The Catacombs Dialogue
Helena Russell Dialogue

Helena Russell

Barbara Bain

Total dialogue: 1907 lines.

Breakaway (26)

  1. Eagle One Four from Area Two Monitoring Depot. This is Doctor Russell.
  2. When will you finish unloading?
  3. Steiner. As soon as the ship lifts off, please begin a manual check on that radiation seal.
  4. Yes, I am.
  5. So far.
  6. There's an increase in brain activity. Steiner, get Nordstrom out of there, I think he's in trouble.
  7. Intensive Care Unit, please stand by. We have a casualty.
  8. Yes.
  9. Commander.
  10. It's a replica. A college prize.
  11. It's not a virus. What they have is an unusual form of brain damage. Their condition is critical.
  12. I can say they're as fit as astronauts Warren and Sparkman were before they were affected.
  13. Commander, I saw the ninth man die this morning. One moment he was fine, the next he lost all control. Here.It's a thermographic plate. A malignancy erupts, there's immediate disorientation of the kind that's classic in radiation attacks.
  14. Nine deaths.
  15. I know. And there're more inconsistencies. No radiation leakage has ever been recorded there. But what is consistent, is that the Probe astronauts, and the back up crews, have lived the same lives, been through the same training programme.
  16. What I am saying is that the back up crew appears to be medically fit, but as a doctor, and because of the unknown factors, I can't guarantee that they won't be affected three days, or three months, out into deep space.
  17. The risk is great. The decision, of course, is yours.
  18. Computer. Please verify that last report.
  19. I can't guarantee that they won't be affected three days, or three months, out into deep space.
  20. Shock. Minor physical shock. We can't find anything else so far.
  21. Commander.That is not the kind of damage I'm looking for.You knew that that Area was suspect. You knew that it had already affected the two Probe astronauts and the Eagle shuttle pilot in some way. And yet you went right out there yourself. We're looking for answers, Commander. Not heroes.
  22. Magnetic energy causing brain damage?
  23. Then we've all been exposed to it. We've all been to Area Two and to get there we turn over Area One. It could be a cumulative effect that hasn't as yet-
  24. I won't be responsible for any more men out on the surface in these conditions.
  25. I can't move..!
  26. Gloria, help Lew please.

Matter Of Life And Death (64)

  1. Vital signs normal.
  2. Uh huh.
  3. Not registering.
  4. Vital signs normal.
  5. They're alive.
  6. He's my husband.
  7. Yes.
  8. No, it doesn't make any sense, but, John, I know my own husband.
  9. Yes he has, he's been presumed dead.
  10. The Astro Seven... Yes.
  11. What?
  12. Something like that. They..they lost contact.
  13. I don't know, they just lost contact around Jupiter.
  14. John, we may be billions of miles from Jupiter, but Lee is here. He is here.
  15. Yes?
  16. Yes.
  17. Normal.
  18. I don't know.
  19. Lee? Lee, can you hear me?
  20. Yes, it's me, Lee.
  21. Lee, you're in a hospital room, we're on Moonbase Alpha.
  22. You want me to bring him out of it with metrazine?
  23. John. There are things about his condition that we don't understand. Can it wait?
  24. A little longer at least?
  25. Alright.
  26. It's alright, Lee. I'm right here. Commander Koenig is a friend. He's going to ask you some questions.
  27. I'm sorry, John. He's got to rest.
  28. Lee?
  29. Tell you what?
  30. We're on Moonbase Alpha, Lee. There was an accident. The Moon was blown out of Earth orbit.
  31. We think we've found what we want. A new world. Some place to live. Your planet. We're going to colonise it. We could be together.
  32. Oh, I'm fine.
  33. I must have passed out.
  34. I don't know. Lee and I were talking..
  35. Yes, a little.
  36. Not much, it was -just before I fainted.
  37. I don't remember. No, John, I'm sure he didn't: I would have remembered that.
  38. Yes, I'm sure of that.
  39. Just a little tired, that's all. John. We are going down there, aren't we?
  40. Lee! Lee, it's alright.
  41. Lee. Try to help us. Help us to understand.
  42. But why?
  43. Come in.
  44. I've already said it all to myself, John. I don't blame anyone for what happened to Lee.
  45. Could have. We simply don't know.
  46. As a doctor, of course, I'm interested. As Lee's wife -I'd rather forget. The first time I lost Lee I thought I'd never survive it. Now that it's happened again -I'm just numb. I guess -I never really had him back.I'm alright.
  47. Well, in that sense I'd have to, John, but -please listen.
  48. Yes.
  49. Please be careful. Don't approach any animal life, no matter how friendly or harmless it appears, and don't eat any vegetation without carrying out the appropriate tests.
  50. Breeze.
  51. Commander. Water?
  52. I'd be delighted.
  53. What's wrong?
  54. Commander!
  55. He's dead.Come on, come on. Come on, there we are. It's alright. It's okay-
  56. Okay.
  57. Sandra!
  58. Sandra!
  59. Lee? You?
  60. Help me, please, Lee.How can this be possible?
  61. But you died?
  62. Antimatter?
  63. But how?
  64. We cannot stay here, John.

Black Sun (22)

  1. A black sun.
  2. It's ingenious.
  3. Sandra, I wanted you to have more rest.
  4. Paul. Where is Commander Koenig? I've been trying to reach him.
  5. Incredible stupidity.
  6. The risk to both of you.
  7. And the other two per cent?
  8. Then what's the point of the force field?
  9. It's getting cold in here.
  10. Victor seems to believe we could survive.
  11. And you?
  12. You'll be fine.
  13. Your mechanical heart saved your life, you know.
  14. Not exactly.
  15. A reprieve.
  16. John.
  17. I'm not going. Doctor Mathias can replace me.
  18. I'm not being noble. If anything... John, it's my life. It ends here on Alpha, or somewhere out in space. What difference can it make?
  19. Sandra.
  20. Sure you will. I remember when I was a little girl, I was afraid of the dark. Isn't that funny?
  21. We didn't.
  22. Something..brought us home.

Ring Around The Moon (27)

  1. Ted! Ted! Sandra, get security!
  2. John.
  3. Yes.
  4. That might not be possible.
  5. Yes. A ball of orange light. Very weak. Pulsating. And then it died out. There was very little brain tissue left to examine. Most of it had..melted.
  6. The analysis shows that the cerebrum, which regulates speech, hearing, and most important in this case, vision, had expanded to three times its normal size. An the arromal system, which transmits information to the body through the nerves, was functioning at perhaps a thousand times its normal speed. Together, they somehow enabled Ted Clifford to see, and act, as though he were a computer.
  7. John.
  8. Who are you?
  9. I am from the planet Earth.
  10. Then you know we mean you no harm. We need your help.
  11. I feel fine, Bob. Really I do.
  12. Probably because we know too much.
  13. I...I just..felt faint for a moment. My equilibrium's off, did you, ah, check my middle ear?
  14. Wait a minute.
  15. Two.I should see four.Did you check my optic nerve? Come on, Bob, tell me.
  16. Only one. Ted Clifford.
  17. I talked to them. I told them...we meant them no harm and that we needed their help.
  18. No. I only spoke to them. To a voice anyway.
  19. With machines. They do it with light.
  20. When I was in the sphere I wasn't wearing my space suit.
  21. Even if it works, what can you do when you get there? How will you get inside the sphere?
  22. But there's no time pattern, I'm activated at random.
  23. I don't have any choice, do I?
  24. Is it over?
  25. Yes. John?
  26. What is it?
  27. Thank you, Doctor Mathias.

Earthbound (21)

  1. Commissioner. We can't encourage false hope. All of us have had to come to terms with life here on Alpha.
  2. I wish we knew.
  3. Suspended animation?
  4. E K G and E E G both negative.
  5. If it was suspended animation, maybe the crash killed them.
  6. And, as far as I can tell from radio microanalysis, the skin tissue shows no evidence of cell growth.
  7. All our instruments indicated that life no longer existed.
  8. May I suggest that I run some tests to determine whether or not you and our people on Earth are medically compatible?
  9. Yes. We do here.
  10. The problem's the same all over the Universe.
  11. I find you sufficiently human, Captain Zantor.
  12. Yes.
  13. Thank you.
  14. They're medically clear.
  15. Captain Zantor, will you help us set up the experiment?
  16. No after effects at all.
  17. Well, we're beginning to understand the principle. The process will work if Captain Zantor's computer has a complete matrix of it's human subject.
  18. I don't know. It is a nice idea.
  19. It's wrong, John. But you've got to let him go.
  20. He is.
  21. John. Who did the Computer finally choose?

Another Time, Another Place (43)

  1. Regina?Regina.
  2. No.
  3. And are recovering. Except for Regina. Her condition seems to be deteriorating.
  4. Regina.It's alright.
  5. Where?
  6. Just take it easy.
  7. Of course it was a dream.
  8. Regina...
  9. They're not dead, Regina.
  10. Tell me about the sun, Regina.
  11. You can see she actually has sunburn. She believes she's living on a planet in the open air, with sun, wind, trees.
  12. No, it's deeper than that. And if it were classic regression I could deal with it. She's convinced she's actually living another life. Her present life here on Alpha no longer seems to exist for her.
  13. No. The only thing she relates to is this fantasy existence. And the most troublesome part of it for her is that she's in mourning.
  14. She thinks both you and Alan Carter are dead.
  15. I don't know. What I'm looking for is a connection between that experience and her condition.
  16. Oh, it's not bad.
  17. You're getting better now.
  18. Who's come back?
  19. Your husband?
  20. You've been ill and time gets all mixed up.
  21. Now, look, don't upset yourself. You want to get better, don't you?
  22. Yes, he is here.
  23. He will, soon.
  24. Alright. I'll bring him to see you.
  25. Alan Carter please.
  26. Could you come to the Medical Unit right away?
  27. I'm sorry, Alan. She needed to see you and I thought that shock might have a positive effect.
  28. You're the shock. She thinks you're her husband.
  29. I'll try to explain it as best I understand it.Regina believes she's living in another place in some future time.
  30. Yes. Somehow, she thinks of it as her past.This is her world.
  31. Regina. Please, give that to me.
  32. I thought so too.
  33. Their Eagle crashed on the Moon about five years ago. They were both killed on impact.
  34. The space vacuum preserved their bodies.
  35. If they're still alive. And...I believe they are. I think that was what Regina was trying to tell us all along.
  36. Why? Are you going down there, John?
  37. Wait, John.
  38. Then, please. Consider this. You saw what happened to Regina as soon as we came into Earth orbit. It's possible the closer we get to Earth, those other Alphans...
  39. What happened to Regina could happen to all of us.
  40. John.
  41. Under the circumstances only you and Alan Carter should go. Your other selves are dead. And if our people are to go down the medical implications have to be studied. Like you, John, I have no alternative but to go.
  42. John. Take us back. Our place and our time is on Alpha.
  43. It's over.

Missing Link (17)

  1. Three are alive, Paul. I can't get a reading from Commander Koenig.Bob. Medical monitor. It's not registering.
  2. We're on our way.
  3. Paul. Any word from them yet?
  4. Still no life readings. Keep me posted, Paul.
  5. Thank you, Paul.
  6. Alan. This is Doctor Russell. We're coming alongside now. Don't move anyone until I've examined them.
  7. I don't know. We can't do any more for him here, we've got to get him back to Alpha.
  8. It may simply be John's time to die.
  9. Raise it three points.
  10. Three points.That's enough.
  11. A machine is keeping John alive, not himself, not me.
  12. John is already dead. His body is dead, and his mind. I can't deceive myself any longer.
  13. There is one thing.
  14. I have to, Bob.
  15. Alan, you don't understand.
  16. Security to Diagnostic. Security to Diagnostic.
  17. Not long.

Guardian Of Piri (32)

  1. Unconscious. Rapid heart beat.According to his monitor he's fine.
  2. It seems the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere was slowly decreasing. Our own hearts have made a natural adjustment. But Victor's mechanical heart didn't.
  3. Cut the drip, Doctor.
  4. Doctor, how could you possibly allow this to happen?
  5. Kano was one of the few people to take part in an experimental programme on Earth. He underwent an operation to implant a complex of fibre sensors in the cortex of his brain. The intention was to link the enormous memory and calculating ability of the computer to the unique thinking ability of the human brain.
  6. Medically I was opposed to the experiment, but your case converted me.
  7. Yours was the undeniable success story.
  8. We've no idea what happened to them. There's no rational explanation. It could happen to any one of us. Yet, it didn't happen to you.
  9. What have you found?
  10. And to our very own Christopher Columbus who discovered it.
  11. That's something I don't think we have to worry about.
  12. Good. Of course a lot depends on how our lives turn out in practise on Piri. But I don't see any pressing need to take the space in an Eagle with the contents of an operating theatre,
  13. Isn't it wonderful? We've almost come to the end of our journey.
  14. And to think we almost went right by it.Well, he's scheduled for Medical Eagle number Ten. He'll be adequately taken care of.
  15. John, it's alright.
  16. Well, John is conscious again. But Computer says he's as pig headed as ever.
  17. Let's not take him.
  18. He's so inflexible.
  19. Hm. Okay.
  20. Not even to have to worry about the problems of day to day subsistence. I used to dream about this.
  21. There's John.
  22. I wonder if we should go to meet him?
  23. He'll find his way.
  24. John! You've come to join us at last!
  25. They've given us eternal life.
  26. Okay, John.
  27. Shock treatment. Had my heart stopped?
  28. Yes...the exodus. We went down to the planet...
  29. There was just this light.
  30. I didn't see any people.
  31. Nothing. Nothing moves. There's no sign of life.
  32. So when you destroyed the girl you destroyed the Guardian?

Force Of Life (33)

  1. What is it, John?
  2. I don't know.
  3. He's coming round now.
  4. How do you feel?
  5. Oh no, you're coming with me. I want to know what caused you to pass out.
  6. And you're sure this has never happened before?
  7. Oh, it's nothing to do with you. One of the monitors, it seems to have failed.
  8. Not quite. You're still in a state of shock. And, I'm putting you on restricted duties.
  9. And someone else will tend it for a while. Now, I want you to rest. And relax.
  10. Doctor Mathias.
  11. One of the Medical monitors has blown, would you fix it please?
  12. John. I'm taking Anton Zoref off of full duty for a few days.
  13. Oh, nothing like that, just a mild state of shock. I expect a quick recovery.
  14. All we know is that he died seven minutes ago. Death seems to have been caused by sudden, instant, freezing.
  15. Well, I'll rush through an autopsy. But I don't know that I'll have those answers.
  16. Yeah. You can take her away now.
  17. That's hardly a coincidence. We see this freezing effect.Those two deaths were a result of total heat loss. Now light, or life, is simply another form of heat. And in both cases, the loss was sudden and complete. Whatever this alien force is, John, it seems that it's consuming heat.Of course, that's just pure theory.
  18. No. I haven't seen him since I examined him.
  19. Now tell me what's wrong, Eva.
  20. I'm concerned about it, John. I think you should check.
  21. He's alive.
  22. We can't move him, it's too dangerous.
  23. For the moment at least.
  24. Get these to Professor Bergman right away.
  25. Take him into the observation room.
  26. Let's hope the scans give us the answer.
  27. That light will act as an early warning system.
  28. Don't worry. He can't come out of there. And I'm certainly not going in.
  29. Open the door!
  30. Look out...
  31. Everybody tried their best to help. We- just didn't know how.
  32. Eva, we're living in deep space. There's so many things we don't understand.
  33. We don't know what that alien force was. Why it came here. Or why it selected Anton. But we've got to try to help each other. To understand.

Alpha Child (43)

  1. It's a boy.Mother and son doing just fine. Seven pounds, eleven ounces. Dark hair, blue eyes. He's beautiful.
  2. None what so ever. But I do think someone should watch him at all times.Now you get some rest. I'll do the first stint. I'm not tired. I just don't want to leave him anyway. Sue. He's perfect. Just get some sleep and you'll see him again later.
  3. Take it easy.
  4. We had to sedate her. She's in shock.
  5. Uh huh. I don't know. This whole thing is totally beyond normal medical experience. How can cell growth accelerate to this extent in a matter of seconds? Cells just don't grow without nourishment. It's impossible.Heaven knows I looked forward to this, first child born here.
  6. Yes. Psychological problems. Medical problems. Things we could deal with. But this? What kind of life is this child going to have anyway, here in this artificial atmosphere on Alpha. He doesn't even have a father to help him cope.
  7. Commander. Preliminary medical tests show that he's a perfectly normal five year old child.
  8. And his..motor..activity is equal level.
  9. No, but how could he? He's had no opportunity to learn to speak. Yet he's so alert, so responsive.There's one thing we haven't tried yet.
  10. Our first concern is how we're going to look after him.
  11. Look, I'll give Sue all the help she needs. I think we've got to give him the best chance we can.
  12. Maybe we'll find out why it happened this way. Maybe we'll never know. John.
  13. He's a lovely child.
  14. We've called him Jackie.
  15. He can't hear, Alan. He's deaf.
  16. It's just too much excitement. I just think he's tired, John.
  17. Thirty eight pounds. He's making normal progress now.
  18. I just keep trying to invent tests to find out how intelligent he really is.
  19. She refuses to recover from her state of shock. She's totally rejected the child.
  20. Everyone else on Alpha has welcomed him with open arms. She won't even see him. I have a feeling that if she could see what a comparatively normal life he's leading.
  21. I saw him smile. It sent a ..shiver up my spine. So knowing. Almost as if he was mocking his mother to death.
  22. With his nurse, somewhere.
  23. Cell growth has accelerated far beyond the capacity of our instruments to measure.
  24. Yes.
  25. You think Jackie..
  26. John, it's a human being.
  27. Then the reasons for your first decision still hold. We don't know any more. We're just more frightened, more desperate.
  28. But in that case the reasons for not destroying him are even stronger.
  29. You say we're wide open. If he is their instrument, how do you think they'll respond if we kill them?
  30. There are many things we'd like to know also.
  31. None.
  32. Stop! Stop it, I tell you! Stop it!
  33. Stop it! I'll tell you. There're four men on the surface. Stop it, please.
  34. I can't stop them.
  35. John, you must do as I tell you. Do not fire at those ships. You were right about Jackie.
  36. You've killed her.
  37. Put down your weapons.
  38. John. Tell everybody to put down their weapon or I'll kill Alan.
  39. But you killed Sue Crawford!
  40. Jarak!
  41. They've got Doctor Mathias and two nurses.
  42. They'll all recover.
  43. Do you think they gave themselves up?

The Last Sunset (40)

  1. It is, Alan. The oxygen content is more than four times that of Earth.
  2. Or prevent us finding out anything about them.
  3. If we go into orbit around this sun we'll have all the time we need.
  4. Kano. Has computer analysed my data yet?Computer's telling us nice stories today.
  5. ..tells stories.John. So far so good. Of course I can only test for elements that we know and can identify. There may be some things our instruments don't register.
  6. The atmosphere begins to thin off rapidly at twenty thousand. Now, on Earth that would hardly be enough to act as a filter. But here? I think we're going to be alright.
  7. And live in it.
  8. Confirmed, Paul. You're cleared to move out now.
  9. You are now breathing more air than oxygen,
  10. and the pressures inside and outside your suits are equal. How do you feel?
  11. Yes, I'm monitoring that. Chock that up to the excitement.
  12. Like what?
  13. Ooh. Huh. We're going to have to worry about sitting in draughts.
  14. And this Data Transmitter's beginning to act like a primitive crystal set!
  15. No, no, let's not move her yet. She has severe concussion. With concussion you can never tell. If there are no complications she'll be alright.
  16. That means we're totally dependant on Alpha to find us.Paul. Why don't you give Alan a hand getting us some air.She'll be alright.
  17. Yeah.
  18. Briassic acid. The tanks have smashed, and it's eaten it's way into everything. Food, medical supplies, and the water.
  19. It wasn't. The impact must have carried it into the cargo section along with the main motor. We're probably lucky it didn't explode right away.
  20. Come on, Alan! Take it easy! We've still got survival rations.
  21. All right. Then you make sure the next time they fly over, they can see us.
  22. Come on, let's save our energy.
  23. If we don't survive, Sandra won't make it.
  24. Sandra. Where's Paul?
  25. Paul!
  26. Paul!
  27. Paul!
  28. He did? Oh yes..
  29. No, not really, just.. more of a promise of things to come.
  30. What is it?
  31. Wait a minute. Where did it come form?
  32. Oh, we have no way of analysing it, testing it. We can't eat it until..
  33. You've eaten it?Sandra?
  34. Paul. We have to be careful.
  35. Look. Let's stick to the ration cubes for breakfast, while I do what tests I can. Then, if it's alright, and you're still alright, we'll all try it.
  36. Lunch time.
  37. I'm not sure.. that it's safe. But I think maybe we should try it.
  38. I'll do some more tests when we get back.
  39. Paul..No!..No!..No!..
  40. I'm sorry I didn't discover that sooner, Paul.

Voyager's Return (26)

  1. Both men under severe stress.
  2. Getting no life signs. I hope it's their instruments.
  3. Wait a minute! We have to think of our lives.
  4. Time! Time for what? We have no protection. We've got to stop it!
  5. We can't take any chances with the Queller Drive. We know what it does!
  6. I understand that. Look, I'd love to get my hands on that information, it could be invaluable in relation to our survival. But we can't just ignore the Queller Drive!
  7. Because we can't risk it!
  8. You mean you're going to try to save Voyager? At the risk of all our lives?Alright. Well I guess we should try to find all the information we can about fast neutrons.
  9. Not yet.
  10. Ernst Queller?
  11. And noone knew.
  12. You would put the survival of Alpha into his hands?
  13. Fractured ribs. Shock. Bob?
  14. Jim found out.
  15. You're just trying to resolve a conflict that noone has a time to give a damn about.
  16. Alright.
  17. Come on.I can't give you any more of this. You're fighting a losing battle.
  18. You're wasting your time. Voyager's going to have to be destroyed.
  19. Good luck.
  20. Alright, Doctor. You've done your work. Come along. Let me do mine.
  21. John?
  22. How do you feel?
  23. Doctor, many, many people have put science before responsibility.
  24. They say the road to hell is..
  25. Anyway, it's academic now.
  26. If you were a betting man, John, how would you figure the odds? Fifty-fifty? Worse?

Collision Course (30)

  1. Yes, John?
  2. It won't take a moment. Medical Team is standing by.
  3. I'm worried.
  4. Yes, I know. But he spent three hours in that cloud. I'd be surprised if he wasn't affected in some way.
  5. Alan.
  6. Nurse.
  7. Bob.
  8. It's alright, Alan. It's alright.You'll be alright now, Alan. Give him sedative will you?
  9. Hallucination, disorientation,..classic symptoms of radiation sickness. He has been affected.
  10. Well, they're wrong, and they're probably wrong about you too.
  11. That was no nightmare.
  12. Because I know my job. Look, except for Alan, both you and Paul have had the greatest exposure.
  13. My assessment is based on experience. And with no help from the clock. Extensive tests take time, John. Look, I think he has been affected, and if I'm right then you've gotta be suspect.
  14. You're not going out again?
  15. John is still inside that alien spaceship.
  16. No other way?
  17. Now look, Paul. There have been two constant factors in all the troubles we've been through. One, we've survived them all. Two, John Koenig has been commander throughout. Now I see no reason to doubt his command now.
  18. Is it? You didn't see Arra. She has convinced John Koenig and as far as I'm concerned I see no reason to doubt his command now.
  19. Facts, calculations, you're beginning to talk like a computer.
  20. Paul. You'll have to take over now.Radiation sickness. Hallucination, disorientation. Same symptoms as Carter's.
  21. I don't know. Alan is still affected. John's going to have to be confined to his quarters and mildly sedated.
  22. Yeah.Security.
  23. Doctor Russell. Have two guards report to me in Medical Centre immediately please.
  24. Doctor Mathias.
  25. John. Give me the gun.
  26. John. Please. Let me help you.
  27. Both you and Alan..
  28. John. Believe me. The medical facts-
  29. John. I'm sorry.
  30. But-

Death's Other Dominion (26)

  1. The last reading on the surface temperature was minus sixty.
  2. And that's in the heat of the day.
  3. Must be the wind, John.
  4. He was just here!
  5. John! Victor! Where are you?
  6. Where are you? John!
  7. John, it's Helena, can you hear me? I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not behaving like a doctor, I'm -I'm sitting down. But it's alright. I don't feel the cold anymore. I'm getting so sleepy.
  8. Helena. Get up. Helena. Get up. Helena. Let's go. Helena.
  9. John.
  10. We're safe?
  11. Victor? Alan?
  12. There were survivors?
  13. Doctor Cabot Rowland.
  14. You saved our lives.
  15. Victor. Our Alan. Can he survive?
  16. How did you arrive here?
  17. What does he mean?
  18. But Alpha isn't home. It's a barracks, on a barren rock flying endlessly through space. We're looking for a real home, a place to live, to raise children.
  19. But you asked us to come. There was a voice. That must have been Doctor Rowland.
  20. John. Wait. These people say they are immortal. That they have lived over eight hundred years.
  21. In what way?
  22. Extraordinary.
  23. John. I can and do accept Doctor Rowland's medical judgement, just as you often have to accept my medical judgement on Alpha.
  24. John. Don't forget we are talking about the conquest of death. The greatest medical challenge conceivable!
  25. That's reasonable, John.
  26. That's certainly a workable solution as far as I'm concerned.

The Full Circle (14)

  1. What's happened, John?
  2. Well, John..
  3. John.
  4. One orderly, two nurses.
  5. He's busy with the autopsy.
  6. I knew it was too good to last.
  7. John.I think we're being watched.
  8. John..
  9. Victor?John!We nearly lost you.
  10. None at all. We're all just as fit as before we left.
  11. Not first hand. Only what Sandra has told us.
  12. From the sound of it, not all that much. It seems the cavewoman felt jealousy for the same reasons I would.
  13. Hum.
  14. Under the skin, do you think we've changed that much in forty thousand years?

End Of Eternity (28)

  1. Oxygen supply?
  2. Vital signs?
  3. Switch on.
  4. Dressing cutters?
  5. I'm sorry.
  6. An autopsy, I suppose.
  7. John!
  8. Yes, when you brought him here, he was severely injured. And then everything indicated that he had died. Well. Now he's alive. And what's more, we can't find any sign of injury, internal or external: he is completely healed.
  9. Have you checked this?
  10. Well these figures indicate the rate of the alien's cell replacement process. His body is regenerating cells so fast..they don't have time to decay.There's no cell decay. John, his being held in some sort of stasis. Bob. Speed up the rest of the figures, will you, please?
  11. Well. These figures are just early indications. But, if they're leading us where I think they are,..anything is possible.
  12. Fine. You can sit up now.
  13. Well, we'll have to check the tests first.
  14. Balor. We brought you here because you were injured. To help you.
  15. Well, it makes sense. We know immortality is possible.
  16. What are you trying to say?
  17. Can we assume that from those paintings? He was in that asteroid for a long time. Maybe he painted them himself.
  18. Bob. I want a report on what caused his death.
  19. Balor could have regenerated your injuries. But why? What's he up to?
  20. Then why didn't he kill you? It doesn't make sense.
  21. That's good, Bob. Nice and easy. Okay.
  22. I am in control of this unit. And I shall determine whether or not my function is obsolete.
  23. Get out of here.
  24. John.He was just here.
  25. One of our orderlies... Balor is a cold blooded killer.
  26. What's happening?
  27. He's gonna kill him!
  28. We meddled. We interfered with another people's justice. We must learn to leave some things alone.

War Games (40)

  1. Apart from the Eagle crews, we've lost all technicians on Launch Pad Four. We have eleven other casualties. Two men unaccounted for. It's bad, John.
  2. We've got an atmosphere leak! John, do you hear me?
  3. John, we've got an atmosphere leak.It's under control at the moment but I don't know how long it's gonna hold..
  4. Bob.Come on, let's go, we have to get everybody out of here. Let's go.Everybody. Come on. Come on.
  5. Bob!
  6. Bob! Bob!
  7. Bob!
  8. Hundred and twenty eight dead. Mostly there's no trace of them. Sucked out into space. Explosive decompression.
  9. Those that made it below are pretty much alright. Those who didn't.. There's just-no half way house.
  10. Most of the casualties were the Technical Department.
  11. Do you think they'll believe we're unarmed?
  12. We've got to show them that they've no ..need to be afraid of us.
  13. As Computer predicted.And there's still no sign of alien ships.
  14. It's beautiful.
  15. No computer malfunction.
  16. What do you make of it?
  17. The lights. The colours.. Maybe they're part of their language.
  18. If there's some ..reason you don't want us to stay here, some ..basic incompatibility, we could understand. But ..we're not here by choice. We cannot control the course of our Moon. We're looking for a place to live. We won't use force. All we want peace.
  19. You think we're no more than a virus?
  20. John! Violence is not the answer.
  21. No.No...
  22. Keep back.
  23. John.
  24. Am I a prisoner?
  25. Am I free to walk out of here?
  26. Will he... Will he succeed?
  27. Will you?
  28. You speak of life beyond death. Yet all around is a world I see, touch, feel.
  29. But why life and death if the brain is permanent?
  30. And defend them, with bombers and Hawks like those of the planet Earth.
  31. You do. You used them to destroy Alpha. Didn't you?
  32. Did you answer my question?
  33. It's beautiful.John...
  34. John... Come back...
  35. I want him back. As he was. I want him here. I am afraid of death! I don't want your world!
  36. I want him as he was! With all his faults and fears!
  37. We are what we are! John!!
  38. Bob.
  39. False alarm. Everybody relax.
  40. I remember. A world without fear. It was very strange. Beautiful. We've lost it.

The Last Enemy (17)

  1. Two planets. It would be nice to have a choice, wouldn't it?
  2. I need emergency power in the Medical unit.
  3. It's coming towards us.
  4. Enemies usually are.
  5. Many years ago? How long have you been at war?
  6. Now what are we going to do? Sit around and wait for round two?
  7. How?
  8. You've done it, John.
  9. Are you seriously considering her offer?
  10. Seems they're a lot like many ways.
  11. John. Alpha is intact and we're moving out of range. If we commit ourselves to that planet there'd be no turning back.
  12. Oh. Do we trust her?
  13. John! Damage, the casualties! We can't take much more!
  14. We survived, John.
  15. Well. We've got five cases of middle ear damage. It's not serious. There's nothing permanent. We're lucky.
  16. You're feeling regret?
  17. Well, I'd think I'd rather take my chances wandering through space than be involved in a permanent state of war. Anyway. It's too late now.

The Troubled Spirit (34)

  1. He'll be alright.
  2. It's okay.
  3. Not long. Do you remember what happened?
  4. You're probing into areas of the mind we know very little about. Of course that's what makes it so fascinating.
  5. You should be careful then. You seem to be particularly susceptible to psychic phenomenon and sometim- Laura. I'm sorry.
  6. Oh, he'll be fine. I will keep him in the Medical Centre tonight. He needs a good nights sleep.
  7. Time for your nightcap.
  8. Relax.Okay, now. Sleep well.
  9. Mateo. Is that you?
  10. Mateo?
  12. I don't know, I'm not sure about anything anymore. Wait a minute, I... I-I am sure about what I.. felt and what I think I saw. Mateo was telling me certain things that happened to him during his experience. Feelings of.. coldness and, and dread. And that's precisely what happened to me just before I saw that...
  13. All I know is what I felt and what I saw.
  14. It's just for the time being.
  15. Mateo. It was Commander Koenig's decision.
  16. Totally shattered spinal column.
  17. Fear generated to an unimaginable intensity.
  18. No blow could have caused this, John.
  19. What we're talking about is a wave pattern that's created by electrical activity and originates in the most primitive, least understood area of the human brain. Now we do know that people that have psychic powers possess this wave pattern in greater strength than others. And that something happened in Mateo's experiment which boosted this wave pattern to a previously unknown intensity.
  20. She died the same way as Warren.
  21. Mateo. Mateo. Come with me. Come on. Come on.
  22. You are not responsible for Warren's death.
  23. Just take it easy. It's alright. Just take it easy.
  24. This force has some bizarre connection with Mateo. As he understands it, it's seizing on the destructive urges within him and carrying them out.
  25. John, I've seen this being. I believe it. Mateo wants to recreate the experiment to try to bring it out into the open.
  26. John. That's it. That's what I saw.
  27. He's in deep shock. Of course, he's under heavy sedation. What I'm concerned about is what happens when it wears off. When full awareness returns.
  28. Mezadrine? That will bring out the most violent, aggressive responses.
  29. It should work -but- it could destroy him.
  30. Bob.
  31. If those straps don't hold him, he'll harm himself.
  32. You mustn't blame yourself, John.
  33. Mateo was burned in precisely the same way as the spirit we saw. It was inevitable that he would die like that - it was preordained. He was beyond our kind of help.
  34. Life and death. Still the big questions. The greatest mysteries.

Space Brain (28)

  1. What's happening, Victor?
  2. John. Their life signs have disappeared.
  3. I've got some early findings, on this stuff. It's a piece of the coating that I took from the surface of this meteorite. It's organic.
  4. Definitely. It's nothing we'd recognise, but-
  5. Human tissue?
  6. His heart and lungs have adjusted to what's going on inside of his brain.
  7. Well, he's suffering this non stop flow of impulses and ideas because that part of the cerebellum which controls his will is failing it's function. My hope is to stimulate the cerebellum and restore balance. Now, if we don't achieve that, very soon, he will simply burn himself up.
  8. Increase anaesthesia two points.
  9. He's still feeling pain. He could die of shock. I'm going to induce neuronic concussion.
  10. I'm alright.
  11. He's on life support system.
  12. John. The point about Kelly's condition..
  13. I don't..
  14. What did he say to Melita?
  15. Them. Meaning us. We're not going to find out what he had to do unless he can tell us.
  16. It's an orthodox diagnosis now. Decline due to brain damage. Strange, isn't it, that the decline began just as soon as computer was shut down. And that's when the hyper activity in his brain...stopped...
  17. John. If we're going to save Kelly, I think our only chance is to restart computer.
  18. John. If you want me to link your mind to Kelly's so you can read his The results could be catastrophic.
  19. I've experienced it myself doing advanced psycho analysis. That was under very different conditions. To link you and Kelly electronically at this point..
  20. We'll be monitoring your physical signs. If there are any chances we'll have to stop.
  21. Connected here.
  22. Are you alright, John?
  23. We've got to get him to Intensive Care.
  24. John. If we increase pressure too quickly, our people will be in trouble.
  25. John, we must have power.
  26. John! We can't leave Kelly!
  27. John. I deserted Kelly. I-I just keep thinking that maybe we could have saved him.
  28. If only..we could have communicated.

The Infernal Machine (22)

  1. Suppose we get the wrong answer?
  2. I wonder what kind of people..
  3. Are we going?
  4. I'm Doctor Helena Russell, this is Commander John Koenig, Professor Victor Bergman.
  5. Now don't speak. I can help you.
  6. He's extremely sick.
  7. Gwent. Your Companion is dying. I do not have the medical equipment here. If I could get him back to Alpha..
  8. You must let us go! He needs medical attention!
  9. He's dying!
  10. Words won't save him!
  11. You knew he was dying?
  12. He is dead!
  13. Return? From where?
  14. Needs. He has needs.
  15. It's not just the supplies.
  16. It's his heart.
  17. Heart seizure.
  18. Are you blind?
  19. The heart's drained of power!
  20. Victor. Are you alright?
  21. The oxygen's going.
  22. He's alive.

Mission Of The Darians (12)

  1. What do you think, John?
  2. Radiation?
  3. Bill.Look at that.
  4. Is is a door?
  5. We should. But let's just take a look.
  6. Are you..? Can you speak?What is it? What's the matter.Bill!
  7. Wait! Wait! We came to help! Please! We came to help! Please! Please! Please!
  8. No!
  9. No.No. No.
  11. They killed Lowry!Alan, look out!
  12. Paul! Help me!

Dragon's Domain (72)

  1. It was the eight hundred and seventy seventh day since our Moon left Earth. We were between galaxies, drifting through empty space. When Tony Cellini began to believe
  2. that he was closing for a second time with his mortal enemy.
  3. Cellini, are you alright?
  4. Computer raised the alarm. Your pulse and metabolic rate had peaked into the danger zone.
  5. Anything traumatic?
  6. Alright. If you need any help I'm on duty tonight.
  7. Thank you, Anne, I'll manage by myself now.
  8. As well as can be expected after a point blank stun. I've been expecting something like this. He's unstable, John.
  9. I've never really understood your admiration for him.
  10. He's a suppressed hysteric. Where d'you think he was trying to get to out there in his pyjamas? We're nowhere. We're three months Eagle travel time to the nearest star system and he was going off on his own? Now if that's the act of a rational man... He didn't even take his toothbrush.
  11. I'm aware of his history.
  12. Look, John. I know the Ultra Probe meant a great deal to you. But it's success was vital to Cellini. He can't take failure. For that reason alone you would've been the better commander of that Probe.
  13. Alright. I say that he made a disastrous mistake on that Probeship and being the acknowledged ace can't bring himself to admit it.
  14. You think he's infallible, he thinks he's infallible, but I don't.
  15. John. When it all happened I was a member of the Medical Team that examined Cellini. My report reinforced the case against him. I just presented the facts as I saw them.
  16. He is unstable and as such he's a threat to the safety of Alpha.
  17. John...
  18. John's anger was understandable. He and Cellini had been the driving force behind the Ultra Probe.
  19. In nineteen ninety four, before this Moon left Earth's orbit,
  20. Professor Victor Bergman had discovered a new planet beyond the then known limits of Earth's solar system. He had called it Ultra.
  21. The launch date for the Ultra Probe was the sixth of June, nineteen ninety six. Commander Captain Tony Cellini. Astrophysicist Doctor Darwin King. Radiation expert Professor Juliet Mackie, and doctor Monique Bouchere, responsible for the medical, dietary and psychological well being of the team.
  22. They were shuttled to the interplanetary space station where the Ultra Probeship was docked.
  23. Embarkation and countdown continued without a hitch. Launch took place at twelve hundred hours on schedule.
  24. So the longest ever manned spaceflight began. It continued through eight months of uneventful routine.
  25. Nothing disturbed the measured pace of the voyage. No malfunction of the ship broke the monotony. Navigation was faultless.
  26. For days excitement mounted as progressive readings confirmed the planet's condition was similar to Earth's.
  27. Plans were made for a manned landing. But as the probeship moved behind Ultra,-
  28. all contact was temporarily lost with Moonbase Alpha.
  29. The landing was never made.
  30. Despite his ordeal, Cellini executed
  31. a brilliant manoeuvre to put his lifeboat into a low orbit round Ultra
  32. which hurled him back to Earth. He survived alone in the module for over six months.
  33. Cellini's module was eventually located and brought back to Alpha. He was on the point of death.
  34. But as Cellini began to recover his strength, the official attitude to him changed from congratulation to doubt.
  35. The story he told of his encounter with the monster was difficult to believe, and the recorded data of the black box cast further doubt on his veracity.
  36. As a member of the Space Commission Medical Team, I began to inquire into the mental state of the patient.
  37. Captain Cellini?
  38. Doctor Helena Russell, Space Commission Medical Centre.
  39. Thank you, Captain.
  40. Now what do you mean?
  41. Now look, let's not get on the wrong track, okay?
  42. I didn't even mention the monster.
  43. Now, I don't have anything specifically in mind, I'm open to anything. Father Christmas if you like.
  44. Alright. You seem fairly keen to talk on a wide range of topics.
  45. Now that is a somewhat surprising statement for a rational man.
  46. And yet you want to be believed?
  47. Now come on, take it easy, Captain.Captain.
  48. By September thirteenth
  49. nineteen ninety nine, the day the Moon was blasted out of Earth's orbit, John Koenig was back on Alpha, as Commander of the base. Victor Bergman, Tony Cellini and I
  50. were also there. Memories of the Ultra Probeship disaster were obliterated in our fight for survival, until the night when Tony's nightmare revived all the old conflicts.
  51. Thank you.
  52. Alright.
  53. Alright.
  54. But, John, I..
  55. Where did you get it?
  56. That's very beautiful. Is it for me?Thank you.
  57. Uh hum?
  58. Well, you're doing it in a very nice way.
  59. Much better.
  60. Because it can happen at any time, which is exactly why I recommended that he never be returned to Alpha.
  61. Here. Let me get these.
  62. You had a nightmare last night, at oh three four seven. Medical Computer raised the alarm and I woke you. Remember?
  63. He's too calm.
  64. I'm worried, John.
  65. We've got the area scanned from here, from Alpha, and close up from Eagles Three and Four. So far no life indications, no radiation, no energy field, nothing.
  66. That doesn't mean he was necessarily right about the monster.
  67. John. We're getting life signs on the Probeship. Cellini's. If there was anything else we'd be receiving it.
  68. The monster was more than any of us could believe.
  69. According to our criteria it was never alive, so how could we be sure that it was dead? As we hurried back to Alpha, before our Moon drifted beyond reach, we could only wonder about the astronauts of
  70. those other fabulous ships. All we knew about them is their terrible fate, the fate of Tony Cellini.
  71. John. If we ever do find a new place to live, and if we succeed, we're going to need a whole new mythology.
  72. Saint George and the dragon sounds pretty flat until you know the story.

The Testament Of Arkadia (18)

  1. But they couldn't stop us cold like this?
  2. Morning. Morning, John.
  3. No. The atmosphere is stabilised. The radiation levels are tolerable. The planet is as it was before life stopped.
  4. There were living things here once. Birds. Animals? Maybe even intelligent life.
  5. John. Anna Davis is a trained philologist.
  6. Well, they're humanoid. People very much like ourselves. The bones show that they died of radiation as long as twenty five thousand years ago. Now the cave could have been their last refuge.
  7. Holocaust?
  8. It would take two years to get the crops growing.
  9. There are over three hundred people, John. Six months at the most.
  10. John. If the power situation remains stable, our food and essential life support systems can cope. It'll be hard, but we can survive.
  11. He's asking too much, John.
  12. Sorry?
  13. You are killing three hundred people.
  14. A purpose?And you believe this purpose of yours justifies destroying Alpha?!
  15. Look. Look, even if you could survive, Luke, Anna, do you realise what it'll be like? The only living beings on that whole barren planet?You're going to a living hell.
  16. Fine.
  17. I'm fine. They're all alone down there.
  18. Was it their choice, John?

The Metamorph (31)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Three hundred and forty two days after leaving orbit.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell recording. We have just survived our second encounter with a space warp. Central Computer states that we've been catapulted six light years from our previous position. We've had no casualties this time.Our population remains stable at two hundred and ninety seven. However, one of our life support systems was severely damaged.
  3. We have a survey Eagle reconnoitring a nearby planet in an attempt to locate titanium, a rare metal needed to repair that life support system.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Titanium.
  6. Medical crew, Command Centre.
  7. Come on, now, Annette. Come on.
  8. He said they're safe.
  9. They're alive. Annie, Bill's alive.
  10. Hey, where do you think you're going?
  11. You think you can handle it?
  12. Well, maybe it is better to keep busy. Now don't overdo it, alright?
  13. It's like a graveyard of spaceships.
  14. In that case I want to examine him.
  15. Lew. Titanium?
  16. Oh. A few more hunks like this is all we need.
  17. Diverse life forms.
  18. They're all behaving in the same way. It must be some sort of brain damage.
  19. John.
  20. John.
  21. It can't be.
  22. No, Mentor's done something to him.
  23. The price is too high.
  24. John, what about the people on Alpha?
  25. John.
  26. There's no way out.
  27. Do something against him.
  28. Torens!
  29. Hurry, come on, hurry. Come on!
  30. It's just hard to stop thinking about Picard and Torens.
  31. You have a new life with us.

The Exiles (70)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Four hundred and three days after leaving Earth's orbit.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell recording. For the sixth consecutive day we've been travelling in an area of
  3. deep space where the stars are so close that we're constantly bathed in a lovely blue light. There are no patients in the Medical Section, our life support systems are functioning smoothly, and the Universe about us in incredibly peaceful.
  4. A swarm of space bees.
  5. Medical, prepare casualty reception. Rescue units standby.
  6. Stand by.We've safeguarded against the obvious dangers. Bacteria, toxic chemicals. All the rest is guesswork.
  7. Without opening it up there's still no data about the chemical or bacteriological dangers.
  8. No radiation increase, no bacteriological change.
  9. No pressure variation, no toxic chemical presence.
  10. What is it?
  11. Start the defibrilator.He's alive.
  12. Just barely.
  13. He was already in a state of deep freeze before we injected the container. Cryobiology. The application of freezing techniques to living tissue.He's fading. Increase the voltage.
  14. Why bring another one down? We don't know how to unseal it.
  15. I'm a doctor, John. I save life for the sake of saving life.
  16. Well, we know part of the answer already. There's a plastic membrane covering his entire body.You can't see it, it's a fine as tissue. Unfortunately it's insulating his heart against the electrical stimulation.
  17. Double the voltage.
  18. Double it.We have normal respiration.Nurse.
  19. Let him rest, John.
  20. She'll be alright.
  21. We can't even permit any new births here on Alpha. We can barely sustain the people we have.
  22. John, they're so young. Must you always assume the worst?
  23. But what do we do, abandon them and watch them die?
  24. John. This situation is entirely different. These people are free of any sickness, and if they can increase our life support capacity think of what it can mean to us.
  25. Survival?
  26. We're concerned about our own survival, of course John, what price?
  27. Thank you, John.
  28. John!
  29. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Supplemental. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  30. For almost thirty hours Cantar and Zova have been working to adjust our life support systems.
  31. The rest of our personnel are back on daily routine.
  32. doing their jobs when on duty.
  33. relaxing when off. We're all grateful for the compassion Commander Koenig has shown for the aliens. There is once again a warm feeling
  34. of well being on Moonbase Alpha.
  35. Maya, you would be the envy of every woman on Earth. To be able to change your hair colour at will, the colour of your eyes to match your dress, take off a few pounds here, add an inch there. To change your very form. Wow.
  36. Give me a minute, John.Oh, I hope he likes it.
  37. Uh hum.
  38. You mean you can't tell?
  39. Well?
  40. Really?
  41. Oh, you know something. I take back everything nice I've ever said about you. Including the fact that you're a man of perception.
  42. Oh, I'm glad you like it, I was going to give it to you.
  43. No difference, huh?
  44. Is it working?
  45. The power section's off-limits, Commander's orders.
  46. The sound-it doesn't bother your ears?
  47. It does mine, I'll be out here.
  48. Good luck.
  49. Cantar.
  50. Contempt.
  51. And you and Zova are free spirits, I suppose. Free to hate, threaten and kill.
  52. It's clear to see why you were exiled.
  53. We're his prisoners.
  54. You don't think Commander Koenig will let you?
  55. That protective membrane.
  56. Get his attention, divert him.
  57. You're getting old, Cantar.
  58. Time is running out, Cantar.
  59. You have changed.
  60. You can't win. Your protective membrane, it's gone! It's pierced. Look at yourself!You're no longer young, Cantar, you're aging! Every second you're aging ten years!Cantar.You're beginning to decay, Cantar. You're getting feeble.Your mind is slowing down. Your muscles won't respond.You're too feeble to fire that gun. Cantar, you're three hundred years old.
  61. Are you alright, Tony?
  62. I'll tell you when we get back to Alpha.
  63. Who said there was an emergency?
  64. I bet you have a great big long story about how this came about.
  65. And why you did that to me, and probably, ...
  66. probably , probably you think I look better that way
  67. than the way I did before.
  68. Yeh, I bet you can. Uh hum.
  69. I'll tell you what.
  70. Make me a pretty nose.

One Moment Of Humanity (65)

  1. This is silly. The party isn't until tomorrow night.
  2. You look marvellous. I wonder..
  3. Well, your hair. Instead of a curl, you once had it, well, kind of twisted around. And I happen to know Tony liked it that way.
  4. Malfunctioning.
  5. Our life support systems are still malfunctioning.
  6. To immobilise us?
  7. Our nervous systems are very delicately balanced.
  8. You?
  9. Yes.
  10. Thank you.
  11. It's very...unusual.
  12. The food is delicious, Tony.
  13. Tony.
  14. Lovely, we'll, ah, be very, very comfortable here.
  15. It's no use, Tony. They're not going to let us get through.
  16. Oh, be careful. That's what they want.
  17. One of the Numbers warned me.
  18. I believe that one. He said that if we show aggression, they'll kill us.
  19. I don't know, I don't know anything. We've got to get some answers, we've got to get out of here. We've got to find that Number.
  20. They want us to use it.
  21. They're far too intelligent for that.
  22. We're here as friends.
  23. The one who warned me..the one who spoke. Where is he? Please, we need your help. Maybe we could help each other.
  24. They'd gotten their mechanical perfection from themselves.
  25. Why do you keep your faces covered?
  26. Why do they want to kill?
  27. Where is the Master Computer?
  28. Thank you.
  29. Please. Release Alpha.
  30. You mean, you'd let us go?
  31. Where is everybody?
  32. John?
  33. We're the only one on Alpha.
  34. We are, we're all alone.
  35. Two light years?
  36. Yes. Thank you.Tony. I've been thinking. The only place that John and everybody could be is down on Vega.
  37. If we're ever going to see them again, we've got to get back there.
  38. The same way we got there in the first place. By wishing it.
  39. Tony. Try it. Please.
  40. John will find some way to contact us, I know he will.
  41. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Five hundred and fifteen days after leaving Earth's orbit. We don't know what has happened to John Koenig, Alan Carter, Maya..everybody. Tony Verdeschi and I are alone here on Alpha.
  42. The loneliness is beginning to have a terrible effect.
  43. If I had taken the dexetrol that Tony put in my coffee, I would be in deep sedation. I am forced to conclude that he has suffered some adverse effect as we went through the time warp.I have to consider him..unstable and potentially dangerous.
  44. Tony.
  45. I'm alright. How are you?
  46. Now don't panic, Helena..I mustn't run...I've got to conserve oxygen..
  47. Don't come any closer.
  48. Of course you do. That's why you put the dexetrol in my coffee.
  49. Now, Tony. Listen to me, please. You're hallucinating. I didn't sabotage the life support system. I'd be killing myself. Why would I do that?
  50. No.
  51. If we are the only two people on Alpha..
  52. Then you must have put the dexetrol in my coffee.
  53. We're not the only people here.They think they can make us hate each other. They think they can make us hate each other. Even kill each other.
  54. Ho, ho! I love it!
  55. Come on, Zarl, Zamara.
  56. You created this..complete replica of Alpha, down to the finest detail...and you lost.
  57. John! John!
  58. They're androids. They're going to try to use you.
  59. It's protected by a forcefield.
  60. Like old Christmas tree lights, if one of them went out..they all did.
  61. Zarl, don't! You're not like them any more!
  62. You can become human.
  63. Please!
  64. Zarl.
  65. I'm sorry, Zarl.

Journey To Where (44)

  1. The cities are fantastic. But what about the countryside?
  2. But why not just go there, go to the Rockies in the spring and New England in the fall?
  3. The test package is assembled.
  4. Sensors in the antenna are designed to simulate blood pressure
  5. respiration and body temperature. This is the heart of the system.
  6. Heart role normal. Body temperature normal.
  7. Respiration normal.
  8. Temperature falling. Heart and respiration normal.
  9. Heart, respiration..and temperature normal.
  10. You never know when you need a doctor.
  11. What happened?
  12. Where are we?
  13. But they said that -everything between -the cities was desert, was a wasteland.
  14. John, you're going to need that yourself.
  15. We'll never get back.
  16. I'd recreate the conditions that caused the error.
  17. Oh, come on, I can walk.
  18. Now look, you'd better stay away. After the germ free environment of Alpha, we've no resistance. A common cold could be as lethal as cholera or the Black Plague.
  19. There's no immediate danger. But development into pneumonia...
  20. John, please, stay away.
  21. It's climbing.
  22. John.
  23. Yeh, I look beautiful. I look like a monster.
  24. To another monster.
  25. John. Check your temperature, please.
  26. It won't matter in the long run.
  27. So am I. My guess is that it's viral pneumonia.
  28. If we were on Alpha it would be so simple.
  29. Is that fungus? Scrape some of that off.It could be.
  30. Fungoids are the basis of the barmycin range of drugs which were discovered just before we left Earth. It's the only known cure for viral pneumonia.
  31. You need heat...any vegetable fibre...and some of this. It's rudimentary...but it-it could stave it off, until Doctor Logan can recalculate his error.
  32. Six. Eight. John. If you don't get out of here, you'll be dead too.
  33. Now the fungus.
  34. It's the Moon.
  35. It's the Moon.
  36. It's the Moon, John. It's the Moon.
  37. It's the Moon.
  38. It's the Moon.
  39. Like I'm coming back from the dead. It worked.
  40. John, look.
  41. Rotten. My temperature's up.
  42. Mm. You know, when I think about all the events we could have been part of -what rotten luck to have drawn Scotland in thirteen thirty nine.
  43. Okay.
  44. Okay, you win.With a history like that who wants to go back to Earth anyway?

All That Glisters (84)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Five hundred and sixty five days since leaving Earth's orbit.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Two days ago we encountered a small planet moving across our path. Our scanners indicated
  3. the presence of milgonite, a rare mineral, vital to our life support systems. Eagle Four, with it's specially
  4. adapted laboratory section, was dispatched immediately to carry out a full geological survey of the planet.
  5. She's a big girl, Tony.
  6. But she's a quick study.
  7. My turn to mind the store.
  8. He's dead.
  9. John.
  10. John.
  11. I'm getting brain wave patterns.
  12. They appear normal.
  13. Yes. All his internal organs are functioning normally. His heart has stopped... He's alive.This may shock his heart back.
  14. I've got to chance it.
  15. It's no use.
  16. That was involuntary.
  17. I'm a doctor, John, not a miracle worker! Look, I can cope with the known, but the unknown...
  18. That's one of the mysteries of life, Maya.
  19. Maya's right, John. The answer is here.
  20. His brain is still alive, there's..there's that hope, Maya.
  21. Tony.
  22. Tony!
  23. John. John.
  24. Tony's gone!
  25. He walked out of here.
  26. No. Well, I don't know..he must be.
  27. John,..I-I think that that rock
  28. has control of Tony. John, I'm scared.
  29. Tony. Tony, can you hear me?
  30. Oh, yes, he..he is alive. He came in with a rock, he put it down over there, next to the other one, and they..fused themselves together.
  31. What about the rock.
  32. Moonbase Alpha,
  33. this is Eagle Four. Moonbase Alpha, this is Eagle Four.
  34. It's just started.
  35. No. He's the same.
  36. Look, John. Tony is still alive. Maybe we can find some way to break through to it.
  37. For God sakes, John, don't go near it, it could kill you.
  38. John... Alan!
  39. A blue light.
  40. It was blue.
  41. Alright.'s angry. It's natural habitat is out there, and we've taken it out of it's natural habitat.
  42. Then it took over Tony's body, using him to slice off a piece of the parent rock, to bring it, it had the biological powers to fuse itself. Maybe when it..gets what it wants it'll release Tony. What does it want?
  43. John.
  44. The rock changed colour.
  45. It's green.
  46. John.
  47. It won't let me go.
  48. Yes. It doesn't.. seem to want to hurt me.It seems to be holding me hostage.
  49. It seems to be searching for something.
  50. I can't get out!
  51. The door won't open!
  52. I can't! The green light's stopped me.
  53. No feeling...numb..
  54. ..I can't move..!
  55. It's moving around. It's exploring our storage supply wall.
  56. I still can't move.
  57. It's fixed itself on our water supply.
  58. The rock..has absorbed..all of the water.
  59. That's what it wanted.
  60. Water. It needs..water to survive.
  61. And it'll get it any way that it can.
  62. John. The green light has moved off of me.
  63. I can't get the door open!
  64. I don't know. I don't know.
  65. No change.
  66. The rock has begun to pulsate again.
  67. Yellow.
  68. It's taken over the computer.There are different star charts flashing on the screen.
  69. No, it's just stopped. The screen's blank.
  70. All right.
  71. He's out, John.
  72. John. Tony has reappeared..materialised.
  73. He's moving; he's making some sounds.
  74. Tony?
  75. Come on. Let's get out of here.
  76. Alright, now, come on. Take it easy. You'll be alright.
  77. He'll be alright now, Maya.
  78. For what?
  79. It's too bad the clouds won't give up the water in time.
  80. You set it up.
  81. John.
  82. We'd like to drop some nucleoid active crystals in those clouds.
  83. Mm.
  84. No. But we got away with our lives.

The Taybor (34)

  1. Medical Centre.
  2. Come on, Karen, you'll be alright. Let me see, come on.We've got some head abrasions. Shock...blindness.
  3. The abrasions are superficial. The blindness seems temporary.
  4. Well, then, yes. The burns are healing, but we can't diagnose the trance caused by the cylindrical object.
  5. One of our technicians picked it up..
  6. The treatment?
  7. Oh, well, of course, medically speaking I would have to label it, um, unfit for human consumption.
  8. Drunk as a trader. He won't be able to answer any more questions until he sleeps it off.
  9. You could only give him the Moon, John.
  10. Earth! He could take us home.
  11. What do you mean?
  12. What's he up to?
  13. What does he want with John? Ransom?
  14. Where?
  15. How's that?
  16. That's very, very kind of you, but..
  17. Alright. I'll try it. Thank you. Thank you.
  18. Come in, John.
  19. The fragrance of this perfume is beautiful, isn't it?
  20. Umm. Out of this world.
  21. Don't ask questions, to me. Make me laugh.
  22. Oh, it's beautiful. And the wonderful thing about Taybor's perfume is that it makes you feel like doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. And the Moon can just keep on rolling by.
  23. It's beautiful.
  24. Oh, it's right, John.
  25. Umm.
  26. Be free, John. Float in space.
  27. No..
  28. I..I'm alright.
  29. It means we have contact with hyperspace?
  30. Maya!
  31. You could have?
  32. All our things are reappearing. Kate's sweater, Yasko's bonsai tree, Doctor Vincent's ship- outside the bottle.
  33. Alright. The thing is, to beware of traders bearing gifts.
  34. Keep thinking. We don't need Taybor's perfume.

The Mark Of Archanon (71)

  1. Welcome back among the living. You had us worried for a moment. Come on.
  2. Well then, no. That's cool, but it's well above the cryogenic temperature range. Life signs?
  3. Well, it's an elaborate cemetery. Surrounded by a very strong force field. Who are they being protected from?
  4. Right. It was a sign left by a god-like race to warn the people of the places where their lives might be in danger.
  5. Is there any change in the volume of air in the lungs since you began monitoring?
  6. He's breathing.
  7. Can you operate it?
  8. Well, she isn't. And we can't wait for another two days for she and John to return from the Blue Quadrant survey.
  9. Wait, we can't leave them!
  10. Get the monitor on the boy.
  11. Take it easy, you'll be fine. Take it easy.
  12. Pure oxygen.
  13. Well?
  14. Levels?
  15. As safe as we are.
  16. Moonbase Alpha Status report, Doctor Helena Russell recording. Six hundred and forty days after leaving Earth orbit. Special incident report. Excavation discovery. Supplementary. Medical.Both subjects are resting quietly. Cardiac stimuli no longer necessary. Monitoring of all physical functions is being maintained. Preliminary analysis indicates cell structure and metabolism ninety one point seven per cent of human norm. Further investigations will be carried out, of course. Contact has been made with Commander Koenig and he has been informed of the situation.How are our patients?
  17. Natural? Or sedated?
  18. Good. Let's cut the somnol.
  19. Right. Somnol will hold them for a few more hours yet. Let me know when you have things set up.
  20. Did the Commander get the incident report?
  21. They're still under sedation so I haven't completed a full medical analysis. Tests so far show them border line human norm.
  22. Your head...
  23. The conquest of evil by good?
  24. Earth.
  25. The Archanons cannot die?
  26. Your wife...what happened to her?
  27. Hold on. Alright, now. It could be the somnol; let's get him to Medical.
  28. Take it easy.
  29. All right. Let's go.
  30. There's nothing organically wrong. But there's some things about his physical structure I don't understand. I'll have to do some tests.
  31. It's okay. But, take it easy.Like you said, he hasn't had a square meal in a thousand years.
  32. No question about it. Look at those tendrils.
  33. Right. Let's see Etrec's plate.Now it has all the same characteristics..except for the tendrils.
  34. It could be dormant. We'll have to check it out.
  35. Tony. I'm trying to locate Pasc and Etrec. Are they with you?
  36. Have them come to Medical Centre.
  37. Right away, please. It's important.
  38. Here we see it again. Pasc's brain wave patterns break here and here, and there's no corresponding movement in Etrec's.
  39. There is nothing more we can do without blood samples. Then maybe we could make a serum.
  40. Are Etrec and Pasc still with you?
  41. No.
  42. Please.
  43. Yes.
  44. Nature of the accident?
  45. So that's why you wore the bandage. To cover it up.
  46. No.
  47. You didn't kill Etrec. You won't kill me.
  48. Why didn't you?
  49. There may not be survival for either of you. There's a strange virus in your systems. In Etrec it seems to be dormant at the moment. In you, Pasc, it's alive, and it may be deadly. That's why I wanted to take blood samples. To try to help.
  50. Get Raul! Tell him to-
  51. What's the matter with Etrec?
  52. The boy need not die. A blood transfusion-
  53. Your blood, after it's been treated with the serum, will make up Etrec's blood. You're the only one who can save him.
  54. Even your own son's?
  55. You couldn't do it before, you cannot do it now.
  56. The sickness can be cured. It's just that you and your people have accepted it all these generations. Is it that you're afraid?
  57. It's not too late if you'll give your blood.
  58. Alright. Start your engines. Leave your son to die.
  59. He's doing nicely. Heart, blood pressure. Steady.He's failing. Stimulators.
  60. Save your strength.
  61. The virus is destroyed. He's a true Archanon again. A Peace Bringer.
  62. Etrec no longer has the sickness. We prepared a serum and gave him a transfusion using Pasc's blood.
  63. You could have cured Pasc, but didn't.
  64. You...knew this?
  65. It's an old Earth symbol which means...I'm glad I met you.
  66. Okay.
  67. Glad to have you back, John.
  68. Hmm. You would have. You'd have liked Pasc too, under..different circumstances.
  69. Pasc is dead.
  70. As a doctor I should have known. Besides, not a very satisfactory defence, ignorance.
  71. Yes. I do have that to be grateful for. Etrec.

The Rules Of Luton (29)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Eight hundred and ninety two days after leaving Earth's orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording. We have just passed through a space storm. Duration, forty two days.
  2. Our sensors have picked up a medium sized planet in the North Quadrant.
  3. Commander Koenig is exploring the planet.
  4. The surface is rich in vegetation. It is our hope that it might prove habitable.
  5. Ready for lift off as soon as you clear the launch pad, Tony.
  6. Yasko. Get that planet on the screen.
  7. Where is it?
  8. It's got to be. Check your scanners.
  9. The sensors are giving no readings.
  10. Tony, we don't know where that planet is.
  11. That was expected, wasn't it?
  12. Still negative. And I still think you're out of your mind.
  13. Be careful, Tony.
  14. You should have a copilot with you.
  15. Remember, you said you'd give yourself a good margin for safety.
  16. You don't have visual. Can you see it?
  17. Yes.
  18. We'll try again. Yasko.
  19. Tony, we can't get a fix on that planet. And you can't stay out there forever.
  20. Don't be stubborn, Tony. Let your relief take over.
  21. Tony, according to our computer you're drifting very close to our recorded position of
  22. that planet.
  23. That's what I said...too close.
  24. Give yourself more room, Tony. You know the slightest miscalculation.. you'll crash.
  25. How long do you expect to stay there?
  26. John and Maya..see if you can get through.
  27. So he gave you a plant. Well. Nobody could say that Tony does not have a sense of humour.
  28. He could have given you a bucket of his abominable beer.They're quite nice.
  29. I'd like one.

Brian The Brain (58)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report.
  2. One thousand, one hundred and fifty days after leaving Earth's orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  3. During the many months of our space journey, we have kept a full record of everything that has happened. That record is now being reviewed.
  4. Our computer is assessing what we've learned from the past and transferring that data to the Main Computer memory banks.
  5. So our computer is fully engaged and some of our nonscientific personnel are having a bit of a rest.
  6. What's the matter, John, don't you like having an easy time?
  7. Well, maybe the computer will pick out some memories of us together. Then we can, um, learn from the past.
  8. What's that coming up now?
  9. That's not from the memory track.
  10. The Moon can't be off course. That's impossible.
  11. A collision course with a black dwarf?
  12. Medical Centre, prepare to evacuate.
  13. What happened to the expedition?
  14. What's your name?
  15. I'm Doctor Russell.
  16. Were you a member of the original crew?
  17. Alright, Brian. We wouldn't want to get you wrong.
  18. That's what we want to know.
  19. He can help us.
  20. Thank you, I'd like that very much.
  21. I'll be glad to try to help.
  22. John, it's just a machine.
  23. Yeah.
  24. Planet D.
  25. Let us through to Alpha.
  26. Is that true? You've blinded them so they can't communicate?
  27. No!
  28. What's planet D like?
  29. Of course not.
  30. Ultraviolet!
  31. Please turn it off.
  32. Yeah.
  33. No, I don't.
  34. I'm moving as fast as I can.
  35. Fuel? You have enough nuclear fuel here.
  36. Oh, John!
  37. I can't see him.
  38. John?
  39. How did you come to be made?
  40. What was he like?
  41. John? John?
  42. He's got to find the fuel store, unlock the core and find a way to get it back here.
  43. He's reliable.
  44. John!
  45. Let him decompress properly.
  46. How are you, how was it, are you alright?
  47. It doesn't say anything.
  48. A mouse.
  49. You killed the man who created you, your own father, why?
  50. You blinded the Mothership so that a new Brain could not be made.
  51. You're agitated.
  52. You did.
  53. He's crying.
  54. Another lie from Brian the Brain.
  55. It cried. It had a conscience.
  56. No. Not if we programme our own morality into it. Give it the ten commandments.
  57. I think our off duty time has been used up for the next month, sir.
  58. It's a test that we, ah, huh, , we failed.

New Adam, New Eve (39)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. One thousand and ninety five days after leaving Earth's orbit.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell recording. A strange and frightening thing is happening. Our sensor and scanner readings are reacting wildly, erratically, projecting a weird turbulence of high intensity. It is as though a strange presence is among us, taking control.
  3. It's just a faint but her vital signs are down. Alan.John.
  4. John.
  5. It's just that your answer is so exactly what it should be are what you say you are.
  6. Oh, John.
  7. And there doesn't seem to be any harmful bacteria in it.
  8. There are people up there that need us.
  9. You plan to do a little genetic engineering?
  10. Wait a minute-
  11. You've decided-?
  12. Don't you think you should have consulted us first? I mean that's very bad manners, and besides that it's very bad psychology.
  13. We're not rabbits. There's something else. If you don't recognise that's called love.
  14. He's shown god-like powers, but the way that he's shown them, his methods,...I don't know. Two plus two doesn't make four.
  15. John.
  16. I wonder too.
  17. That's what it is.
  18. Of course it doesn't.
  19. Are you alright? Thank you.
  20. Yeh. Maya.
  21. We already know there are other beings on this planet.
  22. Look, even..even if we could break through the force field, anything we try, he'll know about it like last night.
  23. An organic source?
  24. Right.
  25. We're still inside the force field.
  26. Why?
  27. Take it easy.
  28. Maya, no.
  29. So you take your revenge like a child.
  30. You call yourself a creator. You're a fraud and a liar.
  31. He drew strength from it.
  32. That would put him on the other side of the planet now, where the sun is still shining.
  33. The energy would be instantly available.
  34. Unlimited personal power.
  35. How are we going to do that?
  36. John?
  37. John!
  38. John!
  39. John!

The A B Chrysalis (28)

  1. Medical. Ready casualty reception units.
  2. Medical section ready.
  3. We're alright, Alan.
  4. Moonbase Alpha Status Report, Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  5. It is now twelve hundred and eighty eight days since we left Earth's orbit.
  6. For a week now we have been travelling toward a series of spatial explosions of unknown origin.
  7. They detonate at precise twelve hour intervals. As we move closer each succeeding shockwave is more violent.
  8. There have been no serious casualties but we suffer increasing damage to our vital systems. Since we cannot control our course through space there is no way to take evasive action.
  9. A planet.
  10. The explosions are travelling one way only. Outwards.
  11. And if the warnings aren't heeded..?
  12. John. Be careful.
  13. Not far enough.
  14. Go to yellow.
  15. John.
  16. John.
  17. Understood.
  18. Go to red.
  19. John, what's your E.T.A. at Alpha?
  20. Understood. John..?
  21. We're ready.
  22. Ready, John.
  23. John, are you alright?
  24. The shockwave has passed Alpha. There's only minimal damage. What happened?
  25. John. What happened?
  26. I'm Helena, remember?
  27. Yeah, hi. Alan's been telling me about those women on the planet. Beautiful and naked, I understand.
  28. Really? Beautiful. Naked. Green?

Catacombs Of The Moon (85)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report.
  2. Eleven hundred and ninety six days since leaving Earth's orbit.
  3. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  4. In Medical Centre, Michelle Osgood, a very special patient with a very special problem. She needs a new heart or she will die.
  5. And in the catacombs, our search for tiranium, a scarce metal not only essential for certain medical uses, but also a vital component of our life support systems, continues to have top priority. The Chief Engineer in charge is Patrick Osgood, husband of the dying patient, a man who has recurrent visions of Alpha being destroyed by a raging fire.
  6. Soon, Michelle. We're testing a new heart for you.
  7. There's hope, Michelle. There's always hope.
  8. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Supplemental. Waves of unbearable heat have suddenly begun to beat against Alpha. Our sensors are unable to pinpoint their source. Commander Koenig
  9. has lifted off in Eagle One to investigate.
  10. The incredible coincidence is that Chief Engineer Osgood predicted this occurrence.
  11. Because the solution has got to be simple applied science. This is a schematic of the artificial heart perfected by Dorfman in nineteen eighty seven.
  12. This is our version. Michelle's new heart.
  13. We've used Dorfman's exact specifications. It's got to work this time.
  14. This time...pray.
  15. Look, being cynical won't solve anything.
  16. Alright, let's do our final check.We're ready to test.
  17. Patrick, we are trying.
  18. Look, we think we've solved the friction problem by relieving the initial pressure.
  19. I wish you had more faith in me.
  20. Well, at least we know where he is and what he's up to. Alright. Let's make it work this time.
  21. We're Michelle's only hope!
  22. Why?
  23. When he was having visions about Alpha being destroyed by fire, yes. Now we seem to be in the middle of a heat wave, I don't know, doctor.
  24. Try again.
  25. Again. And again.
  26. John. I've got a life and death medical problem here.
  27. Michelle Osgood. I've tried everything else. Nothing works. Unless you release some tiranium.
  28. Just a few grains.
  29. So is Michelle Osgood's life.
  30. But-
  31. I'm glad you have such tremendous faith in me.
  32. Well, we'll see that they don't. Trust us. The important thing now is getting you well.
  33. Right. Now come on, it's time for you to rest, Michelle. Okay? Hmm?
  34. We're trying number eleven.
  35. We're trying an alloy that Dorfman used in his experiments before he perfected the tiranium wall.
  36. Sometimes. For short durations.
  37. Best luck for her would be if someone finds some tiranium.
  38. Alright. Like they used to say in old time show business. One more time.
  39. Yes, this time. No workable heart, no operation.
  40. Except tiranium.
  41. I don't know. One thing I don't want to do right now is face Michelle. Not right now.
  42. He's lost a lot of blood. Surgical table.
  43. Just lie back, there's no fire.
  44. Antiseptic.
  45. May I examine you?
  46. Look, Patrick. You've lost a lot of blood. It may require surgery.
  47. Tony, please.
  48. Alright, help me bandage his arm.
  49. Patrick, listen to me, as a doctor, please, don't do this.
  50. She's not yours to kill.
  51. The only thing that can save her is a new heart.
  52. None with tiranium; look, I promise you I'll get tiranium for the next one. If John were here he'd release it, wouldn't he? He would not risk Michelle being killed!
  53. She had a chance here. You both have. Please don't take her.
  54. She's sedated. She can't hear you.
  55. John, listen to me.
  56. What about Michelle Osgood?
  57. Tony. John may have been about to release some tiranium.
  58. Then a determination has to be made. You're in command now.
  59. When I know the patient's going to live, that's when, Ben.Checklist.Alright. Cystolic intervals check.
  60. Here we go.
  61. That wall's got to hold.
  62. Tony, it's working.
  63. The new heart is working.
  64. You've gotta find her and bring her back.
  65. Tony.
  66. Please Tony. Listen to me. We can't lose Michelle now, we just-we just can't lose her now.
  67. Are we ready? Power on the hyperthermic lance. Incision.
  68. Nurse.
  69. Retractors.
  70. Clamp off.
  71. Suction.
  72. Electro cortary. Arterial clamp.Venus clamp.
  73. She's dying.
  74. Patrick said she would survive- but without him...
  75. Put him over there, right next to his wife.
  76. I think Michelle's going to be alright. I wonder if Patrick will regain his mental stability.
  77. No, I was thinking about Patrick and Michelle.
  78. Look, his mind was under tremendous strain. We knew so little about the Universe, who's to say there wasn't an intelligence in that heat storm that was somehow able to communicate with Patrick in the state he was in.
  79. Our computer analysis of your last concoction..
  80. Welcome back, John.
  81. Only one of us is that adventurous.
  82. Who said you were human?
  83. John. Thanks for the tiranium.
  84. It saved Michelle's life.
  85. Welcome back, John.

Seed Of Destruction (50)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report, sixteen hundred and eight days since leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  2. We've encountered a bizarre, jewel like asteroid.
  3. Our central computer is unable to give even a preliminary analysis.
  4. Commander John Koenig and Chief Eagle Pilot Alan Carter are
  5. carrying out a close reconnaissance.
  6. We'll know in a moment. He's in the travel tube now.
  7. John.
  8. John, creating this energy beam. It's going to take too much power from our life support systems. It could be very serious.
  9. John-
  10. Alan.What happened on that asteroid?
  11. Could something have invaded him -a virus, a life form taken him over?
  12. That's a strong possibility.
  13. Another drop in the oxygen recycling system. Four degrees.
  14. More trouble?
  15. Check out the rest of our life support systems, Ben. See how much power loss there is in each.
  16. Go ahead, Tony.
  17. Those words are pretty strong, Tony.
  18. Yes, I know that. I'm a doctor, I see what's happening to our life support systems-
  19. If you had your way, what would you do?
  20. And if you can't prove that..if John is perfectly rational, doing what he's doing for the reasons that he says...then it's conspiracy. That word may be too strong for me.
  21. There are guards all over the place, John.
  22. Well, I, ah, could talk about what's happening to Alpha, the jeopardy to our entire life support system. But what is more important is what is happening to you, John.
  23. What really happened on that asteroid, John - What's wrong, why are you shutting me out?
  24. It may be too late for us by then. I want you to have a medical checkup. You have been exposed to an alien atmosphere-
  25. I could order you to have a medical examination. The overall command of Alpha is your responsibility, everyone knows that.
  26. As chief of the medical staff the health and well being of everyone on Alpha is my responsibility. Now if I suspect anything-
  27. Don't you think it-it's time to release Maya from her quarters, they-they need her badly in Command Centre.
  28. I touched him. His skin was like ice. It was eerie, hardly-
  29. Hardly human.
  30. He tried to avoid it.
  31. At the moment of contact, neither of us said anything, I-I was too shocked..
  32. He had to, I-I reacted to the iciness of his skin. But the thing is, that up until that moment, I believed everything he said.
  33. I'm afraid.
  34. Tony will try to keep him in Command Centre for as long as he can. But you'll have to hurry.
  35. How can we help John combat it?
  36. Commander Koenig. Medical Centre.
  37. Wait a minute. I'm losing life support systems three and six; if you take any more power away from me some people may-
  38. John, there is one question that I have got to ask you, and it is absolutely vital that you give me an honest answer.
  39. John?
  40. Tony and Maya.
  41. John. If you fire those lasers, power will be diverted from your energy beam. That will throw everything off schedule, put everything behind time. You said time keeps running away from you. That's what you said, isn't it?
  42. Don't listen to him, this is not John Koenig.
  43. Touch him. Go ahead, Alan, touch him. He's like ice.
  44. He's not telling the truth.
  45. Please, believe me. Something's wrong. It isn't the way he says.
  46. Perhaps I have been upset. We've all been under a strain.
  47. Alpha is dying. Can't you realise that?
  48. We can't go along with this anymore.
  49. Alan, you've got to stop him now.
  50. I need no further proof than his actions, John.

The Beta Cloud (34)

  1. Medical.
  2. Gerry. As soon as you can, a stretcher team to corridor B.Give me a hand. Someone give me a hand. Come on. Easy. Sit right here.Alright, now just take it easy. Let's see.
  3. John. People are passing out all over the base.
  4. John.
  5. Moonbase Alpha Status Report.
  6. Fifteen hundred and three days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Seven days ago a cloud having strange characteristics and containing unknown elements appeared in our East Quadrant.
  7. Suddenly lassitude, depression and loss of will have incapacitated most of our personnel. It has defied analysis by the medical equipment at my disposal.
  8. Some of our personnel appear to have immunity. This skeleton crew is keeping Moonbase Alpha
  9. barely operational. Astronaut Tom Graham, who appeared to have immunity, was sent out four days ago in Eagle Six to enter the suspect cloud.
  10. He was to collect particles for analysis in the hope that I could make a diagnosis.
  11. And thus devise an antidote. Eagle Six has failed to return from it's mission.
  12. Yes, Tony.
  13. He's in no condition to talk.
  14. That's great.
  15. I'll try.John. John.It's no use.
  16. Well, if you talked to him he wouldn't be listening.
  17. Medical Centre.
  18. Right.
  19. Tony.
  20. Maya and Sahn are here.
  21. No, John, it's not a good idea. John, I don't think you've got the strength.
  22. If you want to help him, let him do it his way.
  23. Alright now, come on, John, here we go, take it easy. Come on.
  24. Alright now, you oughta get back into bed as well, Alan.Now, wait a minute.
  25. Your fever's gone. Look, you got it first, maybe it's just run it's course.
  26. Yeah, I'd better be. Now go ahead, get into bed.
  27. Now don't be frightened to use this, the dosages are computer coded.Yes, Tony.
  28. He's under sedation. I'm sorry, Tony.
  29. I'll be alright. I'll be alright.
  30. I think I'll be alright.
  31. High pressure injector gun. Loaded with ionethermyecin. It's the most powerful stuff we have, it's..too powerful for humans.
  32. Right. It's simple to use. Just place it against the body..and push the button.
  33. You're going to have to take over in here. I just can't make it.
  34. Tyomoxin tablets. Give them to everybody that can swallow them. You alright?

A Matter Of Balance (15)

  1. As Chief Medical Officer I must retain my sanity.
  2. She's a very sensitive girl. Very impressionable.
  3. Someone needs a little comfort.
  4. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Seventeen hundred and two days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  5. After countless number of days of serenity, a simple case of teenage infatuation has broken out on Alpha.
  6. I'm on my way to treat it now, and expect that it can be cured without any serious complications.
  7. Shermeen? You alright?
  8. A nightmare, probably. You were very upset when you left Command Centre.
  9. I could give you a tranquilliser, it will make you feel better.
  10. Okay.Come along with me to Medical Centre first.
  11. Medical Centre.
  12. I have some sequential lab tests I'm monitoring, John. I'll have to see them through.
  13. John, I just left Shermeen. She was very upset. She said she saw a disembodied face staring at her from the wall.
  14. Well I'm not sure. I gave her some tranquillisers and let her go back on duty.
  15. I don't think she's in any condition to join a landing party. I think you'd better find a substitute.

Space Warp (77)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Eighteen hundred and seven days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording. A derelict spaceship
  2. has appeared in our third quadrant. Commander John Koenig and Security Officer Tony Verdeschi
  3. are en route to investigate.
  4. The question is, could it's sudden appearance be connected with the fact that our science officer, Maya,
  5. has developed a high fever of unknown origin which has so far resisted all medication.
  6. Take it easy, Maya.
  7. Maya.Maya.
  8. You have a very high fever; as soon as we can bring it down you'll be alright. Is there anything you want?
  9. He'll be here soon. Okay?Alan. Contact Eagle One.
  10. Ask them to return as soon as possible. I'm worried about Maya.
  11. We're not on Psychon, Maya.
  12. Hold on, Maya.
  13. We'll find out. As soon as we have time.
  14. Maya. Maya, come on. Come on, just lie back. Come on, here we go, here we go, easy.Alright now. Alright, just take it easy. You've been delirious, Maya.
  15. Ben, prepare a sedative.
  16. Maya, I can't do that.
  17. Ben. Prepare a sedative. Okay, put her in restraints, then.
  18. Alan. I must speak to Eagle One.
  19. Tell me what?
  20. What are his chances?
  21. What are the chances of his finding that same door in space?
  22. On what?
  23. Luck? In space? I guess his chances are a billion to one.
  24. Maya.Maya.Maya, please, revert!No! Ah! Maya! Please!
  25. Maya. Maya turned into some kind of space creature. Look, I'm alright but there's no telling what she might do.
  26. Alan. You're got to cancel that kill order.
  27. That creature is Maya. She can't control what she's doing.
  28. Let's hope this is the correct dosage.
  29. This has more of a kick.
  30. The Travel Tube. When Maya was delirious she was hallucinating about Psychon, that her father was still alive and that she had to save him.
  31. Yeh, and if she gets into one, starts off, she'll be making a one way trip to a planet that's no longer there.
  32. No. Maya. Please. Listen to me!Maya. Listen. Please, let us try to help you.
  33. We go in after it.
  34. If she makes it to an Eagle, takes off, there's no way we can help her.
  35. We can't let her lift off.
  36. Alright. Let's see what's going on inside.The anaesthetic is beginning to have effect.
  37. Right.
  38. Can't we stop it?
  39. Get her out of there!
  40. She's dying.
  41. I've never seen this species before, its anatomy and vital functions are unknown to me.
  42. Maya. Change back, please, change back.
  43. About forty five minutes ago.
  44. She doesn't have fifteen minutes. * Ben, will you assist me, please?
  45. At least she'll have a chance.We'll make our incision right here. If we can stop that blockage-
  46. Let's find out.All right. Here we go.
  47. Maya. You've got to change now. You've got to change right now.Alan. I think she hears me.
  48. Maya, no! No! Maya, no!
  49. Stop it!
  50. Don't kill him!
  51. If Maya's still in control, if her brain is still feverish, she'll be trying to get to Psychon.
  52. John?
  53. Rendezvous point, we hope.
  54. If she smashes that airlock..
  55. Computer. Open the inner door to airlock seven.
  56. Computer. Close the inner door to airlock seven.Ben, I need an anaesthetic gas cylinder at airlock seven immediately.
  57. In that confined space the anaesthetic should have an immediate effect.
  58. What matters is that Maya can only hold that form - for an hour.
  59. Have you got visual?
  60. Right.
  61. Depressurise.
  62. There she is.
  63. Alan, look out!
  64. No, Maya, no!
  65. Command Centre. I need an emergency Eagle immediately.
  66. You'll be alright, Alan. The creature's running out of air. If it transforms into Maya, she'll die instantly.
  67. Barely. Maya. Can you hear me? Change now, Maya?
  68. She's been this form for nearly an hour. She can't hold it for much longer.
  69. Medical?
  70. Pulse normal.
  71. You don't need them.
  72. Not any more.
  73. How do you feel?
  74. We all do.
  75. We'll believe anything you say, just - get back to Alpha.
  76. As soon as she's awake.
  77. Right, John. Absolutely nothing has been going on down here on Alpha. We have been all perfectly relaxed.

The Bringers Of Wonder (72)

  1. Medical Unit, stand by.
  2. Medical Rescue Unit to launch area.
  3. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Nineteen hundred and twelve days since leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Commander Koenig, while piloting Eagle Ten, became suddenly irrational and unresponsive. He crashed in the area of the nuclear waste domes.
  4. He's got a severe concussion.It's a feedback complex, Maya. It takes brain impulses, modifies them, feeds them back into the brain.
  5. It is still...experimental.
  6. If I don't take the risk..
  7. I don't know.
  8. Medical Centre.
  9. Fifteen minutes at the earliest. He's linked to that Brain Complex, Tony. I don't dare break the sequence.
  10. Doctor Shaw!
  11. And Diana.
  12. I've heard a lot about you.
  13. Never underestimate the extent of human inventiveness.
  14. Doctor Shaw was my tutor at Medical College. He taught me everything there is to know about being a doctor.
  15. I bet she's been looking for John ever since she got here. She knew him before..I did.
  16. Well, you know Diana Morris. She's like the Fifth Cavalry. Wherever she plants her flag is home.
  17. Thanks a lot.
  18. No we haven't, Diana, but..there's lots of time for that.
  19. I think space is generally very hard on women. How long have you been, what is it, ah, Navigating Officer?
  20. And women's opportunities.
  21. Um. There are some of us who still prefer them to come to us.
  22. Well, in a small community, ah, everyone has to get along with everyone else.
  23. Isn't it?
  24. He's everything you said he was.
  25. As a matter of fact, he's much more than you said he was. There are depths to him that I'm sure you never found out about.
  26. At the moment he is linked to an Ellendorf quadrographic brain complex.
  27. John.
  28. Ben!
  29. Are you alright?
  30. Wait a minute.
  31. Ben, now just take it easy.
  32. Here we go, here we go. Easy.
  33. In what way?
  34. I found no evidence of virus or bacteria in John's blood samples.
  35. How do you feel?
  36. You look great to me. You're fine.Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Let's get this off of you. Come on.
  37. Gently.
  38. Fine?
  39. What happened, John?
  40. Just over five hours.
  41. Without this complex it could have been weeks. John, what happened?
  42. The investigation crew found no evidence of rocket malfunction.
  43. John, it wasn't pilot error. We don't know what happened. You seemed to have lost control of yourself.
  44. John.
  45. A rescue expedition has landed here on Alpha from Earth.
  46. From Earth. They came in a Superswift.
  47. Tony's brother, Guido, captained it, and Doctor Shaw is here.
  48. You remember Doctor Shaw. I told you all about Doctor Shaw.
  49. And Sahn's fiancee, Peter..
  50. And Professor Hunter.
  51. And, um,..Diana Morris.
  52. Yes.
  53. Yes.
  54. Yes.
  55. Yes, yes, yes, yes. yes.
  56. Oh..
  57. I didn't know you had such a big thing going with Diana Morris.
  58. I wouldn't have thought she was your type.
  59. Diana Morris was never a child.
  60. Oh, you liar.
  61. He was fine.
  62. John!
  63. Status Report.
  64. Supplemental. John Koenig continues his odd behaviour. He has no awareness that he acted strangely just before his crash. With great reluctance I have put him in restraint.
  65. I'm trying, Tony.
  66. Yes, John. Now, please, just take it easy.
  67. John, please, trust us.
  68. Doctor Shaw. Would you please assist me.
  69. I'm sorry, Doctor Shaw.
  70. The complex was tested extensively. Ellendorf's results were quite impressive. I just don't know, Tony.
  71. Yes.
  72. What do you see?

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (49)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Two thousand, five hundred and fifteen days
  2. since leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.Commander Koenig has not responded to treatment since becoming irrational
  3. and crashing his Eagle.
  4. It is possible that the use of the cerebral wave machine has worsened his condition.
  5. He reacted psychotically to the arrival of a rescue mission
  6. from Earth, and he remains convinced that it's appearance is somehow sinister, and that evil forces are at work.
  7. He refuses to believe that they are friends and relatives from Earth. Commander Koenig insists they are monsters determined to kill him because he is the only one that stands in their way.
  8. The Commander remains in the Medical Centre where my old friend and teacher from Earth, Doctor Shaw, has promised to check on his condition from time to time. I feel helpless and frustrated because I can't free John Koenig of the delusion that there is a plot to kill him.
  9. Doctor Shaw. What's your opinion?
  10. I'll ask. Thank you.Alright, Maya. Let's see if he'll respond. John. John.John, Maya's here. She has something to show you. It's a recording.
  11. John, why don't you accept what we all tell you?
  12. Wait a minute. Maya's seen these people too and they can't be in her memory.
  13. If they have control over our minds, why are they letting us have this conversation?
  14. Right. Ben did say that he knew Sandstrom was trying to kill you, but he couldn't do anything about it.And then when Alan took Louisa away from him, he regained control of himself.
  15. There may be no causal effect, is a tenable theory.
  16. Do we tell Tony?
  17. The brain complex, John?
  18. Well, I don't know if she can withstand that.
  19. Well, look, then it should be me, not Maya.
  20. Maya. Maya.How do you feel?
  21. Wait a minute, wait a minute.
  22. Ticking over like a flawless machine, as always.
  23. Doctor Shaw and Sahn's fiancee Peter.
  24. What do they want?
  25. Radiation?
  26. Blowing them up?
  27. That would destroy us.
  28. Why haven't they just blown up the dumps themselves?
  29. How?
  30. I still see the pilot ship.
  31. They won't do it.
  32. He just broke loose.
  33. I'm sorry, Tony. I'll...I'll keep him under restraints.
  34. That would take days. Days, John.
  35. There may be a way. Why didn't I think of it?
  36. I sometimes use a sonic anaesthetic instead of drugs. It's called white noise and it works by blocking nerve paths and synapses in the brain.
  37. Right.
  38. That's as much amplification as I can give it!
  39. They'll be getting it through their helmet receivers. But it won't be powerful enough if the aliens choose to block it.
  40. We've won.
  41. Yes.
  42. You mean unconscious?
  43. John...
  44. Why, yes, I can do it. I can use the contact gas.
  45. But John..
  46. About ten minutes.
  47. No.
  48. It was your idea.
  49. I said it was your..idea.

The Lambda Factor (59)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Two thousand, three hundred and eight days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  2. We are travelling through an area of deep space which we have named the Peace Zone. No nearby stars, no space storms, no possible dangers of any kind. All should be well on Alpha..but it isn't. We're troubled by sporadic disturbances and petty irritations. One of these irritations has to do with the matter of discipline. Medical Technician Sally Martin has repeatedly failed to complete her stores inventory on schedule. As a result,
  3. she's been ordered to complete this work during her recreation period.
  4. John. Come to Medical Stores immediately, we have a casualty.
  5. Not at this stage I don't, John. I'll have to conduct a complete autopsy.
  6. No cuts or bruises, no blast burns. No sign that any weapon at all was used. But her body was shattered internally.
  7. I'll check these findings with the lab.
  8. No. That's the lambda variant. That's.. very strange. Normally the human brain swings between alpha waves and beta waves. But sometimes lambda waves are thrown off. Rarely, very rarely, the lambda variant. It was discovered during research on E S P and other paranormal powers of the human mind. If that thing is sending off the lambda variant..
  9. Oh yes, it could be.
  10. Well, I could conduct some experiments.
  11. Right.
  12. Mark. Sit down.
  13. Now just relax. Each of these cards has a symbol on it's face. A triangle, square, circle, cross, stars. I want you.. to tell me.
  14. Exactly.
  15. Carolyn. Will you be next please?
  16. John. I know it's late, but..
  17. I've got the preliminary test results. John, they're fantastic.Well over ninety percent of the subjects tested showed a significant increase in paranormal powers.
  18. Now the results break down into three groups. The first shows a minimal increase. The second, now that's the largest group, show a significant increase over a wide range. John?
  19. Look, the third group, here's where the results get really exciting. I call them the Sensitives, I've found three of them so far. Carolyn Powell, Carl Renton, Pete Garforth. Look, John, you need a good night's sleep, I'd like you to take two of these..
  20. John?
  21. Look, I don't know that, but I do know that you need some sleep.
  22. Well, I want you to take these.
  23. What is it, John? Tell me.
  24. I remember, you said they caught some Venusian disease.
  25. It's a dream, John, just a recurring dream.
  26. You did what you had to do.
  27. Look, John, you can't go on without sleep, you'll begin hallucinating and break down completely.
  28. Carolyn?
  29. Can you hold off until after the next series of tests? John, we've got three suspects now. Let me try to pinpoint it down to one?
  30. Alright, step in there please. Take this with you And do exactly the same thing.
  31. That was just fine, Carl, thank you very much.
  32. Yes, Carolyn, please, sit down.
  33. Well, we'd like you to help us with some tests.
  34. That's fine, Carolyn. A perfect score, just like last time. Now, if you'll take that and step into that booth please, we'll continue.
  35. Carolyn?
  36. John?
  37. Emergency medical unit to Commander Koenig's quarters. Priority One.
  38. Complete catatonic withdrawal.
  39. I think so. With narcosynthesis. It's old fashioned, but it's still the safest and best method. It allows the mind to jump all the barriers that it's built up within itself.
  40. They were your friends. They knew you.
  41. Yes, you keep bringing them back. You keep punishing yourself for something you think they blame you for.
  42. Your ghosts hate you. Your ghosts are a creation of your own mind.
  43. John. John.
  44. Look at me.
  45. Stop running away.
  46. Look at me.John. Face your guilt. Your guilt is creating these ghosts. Face them, John!Face them!
  47. John. Alright now. Alright, this way. Come on. Easy, easy, come on. Here we go. It's alright, John.
  48. The tests show that the lambda variant is acting as a stimulus to certain aspects of the psyche..of those people that are in rapport with it.
  49. Carolyn..and you more than any of the others. Her E S P potential is very powerful.
  50. Not exactly, it seems to be a two way process. Carolyn hated Sally, and then Mark. Her hatred was amplified to the point that she wished them dead. She drew power from it and used that power to kill them.
  51. You overcame them. Your E S P potential is the only one equal to hers. That's our weapon. She's very very dangerous, John. She's been perverted, she can take hatred and turn it into violent physical force.
  52. We want you to come back to us. Use your powers for the good of Alpha.
  53. Carolyn, we-
  54. It's gone. It can't hurt you anymore.
  55. Well, don't fret. It's the same for everyone else. Carl's back to losing games and Pete can't bend metal strips.
  56. Right. Carolyn, well, for her everything's gone. Her powers, her memory, even her speech. She's like a newborn child. She'll have to grow up all over again.
  57. Well, we were caught in a telepathic web and it increased the powers of our own minds.
  58. Mm.
  59. Well, I am. Just a little. Our brains are such incredible instruments. Just think what we might be able to achieve if we knew how to use them to their fullest potential.

The Seance Spectre (45)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Two thousand and twelve days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording. It is now three weeks since we
  2. sighted the space phenomenon we call Tora. Within the next twenty four hours
  3. we shall know whether it is a habitable planet. But false hopes have been raised before,
  4. and since Commander Koenig doesn't want to raise false hopes again, he has ordered the few people who are aware of the situation to keep it secret. Command Centre has been put off limits to all but a few chosen personnel.
  5. She'll be fine.
  6. Autohypnosis.
  7. It's greensickness, John, you know the symptoms.
  8. Well, it could be, but.. I have to take responsibility.
  9. We all know that surface exploration units like Sanderson's have it rougher than the rest of us. Living out there alone, having nothing to look at but bare rock for a month at a time..they're paying the price. I should have seen it coming.
  10. Sanderson's team has always done more and stayed out longer. And the other teams are beginning to show signs. I'm going to have to limit surface exploration to fifteen days maximum at a time.
  11. My preliminary diagnosis is that you're suffering from a condition that we've termed greensickness.
  12. Now listen to me carefully, Greg. You were one of the first people assigned to Alpha and the psychological pressures have had longer to build up in you than in everyone else.
  13. You want to marry, you want children, you feel that your life is slipping away.
  14. They follow your leadership. It's no secret that you're the best exploration team leader that we have. You've pulled Cernik and Stevens and Eva out of trouble..a hundred times, they've come to rely on you.You're failing them now, Greg.You're behaving irrationally.
  15. You can't, you're confined here until further notice.
  16. Security.
  17. Sanderson's on his way to Command Centre. We couldn't stop him.
  18. He's sick, Tony!
  19. He needs treatment, Tony. I want him back in the Medical centre.
  20. What we're dealing with here is an extreme manifestation of tension. As the stress builds it results in disorientation and hallucination.
  21. Yes.
  22. Let's have the treatment completed first and then see if you're so certain of that.
  23. She's free to go. She's not hallucinating. She's in love.
  24. I'll let you know as soon as I've found out, Tony.
  25. No response?
  26. Stretcher unit to Eagle hanger bay one.
  27. Surgical team to Medical Centre immediately.
  28. What is it? Where did all this vegetation come from?
  29. One thing about oxygen deprivation. We can tell fast if there's been any brain damage.
  30. John? John, do you hear me? John, do you know who I am?
  31. John. Is it really worth taking all this stuff with us?
  32. How long are we going to survive on a fleet of transporter Eagles? We'll be at each others throats.
  33. The John Koenig philosophy. If there're chips on the table, we're still in the game.
  34. Eva. You've got to persuade him. It's their only chance.
  35. Magnify.
  36. I don't know, we're not close enough.
  37. It's a moonbuggy.
  38. It's going to be hard to pick him out in this terrain.
  39. No sign of him.
  40. What do you think?
  41. At least another hour and a half.Oh come on, it's not bad.
  42. In fact they're quite nice. Particularly if you have an eye for nature.
  43. As I say, if you have an eye for nature.
  44. The principle's perfectly valid. Saturation equals boredom.
  45. So I did.

Dorzak (52)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report, two thousand and nine days since leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  2. This morning we heard the most terrifying sound in space, the Universal Plague Warning Signal.
  3. Commander John Koenig is in the North Quadrant investigating a belt of asteroids which give some hope of colonisation.
  4. It's a plague ship, Tony.
  5. Sahala. Your ship is transmitting the Universal Plague Signal.
  6. Right.
  7. Apart from skull fractures she's lost a lot of blood.
  8. How did it happen?
  9. Then this criminal is the nature of the plague you carry?
  10. She'll go right to our medical centre.
  11. What have you done?
  12. There's no sign of any decay, just some form of suspension.
  13. How's Yesta?
  14. We'll have to operate.
  15. I've got a pulse.How do you feel?
  16. Take it easy, Maya.
  17. They caused grief when they got there, it seems that one of your people, Dorzak,..
  18. Well, the claim is that he caused great suffering there.
  19. She's taking him to exile.
  20. He's a prisoner on Sahala's ship.
  21. We're not sure of that, Maya.
  22. You can bring him out of stasis just long enough for us to ask him a few questions.
  23. She is still unconscious.
  24. We don't know that she ever will.
  25. Then Sahala could be telling the truth, at least about what happened on the ship.
  26. And if she is it would be dangerous to revive him.
  27. You knew him, Maya, on Psychon. You know nothing of him since he left.
  28. Yes, Ed?
  29. I'm on my way.
  30. First phase is to relieve the cortical pressure caused by the compound fracture.
  31. It may recur, all..monitors functioning?
  32. I don't know, it seems to be some sort of metal alloy.
  33. Mm. It'll have to come out. It's involved in the wound.All set then?
  34. Run some tests on this, Ed, please?
  35. Tony.
  36. Yesta will be out of the anaesthetic in a few minutes.
  37. She's coming out of it.Yesta..?
  38. She doesn't know where she is, she doesn't know me. A familiar face would be reassuring. Yesta? Sahala is here.
  39. She's dead.
  40. There it is, just behind the ear. Right under the scalp flap. A simple operation, could be done in minutes.
  41. Now our sensors picked up a hypno suggestion transmission at thirteen hundred hours and twenty two. That was the time that you brought Dorzak out of stasis.
  42. Yes. The Crotons developed the device to jam psycho waves before they entered the brain.
  43. I have to take the responsibility for Yesta. I removed the device and Dorzak was able to have her say what he wanted us to hear.
  44. If Dorzak suspects... Be careful, Maya.
  45. It's been too long.
  46. He's safely in stasis now, Maya. There's no need to be afraid anymore.
  47. You go ahead, Tony. Before they leave, I'd like to learn something about stasis.
  48. Yes, Dorzak.
  49. Yes, I'm alright.
  50. It's alright, Maya. Everything is alright now.
  51. Easy, Tony.Nice job of inserting that capsule, Doctor.
  52. He's with his alien friend right now.

Devil's Planet (4)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Twenty three hundred and six days after leaving Earth orbit.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Five days ago we detected two planets
  3. in our East Quadrant which may be capable of supporting life.
  4. Commander John Koenig has lifted off in Eagle One on a reconnaissance mission. With him is Blake Maine of the Medical Rescue Team.

The Immunity Syndrome (48)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report, two thousand, three hundred and ten days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  2. Two days ago we made contact with an Earth type planet in our west quadrant. First reports indicate that it can support our life forms. Our survey team is carrying out a thorough investigation to substantiate this report. Until the tests are complete, Commander Koenig has imposed a strict quarantine on all food, water and minerals. The planet appears to be uninhabited, although word has come through that the survey team has discovered
  3. a mysterious structure.
  4. It's raw data. We usually wait until the computer has processed it, Maya.
  5. Only to a Psychon mind.
  6. Why should they have all the fun?
  7. They'll find him, Maya.
  8. John won't give up until he finds them.
  9. What's wrong?
  10. Are they in danger?
  11. Only Tony is, if they don't get him to Medical Centre. Let's hope they do so soon.
  12. Maya. How close were they before their controls broke up?
  13. Close enough for them to have survived impact?
  14. Well, you can predict, can't you?
  15. Have the results of the computer's scan come through yet?
  16. What is it?
  17. Wait a minute, that's not possible. We checked..we double checked, before our people went down there.
  18. You mean their arrival is the cause for this damage?
  19. Alright, Maya. Let's reconsider. Maybe it is the result of natural causes.
  20. Intelligent life?
  21. All right then. Where is it and why doesn't it register on our instruments?
  22. Maybe it's hidden by that structure.
  23. John!We're receiving you.
  24. I have to go down there, Maya. The problem is how. We can't use the Eagles.
  25. Reentry glider?
  26. Right.It has no power unit. It would be a one way trip, Maya.
  27. For two passengers.
  28. Have you worked out our launch position?
  29. It's a big planet, Maya. A small error could put us hundreds of miles from base camp.
  30. Activate airlock.
  31. A hundred and twenty nine thousand feet. A hundred and ten thousand feet. Launch.
  32. Release us, Bill. The Eagle will break up. You're risking your life.
  33. Standing by.
  34. We'll miss the Base Camp.
  35. Yes. Get us down quickly.
  36. or we'll hit those trees.
  37. John.
  38. Glider.
  39. I'll tell you later.
  40. There's no permanent brain damage. No other real damage.
  41. It's..almost as if the will to live has been destroyed.
  42. Well, don't press your luck, John. Please: be careful. And no matter what, don't take off this helmet.
  43. No, John.
  44. No!
  45. That which we humans fear most: the end of life.
  46. Yes. Because you were unaware of life other than your own.
  47. Just when we find what could be a lovely home..we can't stay.
  48. From a friend.

The Dorcons (29)

  1. Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Twenty four hundred and nine days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
  2. Our scanners have detected a mysterious object in our West Quadrant. Our sensors indicate an active power source somewhere inside it
  3. but register no life forms.
  4. Radiation factor insignificant.
  5. Emergency medical units standby.
  6. I can't tell.
  7. I'm not sure, some kind of shock effect.
  8. Easy now. Here we go.
  9. Her physiology is different. It could be that.
  10. The probe could have killed her.
  11. None that registers.
  12. It's a spaceship.
  13. Maya, what is it?
  14. What is it?
  15. Maya, just take it easy now.
  16. A meson convertor?
  17. Everyone in Medical has been evacuated to protective areas.
  18. They want your brain stem?
  19. A surgical transfer to a Dorcon all that is takes?
  20. Here we go, let me see.
  21. He'll be alright, let's get him..
  22. I've got it.
  23. ....I can't Maya.
  24. That's two dead, eleven injured, two missing.
  25. Maya. Transform.
  26. Stop it! You've found her, just stop the beam!
  27. Oh. Who was quite a woman, after all?
  28. You'd better let us take care of your hands.
  29. How about Medical Centre?

Copyright Martin Willey