. Uh huh. But no power.
  5. Umm. Solar cells.Mm. And there's a lot more of them.
  6. John. I think we've just found our way into the alien structure.
  7. Yeah, it seems to be powered by solar radiation cells. If we're right, once they're charged we should be in.
  8. Oh, that is good news.
  9. What, then you don't know his condition?
  10. We're holding.
  11. I wouldn't bet on it.
  12. Base camp coming up.
  13. John.
  14. John, she's going down.
  15. John.
  16. Right.
  17. To check on Eagle One. We have to get them back to Alpha.
  18. Sure.
  19. Yeah. I have to admit it wasn't one of my best.
  20. You can forget Eagle One. It will fall apart if we try to use it. All the metal is corroded.
  21. Yep. And if they try to help us..their Eagles will be torn apart the minute they enter the atmosphere.
  22. Well, every circuit element's perished. Metals have just disintegrated.
  23. Oh great. We can't build a communicator out of plastic.
  24. Hey, metaline fibres.
  25. Yeah, they'll conduct energy, but what energy? We don't have any source of power.
  26. And likewise one transmitter.
  27. There are more of those here.
  28. Let's try another disc.
  29. They regain consciousness just before death.
  30. While you were away we found this.
  31. There it is.
  32. So is this. Must be a communicator.
  33. And ours.
  34. Hey. You'd better memorise the approach.
  35. Yeah, well, you know the only certain protection, John, is to completely shield your eyes.
  36. He's crazy if he removes that mask.
  37. Somebody's taken all our gear.
  38. Ready to go home?

The Dorcons (13)

  1. It could be
  2. some kind of robot survey device.
  3. Surface Eagles to underground hangers.
  4. Check.
  5. John. That ship's got a meson convertor on board.
  6. And shift it through space almost simultaneously.
  7. All Eagle crews to combat stations.
  8. Combat Eagle group
  9. ready for launch.
  10. That craft is shielded, John. We can't touch it.
  11. John. We've just lost Eagle Four.
  12. One ship, one pilot lost. Thompson, Eagle Four.
  13. Compliments of computer. Two genuine, one hundred per cent imitation coffees.

Copyright Martin Willey