The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey



The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

The Moonbuggy is a real amphibious vehicle called the Amphicat, well known for also appearing in the American children's show Banana Splits. More


This desk container was designed by Pio Manzu for Kartell. More

Force Of Life

The Visible Man and Woman were plastic model kits that Helena displayed on her desk or in her quarters. More

Dragon's Domain

The electric typewriter is a Triumph-Adler Gabriele 2000. It appears in living quarters in Force Of Life and Dragon's Domain. A similar model appears in Koenig's quarters in The Exiles. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos. More

The A B Chrysalis

The Decimo Timemachine calculator is seen in Command Center. More

Another Time, Another Place

The Plustronic 636 calculator is used by Bergman and Maya. More

The Testament Of Arkadia

The Divisumma 18 calculator is used as a translator. More

Space Brain

The orange stacked Hampa-Pak picnic trays are frequently seen. More

Mission Of The Darians

Gustavberg salad bowls are oddly stored in the Eagle passenger module. More

Guardian Of Piri

The orange Gustavberg fruit juicer is often in living quarters. More

Matter Of Life And Death

Mirror often in Medical, then traded by Taybor. More


Cups of several styles, including by Gabbianelli. More

The Last Enemy

Vase by Gabbianelli. More

The Mark Of Archanon

The telescope (and thermal lance) is a Japanese Eikow STH4000 or STH5000 telescope. More


The oscilloscopes are the British-made "Advance Instruments" OS250 oscilloscopes. More


Perpetual calendar by Brusasco and Torretta Architetti for Euroway, 1970. More

Force Of Life

This alarm clock seen in Zoref's quarters is a Sanyo RM5430 from 1972.

The Last Sunset

Helena's transparent medical case (see in Matter of Life and Death and later), was a 1973 "Officio" attaché case, from the Dutch company Gunther Lambert. The contents include real medical boxes from Avon Medicals Limited and Gillette UK, plus Ferrero Tic-Tac mints, and Twinco picnic salt and pepper pot. More


In Earthbound, the Spectro X scanner is based on a 1971 Braun HLD 6/61 hair-dryer, designed by Jurgen Greubel. More


In Earthbound, Helena's drill is a Kenwood food mixer, designed by Kenneth Grange More

Seed Of Destruction

In Seed Of Destruction and other episodes, this microscope was made from Osma brand plastic plumbing pipe. More. The space warp detector in Space Warp is made with the same materials.

Matter of Life And Death

The injection pen used throughout the series is actually a Twinlite tongue depressor and auro-nasal illuminator, made by Eschmann. More


In Dorzak, Sahala's staser is a tape recorder microphone. More

Mission Of The Darians

In The Full Circle an Alphan direction finder, in Mission Of The Darians a Darian gun, and in A Matter Of Balance a Sunim weapon, this was a Dictaphone microphone. More

The Exiles

This Alphan hand scanner used in many episodes in Year 2 is a National (Panasonic) PB3 folding flash gun. The handle is a stabilising grip for 1960s/70s Black and Decker power drills. More

Space Brain

The Alphan's EVA jet pack is made from two Thermos vacuum flasks, model #6402, and pistol grip/shoulder stocks for a camera. More

A Matter Of Balance

The "Propogatoscope" from A Matter Of Balance is a Polish made Krokus colour SL photograph enlarger, also seen in other episodes. More. Another photo enlarger, the DeVere 504 Cathomag, appears in Voyager's Return.

Dragon's Domain

In Dragon's Domain, Cellini's headphones are Sennheiser HD 424. It has the same distinctive yellow ear pads as the best selling HD 414.

Mission Of The Darians

Eero Aarnio's 1967 fibreglass chair, the Pastil, appears on the Daria in Mission of the Darians and stacked on Ditzel barstools in The Infernal Machine. More

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