The Catacombs Dialogue
John Koenig Dialogue

John Koenig

Martin Landau

Total dialogue: 4333 lines.

Breakaway (146)

  1. Thank you.
  2. I'll take it.
  3. What about Commander Gorski?
  4. Any new information?
  5. An atmosphere.
  6. Looks good. But I'd like to see it on its way to Meta.
  7. Victor! Still here?
  8. What do you mean?
  9. The virus infection?
  10. Commander Gorski.
  11. Thank you.
  12. Well, I think he's taking it very well. Considering the abruptness of his suspension.
  13. Oh, I'm sure he will. He's always been very flexible.
  14. Benjamin.
  15. Good to see you.
  16. Michael. How are you?
  17. All right.
  18. Hello, Tanya.
  19. Paul, it's good to see you.
  20. All right. No virus. Then what is it?
  21. But what?
  22. Victor. You know me well enough to know I am not going to ignore the fact that people are dying up here.
  23. But the space flight of the century must not be allowed to slip through our fingers.
  24. That planet is passing just close enough to make a landing. There's no margin for error.
  25. Well, Simmonds told me all about Doctor Russell and I-
  26. Oh..
  27. Doctor Russell?
  28. John Koenig.
  29. Donnelmyer, eighteen eighty seven. As used by Louis Pasteur and Madame Curie, right?
  30. Doctor. When will our Meta Probe astronauts recover from this virus?
  31. So they're not going to recover?What about the back up crew? Are they medically cleared to fly this mission?
  32. What's that supposed to mean?
  33. Doctor, you've had eleven cases so far.
  34. Yes, but all of those who died were workers at Nuclear Disposal Area Two. It's inconsistent. The two Meta Probe astronauts never went near that site.
  35. Are you saying the Meta Probe should not be launched?
  36. And you're saying, medically, the risk is unacceptable?
  37. Doctor, I'd like to see the men.
  38. Eric? Frank? It's John Koenig.
  39. Carter.
  40. Good to see you.Well, is she ready to go?
  41. How long to get the back up crew ready?
  42. How long will it take?
  43. Captain, I'm here to get the Meta Probe launched. All I want to know is, crew excepted, you're ready to go.
  44. There was another death this morning. At the Nuclear Disposal Area. Doctor Russell talks about a kind of brain damage. Caused by what she thinks is radiation.
  45. Hold it. Hold it. Not that settled in. Before we do anything, I'd like to make sure that there's no radiation leak in that disposal area.
  46. Simmonds. Nine men have died. I want to find out why. Tell you what you can do. Stop sending up any more atomic waste until-
  47. Simmonds, you assigned me up here to clear up this mess, that's what I'm trying to do, now... All right, Commissioner. Let's trade off. You stop sending up the waste. I'll get your Meta Probe launched. Deal?
  48. That's what I need.Simmonds. Why did you lie to me?
  49. No. They're no better. They're not going to get any better and you know it.
  50. Paul.
  51. I'm going to recheck that Nuclear Disposal Area myself.
  52. I'll need two volunteers.
  53. It's Area One.
  54. Collins. We want to go to Area Two.
  55. Collins.
  56. Let's move in closer and take a good look.
  57. That was the first Nuclear Waste Area up here. Has it been used since I left?
  58. In those days we had no synthocrete radiation covers.How's it holding up?
  59. Alright, Collins. Thank you. Let's move on to Area Two.
  60. Okay. Let's go.
  61. Fine, Jackson.
  62. Well, it seems alright.
  63. Alright, Jackson. Thanks. Now get out of there as fast as you can.
  64. So much for Doctor Russell's theory.
  65. Whatever affected the two Probe astronauts and killed the other nine men was not radiation.
  66. Damn it.
  67. Alright, Collins, we're leaving right now.
  68. Don't do that, Collins, you'll kill us all!
  69. Ouma.I want a breakdown of all the coded information on the training flights of the Probe astronauts. I'd like them checked against the Eagle shuttle flights flown by Collins. Search for any correlation between them, any what so ever.
  70. Doctor Russell?
  71. What's the latest report on the condition of the Meta Probe astronauts?
  72. And Eric Sparkman?
  73. You were told lies. They died of an illness noone can understand. Earth Command wanted you to think it was a temporary set back.
  74. Forget the Probe, Carter.Before we do anything more I'm going to find out why those two men died.
  75. A giant leap for mankind. It's beginning to look like a stumble in the dark.
  76. Where did the blank out occur?
  77. Waste Disposal Area One. Paul.Check out all the figures on Area One for the past ten days.
  78. Shuttle pilot Collins took us over Area One on his way to Area Two. Does he always fly that route?
  79. It's a turning point, right?
  80. And the Probe astronauts?
  81. But they fly over there regularly?
  82. Yeah.
  83. I had Collins fly low over that Area this morning to get a good close look.
  84. Victor, I think we've got a connection, a correlation.
  85. Bring in Area One on video.
  86. It's incomprehensible.
  87. Heat without atomic activity.
  88. Paul. I want an Eagle on the pad for immediate lift off.
  89. We've gotta see what's going on out there.
  90. Approaching Area One. Check data systems ready.
  91. It's getting more active. I'm increasing altitude.
  92. I'm in trouble. Still getting data?
  93. Back ups failing. All systems out.
  94. Heading four nine. Altitude three five.
  95. Switching on rescue locator beams now. Impact ten seconds.
  96. Well?
  97. Well, I told you there was nothing wrong with me, I walked away form it, there's no damage.
  98. I didn't know you cared.
  99. Magnetic energy responsible for the flare up at Area One?
  100. The Probe astronauts flew over there daily. As did..Collins in the shuttle.
  101. How much time do we have?
  102. Neither will I. We equip an Eagle to monitor magnetic levels and do it by remote control.
  103. Straight ahead. Easy.
  104. Straight as you go.Good.That's good, Paul. Hold that, Paul.
  105. Sensor readings.
  106. Okay, Paul, set her down.
  107. Easy does it.
  108. Blast her out of there, Paul!
  109. Paul. Contact Commissioner Simmonds immediately. Pass Emergency Code Alpha One.
  110. You were right, Doctor. It was radiation. Magnetic radiation. Now we're sitting on the biggest bomb man's ever made.
  111. Commissioner.
  112. I am now.
  113. Simmonds.You don't seem to understand. We're sitting on top of it, there is no chance.
  114. Yes, Paul?
  115. Alright, Paul. I'll be right with you.
  116. Alright, Paul. Let's see it.
  117. Ouma. I want Central Computer updated with everything possible. Constantly.
  118. Well?
  119. Tell them to increase altitude.
  120. Carter.
  121. Do you have an extra ship?
  122. Well then take the Commissioner's Eagle into orbit. Report on how things look from up there.
  123. Readings?
  124. Too early to tell.
  125. I see men risking their lives to avert disaster disaster. Now, wake up, Commissioner. If this goes wrong there won't be anybody to issue a communique. There will be no survivors.
  126. Abort. Abort the mission.
  127. Carter... Can you hear me..?
  128. We've got tremendous G forces..
  129. We can..hardly move...
  130. Wait a minute... We seem to be..decelerating.
  131. Yeah..
  132. Carter. Do you read me?
  133. Can you make it back to base?
  134. Good, Captain.
  135. Check out the base.
  136. Ouma. Consult the Master Computer. I want a readout on contingency plan Exodus.
  137. Punch it up on the Big Screen, Paul. It affects all of us here, all of us.
  138. Attention all sections Alpha.
  139. This is Commander John Koenig.
  140. As you know, our Moon has been blasted out of orbit. We have been completely cut off from planet Earth. As we are, we have power, environment, and therefore, the possibility of survival. If we should try to improvise a return to Earth, without travel plots,
  141. without full resources, it is my belief that we would fail.
  142. Therefore, in my judgement, we do not try.
  143. Paul, scan all frequencies for any signal from Earth, anything.
  144. Hold that.
  145. Maybe that's where our future lies. Maybe there.
  146. September thirteen, nineteen ninety nine. Meta signals increasing. Yes, maybe there.

Matter Of Life And Death (154)

  1. Punch in long range cameras.
  2. Keep trying, Paul.
  3. Good.
  4. Terra Nova. New Earth.
  5. Looks good.
  6. Any sign of intelligent life?
  7. Vital life signs?
  8. Emergency Touch Down Procedure. All systems on yellow alert.
  9. Flight pattern?
  10. Emergency red.
  11. All set?
  12. It was.
  13. Who is he?
  14. You're absolutely certain it's him?
  15. It doesn't make any sense.Helena?
  16. He's been dead five years.
  17. Mathias. We'll be in Doctor Russell's quarters. If there's any change in their condition let us know immediately.
  18. Wasn't he on the Astro Seven mission?
  19. The mission failed.
  20. They got locked in orbit around Jupiter.
  21. Helena. We're billions of miles from Jupiter.
  22. Many things have happened since we broke away from our solar system. Unexplainable things. But this time we might just have a chance of getting some answers,.. I mean if he is your husband-
  23. You checked the equipment?
  24. How is he?
  25. Then why aren't the instruments recording?
  26. Let's find out.
  27. Kano. What does the Computer have on Russell?
  28. Paul. How much time do we have for Phase two?
  29. And Phase Three?
  30. Kano. If we cut Phase Two in half how will that leave us?
  31. Then we postpone Phase Two by ten hours. That should give us enough time to check out Russell.
  32. Captain, I'm not going to jump the gun on this. I'm not going to endanger the lives of any more pilots until I know what happened to that ship.
  33. I repeat. Until we know what's going on, we're not going down to that planet.
  34. Victor, what do you think of it?
  35. What?
  36. Victor, that's all well and good, but it doesn't answer my immediate questions. I mean, how did he get onto that Eagle? Did he have any affect on our pilots? Can he be of help to us? What does he know about that planet?
  37. I must talk to him.
  38. Wait?
  39. In three days we'll be out of range of that planet. Every hour that passes lessens our chance of finding a decent home. There are three hundred lives, Helena. Can you or I deny them that chance?
  40. I'm Commander Koenig. I've got to speak to you.
  41. It's important to all of us. How did you get on that planet?
  42. What's there? Think. Try to remember.
  43. The planet? Is it safe?
  44. Helena, you try.
  45. Alright. But you stay with him.
  46. Kano. What's the latest time prediction on Phase Two?
  47. I thought you said we had an emergency?
  48. Sandra. No bad news for me yet?
  49. That's nice.
  50. What's going to stop us?
  51. Yes.
  52. What happened?
  53. You alright?
  54. Thank you, Doctor.
  55. Helena. It's not like you to just pass out. Now what's wrong?
  56. What? He talked?
  57. What did he say?
  58. Did he talk about the planet?
  59. Helena, you're sure, really sure, he's your husband?
  60. It just doesn't make sense. I mean it...How do you feel?
  61. When we're sure it's safe to do so.
  62. I don't get it, Victor. It's not a living being.
  63. Is Lee Russell dead or alive?
  64. I don't go with that, Victor. He was on that planet five years. It takes billions of years for a human being to adapt that radically.
  65. Victor, where was Helena when this second scan was taken?
  66. So she was with him for the first -and last scan. And they're normal. Then she leaves him. And this happens.
  67. From Helena.
  68. Lee Russell!
  69. Stop him!
  70. It's time we talked. Take him to my office.
  71. Helena. Stay away from him.
  72. Stay away.
  73. Good.
  74. What were you doing on Alpha?
  75. How did you get there?
  76. How?
  77. How did you board our ship?
  78. From what?
  79. Mister Russell, we're marooned here on Alpha. We cannot survive indefinitely.
  80. That is a decision for us to make!
  81. What is this power, this danger?
  82. Our calculations show that planet is perfectly suitable for human life.
  83. What can we believe?
  84. Mathias.
  85. Victor, we're running out of time.
  86. Not yet available. Keep circuits on standby.
  87. I know how fine I'm cutting it, Kano, thank you.
  88. Victor, we've got to go.
  89. Alright, let him go ahead, but I'm not waiting for the results. I'm putting Phase Two into operation right now.
  90. For what?
  91. Well, alright.
  92. Yes, she knows.
  93. Helena.
  94. Helena, I...
  95. My decision to interrogate him could have something to do with it.
  96. The autopsy should give us some of the answers.
  97. Fine. Kano?
  98. Have you worked out the new flight plan yet?
  99. Fine, thank you.
  100. Victor, I've made my decision.
  101. Lee Russell is dead.
  102. Whoever he was, wherever he came from, doesn't matter to us now." His influence on us has gone. Don't you agree, Helena?
  103. But you do agree there's nothing stopping us from going down there?
  104. Reversed polarity? You're talking about something that's just speculation.
  105. It's just a theory.
  106. Sorry, Victor. It's not enough.
  107. Yes it is.Alan.
  108. Phase Two Eagle will lift off in fifteen minutes.
  109. Paul.
  110. Activate Project Exodus, maximum alert. If Phase Two goes well, I want everyone off this rock in minutes.
  111. Yes, we're going down to Terra Nova. Now we don't know what we'll find there. There's an awful lot about that planet we don't understand. At best it's a calculated risk. But there's a chance. A chance to find a place to live, to raise families, and to start again. Now, the landing party.Many of you qualify. But this is my choice. Captain Carter, Eagle pilot.Paul Morrow.Analyst Sandra Benes.Doctor Russell, will you come?
  112. Phase Two landing party will be under my command. We'll rendezvous at Assembly Point Three at thirteen twenty five lunar time. Thank you.Victor. Victor, I'd like you to stay back here on Alpha. For any reason if things don't go too well, I'd - I'd like you to take over my command.
  113. What's happened?
  114. On what grounds?
  115. Sorry, Victor. We'll just have to face those risks. Alright, Captain, lift off.
  116. Yes, it does look good, and the computer agrees. Atmosphere twenty two parts oxygen, seventy one parts nitrogen, outside temperature twenty three degrees, gravitational pull similar to Earth.
  117. Paul. You and Sandra will cover this hilly area to the right. Helena and I will take this wooded area to the left. Carter.
  118. You stay on the ship. Leave it under no circumstances. The rest of us will rendezvous back here at eighteen hundred hours. If for any reason we're not means we're in trouble.
  119. Well. Here we go.
  120. Thank you, Carter.
  121. Let's find out.
  122. Would you join me?
  123. Clear, fresh water.
  124. Sorry, Victor, that's the end of the show for now. We'll call you back in ten minutes.
  125. Paul. How are you doing?
  126. Okay, Paul. Keep in touch.
  127. Come in, Alpha.
  128. All the seals?
  129. Carter?
  130. What's your situation?
  131. Maybe not, but I'm recalling the landing party. Get ready for lift off.
  132. Helena, we're going back to the Eagle.
  133. Paul?
  134. You and Sandra head back to the Eagle.
  135. Do as I say!
  136. We could use another Eagle up here.
  137. Carter?
  138. Punch in on-board camera.Carter! Get out of there!
  139. Carter. We're on our way, let's go!
  140. Paul! Sandra! Quickly!
  141. His laser exploded. Let's get rid of them.
  142. Easy. Easy, Paul.
  143. Helena, you stay with her.
  144. Come in, Alpha. This is Koenig, Alpha. Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  145. Hold on!
  146. Helena! Helena, where's Sandra?!You alright? Where's Sandra?!
  147. Sandra!
  148. Sandra!
  149. Helena... We- we almost made it. You and -and I...
  150. Stand by.
  151. Cancel Operation Exodus.
  152. Yes, what about them?
  153. More to the point, Kano, have you computed how much older you'll be when we reach the last of those planets.
  154. Thank you, Kano.

Black Sun (94)

  1. Kano, pinpoint impact area.
  2. An asteroid.
  3. How much time do we have?
  4. Switch to starboard camera.
  5. Whatever it is, we're heading right into it.
  6. What's his position?
  7. Give me your sensor readings, Mike.
  8. Your anti-gravity screens.
  9. How much power are they taking?
  10. Hold your position, Mike, and see how it reacts to the laser.
  11. Video reception. Is it a fault in his equipment or ours?
  12. Negative, Mike.
  13. Abort, Mike! Abort! Pull out!
  14. Pull out, Mike! You're heading right into it!
  15. Blast yourself out of there!
  16. Get him out, Alan.
  17. Why did I wait so long?
  18. A black sun.
  19. What can we do? We'll all be dead in three days.
  20. A few minutes ago, Paul asked can we avoid the gravitational force of a black sun? Well, the answer is no. However, we may be able to use it to our advantage. Victor.
  21. I've stripped all of our generators out of our Eagles. We'll use them to support the main units.
  22. It's a long shot.. but there's nothing else we can do.
  23. Victor. We really shouldn't be out here.
  24. Why not?
  25. Full power, Paul.
  26. Give me a reading, Paul.
  27. We're all set, Alan.
  28. If we had any sense we would. Make it good, Alan.
  29. Come in as low as you can.
  30. Then we would have died one day before everyone else. Helena. It was all for morale. It proved nothing. The forces inside a black sun are inconceivable. They're capable of anything. They can bend space, even time; turn both inside out.
  31. It's going to get colder. The black sun's already drawing our power.
  32. Who knows what Victor truly believes?
  33. Some of us could survive. Those who aren't on Alpha twenty four hours from now. A survival ship. A lifeboat. I left one Eagle intact.
  34. Six hours? I thought we had twelve?
  35. We need more time to get the survival ship ready.
  36. Paul, I want to save power to the last possible moment.
  37. Victor?
  38. Do you have the final results of the test?
  39. I want to activate the force field again.
  40. Right now.
  41. Can't wait, Victor. Get over to the Main Power Unit and keep an eye on things.
  42. Sandra, about Mike..
  43. Tell Professor Bergman I want him here for the test.
  44. Is that a fact?
  45. Has it got to do with the test?
  46. Then it'll have to wait. Kano. Essential services program.
  47. Now we'll have to think for ourselves.
  48. Everything we have, Paul.
  49. Take over, Paul.
  50. It remains on minimum capacity.
  51. Somewhere? Yes.
  52. Six.
  53. You're through, Alan.Attention all sections Alpha. This is Commander John Koenig. Above us once again is the Bergman force field, but ahead of us is the black sun.The realistic fact which faces us now -is that the force field only offers us a slim hope that Alpha will survive beyond the next few hours.
  54. A few of us, however.. have a chance to escape the black sun. I decided to reserve one Eagle, as a survival ship.
  55. It's been fuelled, and equipped with supplies to carry six persons; three men and three women. Perhaps this effort will prove a futile one-
  56. but I believe it must be made. Departure time is oh eight hundred hours: forty three minutes from now. I've instructed Central Computer to select the people most likely, in every way, to ensure the survival of mankind in space. Here are the six names. The men.Astronaut Alan Carter.Flight Engineer-
  57. George Osgood.Communications Controller-
  58. Toshiro Fujita. The women. Doctor Helena Russell. Data Analyst Sandra Benes.
  59. Professor Angela Robinson.
  60. This list is final.
  61. There's nothing I can say that will alter the facts. If you're careful you have supplies enough for five weeks. If there's anything out there that can help you, then'll find it. If not... Alright, then, that's it. You lift off in twenty minutes.
  62. No goodbyes, Alan, please.
  63. You're going.
  64. Like hell he can. That list is final. This isn't the time for the noble gesture.
  65. It makes a difference. To me.
  66. This is John Koenig. I know I said no goodbyes but...I wish you all good luck.
  67. Very funny.
  68. Is that what I think it is?
  69. Victor.
  70. Victor, if you're trying to cheer me up you're not succeeding.
  71. What are you doing? Victor, you're not supposed to be smoking.
  72. Not until now.
  73. You're not referring to God...are you?
  74. Which intervenes at the right moment?
  75. Paul.
  76. Paul. Thank you. But there's really nothing more you can do. You're relieved.
  77. To everything that might have been.
  78. Do you have any idea what will happen to us inside the black sun?
  79. Yes, interesting.Victor, the force field, it's holding.
  80. I don't feel anything.
  81. Yes...
  82. I can see the theory behind your force field.
  83. In fact it ties in with the Unified Field Theory of mine.
  84. So that everything is everything else.
  85. Everything is everything else, and the whole Universe is living thought.
  86. Every star is just a cell, in the brain of the Universe.
  87. Wait..!
  88. The force field held, Victor.
  89. The force field held!
  90. No sign of the survival ship. So much for your fancy theories of cosmic intelligence.
  91. Was it?
  92. You must have followed us into the black sun.
  93. But how? If you didn't follow us through, how did you find Alpha again? A million light years?
  94. Yes. Home.

Ring Around The Moon (113)

  1. You alright?
  2. Paul, check out all systems.
  3. Switch on the Big Screen. See if we can pick up anything.
  4. You're losing picture.
  5. Sandra, are you sure of th- ?We're locked in its orbit.
  6. What about the Main Power Unit?
  7. Kano?
  8. Try every possible variable.
  9. Paul. Try to make contact with them. Use sound, light, radio wave patterns, the entire frequency scale. And tell Professor Bergman to come to my office; Doctor...
  10. Helena, I want an autopsy on Ted Clifford, I want to know exactly what killed him.
  11. Make it possible. I want to know what we're up against.
  12. What do you know about the planet Triton?
  13. Paul! Any contact?
  14. They must be receiving. Ted Clifford wasn't transmitting classified information for nothing. Well, if they won't talk to us, we'll just have to pay them a visit.
  15. Melted?
  16. Alan. I want a thorough survey. Two zero altitude. See if a landing's possible. You can get closer if you can, but under no circumstances are you to touch down.
  17. We're taking a look, that's the next move.
  18. Those are your orders, Carter. Is that clear?
  19. Koenig here.
  20. What's their range?
  21. Alan. Switch bunk.
  22. Switch to automatic, Alan!
  23. You're heading into a force field.
  24. Carter! Carter, answer me!
  25. Rescue and Medical Units stand by.
  26. We'll walk.
  27. Yes, Paul.
  28. Mathias?
  29. Yes, Paul.
  30. We're more than half way there. We'll go on to Carter's ship. I don't want to risk getting caught in the open. Alright, let's go.
  31. Take cover!
  32. Helena! Stop! Helena!
  33. Helena!
  34. Do we have power?
  35. We've got to get through their forcefield somehow.
  36. What if we -modify one of our Eagles? Double the power of our anti gravity shields. Triple it, whatever the hell it takes.
  37. Work on it, Victor.
  38. What about Carter?
  39. No. I don't think so. Why take Clifford? There's no connection.
  40. For what reason? The way they killed Clifford. That shockwave, -locking us in orbit. No. Whatever they want from us in return...they could simply...just come and get it.
  41. Alan?How d'you feel?
  42. What about your instruments? Did they indicate anything?
  43. That's exactly what it was.
  44. Morrow, he..?You switched on to manual. He didn't land your ship for you. You were at the controls.
  45. Get some rest, Alan.
  46. I heard you. But when we hit that light barrier anything can happen.
  47. All set, Parks?I assigned Parks to this mission.
  48. Eagle anti gravity shields fifty per cent power.
  49. We're gonna stay on manual, Paul.
  50. Scanner reading?
  51. Anti gravity shield full power.
  52. Full power.
  53. Victor, -it's working! We're getting
  54. through!
  55. They've -reversed...the force field... Carter...Cut the engine!...Cut the engines!
  56. You've got to switch automatic!
  57. Carter..cut the engines!Alan.
  58. Why do doctors make the worst patients? Hm?
  59. You alright?
  60. Well, obviously she's not blind.
  61. Do you have any explanation?
  62. You saw them?
  63. Back on Earth they've been working on that process for over fifty years.
  64. The Tritonians might just be humanoid.
  65. Notify Paul. Noone's to try to stop her.
  66. Don't touch her! Nobody touch her!
  67. What's the Computer transmitting?
  68. Can't you stop it?
  69. They exhaust the memory cells? What then? They won't need any of us.
  70. Then why don't they just come and get it over with?
  71. That's it. Something's preventing them.
  72. Everything they've done has only shown their advanced intelligence. No-one's actually seen them. I mean not even Helena.
  73. No. More so. We can still move. We can still get to them.
  74. No, but maybe we can bend it a little.
  75. They needed her there to implant it. That's why it didn't work on Clifford.
  76. A human conductor.
  77. Then Triton does exist?
  78. So it's possible whoever programmed Helena and killed Ted Clifford doesn't know their planet no longer exists. If I can convince them their mission is obsolete they might release her.
  79. She's not their weakest link, Victor.The circuit runs from their computers, -to the force field, -around us, - to Helena, -to Kano.
  80. You tested it?
  81. I'll need at least fifteen minutes.
  82. You get me the thirteen minutes?
  83. Three keys locked together is not the same as locking them all. When Kano was experimenting, he only jammed one circuit. Now he's set up enough memory cells to cause an overload in twenty five key circuits. It'll take computer thirty two seconds to clear each of those circuits. Which will give us the time we need. Thirteen minutes. When the Computer jams, the force field will shut down just long enough for me to get through, with a few seconds from launching.
  84. The same way you did. Helena. I don't think they know their planet no longer exists. If I can convince them of that..they may release you.
  85. Helena, please. Victor and Kano have worked out the details. All we need now is for you to go through with it.
  86. Stand by. The moment Doctor Russell is reactivated, we lift off.
  87. Kano, how are we on time?
  88. Now! Kano, now!
  89. Eagle One here. We're inside the sphere.
  90. Computer's all set?
  91. Right. Stand by.Well, I was never one to turn down an invitation.
  92. No, Carter. You stay with the ship. If we're not back in ten minutes, fifteen at the most, you blast out of here.
  93. You won't need that.Alright.
  94. Who are you?!
  95. I'm sure you do. Why don't you show yourselves?
  96. Surely I'm no threat to you.
  97. You knew we would jam our computer.
  98. Except you need me. Doctor Russell will not live long enough. I am to replace her.
  99. If we're of such primitive intelligence why do you seek our knowledge?
  100. Triton is two million light years away!
  101. Not to us,and not to you. Because your planet no longer exists. I can prove it.
  102. It won't be necessary. Because I can prove to you that Triton no longer exists.Victor?
  103. This is Triton's galaxy. You acknowledge?
  104. This is Triton's star system.
  105. This is Triton's Universe.
  106. This is Triton's sun.
  107. Calculations and confirmation you're receiving now are coming through Doctor Russell. You can check them.They will prove beyond a doubt -
  108. -that your sun exploded, that Triton, and the other planets in your solar system, have been destroyed. Triton no longer exists. Your function is discontinued. And release Doctor Russell and my men!
  109. Follow me, this way!
  110. Come on, what are you waiting for? Come on!Strap in. Ready for lift off.
  111. Let's get out of here! Move it!
  112. Why so pensive, Victor?
  113. Then what is?

Earthbound (117)

  1. Okay, Paul. You make a copy of that.
  2. Here, Helena. You don't need one.
  3. Simmonds. We can't afford to waste our time on something scientifically impossible.
  4. Commissioner. Our priorities are survival and the search for an alternative place to live. A return to Earth is out of the question.
  5. What kind of a powered object?
  6. Kano, when will we have a visual?
  7. Radio contact?
  8. Keep all frequencies open. Alan. Put Eagles One and Two on the pad for immediate lift off. I want to show our visitors every kind of welcome.
  9. You'll be the first to know.
  10. Let's have it.
  11. Still no contact?
  12. Eagle One?
  13. Intercept that space craft. Lift off.
  14. Eagle Two. Lift off.
  15. Distress signals?
  16. Follow it down, Eagle One.
  17. Stand clear, Eagles One and Two.
  18. Paul. Order a crash unit to Launch Pad Three immediately. Call Carter in, I want him to fly it.
  19. And tell Professor Bergman to meet us there. Kano. Any readings of life signs from the crash site?
  20. Paul, get security to join us.
  21. Doctor Russell, I'd like you to come with us.
  22. Commissioner, right now I need a doctor and a scientist out there. Not a politician.
  23. All set?
  24. You believe it's just chance?
  25. If they were going to attempt to land on Alpha they must know what they're looking for.
  26. Victor?
  27. Any signs of life?
  28. Kano. Can you get us a Spectro X analysis?
  29. Helena. Decompress.
  30. Victor?
  31. That's it. Stand back.
  32. Could be. Alright, we've got to start somewhere. Tony, go back to the ship: bring back some lights and Doctor Russell's equipment.
  33. Paul. Activate gravity control and atmosphere.
  34. There's absolutely no indication of life.
  35. No heart function, no brain activity.
  36. Who were they? Where did they come from?
  37. Right, let's do it.Stand by computer for biochemical analysis.
  38. Yes, we were convinced of it. Only then did we break the seal.
  39. Paul, have the Crash Units stand by. They're going to fly their space ship in on half power.
  40. Captain Zantor - Commissioner Simmonds.
  41. Commissioner, I take the responsibility.
  42. Captain. As soon as you've refreshed yourselves, I suggest we meet to discuss our situation. Doctor Russell will see you to your quarters.
  43. Thank you, Captain. We accept your gifts. May I ask how long you've been travelling?
  44. And your ship was programmed to land on this Moon?
  45. Are you aware this Moon is no longer in Earth's orbit?
  46. Well, it's remarkable your computer was able to find us at all.
  47. So your hope is to settle on Alpha?
  48. But if you are not?
  49. I'll leave you in their hands.
  50. My pleasure, Captain.
  51. A symbol of peace and freedom.
  52. What are you suggesting?
  53. And the Kaldorians?
  54. Doctor Russell?
  55. Well, thank you, Captain. It's a most generous offer.Check out the process thoroughly and let me know.
  56. Shut up, Simmonds. Given any thought what Earth will be like in twenty seventy four?
  57. Simmonds! If that suspended animation process works the Computer will make a choice, an unbiased choice of one passenger from Alpha. You'll be eligible like all the others.
  58. No.
  59. No, and don't try to understand why.
  60. Believe me, Simmonds. If I could rig that computer it would shower out your name. But you take your chance like the rest of them.
  61. Kano. I want Computer programmed to select one person from Alpha to return to Earth. The answer's to be confidential and in code.
  62. Damn the computers.
  63. If you're so clever with life and death, Captain, bring her out of it.
  64. Do you know what you're doing?
  65. It's not working.
  66. What data?
  67. Seventy five years. What's that in miles?
  68. What's happening inside?
  69. Thank you.
  70. Our mistake was to allow her to try the experiment at all.
  71. Does your computer understand it?
  72. Go ahead, Captain.
  73. Well, Captain?
  74. Paul?
  75. Looks that way.
  76. Well, I see you all want to go home. I've asked Computer to chose one name. It's given me a list of three. Heh. A classic case of Computer buckpassing.
  77. No, Simmonds. I'm not decoding this until Doctor Russell convinces me the process is absolutely safe for us.
  78. Alan. Even if it works it won't be a picnic. Seventy five years is a long time.
  79. Alan. We're not even sure the Earth still exists. Now, even if it does, our families, those we've loved, won't be there any more.Eight fifty five, Paul.
  80. Have Captain Zantor come to my office.
  81. The choice must be an objective one.
  82. Simmonds, I'll promise you only this. If the computer chooses you, you'll go with my blessings.
  83. Then you'll wave goodbye with the rest of us.
  84. Well! Welcome back to the land of the living. How do you feel?
  85. Thank you, Captain.
  86. Helena. Are you totally convinced it's safe?
  87. But if somebody other than Doctor Russell were to go?
  88. Goodbye.
  89. Kano, I want Computer to make the final choice. One name.Paul.
  90. Begin a countdown.
  91. Victor. If the Computer chooses you, will you go?
  92. What about you, Helena?
  93. Kano. Simmonds has my comlock!
  94. According to this Simmonds has proceeded from Main Mission to the Maintenance Section, and has just now entered the Power Station. Kano. Deactivate that comlock. And have Computer program an alternative command comlock for me. Explain to the Computer as best you can. Sandra, put me through to the Power Station.
  95. Simmonds. We have you on visual. You can come out peaceably or we'll come and take you out. Your choice.
  96. Paul, get security to seal off the Power Station, but noone's to move in until I give the order.
  97. Sandra. Let's see what he's up to.
  98. Simmonds!
  99. Simmonds. You're trapped.
  100. Sandra. Let's see that close up.
  101. Stabilise that back up power.
  102. Stabilise that power, Paul!
  103. Continue. Simmonds. Put back that unit!
  104. Computer hasn't made the final choice yet.
  105. You have no right to make that decision!
  106. Damn it. Hold the countdown. Get Captain Zantor here.
  107. Any decision we make on this must involve Zantor.
  108. Captain. Commissioner Simmonds insists on returning to Earth with you. Unless we agree, he'll destroy Alpha.
  109. Simmonds.
  110. We agree.Program Commissioner Simmonds restricted access from the Power Station to the spaceship.
  111. My word.
  112. Captain. Here you are, Simmonds, you'll need this.Thank you Captain.
  113. Yes, Paul?
  114. What kind of a signal?
  115. Zantor knew. He must have known.
  116. There's nothing we can do.
  117. Simmonds.

Another Time, Another Place (78)

  1. Main Scanner.
  2. Computer identification?
  3. Paul, you alright?
  4. Check all internal Moonbase systems. Helena, you alright?
  5. Doctor Mathias?
  6. How are things down there?
  7. Get a Medical Crew to Main Mission.Alan. You alright?
  8. Check with Reconnaissance, see if any of the Eagles were damaged.
  9. Sandra. Call Technical Section. I want an Emergency Repair Crew on standby. Kano. Check all sensors and scanners.Victor. What the hell hit us?
  10. And she's not responding to treatment?
  11. Shock, headaches, double vision. We all experienced the same symptoms.
  12. Yeah, but her condition can be diagnosed, understood. What's happening to us out there in space is beyond explanation.
  13. Maybe our sensors can tell us something. Paul, how are the repairs coming along?
  14. No.
  15. But they will tell us what kind of planets are out there.
  16. Artificial gravity?
  17. Velocity instrumentation?
  18. Data systems?
  19. Sensors?
  20. Meteorite screens?
  21. Link up.
  22. Did you tell her we're in a new solar system?
  23. Mourning?
  24. Now why should this only happen to Regina?
  25. You checked all this?
  26. Aim long range scanner on the third planet.
  27. Kano. See what Computer has to say about the third planet.
  28. We've guessed at all kinds of disasters.
  29. Keep trying, Paul. Open all frequencies and put the signal on automatic.
  30. Victor.A space phenomenon we don't understand shifts us billions of light years across space. As incredible as that is, I accept it.But to put us..precisely in the exact orbit we occupied around Earth..I know less and less about this Universe, Victor. But that's got to be more than chance.
  31. Once we're in orbit you'll have plenty of time for reconnaissance. But if you go down there now and for any reason we don't go into Earth's orbit, we'll lose you, forever.
  32. The Computer? The Computer can't even tell us why Earth doesn't answer our signals.
  33. No. Not until we're safely in orbit and have studied the situation down there.
  34. Go ahead, Alan. And while you're down there get something to cool your blood a little.
  35. Anything, Paul?
  36. Signal or no signal, we can't delay telling the people on Alpha what the situation is.
  37. To what extent?
  38. Attention all sections Alpha. This is Commander John Koenig.
  39. The Moon's velocity has stabilised and we're moving into a holding orbit around the planet Earth. We may shortly be activating the first phase of Operation Exodus, a reconnaissance probe of the Earth's surface. This is scheduled as soon as the Moon is safely in Earth orbit.Earth orbit...Earth orbit...Earth orbit...Earth orbit...
  40. Easy, Regina.
  41. Give me the gun.
  42. That much?
  43. What about cities?
  44. Civilisations? Is there anything left of them?
  45. Is there any indication of life?
  46. Regina? I thought her condition was a mental one.
  47. Victor?
  48. Let's see it close up.
  49. It should. It's our own navigation signal.
  50. Alan. Prepare for immediate lift off. We're going to take a look at that Moon.
  51. Then we'll have to walk.
  52. Total evacuation. Operation Exodus.
  53. I can guess.
  54. How did they...they die?
  55. Five years ago?
  56. The rest of the Alphans could have made it to Santa Maria
  57. Well, we'll soon find out.
  58. I'm about to activate the first phase of Operation Exodus.
  59. Helena. We can't wait any longer.
  60. Our other selves.
  61. How long?
  62. That still gives us time for a close look. A Phase One probe.
  63. Paul, activate Phase One immediately.
  64. We have no alternative. If we don't get off this Moon we'll all perish.
  65. We know, Alan. We've seen it too. Looks great. Pick your spot and set her down.
  66. Good landing, Alan. All set?
  67. You two check the other end of the settlement. I'll work down from here.
  68. Kano! Paul!
  69. Where are the rest of the Alpha people?
  70. Ha, ha, ha. Heh, hello! Hi!What frightened them?
  71. They look like fine kids.
  72. Whose are they?
  73. That's a tremendous challenge. To bring back life to a dead world.
  74. Well, it certainly seems to be working.
  75. I think it was a wise decision.
  76. We have no choice but to come down here. If we don't evacuate that Moon we'll all perish
  77. We'll build in another place. We have exactly what you had to start with.
  78. Did they ever really exist?

Missing Link (61)

  1. Eagle One to base. We copy.
  2. Paul. We're returning to Alpha.
  3. We had a close call. We were descending to the planet surface at normal speed and, suddenly we were pulled down at tremendous speed. As if the G forces had increased enormously.
  4. Did you get that, Paul?
  5. It took all the power we had to get away.
  6. Paul, we're in trouble!
  7. Control systems out!
  8. Come in, Eagle Four! Come in, Eagle Four!This is Commander Koenig!
  9. Paul? This is Commander Koenig. Paul?Doctor Russell? Helena?
  10. Paul?
  11. We had our Computer check out every planet in this sector. They're all dead.
  12. You expect me to believe that?
  13. This must be a dream.
  14. Why am I here?
  15. You were saying?
  16. I doubt if I could teach him anything.
  17. Then I take it I'm a prisoner here?
  18. I still don't see what you hope to learn from me.
  19. Fattening me off for the slaughter?
  20. Ho-ho-ho-ho! Ha, ha, ha!My being considered the caveman of the future's your idea of a situation? Do you know what your father intends to do? To use me as an experiment as if I was some kind of..
  21. Exactly.
  22. The principle is exactly the same. I'm being kept here against my will for scientific research. What your father proposes is just inhumane. Or have the Zennites progressed beyond principles?
  23. Vana. I'm not a Zennite. What's not harmful to you may be to me. And you can tell your father I'll do everything I can to get back to Alpha.
  24. Then that day will come a lot sooner!
  25. The others?
  26. Sandra?
  27. Come on, Victor. Look, I feel the same way about Sandra. But we all know that...death's a way of life with us now.
  28. We all do, Victor.
  29. I want to talk to Paul.
  30. If you want to chuck yourself out, that's your affair. Open any airlock!
  31. That's just another way to die.Paul.
  32. Raan! I'm not an experiment! I'm a man! I'm a man! Raaan!
  33. Noooooo!! Raaan!! Nooo!!
  34. Victor! Help me, Victor. Help me! Victor, help me! Help me, Victor! Victor, help me! Victor! Help me, Victor! Help me! Help me! VICTOOOOOR!!!
  35. Victor would never give up on himself. I wanted him to be real. Otherwise I would have seen through your father's deception much sooner.
  36. Every scientist makes that claim. The end justifies the means.
  37. You're lucky.Or are you? Without feeling hate? One cannot feel the joy of love.
  38. Except death.
  39. If I were to take you away from here, against your will, you'd understand.
  40. I was just thinking of you.
  41. You're able to project music with your mind?
  42. It's beautiful. So sad. I didn't think sadness existed here.
  43. Tell me what's troubling you? You know I can't read your mind.
  44. A world without fear.
  45. I can try.I've made my choice. I want to stay here with Vana.
  46. You're beautiful.
  47. No. No.
  48. She trusts you. I don't.
  49. You brought Victor's image here. Why not Sandra's?
  50. I believe you.
  51. It's not a dream, Sandra.
  52. Vana.
  53. No, Vana. Your father only made me face the truth by bringing Sandra here. I can't stay knowing my place is with my own people in my own time.
  54. No, it's the same for you, Vana. The Zennites are your people. This is your time. You and I can never become one. In time you'll understand.
  55. Then cross the bridge between your world and mine.
  56. With your mind and with your heart. As long as you think of me, feel for me, I'll be with you.
  57. Perhaps Vana was the true reason you brought me here.
  58. I'll be taking much more.
  59. Not exactly. But I still believe it's more important to feel than to think.
  60. Helena.
  61. Have I been gone long?

Guardian Of Piri (109)

  1. Kano.
  2. Kano. That Computer's gotta be swamped with data. Now why isn't it offering any predictions as to whether that
  3. planet can support life?
  4. I don't understand how it can control a reconnaissance flight to the surface and at the same time not tell us whether that surface can sustain life.
  5. Is that what you expected?
  6. Check it out manually, Pete.
  7. Synchronise with their on board computer.
  8. Pete! Pete!
  9. Scanner.
  10. Alan.
  11. Kano's men are making a thorough check on computer right now.
  12. Computer's a problem we can handle. What bothers me is why Irving and Davis had no sense of danger.
  13. Which is why I want you to fly manual all the way. You're not to rely on computer at all.
  14. Oh, Alan. For some reason, Irving also ignored all advice from Main Mission. Now, I want you to obey any order Paul gives you, even if it sounds irrational.
  15. Well, that could be either good or bad. If that planet that can sustain us then it gives us more time to explore and make up our minds. But if it's affecting us badly then the closer we get to it the worse it'll be.You alright?
  16. You know what this means? We can't even rely on the computer for normal internal services. Damn it.Sandra? This is Koenig. I want you to put Alpha atmosphere control on manual. Keep you eye glued to it.It's ridiculous. We can't put all our services on manual. We don't have enough personnel.
  17. Well, any after effects?
  18. Any clues to what's happened to us?
  19. Well, it's going to take a lot more than fantasy to convince me of that.
  20. What do you mean?
  21. Alan, get back here. Kano. I want to talk to you.
  22. You can sit, if you like.Alright. What's going on? Straight and simple.
  23. I just left Diagnostic. Sarah Graham was hooked to a computerised monitor during what should have been a simple blood transfusion. She died. Her blood supply suddenly stopped. Professor Bergman's collapse was due to lack of oxygen because computer went haywire. Now it's fouling everything from comlock systems to important data, and we're in desperate trouble.
  24. Kano, we've got to find out what's going on on that planet. Obviously, Computer's not functioning properly. Now let's find out why.
  25. Then maybe we're looking for the wrong things in the wrong way. Now I don't understand what's going on on that planet, nor what happened to Irving and Davis. But somehow that planet is affecting our computer here on Alpha. There's one way I know of to find out how.
  26. Are you willing to go through with it?
  27. All set?
  28. I've asked David Kano to go through with this because of what's happening here on Alpha. Doctor Russell will fill you in on the medical background.
  29. Now, that planet is affecting our computer here on Alpha in a way we can't detect. We hope by getting inside that computer, Kano will be able to determine exactly how it's being affected.
  30. Good luck, Kano.
  31. If we're in orbit we're trapped.
  32. Victor, I don't understand your sudden optimism about that planet. I mean, so far we've lost three men and that doesn't encourage me one bit.
  33. Yes, and you were instructed to disregard everything computer told you.
  34. Details?
  35. Victor, we can't rely on it. That computer seems to be telling us just what we want to hear.
  36. Victor, when we do leave Alpha for the last time, it'll be our decision, our choice. I don't like being presented with an accomplished fact. Communications?
  37. Alan, we're going down.
  38. Nice touch down, Alan. Under no circumstances are you to leave this ship.
  39. Helena.
  40. Well, whatever these things are or were they're dead now. I get no readings at all.
  41. You see these things?
  42. I'll take a little walk. I'll call you if I see anything unusual.
  43. Pete! Pete! You alright? It's Koenig. Pete? Pete!Ed? Ed?Kano! Kano, it's Koenig! Kano, talk to me! Kano!Kano, listen to me!
  44. There's nothing here, Kano. There's no life!
  45. No, you look very human. What worries me is what I don't understand, what I can't see. Who sent you?
  46. You are inviting us to stay here, to settle here?
  47. That's not possible, not for human beings. We're born, grow old and die. It's transient, imperfect. Life can't be maintained.
  48. This place is not suitable for human life.
  49. We like the form we have. My men? How did you get them here?
  50. Life is stopping for them.
  51. The peace of death.
  52. This place is not for us. I'll make them understand.
  53. Kano, come with me! You're dying here!
  54. I will not accept! Come with me, Kano..
  55. Pete, come with me! Come with me!
  56. No!
  57. Alan, prepare for lift off. Alan?
  58. Come in, Carter. Alan. Alan?
  59. I'm not receiving you, Alan! Alan! Answer me, Alan! Are you alright? Ala-
  60. You alright?
  61. I've been calling you. Weren't you receiving?
  62. It's no place for us, Alan.
  63. Hello, Alpha. This is Koenig in Eagle Two Four. Do you hear me?
  64. Come in, Alpha. This is an emergency.
  65. Come in, Alpha.
  66. I need help, Alpha. I'm not receiving you. I'm not receiving you.
  67. Paul, I need directions for final approach. Have Doctor Russell and a Medical Team standby. Carter is unconscious.
  68. Party?
  69. Russell? Where..where is she?
  70. What are you doing?
  71. You've no idea what you'll find out there..
  72. Reports?
  73. These aren't my reports. It's a load of phoney information. Now, listen to me. The Guardian has attacked our computer, it's attacking your minds. Listen,..
  74. Helena, listen to me, please. I've been down there. I've seen what it's done to Kano, Davis and Irving. Cabbages!
  75. Computer, I ordered auxiliary services only. Deactivate banks one to eight immediately.
  76. I'm not mad, Victor. I'm the only sane one left on Alpha.
  77. Now listen to me! You're in danger! The Guardian is taking over your minds..!
  78. Helena..
  79. By whose order?
  80. I said who? The individual?
  81. Grounds?
  82. No, Computer. You threaten the safety of Alpha.
  83. Alright, Computer. I have to talk to someone.
  84. No! Leave me with my pain. It reminds me I'm human.For some reason you brought us here, fixed us in orbit round your planet, and now reduced my people to that.
  85. Is that why your Guardian sabotaged our computer?
  86. That may be alright for the Computer because it's a machine, but we're human beings. We can't exist in Pirian terms. You say you're the Servant of the Guardian. Can't you make him understand this? What of the Pirians themselves? Can't they see we face annihilation?
  87. Sandra, the Pirians? Where are they?Sandra?
  88. Paul, I need your help.
  89. The Pirians! Where are they?
  90. Helena! Helena!Helena!
  91. Helena! Helena!Helena!Helena! Why didn't you answer me?
  92. Where are the Pirians?
  93. Come. Come on.
  94. Hey. Come on. Let's go.
  95. Alright, Helena, sit down. Right there.Sit back.
  96. Give me your hand.
  97. Lie back, Helena. Let me take this off.
  98. Worse, much worse. It's good to have you back. Now, let's start at the beginning. Tell me exactly what happened. You're on the planet Piri.
  99. Tell me about the people. How did they welcome you?
  100. That's the Guardian. I want to know about the people who control it.
  101. Helena, you were in a trance. Think hard. Were there any machines?
  102. No sign of life? That's it. There is no life. There are no Pirians.
  103. Helena, stay back!
  104. Helena, this way! He's only stunned.
  105. Where are your own people? They don't exist, do they? No, because they died! Just as my people are dying right now! Of total apathy!
  106. This is what passes for life on Piri!
  107. Head back to the ships!
  108. Lift off.
  109. We've brought a dead planet back to life. Maybe we should have stayed.

Force Of Life (74)

  1. What do you make of it, Victor?
  2. Paul.
  3. We have computer identification yet?
  4. I don't like it. Paul. Assemble all section heads.
  5. I don't know. There's something out there we don't understand.
  6. And I..I...That's strange, what..what was I saying?
  7. Something activated the security alarm.
  8. You'd better go.Victor. This is one area we can't afford to take chances with. Check it out thoroughly.
  9. A fault in the reactor?
  10. A radiation leak? A fracture?
  11. Then what caused it?
  12. Alright. Helena. Is there any possibility Zoref has radiation sickness?
  13. Yeah, do it, Victor. If there is a link we've got to find it.
  14. What is it?
  15. If it didn't originate on Alpha, which is what you're saying,..
  16. ..where did it come from? There's no energy source anywhere near us in space. That could have caused that.
  17. Victor. Check things out for any signs of damage.What happened?
  18. I don't understand. There is nothing in here that can do that. First Zoref. Then Mark Dominix. There's got to be a connection. Helena. We've got to find out what caused it and why.
  19. No, Victor. I'm making this a restricted area. Until we know more, we can run some more tests. Whatever we're looking for has got to be linked to this Generating Area.
  20. So?
  21. So it's present when Zoref collapses, and it's also present when Dominix dies.
  22. It's got to be the connection.
  23. The same as Dominix.
  24. Whatever killed Hilary is no longer in the Generating Area. It was right here in this hallway.Kano. What's the power situation?
  25. What caused it?
  26. But the best so far.
  27. Sandra. I want you to monitor all power levels on Alpha. Report any fluctuation to me immediately.
  28. Paul. I want security patrols at every strategic location on Alpha. Ready to move at a moment's notice.And get Professor Bergman here right away.
  29. Thank you, Helena.
  30. Kano.
  31. Run a computer check on Anton Zoref's whereabouts for the last ten hours. Specifically the last time he entered the generating Area.
  32. Find him, Paul.
  33. Where?
  34. Alan.
  35. Hold it, Zoref!No, the power.
  36. Well, we can't leave him here.
  37. He doesn't seem to be absorbing energy now.
  38. He's safe.
  39. Well, if there is any connection between Zoref and the energy losses, that connection is broken now.
  40. Fine. But I don't want you to go in there for any reason. The first sign of any activity, call me.Oh, and, uh, Helena. There's a man right outside.
  41. Why Zoref?
  42. Could it be..that it's lain dormant out there in space, just waiting, for Zoref, for a catalyst, something to operate through?
  43. Well, Victor, we can speculate for ever. But that's not our problem. What we've got to do, is to destroy that force, while it's still relatively weak.
  44. Helena.
  45. Attention all sections Alpha. This is Commander John Koenig. Technician Anton Zoref
  46. has escaped from the security wing of the Medical Centre.
  47. All Alpha personnel are warned that technician Zoref is highly dangerous. He is not, repeat not, to be approached.
  48. During this emergency, all side arms are to be worn.
  49. And if attacked...shoot to kill. Keep posted for further instructions.
  50. Paul.How quickly can we shut down all Moonbase power?
  51. No. Just the supplies leading from them.
  52. Survival factor?
  53. Kano. You traced him yet?
  54. Victor. What's the situation?
  55. Put it up on the Big Screen.
  56. Let's see corridor fifteen.
  57. The Generating Area.
  58. If he gets to that reactor, we're all dead. We'll never be able to stop him from getting to the other Generating Areas. Paul. Alert Security. Generating Area Three. Tell them we're on our way. Alan.
  59. What's his last position?
  60. Paul. Cut the power.
  61. Alright, but watch yourself!
  62. Helena, you take her.
  63. Yes.
  64. Not until I say so. And that's final.
  65. Victor.You alright?
  66. Zoref! Come away from there!
  67. He's alive. The laser. The laser regenerated him.
  68. Paul! Restore full power.
  69. Let's get out of here.
  70. Radiation shields!
  71. Check the damage and casualties.
  72. Victor. We're gonna be all right. If that force had gotten to those other reactors..
  73. Purpose?
  74. A star?

Alpha Child (83)

  1. You knew what?
  2. You bet it'd be a girl.
  3. Yes, you did! You did!Sandra- what's the matter?
  4. Well. Well, well. Hello, young man.
  5. He's got to be five years old.
  6. Helena. We knew there could be a problem.
  7. Wait a minute. That could have something to do with it.
  8. I know. And he spent all of his working hours in here.
  9. Yes. And I'm going to find out why.
  10. He's a deaf mute.
  11. Yeah.
  12. So we try to give him as normal a life as possible.
  13. Yeah.
  14. Well, what's going on out here?
  15. Hello, Jackie.Hello.Kano, let's show Jackie something pretty. Come on, Jackie. Here we go. Ups a daisy. Wee!
  16. Alright. You want to see a pretty picture, Jackie, huh? Watch.See that? Here's another one. You want to try it? Here, press this one.
  17. Well, I suppose it's an understandable reaction.
  18. It's the manner of his growth that's so disturbing, Helena. I must admit, I can't accept him either.
  19. Ha-ha-ha. Well, he's certainly making good progress.
  20. Is he, Victor? I think all our enquiring minds have been just a little charmed with young Jackie.
  21. He's got to be. Jackie. Can I see your drawing?
  22. Yes, Paul?
  23. Be right there.
  24. Kano?
  25. Let's see it on the screen.
  26. Red alert.
  27. Alright, Alan. You know what you've got to do.
  28. Don't wait for me to give the order. Good luck, Alan.
  29. Paul, keep sending on all frequencies. Open all channels for any response from them. Anything.
  30. Alan. Any sign of activity?
  31. Well, you hang in there with them. And report the first sign of life.
  32. There's room for an army inside.
  33. Paul, maybe like us they're waiting for the other side to make the first move.
  34. Alan, return to base.
  35. Alan. They could have assumed you were the aggressor. They could have blasted you right out of that sky...but they didn't.
  36. Alright. Let's put ourselves in their shoes. When we go on a reconnaissance flight to another planet is it our intention to attack? No. We try to communicate as best we can. Well, let's assume that the people in that ship are friendly, peaceful people trying to make contact with us. But for some reason we're unable to talk, hear or understand each other.
  37. Ignorance is no reason to start shooting. After all, we're..we're all afraid of the unknown. Let's take Jackie Crawford, for example. Now I know you've all accepted him, but I have some questions. You see I don't know why he is like he is. I can't explain it, nor do I understand it. But I'm not about to shoot him.
  38. Where is he now?
  39. Somewhere?Paul? Find Jackie Crawford and don't let him out of your sight. Helena, we've all bent over backwards trying to accept Jackie as normal. But he isn't. Oh, he's bright alright. Too bright. There's something else. Just a feeling I have, something I can't explain. But I trust it. I think he's fooled all of us.
  40. I think there's a connection. It's just a hunch. Helena. Find Jackie Crawford.
  41. Let's see them, Paul.
  42. Alan, I want you to lead three Eagles and intercept those ships before they reach Alpha.
  43. No. Just let them know we're ready for them.
  44. Alan, stop them.
  45. Red Alert.Alan? Carter!Get moving.
  46. Alan, fire at will.
  47. Alan, switch to main computer. Check. And fire again.
  48. Carter, turn around and hit 'em from behind!
  49. Still increasing?
  50. What can we expect this time? Helena. I think my hunch was right. It's got to be more than a coincidence. The arrival of the spaceships and now this.
  51. Look, we've got to stop calling that Jackie, but rather some..some alien power amongst us which, sooner or later, we may have to destroy.
  52. Is it? It had a human form, that's all. We're wide open, Helena. We're past wait and you'll see what'll happen.
  53. Helena, whatever that's becoming threatens our existence here on Alpha.
  54. What do you mean?
  55. I agree with Doctor Russell. At the moment our hands are tied.
  56. We couldn't be sure we'd hit them anyway. What happened out there, Alan?
  57. Well, whatever caused the failure is just conjecture.But the simple fact is you weren't functioning properly. As a matter of fact you were virtually incompetent.
  58. No, but you were out there.
  59. Was it?
  60. Alan. I think you were gotten to, somehow, by Jackie Crawford.
  61. That's right. Alright, all this talk isn't going to help us any. But I do have an idea which..might work, if the activity of the alien ships stops soon. Then we might just have a chance.
  62. Well, it's quite primitive. My idea is to set four men on the surface, on foot, each carrying hand held armour piercing lasers. They position themselves one under each of the alien ships. They coordinate and fire simultaneously straight up into the bellies of the ships.
  63. We have no choice. It's the four of us.
  64. Hold your fire!
  65. Back to base!
  66. Helena!
  67. You're not Sue Crawford.
  68. Why? Are you running away from something?
  69. Jarak. Listen to me. You can't stay here. We can't sustain more people. Our environment here on Alpha is so precariously balanced we can barely support ourselves.
  70. Jarak.You need us. I don't know your people but they need us alive. You won't kill us 'til you're ready.
  71. Helena.Everyone alright?
  72. Let's find 'em.
  73. Yes, Kano?
  74. Make your demands.
  75. Then open the door!
  76. You just tried to kill all of us, Jarak!
  77. And us?
  78. Jarak. You've just killed a number of my people.
  79. You're holding others captive.
  80. Unless what?Jarak! Are you going to let Alpha be destroyed because of you?! Jarak!
  81. Jarak? Mathias?Alan.
  82. They've gone.
  83. It's a nice thought, Helena. I don't think they had any choice.

The Last Sunset (66)

  1. But if we go into orbit what does that do to your sense of symmetry, Victor?
  2. Providing, of course, that the planet proves to be as well endowed as Computer predicts.
  3. Come in, Alan.
  4. Alan! Alan!
  5. Eagle Two and Eagle Seven return to base. Paul, evacuate personnel from Launch Pad One. Crash Units stand by.
  6. Alright, Alan. We won't take any chances, we'll bring you in on automatic. Eagle Seven, stand clear. Alan, Pad One is sealed off.
  7. As soon as you land, skip all touch down procedures and get clear as quickly as you can.
  8. Well, my guess is it won't. At least not until you bring it home. Alright, Paul, bring him in.
  9. Victor. What do you get on the scanners?
  10. Density? Radiation?
  11. We'll have to bring it in.
  12. An intelligent civilisation with an atmosphere similar to Earth's, sees Earthman approaching and tries to prevent him. So by creating a diversion and a continuing mystery does just that. Plausible?
  13. Well, maybe they need time to find out more about us.
  14. Helena, we don't know if we're going into orbit any more than we know whether this thing's friendly or hostile. Even if it is some kind of an invitation card I think we've got to play this step by step. Anything so far, Victor?
  15. Inert?
  16. Gas!
  17. Helena, prepare to receive casualties. Victor, analyse that gas sooner than possible.Paul. Red alert. Evacuate the Technical Section. Seal it off. Then open it's airlocks to the surface.Come on!
  18. Paul..?
  19. Good. Kano..Can Computer assess the total capacity of that object?
  20. Diameter less than a meter; weight four twenty eight. That's impossible.
  21. Red sunrise. Blue sky. An atmosphere. We've got an atmosphere.
  22. What about ultra violet? That was your main concern.
  23. But the final test is to breathe it. Right?
  24. Attention everyone. Doctor Russell is satisfied, as far as she can tell from processed data, that the atmosphere out there is breathable and safe. Now, what I'd like now are two volunteers to go out there and make sure.Sandra, Paul. Now, I want you to remember, this is the final stage of a scientific programme, it's not a joy ride. However, Kano, along with everything else I'd like you to keep a constant check on their joy levels.
  25. Well, we've simply exchanged one set of problems for another.
  26. All we need is a rainfall.
  27. Victor, it took twenty five years to reclaim the Sahara desert. Right out there is a planet that already supports some kind of civilisation. I think our priority has to be to establish whether it can, or will, support us.
  28. Wait a minute. How long will it take?
  29. Victor.Those circular lakes will look wonderful. But Alpha is built in a crater. And if it rains as hard as you hope it will, right at the bottom of one of those lakes will be Moonbase Alpha.
  30. This expedition will be under the overall command of Doctor Russell. The brief is straightforward. We've been combing the Universe searching for a new Earth. And now, suddenly, thanks to our mysterious friends on the planet Ariel, we've found it. Right here, under our very noses. Now, the job ahead for these people is to find the best place in which to live, so we may begin our new life, our new future. I'd like you to join me now in wishing them good luck.
  31. Not for me it isn't.
  32. Come in, Eagle Two Eight. We're not receiving you, Two Eight. But if you can hear me, Alan, your orders are to return to base immediately.
  33. Keep trying.
  34. I want their exact position.
  35. Kano, I want every Eagle fuelled and ready for lift off. I want photographs. Every inch within a radius of five hundred miles of their last position. Victor, divide this sector into twenty eight zones.Mathias.
  36. Load Eagle One with Medical supplies and rescue equipment. You're coming with me.
  37. Not much of a new world, is it?
  38. Not much of a place to be lost in.
  39. News?
  40. Have them refuelled immediately.
  41. With a fifty-fifty chance of going into orbit. Right?
  42. And if we don't go into orbit, conditions on that surface will deteriorate rapidly. Also right.
  43. Grounded?
  44. Now, look, Kano, we can't afford faults. We've spent months drifting through space, and those technicians have nothing to do but sit on their backsides. Now I need every Eagle I can get, what happens? Half of them go lame. Get those technicians moving, Kano. Get them moving! No Eagle is grounded until I say so! Now, go on.
  45. So they should.
  46. We've got to find them, Victor. We've got to find them.
  47. Doesn't anything function on this base?
  48. Well?
  49. Victor, you say every Eagle is affected?
  50. How long will it take to strip down one Eagle and graphite every exposed surface?
  51. They'll have to do it in two.I don't know whether this is friend or foe but let's get it out of here, alright?
  52. You don't have to tell me, Victor. That phoney cheerfulness tells me. We're not going into orbit, right?
  53. Somehow I don't think I'd like the people.
  54. Right. Which will turn into an ice cap the moment we pass beyond the warmth of Ariel's sun. And Alpha will be crushed to death. What's happening with the corrosion proof Eagle?
  55. No problems here, Kano. We're clearing Alpha now on two four zero.
  56. Yeah. I'm not surprised. Those satellites are back.
  57. No time.
  58. Take Helena.
  59. Sandra.
  60. There's not time for it.
  61. Sandra. Come on. Come on, Sandra.
  62. It's at times like that you find out who your friends are, Paul.
  63. Let's see it.
  64. The sooner the better.
  65. Can you hear me?
  66. Then you must have known we came in peace!

Voyager's Return (91)

  1. Eagles One and Two. Maintain your approach.
  2. Eagles One and Two. Activate onboard defensive systems.
  3. Relay it to us, Alan. Kano?
  4. Acknowledge it.
  5. Carter, Abrams! Pull away! Pull away!
  6. Eagles One and Two. Do you read me? Do you read me?
  7. Eagles One and Two.
  8. Paul, keep all communications open.
  9. This is Main Mission to Eagle One.
  10. Are you receiving? Are you receiving?
  11. Alan? Do you read me?
  12. Do you read me?
  13. Your automatic systems are shot to hell. Can you maintain manual control?
  14. Sorry, Alan.
  15. The Queller Drive.Voyager One is powered by the Queller Drive, an atomic engine used for going across space at incredible speed..
  16. Kano. What's the time factor?
  17. Eleven hours. That gives us some time.
  18. We've waiting for you, Alan. Good luck.Crash units stand by.
  19. All right, Victor. Now, what are you suggesting?
  20. Helena?
  21. Wait a minute. Victor. Voyager has two engine systems, right?
  22. There's ordinary chemical rockets, which are used for lifting off and landing, and the Queller Drive, which takes over to carry it across vast distances of space. The Queller Drive made star travel possible. That Voyager is unmanned, so how does it switch from rocket power to Queller Drive and back again?
  23. Exactly. Now why can't we reprogram the computer aboard Voyager? Why can't we feed it new instructions so it shuts down the Queller Drive?
  24. Carter?
  25. Good. Take him to the Medical Section.
  26. Helena.
  27. Helena.We're not in any danger yet.
  28. How do you know that?
  29. In what capacity?
  30. Ernst Queller?
  31. He was cleared for duty here on Alpha. If he chose not to reveal who he was, that's his business. I feel every man is entitled to that much privacy.
  32. Paul. I understand why this is difficult for you. But we're not here to pass moral judgement on Ernst Queller. We're here to decide whether a man named Ernst Linden can help us.
  33. Victor, can you guarantee that you can shut down the Queller Drive in time?
  34. Let's talk to Linden.Doctor.Doctor Linden. We need the information the Voyager contains. I want to know if you can shut down the Queller Drive so we can get that information. Now, don't be hasty. Think carefully. I want to know if you can do it with the facilities we have here on Alpha. I want to know if you can do it in the time period we have left. Kano?
  35. Yes, or no?
  36. Yes, or no?
  37. Thank you, Doctor.I'm going with him. Paul, I don't want his real identity made known.
  38. Should he?
  39. Sandra. Let me know if there is any deviation in it's flight.
  40. Fine. Alan. What's your plan if we can't stop it?
  41. Good. Paul, start the countdown.
  42. Haines, if you'll excuse us, I'd like a word with the doctor.
  43. How much longer?
  44. Possibility of failure?
  45. Do you need more men?
  46. Doctor. I hope you're not trying to prove something.
  47. Alan. Go ahead.
  48. Victor. No word from Linden yet?
  49. How is he?
  50. How did it happen?
  51. Do you realise what you've done? Stupid! You've destroyed our only chance!
  52. Get out of here!
  53. Now!
  54. We can't save it now.
  55. Doctor, right now I've got three Eagles out there, their sights aiming right at Voyager.
  56. Helena. Do what you can to keep him going.
  57. Why?
  58. Wait, Alan.
  59. I said wait.
  60. Kano! Link up!
  61. So am I, Doctor.
  62. Launch pad four.Alan, keep those Eagles in position. Paul, I want Voyager One ready for boarding as soon as she lands.
  63. Stand down, Eagle Five.
  64. Alan, keep watching the alien ships. Victor?
  65. Doctor.
  66. Yes, Paul.
  67. I'm John Koenig, Commander of this colony.
  68. What is your purpose here?
  69. Correct.
  70. On behalf of my people, yes.
  71. You must believe my people acted with the best intentions.
  72. Revenge.
  73. My people have committed no crime. We shall resist.
  74. We're going to give it a damn good try. Alan, move Eagles Four, Six and Ten into extreme intercept positions.
  75. A thousand to one.
  76. I'm not a betting man. What we need is another chance.
  77. No.
  78. Range?
  79. Eagles Four, Six and Ten. As soon as the Sidon ships are within
  80. Linden.
  81. Linden! This is John Koenig! Linden! Linden, do you read me?
  82. What the hell is he up to?
  83. The Queller Drive.
  84. Linden!
  85. Are you crazy? We have no protection against that drive.
  86. They're all that stand between us and the Sidons!
  87. Recall all Eagles!
  88. Ernst Queller is acting outside my authority.
  89. It's done it's work.
  90. Good question.
  91. Only his name was changed. The man..the man was the same. Look, Haines. His sacrifice gave us a future. His knowledge..hope. Now someone has to carry on his work. If you respected the man, don't let that sacrifice be wasted. This is the memory bank from the Voyager.Get to it.

Collision Course (130)

  1. Kano. What's happened to Eagle One?
  2. Delay the blast forty seconds.
  3. Delay the blast forty seconds!Alan, we must detonate those nukes in two minutes. Can you make it?
  4. Alan. Don't worry about perfection, just get in and get out.
  5. Alan. We've got to have it there. Or else we'll all die.
  6. Delay ten.
  7. Alan. You've got another thirteen seconds.
  8. Good luck.Red alert.
  9. Activate radiation screens.
  10. I want damage reports from all sections.
  11. Come in, Eagle One. Eagle One, do you read me? Alan, do you read me?
  12. Come in, Eagle One. Come in, Eagle One. Alan, do you read me?
  13. Sandra. I want a scanner report.
  14. What about the orbital satellites?
  15. Radiation?
  16. Keep calling Alan.
  17. It may help him to know we're still alive.
  18. Victor, if you're trying to tell me I made the wrong decision, tell me that. If you're trying to tell me that I'm wasting my time trying to reach Alan out there, through that radiation cloud, tell me that. But if you're telling me that you don't think Alan is alive out there... I don't want to hear that.
  19. Yeah, but very few facts.
  20. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
  21. There it is. We're still getting our own orbital satellite identification signal.
  22. Exactly. Which Alan doesn't have. But if we equip an Eagle with one and send it up through the radiation cloud, we can establish three way contact between it, Alan and Alpha. Paul, I want you to prepare an Eagle for the job. If Alan's anywhere out there we're going to find him.
  23. Alpha has radiation screens and so do the Eagles.
  24. Victor. If he's not out there I want to know it for a fact. Paul. Put an Eagle on Pad Two.
  25. Make it function.
  26. I agree. Otherwise we're ready to lift off.
  27. Good.
  28. Main Mission. This is Koenig. We have lift off.
  29. Visibility nil.
  30. Keep trying.
  31. He's alive. Paul, did you hear that? He's alive.
  32. Paul. Fix his position. Give us a course.
  33. Course computed and programmed.
  34. I have.
  35. Hello, Alpha.
  36. We've found Eagle One. It's drifting just outside the plasma cloud.
  37. Not too much damage.
  38. We're moving in now to dock.
  39. Docking procedure checked and programmed.
  40. Docking secure.
  41. Yeah. He handled that docking beautifully. I don't think he's too badly hurt. You hold her steady, I'm going in there.
  42. Paul.
  43. He's alive but unconscious. The effort of that docking must have been too much for him.My God..!
  44. Return to base.
  45. Another collision course. Only this time it's a planet. A massive planet.
  46. There's no getting away with this one, Paul.
  47. Thanks, Paul. Stay with him til the medics arrive. Then report to my office.
  48. Forget it. We're running out of time.
  49. Medical.
  50. Skip the radiation check. We're in trouble.
  51. Look, you can't keep me here, I've got lots to do.
  52. Carter's in Eagle One, with Morrow.
  53. Kano. Process this information from the on board computer. Give me a report as quickly as you can. Victor, we're in trouble.
  54. We never would have known. Probably been better off.
  55. It's the best news I've had today.How's Alan?
  56. No radiation?
  57. One thing's for sure. We won't be able to destroy it like we did the asteroid. My guess is it's thirty times the size of the Moon.
  58. Julie.
  59. Go on.
  60. Easy, come on. We're trying to come up with a realistic plan to avoid disaster. We've no time for this.
  61. It makes a lot of sense.
  62. Alright, Victor. Get to work on it. I'd like to see a detailed plan.Sandra, what have you learned about the planet?
  63. Breathable?
  64. Yeah. The question is what kind of life.
  65. Paul, you've overlooked something. We're still isolated by that radiation cloud. All the information we've gotten has come from the on-board computers on my Eagle. If we want to glean more information from that planet it means a reconnaissance flight.
  66. Yeah. The question is can that planet withstand a collision with the Moon?
  67. Alright, Victor. I'll tell you what. I'm going to go out there and take a look at that planet. Meantime you start Operation Shockwave. If I find that planet's habitable...we'll have to make a spot decision as to whether we chance an evacuation.
  68. What's all this about?
  69. Well, that's not possible. The instruments cleared him.
  70. Now, Helena, look. The man's been unconscious. Dreaming. Maybe having a nightmare.
  71. Now how the hell can you be so sure?
  72. Look, I'm not hallucinating. Okay, maybe, maybe my reactions were a bit hasty, but so was your assessment.
  73. Now look, Helena- Yes, Paul?
  74. Thanks Paul, but I'm going alone.
  75. Don't worry. I'll wear my galoshes.
  76. Main Mission. This is Koenig calling on interstellar frequency.
  77. How do you read?
  78. Looks like the radiation cloud is dispersing.
  79. How's Operation Shockwave coming along?
  80. Good.
  81. Soon as Victor's happy with the plan, I want you to start placing the nuclear charges in position.
  82. There is life on the planet.
  83. A mammoth spaceship.
  84. Heading right towards me.
  85. Tremendous velocity. I'm taking evasive action.
  86. It's dragging me towards it. Retrorockets ineffective.
  87. Moonbase Alpha, do you read me?Main Mission. This is Koenig. Do you read me? Do you read me?
  88. Who are you?
  89. Atheria?
  90. But.. how can that be possible?
  91. It seems to me we are here by accident. Our Moon was blasted out of Earth's orbit by a nuclear explosion. Noone could have forseen that."ARRA: "Oh, poor John Koenig. How you belittle yourself in the scheme of things. And yet how small you are to be so great."KOENIG: "I should very much like to know my place in the scheme of things."ARRA: "Our two planets have met in the body of Time for the great purpose of mutation. We shall change utterly and the change will reverberate through the galaxies and universes of eternity. You and I are two vital drops in the boundless ocean of Time. We have met with purpose. We must not fail our destiny."KOENIG: "On this question of the destiny of Man. Please be more specific. What will happen to us?"ARRA: "You shall continue.. Your odyssey shall know no end. You will prosper and increase in new worlds, new galaxies. You will populate the deepest reaches of space."KOENIG: "And you?"ARRA: "Oh. The gene of which I and my people are a part shall mutate. We shall take on another form, unrecognisable. Spiritual, if you like. But once changed we shall become immutable for time inconceivable."KOENIG: "And what must I do to help you achieve all of this?"ARRA: "Nothing.
  92. I should very much like to know my place in the scheme of things.
  93. On this question of the destiny of Man. Please be more specific. What will happen to us?
  94. And you?
  95. And what must I do to help you achieve all of this?
  96. How can you know that?
  97. Are you asking me to tell them to do nothing? How can I do that? They'll need facts, logical explanations. They're all, all of them, logical men and women. There is a way. If you come with me, Arra. You could help me to persuade them just by your presence.
  98. What you've told me sounds magnificent here, in this chamber, and from your lips. But how will it sound in the cold light of Moonbase Alpha? They'll never believe me. They already think I'm suffering from radiation sickness. They simply will not believe me.
  99. And I have faith in you. But what is faith against the fact of imminent collision? I'll need to know more. I'll need to know what you are going to do.
  100. Arra.
  101. Main Mission. Main Mission. This is Koenig.
  102. I'm fine. Suspend all operations immediately.
  103. Repeat. Cancel Operation Shockwave. Pull those Eagles out of there. And most important, do nothing until I return. Repeat.
  104. Nothing. Until I return.
  105. You don't believe me. I know it's incredible. But I trust her, I believe her!
  106. Exactly. That's what I want.
  107. Paul.
  108. Arra.
  109. I don't know.
  110. Paul, cancel Operation Shockwave. This meeting is closed.
  111. Betrayed?
  112. Computer, lock my door.
  113. You saw her too? Alan, I need your help. Here's what I want you to do.
  114. Hold it!Go on, move in there.Sandra. Tanya, get away from that button. Computer. Close and lock Main Mission doors.
  115. Two minutes, thirty eight seconds.
  116. She's with her people, on the planet Atheria. They're waiting for our two worlds to touch. When that happens they'll be transformed into a higher form of life.
  117. Now listen, you've got to believe me. This is our only chance of survival. Operation Shockwave will destroy us unless we wait and do nothing.
  118. Helena. You tried to ignore and deceive me. But you couldn't deceive Arra. Operation Shockwave will not take place!
  119. You think I'm suffering from radiation sickness, don't you?
  120. It wasn't radiation. Arra saved Alan. Just as she'll save all of us.
  121. Helena. Why don't you believe me!?!Helena. If it's a choice.
  122. Paul!
  123. Helena! No! Please! Trust me! Trust me!
  124. Arra!
  125. Arra, where are you?
  126. Victor, I believed her! Victor, I believed her!
  127. You were right. Totally right. If you'd done anything else I'd want to know why.
  128. But nothing. Helena. If you went out to that spaceship and came back with a crazy story like I did, I'd be a fool not to lock you up. How could anyone possibly know that
  129. That a planet on a collision course would not collide.
  130. But simply touch.

Death's Other Dominion (69)

  1. The man said smog. Let's see if communications are still choked. Paul.
  2. Still no contact?
  3. As we head into the smog we may lose contact with you. But keep listening anyway.
  4. Victor.
  5. We may have to rely on our own on board computer to put us down close to the original radio signal.
  6. Has the smog affected our instruments?
  7. It could have been rougher.
  8. I suggest we stick close together. But if you do get lost the comlock locator beams should bring us back to the ship. All set?
  9. The voice! I heard it!
  10. No, Helena, I heard it. I heard it.
  11. How could men survive in a place like this? Where's Alan? Alan!
  12. No, Victor. Alan! Carter!
  13. Don't!
  14. We're not going to find them. I say we go back to the ship and let them find us.
  15. Helena! Helena! Alan! Helena!
  16. In these conditions?Victor, grab hold of my belt.
  17. Victor? Get up!
  18. Get up, Victor.
  19. We can't stop, Victor. Come on.
  20. Sleep will kill you, Victor. You'll freeze. Come on. Get up. Get up.
  21. Hello!Thank God.
  22. Victor.
  23. Helena. Helena.
  24. Where's Carter? Alan Carter. There were four of us. He's still out there.
  25. Helena.
  26. Yes.
  27. Victor's fine. Alan - they're still searching for him. Helena, the planet is Ultima Thule. The people are from Earth. The survivors of the Uranus expedition of nineteen eighty six.
  28. I know it's incredible but they're here. You remember Doctor Rowland?Doctor? Doctor Russell.
  29. Doctor, we must speak to Alpha.
  30. I don't understand why we can't hear them.
  31. If you could take me to the Eagle perhaps we could make contact from there. Let them know we're safe, alive.
  32. That's Alan, it must be! He's alright. Alan! Alan!
  33. Alan! Alan!
  34. The Moon is only within range of this planet
  35. for five more days.
  36. We have to let Alpha know we're still alive.
  37. Helena! Helena! Alan's alright. He found the Eagle. He's lifted off. I've got to contact Alpha immediately.
  38. Gods.
  39. Revered?
  40. Ghastly. Unbelievable.
  41. Why haven't you tried to stop him?
  42. You..- were here?
  43. Right now you're as sane as I am.
  44. Stop!
  45. Victor. Do you know what might have happened to you?
  46. Did he tell you why?
  47. Listen, Victor. There are dissidents here, and with good reason. There's a cave, a kind of living graveyard with victims. Vegetables who sacrificed their minds to science.
  48. Helena, listen...
  49. Except humanity.
  50. Jack. When Rowland begged us to come, it was your voice, your voice telling us to stay away.
  51. What do you mean?
  52. Come on, Jack, there's more in that mind of yours than meets the ears.
  53. Well, looks like your psychic fears were founded in hard fact.Hello, Alpha.
  54. Paul. We're alive. Are you receiving me?
  55. There is life here. People. People from Earth.
  56. Alan, I wish it was as simple as that, but there are Thulians who would rather move to Alpha than face eternity here on Thule.
  57. Alan.I feel we shouldn't stay here at all.
  58. Or we could be staring down a blind alley, Victor.
  59. No.
  60. Alpha cannot function without a great many trained men to operate it. Therefore freedom of choice is out of the question. Either all of us come, or all of us stay. Now, I'm not prepared to make that decision. Therefore I suggest a vote. A majority decision. As Commander, I'll accept it.
  61. Alright, I'll agree to that.
  62. Alan. Take Doctor Rowland to the Eagle.
  63. If you permit me, I'll speak on your behalf. I'll state your case, yours and Jack's.
  64. Jack. I need your help. Come with me, Jack. There's something you know. Jack, this is no place for you, you can't hide in here. Your mind's too sharp. Jack, if I win my case I'll not see you again.
  65. Tell me what you know.Then it's goodbye.
  66. Alan. I'd like to be able to count on you for support.
  67. Jack. What have you decided?
  68. Jack, wherever we are, the future of Thule will haunt us to the end. We pray for your success.
  69. Is it death that gives a meaning to life, in the end?

The Full Circle (43)

  1. Why don't they answer?What about the onboard systems? How do they check out?
  2. Alright, keep trying.
  3. I don't know what's happened, Helena. I know what hasn't happened. A party of seven, on a reconnaissance party, should have been back hours ago. More than that, they haven't even checked in the last two hours.
  4. Wait a minute. Paul. Can you bring Eagle Six back by remote control?
  5. Do it.
  6. Helena, Victor, let's go.
  7. Nothing.
  8. This is to be a full scale rescue operation. Paul, I want Eagles One and Two on the pad ready for immediate lift off.
  9. Helena, I want a medical team equipped for any eventuality. Now, who do you want to take along?
  10. Doctor Mathias?
  11. Alright.Now, the ground search party will be me, the copilot, one security guard and Helena's medical team. We'll take Eagle One. Alan, I want you to take Eagle Two. You'll conduct an aerial search. I want you to cover every inch within a radius of a hundred miles of that spot where the Eagle went down. Got it?
  12. Yeah, alright. But remember: first, search, second, photographs. And third...record any sightings of people, where they are, and how many.
  13. Yeah, Victor. I want you in command.Look, I promise you, you'll get a chance to explore Retha. But first things first.
  14. We've got to find the reconnaissance party. At least find out what's happened to them.
  15. Eagle One ready for lift off.
  16. Eagle One to base. Landing all okay. Moving out with the search party right away.
  17. There it is. Their first marker. From here on we walk.
  18. Look at the size of it.
  19. Let's go.
  20. What about the others? Helena?
  21. The mist. Yes...
  22. Family resemblance. Victor, we've got to go back down there.
  23. We've got to keep on looking until we find our people.
  24. Caps on his teeth?
  25. Wait a minute. I think I'm beginning to understand. Victor, if one stone age man turns out to be Sandos, then maybe the one you thought was me.. was me...
  26. Don't ask me how, but...if it was me then maybe Helena and the rest of the Alphans are...are also stone age people.
  27. What? Tell me?
  28. I've got to get down there.
  29. Like hell I can't. Bob, get my clothes.
  30. Stop!Right, Sandra.Back to the entrance.Keep going.
  31. Alright, go for the mist, move!
  32. You three are decoys. Lead them along the edge of the mist but don't go in it. Victor. Behind that rock. I'm over here. We'll force them into the mist.
  33. The answer's gotta be inside that mist. Fire!Fire!Fire!
  34. Over to the other side! Quick!
  35. Likewise.
  36. Well, how are they? Any ill effects?
  37. Sorry, Victor.
  38. I wish I could remember. I'd really like to know how much we have changed in all that time. I mean our instincts. Our basic emotions, our feelings.
  39. As a matter of fact I was quite flattered when I heard about that.
  40. Victor. Were there any other cavepeople there besides us?
  41. Because we couldn't speak to each other, couldn't communicate, we misunderstood.
  42. Yes, vengeful. To the point of killing. And yet it was only us there.
  43. Maybe. Just maybe. I'll let you know in forty thousand years.

End Of Eternity (76)

  1. It doesn't make sense.
  2. Inside?
  3. Alright. Trigger it.
  4. You were right, Victor.
  5. Alright, stand clear, Victor.Visors down.Victor, -excuse me, Jim- , I think we'll need some more explosives.
  6. Baxter, you alright?
  7. Sure you're alright?
  8. Still. Let's get him back to Alpha as quickly as we can.
  9. Bob, I want you to check Baxter out.
  10. Well, you tried. What now?
  11. As I understand it, Mike, the blast hit you harder than it hit the rest of us.Now, Medical seems to think that -there might be some damage.
  12. Mike. Just give them a chance to check you out, as soon as you're clear I'm sure you'll be able to fly again. As far as I'm concerned, there's no problem. Alright?
  13. Just a little while ago that man was severely injured. He was mutilated beyond description. I happen to know because I dressed his wounds myself.
  14. What is it?
  15. Helena. Helena. That asteroid's been out in space for..maybe a thousand years. Now is it it possible that he's been out there all that time?
  16. I'm going to put two security men outside that door. Noone is to have access to this room unless I give permission.
  17. The question is. Is it organic matter? Or was it created for some specific purpose?
  18. Or to prevent him from getting out.
  19. I know what this means to you, Mike.
  20. Your optic nerve. It's been severely damaged.I'm sorry.
  21. Yep.
  22. Security. Assembly Area D.
  23. Alan.
  24. Use the kill ray.
  25. Why did you attack our people?
  26. It was fear that made our people react as they did.
  27. Balor. That asteroid was out in space a very long time. Why were you inside it?
  28. Is there something we can do for you?
  29. You're welcome to stay with us. At least for the present. We'd like you to be our guest. Paul. Show Balor to my quarters.
  30. Victor. Helena.
  31. What do you think, Victor?
  32. Why?
  33. Does it? Helena?
  34. No. But if we found out we made a mistake, as the Progrons did, would we punish the man who offered us a way out?
  35. I don't know. I don't know. But why would such a civilised people punish a man in such a diabolical way? And what about the paintings inside the asteroid? How do they fit in.
  36. Right. Maybe that was Balor's solution. Maybe that's what he offered his people.
  37. Or maybe they were put there to remind him of something. Something he hasn't told us about.Kano. I want you to run a constant computer check on Balor's whereabouts.
  38. Baxter? Thanks, Kano.
  39. Well, I'm glad to see you're feeling better about things, Mike. Balor was here. What did he want?
  40. Baxter got the jump on me. He went completely berserk. I never stood a chance, he was ..crazy, violent. He was still battering me when I...I passed out. And yet look at me now. There isn't a mark on me. I don't know what the hell's going on.
  41. Inside the asteroid. Those pictures on the walls.
  42. No. But it's beginning to.Paul. Locate Balor. Have him come to my office.
  43. Yes. Did you visit one of our people, a man called Baxter? He's now dead.
  44. What did you do to him? Now look, Balor. I happen to know you went to Baxter's quarters. And you did something to his mind that made him attack me viciously. And then you waited until he thrashed me within an inch of my life. And then you came back and healed my wounds. Correct?
  45. Why?
  46. You're not sane, Balor.
  47. Yes. I know now that they were put there to remind you of what you did to your own people.
  48. You're evil, Balor. And what you offer is evil. We will resist you. And what you stand for.
  49. No.
  50. We'll find a way. Somehow.
  51. You'll have to kill me first.
  52. A killer who can't be killed.He's insane! He can do what he wants with us and he knows it.
  53. But he wants Alpha, Paul. He won't destroy us, at least not yet.
  54. Yes, hold out. Until we come up with something. We've got to find some way to fight him. Or we're finished. Victor.
  55. Paul. Situation?
  56. Go on.
  57. Evacuate the medical centre and get over here right away.Where is he now?
  58. Get all our people out of there.
  59. How?
  60. Better still. Get him off Alpha. Out into space.
  61. Not unless we forced him to. Paul, get him on the screen.
  62. Balor.
  63. No psychopath is going to dictate terms to us, Balor.
  64. Now, is B section clear yet?
  65. Alright. I'm going in there. I want you to seal all doors behind me. As soon as I'm clear, depressurise.
  66. Alan, I know that. What do you want me to do, invite him to leave? You know what to do.
  67. Ready here, Paul.
  68. Thinking.
  69. Maybe. But I need more time, Balor.
  70. Look, Balor, I need a little more time.
  71. I need more time, Balor.
  72. Never, Balor!
  73. Yes, Paul.
  74. In your own time, Alan.
  75. It was our fault. We unleashed him.
  76. No. The price was too high.Alright. Let's get this place into shape. Let's go.

War Games (99)

  1. Where did they come from?
  2. Still no reply from the planet?
  3. Keep trying.
  4. Certainly looks that way, Alan.
  5. Get going, Alan.Red alert!
  6. Attention all sections Alpha. Alien ships are approaching the base. Their intentions are not known.
  7. Eagle flight One will intercept. Flight Two will move to back up positions. Relief crews to launch pad area. Crash units stand by.
  8. Rescue with Casualty Eagles manned and ready.
  9. Priority One to Technical Section and Launch Pad Area. Priority Two to Medical Centre and stand by to receive casualties. Activate meteorite defence screens.
  10. and seal primary bulkhead doors.
  11. That's nearly twice the speed of our Eagles.
  12. Get on their tails, Alan.
  13. Still no signal?
  14. Fire!
  15. Position?
  16. Flight Two?
  17. Flight Two. Cut all checks. Lift off.
  18. We've gotten ourselves a war.
  19. You alright?
  20. Alright. Back to your posts. Let's go.
  21. I want damage reports on Launch pads and Maintenance section.Kano.Minimum countdown. I want to know exactly how long it will take to get the last laser-equipped Eagle off this rock.Helena. Give me a casualty report.
  22. We're at war.Positions?
  23. Interception?
  24. Alan. They're heading towards you at three one nine. Within range in two minutes. We'd try to send you all the help we can, but right now...right now you're all that stands between us and them. We're relying on you, Alan.
  25. Good luck.
  26. The last Eagle? Is it ready for launch?
  27. Evacuate all non essential surface areas. Secondary bulkheads will be secured in thirty seconds.Paul. Sandra. Kano. You stay with me. The rest of you get below.You too, Victor.
  28. You alright.
  29. Auxiliary lights.
  30. Sandra, you hold on here. Paul, Kano, you come with me.
  31. Paul.Helena. Come on.Bob! Leave that! Come on.
  32. Yes, I know, I know.
  33. It's stopped. I think it's over.Paul. Kano. Stay here. Help out.
  34. Well, they're going by the book. First they eliminate the fighter defences, then they send in the bombers.
  35. There's nothing we can do. Nothing.
  36. Sandra. Take Computer.
  37. Alpha to Eagle One. Alpha, to Eagle One. Do you copy?
  38. Alan. That was terrific.
  39. I'm sure they did. Didn't know you were still alive.
  40. Pretty bad. You?
  41. We're relying on you to tell us, Alan. Out.Victor.How are things down there?
  42. Their Doomsday Weapon. It was intended for Alpha but Alan got in its way.
  43. He's alright. We've got a lot of casualties, Victor. It's one hell of a mess up here. Sandra's at the Computer now. She'll give you a safe route back to Main Mission.
  44. Alright, Helena. Let's have the bad news.
  45. Well, we still have emergency power. And for the moment at least the attack's been called off.
  46. I don't think so, Alan. Anyway, we're still alive. The question is how do we stay alive.
  47. Main generators.
  48. How long to repair?
  49. Alan. I want you to put an unarmed reconnaissance Eagle on a functional launch pad. Helena.You and I are going down to that planet.
  50. Just a minute.
  51. Victor. The only reason they've stopped firing is because they don't need to bother. Alpha is dead. Now, unless any of you have a better idea, the only course open to us is to go down there, meet them face to face on their own turf, and try to persuade them to talk.
  52. Who knows what they'll believe.
  53. They have the same weapons as ours, and they fight by the same book of rules.
  54. I think they know that already.
  55. Paul. No response from the planet?
  56. Why should they talk. When they can keep us guessing.
  57. Compensators at Earth gravity.
  58. Lost direction five degrees green: we're veering off.
  59. Correction has no effect. That's strange; all systems check out fine.Hello, Alpha. Alpha, do you read me?Come in, Alpha. This is Koenig.We've lost contact. Switching to manual.We're still moving off course, I can't correct it.
  60. I wish someone would show a face. Say a word. Anything.
  61. They spoke to us.
  62. Hello! Is there anyone here we can talk to?
  63. Why? Why did you attack us? Why?We've been transmitting messages to you ever since we've been in range. We wanted to land on this planet. You refused to answer. When you did reply you did so with guns, war machines and bombers.
  64. Answer, damn it!You asked me to state my case, alright, here it is. We came in peace. You waited til we were in range, then you launched a surprise attack. You killed half my people, destroyed my base, and left us without the means to live!
  65. We cannot live on Alpha!
  66. You deny us our future?
  67. Ever since we were blasted away from Earth we've been fighting for survival. We have survived. Now, how, I don't know. There's no rational explanation. But what I do have is an absolute faith in the strength of the human spirit. And the belief that someone or something is looking after us. God, if you like. And we will survive!
  68. I refuse to believe we have no future.
  69. Helena. This equipment. Whatever it is, they depend on it.It's looks very fragile.
  70. I cannot accept their judgement!
  71. Helena, down.
  72. Helena!
  73. Helena.
  74. Hello, Alpha. Hello, Alpha. Do you read me?
  75. Paul. We could live on this planet. But we'll have to fight for a foothold.
  76. Alan.
  77. I want you to bring up the last of the laser equipped Eagles. We'll rendezvous at this position, then I'll transfer to your ship.
  78. Victor.
  79. As soon as Alan's clear, I want you to evacuate Alpha. I can't guarantee what you'll find here, but... At least..
  80. Good.
  81. If I'm not there to meet you land on open ground and consolidate your position. Victor. Say goodbye to Alpha for me.
  82. You fly her, Alan. Head for the planet. I'll brief you as you go.
  83. Full power. There's no going back. Anti gravity screens at maximum.
  84. We've got to do it! It's our only chance!
  85. Alan!
  86. Ninety seven minutes of life. And then no oxygen. Hallucination, a slow and peaceful drift from dream to real eternity.
  87. Or just nothing. The ultimate negative. Poison. Pain. And yet more pain. Until nothing. This body, a piece perhaps for some future archaeologist to fit into an historical puzzle. John Koenig from planet Earth. Ninth, and last Commander of Moonbase Alpha.
  88. Helena!Helena!Helena!Helena!
  89. Helena.
  90. Paul. Do you read me?
  91. Turn back, Paul.
  92. If you're gonna die, you might as well die on Alpha.
  93. Still no signal?
  94. Alan! Hold your fire!
  95. That's an order!
  96. Alan.
  97. Return to base, Alan. Cancel red alert.
  98. I've almost forgotten.
  99. I can't remember.

The Last Enemy (132)

  1. Two planets.
  2. Paul. Begin contact procedure.
  3. Activate defence screens. Alan. Put all Eagles on launch pads. Red alert.
  4. Good.
  5. Any response from that alien ship yet?
  6. Alan, I want every Eagle airborne as soon as possible.
  7. Keep spread out. Approach it together. As soon as you're in range I want every Eagle to fire simultaneously.
  8. Against that it's our only hope. Go.
  9. We've been asking questions, Victor. They haven't answered. Look at the size of it.
  10. It's either got an army inside it or enough firepower to blast us out of existence with one blow.
  11. No, their purpose has got to be aggressive.
  12. What are you suggesting, we wait, wait to find out? No, Victor, I can't risk it.
  13. What's going on?
  14. Try automatic.
  15. It's impossible. All the Eagles? What the hell is going on?
  16. Kano. Give me the computer breakdown on that ship.
  17. Alan, we're getting some kind of interference. It's affecting computer. It's probably some kind of ultrasonic magnetic distortion.
  18. Paul. Can you clear Alan?
  19. Paul, switch to emergency power.
  20. Seems to be slowing down.
  21. Could be. Paul. The communications systems. Are they functioning yet?
  22. Kano. What's the computer's situation?
  23. Sandra. Any change on the defence screens?
  24. Everyone down.
  25. It wasn't aimed at us. They were firing over us.
  26. It's bombarding the right hand planet.
  27. That ship comes from the planet on the left, lands on the Moon and attacks the second planet, the one on the right.
  28. Yeah. What the hell have we got ourselves into?
  29. Trajectory?
  30. Paul. All nonessential personnel to deep shelters.
  31. And you three get down.
  32. Paul. Check for damage.
  33. See he has lift off.
  34. Alan. Go and take a look at that spaceship.
  35. Check for damage. Don't get too close. At the first sign of trouble, pull out.
  36. Paul. Get him out of there quick.
  37. Paul. Sandra. Try and make contact with it. Maybe we can get through now. Kano, test that capsule for any radiation or emission.
  38. Yeah. I don't like it.
  39. How else can we find out what's going on?
  40. Yeah. They didn't fire their big guns at us when they had the chance. Sandra. Paul. Any contact?
  41. Kano?
  42. Alright, Paul. Open the airlock to Launch Pad Ten.Keep Eagle One up there, until that capsule's inside the airlock. Also, I want three security guards standing by. Helena, Victor, let's go.
  43. Stand ready.
  44. You ask sanctuary of us?
  45. Demand! It's your aggressive actions which have put this base in danger, in jeopardy. No. You've no rights here. None.
  46. Alright. We'll escort you back to your escape craft. Take her away.
  47. Maybe. But you won't be around to see it. Take her away.
  48. We want no part of this war.
  49. You give me no choice.
  50. Who are you?
  51. But you did. And right now we're smack in the middle of your war.
  52. Involved? We are involved. Now what are you suggesting, we sit around and do nothing? I must at least take up defensive positions.
  53. I would love to remain neutral.But my idea of neutrality is not being a sitting duck and being shot at by both sides.
  54. Paul.
  55. Keep all Eagles on standby positions.
  56. Protect Alpha? What do you care about Alpha? You send up reinforcements, they send up reinforcements. You fire at their reinforcements, they fire at your reinforcements. Now where the hell are we? We're the little guy in the middle. No, thank you, lady. It's not our war.
  57. Everyone down!
  58. Your turn next.
  59. Then you send in reinforcements to continue the battle, right?
  60. You don't have to miss by much to hit Alpha.
  61. About three hundred.
  62. Just about. What are you getting at?
  63. So you told me.
  64. How?
  65. Well, we're back to square one. Dione's gunship is knocked out, the enemy gunship is destroyed.
  66. No. I think we can be effective, finally.
  67. By calling it a draw, and negotiating a cease fire.
  68. You said you wanted to help us? Well, a cease fire would help us. And frankly it would help you too.
  69. Good.
  70. Kano. I want you to programme our communications system to open a link with both planets. Dione will give you the specifics.
  71. How long?
  72. Let's keep them talking.
  73. I'm John Koenig, Commander of Moonbase Alpha.
  74. I'm responsible for the lives of the people on this base. Through no fault of ours, we have become involved in your war. As long as the fighting continues our lives are in extreme jeopardy.
  75. I ask for a cease fire.
  76. Your gunship came to our Moon and was itself destroyed.
  77. Heavy losses must have been caused on both planets.
  78. You have had your revenge. I ask for a cease fire.
  79. At least we're talking. Dione. Contact your commander.
  80. Commissioner Theia. I am John Koenig-
  81. Then you are aware that I'm asking for a cease fire.
  82. We can police a cease fire. Because of our position here we can see both planets. We will give an early warning, if there's a spaceship launched from either planet.
  83. Is that acceptable?
  84. What you're saying is that if the cease fire breaks down,
  85. you want a military advantage.
  86. I don't believe Commissioner Theia will go along with that.
  87. I understand. Commissioner Theia, do you agree?
  88. Yeah, let's hope it sticks. At least til we're out of range.
  89. Me too.
  90. Thank you...for your help.
  91. Well, that's very kind of you, but we will have to discuss it. If you'll excuse us, ah, Sandra will take you to her quarters.
  92. Paul. I want two security guards with her at all times. Kano. Instruct Computer she is to have no access throughout Alpha.
  93. Helena, we can't afford not to. We might never get a chance like this again.
  94. We have no time for reconnaissance, Victor. We've got an invitation, from people like ourselves to a planet like our own. We can't ignore it.
  95. It's a matter of trust.
  96. Yes?
  97. Yeah. What the hell is she up to?
  98. She's only got enough air in that thing for another hour or so.
  99. Why?
  100. Dione. We gave our word to supervise this cease fire. Now what the hell are you up to?
  101. Your gunship was destroyed.
  102. As we were.But why?
  103. The gain time?All planned?
  104. Kano! Get me through to Talos.
  105. Talos! We've both been tricked!
  106. We both thought the gunship was knocked out. But it was a ploy to gain time.To put you off your guard again.
  107. Talos. I am responsible for the lives of innocent people. You must believe me, I have not broken my word. We've both been deceived.
  108. We must remain neutral!
  109. Dione. I'm coming out there.
  110. To your ship. I'm coming out there now.
  111. Now look, I helped you! I took you in!You owe me the same option! Now, I'm coming out there in a Moonbuggy. Unarmed. Alone.
  112. I didn't say that!
  113. Hold it. Don't move! I'm still in command here. Do as I say.
  114. Dione, I'm coming out there. Don't do that!
  115. Have you turned off the frequency?Good. Now listen to me; I had to make that look real. Call Technical, tell them to stand by for immediate instructions.
  116. Alright. Switch on the frequency.
  117. You cut me off again and I'll blow your head off!Dione. I'm coming out.
  118. Dione.
  119. Can you hear me?
  120. Now listen to me.
  121. If you stop the bombardment of Delta, I'll go back.
  122. Yes. Now stop firing.
  123. Then let me in.
  124. You owe it to me, Dione!
  125. Dione! I beg you! For the last time. Stop firing!
  126. You have only yourself to blame.
  127. Goodbye Dione.
  128. Call Delta. Tell them the Bethan gunship is destroyed.Now signal Talos. Tell him to destroy his missiles.
  129. Yes, Helena. But think of the cost.
  130. I wonder what life on Dione's planet would have been like?
  131. No, no, just curious.
  132. Yeah. Too late. They've got their war and we have all of space in which to find a home..somewhere.

The Troubled Spirit (48)

  1. Alright. Now tell me what happened here.
  2. What equipment were you using?
  3. Victor, check it out.
  4. Just calm down. I want to know exactly what happened here.
  6. Warren, please. What kind of trance?
  7. Yes, Paul.
  8. Have you traced the source?
  9. I want the four of you to fill out full reports right away.
  10. Something caused it, Victor. And it started here.
  11. Let's say Mateo believes we have an innate affinity with plants.Even the possibility of communicating with them.
  12. So let's say he's convinced that certain wave patterns in the human brain correspond precisely with wave patterns plants send out.
  13. So what went wrong? Could that experiment have caused what happened on Alpha?
  14. Victor. That computer didn't imagine that drop in temperature.
  15. Well?
  16. Kano.
  17. Alright, stand down. Bob, give me a few minutes.
  18. Helena. There are only two people in the area. You and Mateo. And he was in a drugged sleep. You're sure about what you saw?
  19. Helena, what are you saying? That it was some kind of psychic experience?
  20. Well. Did you check on it?
  21. Warren. I'm putting a temporary stop to Doctor Mateo's work.
  22. Kano, I want a round the clock check on temperature levels. Any sign of a drop, inform me immediately.
  23. I wish I knew.
  24. Alan.
  25. Mateo, noone is accusing you. But you did quarrel with the man and minutes later he was dead.Will you excuse us?Please.Three times we experience temperature drops. Each time something strange happens. First you had some kind of mental attack. Then Doctor Russell is terrorised by an Alphan who doesn't exist. And now this. And damn it nothing like this ever happened on Alpha before your experience.
  26. We did. It was recorded each time the temperature dropped. Including this time when Warren died.
  27. Helena. You're positive no person could have caused this? A blow of some kind?
  28. Paul. Command Conference.
  29. Call it what you like, Alan. What it adds up to is a destructive power that has killed and may do so again.
  30. Hold it. Hold it.We're not getting anywhere. Now the simple fact is-
  31. Mateo.
  32. What do you think?
  33. Could be dangerous.
  34. Victor, my concern is with the safety of Alpha.
  35. Mateo.
  36. What do you want from us?
  37. Your presence here is an accident.
  38. Well?
  39. Right now it draws it's existence from Mateo, and is capable of carrying out his aggressive urges.
  40. The present danger is restricted to just that. But what if it gets stronger? Starts acting independently against us?
  41. No, no, Victor. Sedation will not keep his unconscious from operating. Helena's experience occurred when he was already under sedation.
  42. So how do we deal with it? How?
  43. You mean - bell, book and candle -exorcism?
  44. Exactly. And that's just why we have to try it. Helena, if we can summon this creature at a time and place of our own choosing, we might just be able to contain it.
  45. Yeah, I know. That has to be my responsibility.Paul. Withdraw all personnel from Alpha Section Five. And restrict access for everyone except Doctor Russell, Professor Bergman, Doctor Mathias and myself.
  46. Helena, we've got to go through with it.
  47. Every death on this base is personal to me, Helena. But Mateo...I feel his just that little bit more.
  48. I just can't get it out of my mind. I mean life after death, maybe, maybe not. But to be haunted by your own ghost, even before you die... What's that all about?

Space Brain (132)

  1. Paul, Sandra. I'm turning in.
  2. Four hours, fifty two minutes and twenty seconds.
  3. Well, it's time we had a new puzzle.
  4. Keep your eyes peeled. Goodnight.
  5. Paul?
  6. Paul?!Paul!
  7. Track it, Paul.
  8. No. But someone or something is trying to talk to us.
  9. Kano. See what computer makes of it.Alan. You have an Eagle crew on standby?
  10. Alright. Have them fly along three nine seven and see what they can see.
  11. Sandra. Keep the scanners on the Eagle. Helena. Monitor their life signs constantly, it's our only contact with them. Well, it's certainly eager to talk; but I'd sure like to know what Wayland has to say.
  12. Come on, Kano. Computer must be getting some information from Eagle One.
  13. Well?
  14. Eagle One!
  15. Boost to interstellar strength. Wayland! Pull away! Pull away! You hear me?!Boost scanners.
  16. Go, Alan.
  17. Sandra, keep searching for them on long range scanner.
  18. Victor. They've stopped trying to talk to us and one of our Eagles has disappeared. I don't like it.
  19. Activate screens.
  20. Meteorite strike. Section Six. Red Alert.
  21. Thank you. Well, fortunately no casualties. Just impact damage.
  22. And how it got through our defence screens.
  23. Good.Paul.
  24. Now, the last reported reference point for Eagle One was three nine seven. It's possible, just possible, that Eagle One was hit by that meteorite.Alan. There's a possibility the meteor may have collided with Eagle One. Is there any sign of wreckage or anything else out there?
  25. Alright then, let's check it out visually. Have Kelly take a space walk.
  26. I'll be in Technical.
  27. How dense? How heavy?
  28. Any surface marks on it? Any indication it may have hit Eagle One?
  29. It's possible.
  30. Alive?
  31. We've found Eagle One.Lee. Recall Carter immediately.
  32. Get them back immediately! Damn!
  33. Stop him! Alan. Get away from that area.
  34. Right now.
  35. Just get away from there now!
  36. The question is, what is going on inside it?
  37. Melita.
  38. Melita.
  39. Look, Melita. Your husband's okay. He's in good hands. His heart and lungs are fine. As soon as there's any news we'll let you know. I know it's no good to say don't worry, but try not to.
  40. Well, this isn't the best place, is it? Nurse, will you take Melita to her quarters.
  41. I know you do. But you can't. Now go on. Please?
  42. Those are computer traces, Victor. They're certainly not Kelly's brain patterns.Kano. What's with computer?
  43. Just tell me.
  44. Into his brain?
  45. Three nine seven. That's the point where Kelly was affected, and Eagle One was crushed. Kano. Shut down transmitters immediately, and analyse all data that's already gone out.Victor. Whoever was trying to talk to us, before Eagle One was crushed, is now using Kelly as a link to computer. And it's sending information out into space through Kelly.
  46. Kano. Let's shut them off. Close down receivers and analyse all incoming and outgoing data immediately.Whoever was trying to talk to us is now talking to computer.
  47. Yeah, but whatever it's doing, it might be reprogramming computer against us.
  48. No! Let him go.Follow him. Take security. Let me know where he goes. But don't try to restrain him. Go!
  49. Helena. You alright?
  50. Victor. Whatever this thing wants it's using Kelly. So let's let Kelly lead us to it.
  51. Good. Get Kano there. But don't go in until I arrive.
  52. Alright, I want to try to talk to him, but if he gets violent we'll have to stun him, as a last resort. What's he up to?
  53. Alright, you two come with me.
  54. Kelly?Kelly.Kelly.Kelly, I want to talk to you.Who are you transmitting to?Who's talking to Alpha! Look, answer me, damn it!No!
  55. No!Let's see where he goes. Come on.
  56. He's building a resistance against it.
  57. Whatever that is out there, it's crushed Eagle One, it's done something to Kelly and through him taken over computer.
  58. Which is exactly how long we have to take action.
  59. Both of those are aimed to reduce gravitational pull from another planet. This is neither a sun, a star, or a planet we're dealing with.
  60. Well, we know it's organic, and intelligent. So, if we load an Eagle with nuclear charges and aim it all at the centre, we might just be able to weaken it a little. Enough to reduce its crushing effect and let us get through.
  61. Alright, Alan. Do it.Helena. We've got to get all the information we can from Kelly.
  62. Yes, I know. I'd like you and Kano to try and find out exactly what it is computer's transmitting.
  63. Helena.
  64. We've got to try it.
  65. Well, how's it going?
  66. Good. The best calculation we can get without asking computer is that all on board systems should be blown at eighteen forty five.
  67. By that time the ship should be locked on target. And nothing will be able to divert it.
  68. Alright, Paul. Lift her off.
  69. I still don't like the idea of a preemptive strike against an enemy I don't understand.
  70. Foam?
  71. It's also what the pilots saw. Where did it come from?
  72. It looks harmless enough.
  73. Are you saying this foam crushed Eagle One?
  74. At least you're on some track. Go ahead.
  75. Trajectory?
  76. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think it's trying to find out if we can change course now.
  77. Whatever that thing is...maybe...just maybe, it's trying to help us.
  78. We've got to find some way to make contact.
  79. That's it! Of course!Through Kelly. Symbiosis!
  80. Helena. If our Moon hits that force'll be a catastrophe for all of us.How long before that remote controlled Eagle detonates?
  81. Kano. Restart computer. We don't have too much time.
  82. I know what I'm doing.
  83. We've got to do it, Victor.
  84. Alright. Let's get on with it.
  85. ...It's a living a brain...pulsating with life, and light....It's the centre of a whole galaxy...maybe even hundreds of galaxies ...planets...stars... strange life forms... and in the middle of it all this brain....
  86. Yeah, I'm alright.I think it worked. I think it worked. Hurtling towards that brain is our Moon. Now, the Eagle was just a fragment, so the brain surrounded it with antibodies and rejected it. But our Moon is a million times bigger than that Eagle.
  87. Give them to Kelly.
  88. What's possible?
  89. It is trying to save us. Paul. We're going to carry out that brain's instructions: we'll need every nuclear charge we've got so turn that nuclear Eagle around and bring it back to Alpha.
  90. Good. What's its position?
  91. Which means those charges will explode the moment arrives back here. Paul. Reprogram the on board computer and cancel out the detonation instruction.
  92. Now we're going to have to act fast if we're going to avoid collision. Alan. I want every single man standing by. As soon as that ship lands on the Moon's surface, take the charges and place them on the Moon's surface as per the brain's instruction. Victor, oversee the entire operation. Sandra,-
  93. What kind of trouble?
  94. No, Victor, I don't think it is intentional. Paul, I want the fastest Eagle we've got ready for immediate lift off.
  95. Clearing Alpha now, Paul. Check course and closing speed.
  96. Paul. I'm docking now.
  97. Docking complete. I'm going to defuse the nuclear charges now.
  98. Nuclear charges defused. I'm trying to alter the course of the remote controlled Eagle, so that it misses Alpha.
  99. I can't divert it!
  100. I've got no control!
  101. I can't hold it! I've got to let it go!
  102. Victor. We've just lost our nuclear charges. Alpha's now heading straight for that brain, there's nothing we can do.
  103. You mean to counteract the crushing forces? Would it work?
  104. Okay, Victor. I buy it. Set it up.
  105. What's the situation here, Victor?
  106. Readings, Kano?
  107. Attention all Alpha personnel. This is Commander John Koenig. We're about to enter the area of the space brain. And as a result we are faced with a grave crisis. I want you all to know that we in Main Mission will do everything in our power to prevent the destruction of Alpha. Please remain calm. We cannot predict the final outcome. But, with luck, and the measures we are taking, it is my belief that we will survive. Good luck. to you all.
  108. Right. We do it gradually. Paul. Raise pressure two points now, and distribute pressure suits.
  109. Raise internal pressure four points, Paul.
  110. Attention. All surface sections close down. Total evacuation. Emergency services only in one minute. Seal bulkheads in two minutes.Alright, go.
  111. Helena!Don't go!Helena!
  112. Noone in there?
  113. Alright. Seal it off.
  114. Switch to emergency services.Bulkheads?
  115. Damn it. Get out of there.
  116. Bob! Get out of here! Come on! Helena! Out! Out!
  117. Victor! It's a burst in Medical! Atmosphere pressure holding! As soon as I'm clear seal the bulkheads!
  118. Well, reroute them!
  119. Section D? Anyone there?Come on! Come on! Get down there! Go ahead!
  120. Sandra! Work up there on panel four! Go ahead!
  121. Helena! Panel five!
  122. Atmospheric pressure?
  123. Good.
  124. How's the pressure now?
  125. Good. Victor. What about the computer?
  126. Hold out as long as you can.
  127. Alright! Visors down!Victor! Shut down Main Computer! Shut down these controls! Shut down the other systems.
  128. Helena! Get up there to the balcony! Go on, quickly! You too, Sandra!
  129. I think we've come through.
  130. We tore through it like a bullet.
  131. Helena. Don't make it hard on yourself.
  132. Helena. You can't assume the responsibility for Kelly's death no more than we can assume the responsibility for the death of that cosmic intelligence. Now, yes, we've lost Kelly. But think of all those other worlds out there that depended on that brain. Think what we've lost.

The Infernal Machine (84)

  1. Well, he's not too bad. A couple of fractured ribs, broken ankle. Doctor Russell says he'll be out for a few days. But he'll be okay. Nothing serious. Winters. Do you think you can fill that chair for a while?
  2. Separate the men from the boys.
  3. Alright, any problems, check with Carter. I'll be in my quarters.
  4. Goodnight.
  5. Winters. This better be more than urgent.
  6. Magnification.
  7. Like the bumble bee which shouldn't fly.
  8. Kano. Let's see what computer has to say about it.
  9. Friendly?
  10. Kano, ask computer if that thing is armed.
  11. For what reason?
  12. Possibly.
  13. Yes. Permission to land.
  14. Away from our base.
  15. Hold it!
  16. I gave permission to land, not to approach.
  17. With respect, no.
  18. Alan, send out two Eagles, fully armed. They'll fire only on my instructions.
  19. Why?
  20. Alan, do as I say.
  21. If you come in peace.
  22. Then I'm prepared to receive a small delegation. Unarmed, of course.
  23. Do we have any choice?
  24. It's more a question of how we can help you. You summoned us.
  25. For help.
  26. Perhaps if you could send for the others, they could explain.
  27. Thank you, sir.
  28. Some list. Victor?
  29. We'll do our best. If in fact we can spare all that.
  30. Thank you, but I'd like to hear it from our computer.
  31. Kano, can you hear me?
  32. When was this order given?
  33. You presume too much, Gwent.
  34. I demand to see you, Gwent!
  35. Gwent is.. this.. machinery?
  36. Well, if you're not a machine show yourself!You control this machine?
  37. But surely you must control this apparatus?
  38. Alright. I'll issue the order the moment we're back on Alpha.
  39. This time you have my word.
  40. You will get your supplies when we are back on Alpha.
  41. Haven't you any.. influence?
  42. No!
  43. Winters. Immediate launch. Attack to disable.
  44. Cease fire.
  45. Gwent?
  46. We commit to eternal space the body of Companion.
  47. Winters. Can you hear me?
  48. We're still alive.
  49. Yes.Get those supplies ready.
  50. What assurance do I have, Gwent? That you will release us once the supplies are delivered?
  51. Your famous word of honour?
  52. It won't!
  53. Gwent. What about those assurances.
  54. Somewhere, everywhere, there's no sense in whispering.Gwent! Gwent!
  55. Gwent!
  56. The lights.
  57. With Companion dead he must have a replacement.
  58. Gwent? Gwent!Curiouser and curiouser.
  59. Helena?
  60. Will you help us?
  61. We must get him back to Alpha.
  62. Gwent. I've given you a lot of thought.
  63. You're not getting those supplies. It's you or us.
  64. Not negotiating, Gwent.
  65. To both of us, Gwent.
  66. Alright, Gwent. Whatever you say.
  67. Whatever words appeal to you!
  68. Cease fire. Recall all Eagles.
  69. Prepare to lift off supplies.
  70. At least let Doctor Russell go.
  71. You're not letting him go?
  72. Alan!
  73. Fire at the door! Now!
  74. What's the matter, Gwent? You tiring, Gwent? You didn't hurt us so much that time. Are you immortal, Gwent?
  75. Cooperation? Who the hell are you? We don't know who you are, where you've been, or where you're going.
  76. Well, Delmer Powys Plebus Gwent, you have lost!
  77. You can expend your last energies destroying us, if you wish. But in the end, you will die.
  78. Gwent! Open the door! Let us out! Gwent! We've been too successful. He's killed himself. And us with him.
  79. Kano. Gwent. He's dead. We're locked in here.
  80. No use. You can't get us...No, not the lights...oxygen...oxygen...Open the door...I'm alright.
  81. Yeah.
  82. I'm fine.
  83. Quick, Sandra. Get him on visual.
  84. Only a blind creature looking for his death.

Mission Of The Darians (68)

  1. A hundred square miles of spaceship.
  2. Let's hear it.
  3. Kill it. Let's see it close up.
  4. We'll need a team. Paul, you'll assess material damage. Helena, medical. Victor, scientific. Lowry, security. Alan, put Eagle One on the pad for immediate lift off. Ann, Sandra, keep all communications systems wide open. Any response from that ship, relay it through to us. Kano, you take over.
  5. Alan, there's fifty miles of ship... Keep trying.
  6. See if you can break the hold.
  7. Eagle One calling Main Mission. Eagle One calling Main Mission. Do you read me?Eagle One..
  8. Try internal. See if we can raise any of the people on this ship.
  9. Well, we're here. Can we get out again?
  10. Well?
  11. What happened to our communications?
  12. Let's find it.Well, here goes.
  13. Now, these two corridors should lead to the main areas of the ship. Victor, you and I will take the one on the right. Paul, you and Alan will follow the one on the left. Helena, you and Lowry will stay back here close to the Eagle. If we don't make contact with the Darians we'll rendezvous back here at sixteen hundred hours, and see if we can get out of this place.
  14. Well, let's hope the Darians understand our motives. Let's go.
  15. We're in for a long walk.
  16. That remains to be seen.
  17. Why did you attack us? We came to help.
  18. Then why the hell didn't you ask?
  19. Who are you?
  20. Have you found the rest of my people?
  21. We picked up your signal.
  22. Ever since when?
  23. Fourteen!
  24. And we came here to help.
  25. Have you found the rest of our people?
  26. And not succeeding, damn it!
  27. Alright.
  28. I understand.
  29. Yes, we have that in common.
  30. It's possible.
  31. That too is possible.
  32. Neman, we try not to anticipate the future. Our concerns are with the present. And for the present, yes, we survive.
  33. Victor, it'll take the Darians another hundred years to reach that planet. A hundred years. It's a very long time. We certainly won't be around to see it.
  34. It means abandoning Alpha, pooling our resources. And the question is, are we compatible? Can we complete the voyage with the Darians? Alright, let's test it.
  35. I think I've located the airlock mechanism. We should be able to fix it for controlled entry and exit.
  36. What's the matter?
  37. No basic proteins, no amino acids.. no trace elements, no enzyme variants. The Darians can't support life on these.
  38. Have you checked the recycling plant itself?
  39. If the Darians have no reserves on this ship...
  40. Bodies?
  41. Is it true?
  42. It matters.
  43. A civilized people. Why?
  44. Doesn't it also matter how you live?
  45. Look, you can't justify using the living bodies of your own people to survive.
  46. Others? What others?
  47. Why didn't you help them?
  48. You gave them a god!
  49. Were used for human fodder in your recycling plants!
  50. You Darians fancy yourselves very highly.
  51. Well, didn't you?
  52. A double helix. The same basic genetic material of our species.
  53. You seem to have done very well without us.
  54. We do nothing until we find the rest of my people.
  55. Paul!
  56. Where are the others?
  57. Lowry?
  58. Carter?
  59. Now you listen to me. We happen to know what you've been doing to those people out there. Exploiting them, using them. That's your problem and theirs. You Darians have one of our people, a woman. I want you to take us to her, or we'll tear this place apart.
  60. Now look, what the hell have you done to her?
  61. Now, what's going on here?
  62. You two stay here!
  63. So that's how you Darians prolong life. Is there nothing you won't do in the sacred name of survival?
  64. That's the future you had in mind for us, wasn't it? To keep you Darians alive. Was it? Was it?
  65. That is not our way, Neman. We prefer to take our chances in space.
  66. Now stop it, stop it! Listen to me! The only chance you have is to help each other and live together.
  67. What future do you have now?These people are your future now. Prepare them to survive in space. We'll help you. The rest is up to you.
  68. Remind me to tell you sometime.

Dragon's Domain (85)

  1. You've been playing computer all day.
  2. Sure, you program it.
  3. Tony. Tony, what's up?
  4. Answer me, Tony.
  5. Cancel his comlock.
  6. Medical to Embarkation immediately. Kano, he's on board the stand by Eagle using Carter's comlock. Stop him.
  7. Computer, command order. Cancel safety restrictions on launch pad four and give me access.
  8. Well?
  9. He's an individualist.
  10. Helena. He's not a coward. Nor is he emotionally disturbed.
  11. Helena. You didn't know him before the Ultra Probe was launched. He was the best amateur athlete I've ever seen, a poet, an all round astronaut, in fact the best all rounder I've ever met.
  12. Something happened out there. Something happened out there beyond Ultra, that neither you nor I can understand. Hell, he can't even understand it. That's why it's haunted him. It's destroying him.
  13. Stick to Cellini.
  14. It's not his style.
  15. Helena, nothing was proved.
  16. There were no facts!
  17. Maybe I should've used the laser and killed him.
  18. Why don't you write another letter to the Space Commission?
  19. Alright, Tony. Tell you what. I'll flip you for it. Winner takes the ship, loser tells Gorski. Black or yellow?
  20. The gods know my foot, the gods know the best brains have to stay down here on Alpha. Still I wish I was going.
  21. Yeah, that's it.
  22. Bob?
  23. But he'll survive?
  24. Victor.
  25. Bad news.
  26. There's going to be a full scale inquiry. Commissioner Dixon has ordered us back to Earth. Their story is, Tony bungled the decompression procedure, opened the airlock prematurely and killed the crew.
  27. Victor. If the black box didn't record the monster, isn't it conceivable there are life forms our instruments can't detect?
  28. It could have even jammed the black box. Just because we haven't experienced something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  29. No, I think we've gotta go back out there. In fact I know we must. Those spaceships out there could save the Space Program billions of dollars and hundreds of years. Now we know Tony wasn't fantasising about those. Because those contacts are clearly recorded on the black box.
  30. Must we disbelieve everything Tony says?
  31. Look, I refuse to let them dismiss it like that.
  32. So it's got to be Tony's?
  33. Well, I don't think it is. Not like they think.
  34. Commissioner. What about the positive aspects of the mission? Why can't we concentrate public attention on the Earth-like qualities of the planet Ultra?
  35. Alright, then let's be positive. Let's launch a second probe right away, take our experience and put it to good use by getting right out there.
  36. Commissioner. We know those ships are out there and one of them is ours. What we should be asking ourselves is why they're there and what happened to them.
  37. Oh. Why would he restart normal recording four minutes and forty five seconds later?
  38. We can't dismiss that possibility.
  39. Commissioner. That black box recorded a breathable atmosphere inside that alien spaceship. The docking seal was intact. The moment the door was open the recording stopped. Therefore there is no evidence of death by decompression on that tape. What I'm saying, Commissioner, is that your case against Cellini holds no more water than his story does.
  40. Now Commissioner, we just can't scrap the Ultra Probe and ignore those ships out there. We've had a lot of success so far. We've learned a great deal about our solar system. We know what dangers to expect out there from black suns, neutron storms, radiation and the like, but...if we think we know everything that goes on out there we're making a terrible mistake!
  41. How is he?
  42. How are you?
  43. Alright enough to let me in?
  44. You know as a kid I never could get cress to grow on blotting paper, but that's doing very well.
  45. I inherited it, from my predecessor. There was this big bag of stuff just waiting to grow, I'd thought I'd give it a whirl.
  46. You know, I must admit I got a little help from the guys in the Hydroponic Unit.
  47. But I deserve some credit. What I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry I chewed your head off.
  48. How's he?
  49. You know I don't understand. It's five years since the Ultra Probe. Why should he break now?
  50. Helena, I requested it.
  51. Tony. Now just take it easy. It's alright.
  52. What happened last night?
  53. Where were you going? There's nothing around, nothing for billions of miles.
  54. Well, Tony. We found a tomahawk buried in the Communications Post in your quarters. Was it the monster? Then why now? What were you trying to do in the Eagle? Were you trying to run away from it?
  55. Alright, Paul.I'll be right back.
  56. Well, Victor?
  57. Victor. Last night Cellini had a violent nightmare. Fighting his monster. Now after the nightmares, maybe even as part of it, he tried to steal an Eagle. I had to stun him. Now he just came round and I asked him what happened. He said he was going out to face it.
  58. Well, those could be the same spaceships he saw behind Ultra. And if they are, we could be facing the same danger he faced. Sandra,increase magnification.
  59. Victor, the Moon has moved, so could they.
  60. Something triggered Cellini. Something we can't ignore. Kano.
  61. I want Computer to check the records, the flight records of Ultra Probe nineteen ninety six. Now the flight recorder picked up certain contacts similar to those, I want to know if they're the same.
  62. Yeah. So is Cellini's story about the monster. Alan, I want a docking Eagle on pad one for immediate lift off. I want an escort, three ships ready for action. Go.
  63. Tony. I'm taking an Eagle up there with an armed escort. We'll get as close as it's safe to and scan it. If Victor's absolutely certain there's no danger in the area or onboard the Probeship, we'll dock. Now, how does that sound to you?
  64. Are you willing to come with us?
  65. He's got a chance to clear himself after five years.
  66. Helena. Focus hard on those ships as we go by.
  67. Tony!
  68. Eagles three and four, immediate lift off. Follow Cellini in Eagle One. Eagle Two, jettison your passenger module and pick us up at launch pad one.
  69. Paul.
  70. Beam every scanner we have in Cellini's direction. If you find anything let me know right away.
  71. You think he's gone ahead to destroy the evidence?
  72. Alright, take it away. Give it everything we've got.
  73. Thank you, Paul.
  74. Paul?
  75. Dammit. There's gotta be something. He was right about those ships.
  76. No, but it makes him look a whole lot righter.
  77. Victor?
  78. The obvious then.
  79. Which brings us back to monsters.
  80. Alan. Line up for docking on the Probeship. Make it as smooth as you can.
  81. Providing our instruments can read it.
  82. Helena. Maybe you'd better stay here. Let's go.
  83. Hold your fire!
  84. Tony Cellini and the monster? No.
  85. The story is part of our history now, Helena. I think Tony would be very happy to know he put new life into an old myth.

The Testament Of Arkadia (126)

  1. Our struggle to survive in a hostile Universe had long erased the memory of the cataclysmic disaster that first hurled our Moon out of Earth's orbit. The recent events that occurred on the planet Arkadia have revived that painful memory, and forced us to reconsider our purpose in space.And when it started it was to prove terrifying...
  2. Yes, Paul.
  3. I owe you one. Return match next week, right?
  4. Well, what is it?Sandra. What's our position?
  5. That's strange.
  6. We're nowhere near the gravitational pull of that planet.
  7. Let's find out what it is. Activate Long Range Scanners.
  8. Check the sensors.
  9. We've stopped dead.
  10. The unbelievable had happened. Our Moon was locked fast in space.
  11. Then there's gotta be a third force. And it must have something to do with that planet out there.
  12. But?
  13. How? If there's nothing wrong with the generators?
  14. External forces. Great. That tells us everything.
  15. Alright, Kano.Paul. What's the situation?
  16. Sandra. How long can we last?
  17. Forty eight hours.What's the flying time to that planet?
  18. Thirty hours.Alright, we'll take down a team. Victor, scientific. Helena, environmental. We'll take two security men. Kano. I want Computer to select two people with the widest possible experience to round off the team. Now, with our long range systems not functioning we won't be able to rely on Main Computer down there, so let's take along everything we'll need on the surface. Alan, I want you to arm and provision an Eagle for eight, immediate lift off.
  19. Paul. Power economy starting right now.
  20. The planet had been under routine observation for some time before the crisis.
  21. Every indication told us
  22. it was devoid of any form of life. As the power loss was affecting our long range systems we would shortly lose radio contact with Alpha.
  23. So we set course for the planet. Once there, we would truly be on our own.
  24. With us went the future of our people.
  25. For if we failed, our existence, like the Moon, would come to a full stop.
  26. It's a long ride, so get some sleep.
  27. Good morning.
  28. Well, we've circled the planet twice, and there's no sign of habitation. Certainly no indication of intelligent life. But we're still looking.
  29. Alright, Alan. Keep looking.Victor. What have you got?
  30. Then the planet is uninhabitable?
  31. Let's get down there and find some real answers. Before life stops on Alpha.Alan. Take her down.
  32. Overpowering impressions crowded in on us as we stepped out into the alien planet.
  33. A sense of timeless solitude. The silent touch of an empty world.
  34. The total absence of life. Death had visited this world, so our data told us. And as we moved on we could feel it, closing in around us like a shroud.
  35. Alright. Let's set up camp over there.
  36. Yeah. We're just a few thousand years too late.
  37. Good. Alright. Now, if you must leave your designated areas, let security know. Stay in pairs.. maintain communication at all time. more thing. The fate of Alpha..all of us..depends on the answers we come up with. Alright, let's go.
  38. The first discovery had been made. The first link in the chain of events that would forge themselves into the inevitable shattering conclusion.
  39. Helena and Victor had also forged a link. The planet was not dead. It's soil was simply locked in stasis, waiting for the bacteria that would restart the cycle of life and death. But that was before the most incredible discovery of all...
  40. Earth languages?
  41. You sure?
  42. What?Maybe computer knew something we didn't.Anna. Get here right away.
  43. Anna.
  44. Sanskrit?
  45. Can you decipher it?
  46. Luke, will you... Luke.
  47. No. Nothing we've seen could have caused what's happening on Alpha. Helena, those skeletons?
  48. And those inscriptions
  49. could be their last message.
  50. Keep trying.
  51. An Earth language. How could people from Earth be here twenty five thousand years ago?
  52. Though the discovery in the cave
  53. left us shaken, it did not explain what was destroying Alpha.
  54. Alpha was freezing to death and we were no nearer to understanding the force that held our Moon a static prisoner in space.
  55. We could bring life back to this planet. How long would it take to rejuvenate this soil?
  56. If we brought our people down, how long could we last on survival rations?
  57. Six months.
  58. So it's a suicide run either way. But at least down here we'd be buying time.
  59. But time enough to hope...for a miracle.
  60. And a miracle did occur. One that even now is beyond our understanding. A force, an undefinable intelligence, did exist on the planet. And Anna Davis and Luke Ferro activated it, or were chosen as the agents of its will. What passed between them we will never know, but they emerged from the cave their personalities profoundly transformed.
  61. We've decided to abandon Alpha. Get back here right away.
  62. Main Mission. Come in, Main Mission.
  63. This is Koenig, do you read me?
  64. Paul, what's your situation?
  65. Alright. Listen carefully. Put Operation Exodus into effect immediately. We're evacuating. Details later.
  66. Stabilising?Are you sure?
  67. No. Hold everything til we get there.
  68. The inexplicable had happened again. Another event that seemed to defy logic.
  69. Was this a sign that at last
  70. our desperate situation on Alpha was easing? And eventually we could hope for a full recovery and avoid committing our people to an uncertain future on a hostile planet?
  71. Only time would tell.
  72. Helena, I want you to check our chances of survival against a permanent fifty per cent power loss, and rush it right through.
  73. No. Store it for now, we'll deal with it later.
  74. How we doing?
  75. Good. Paul. Inside. Thank you.
  76. Morale?
  77. Our first priority is the lives of our people.
  78. Even worse than here.
  79. Paul. Cancel Operation Exodus.
  80. Well, that's..completely out of the question.
  81. Now listen to me. Up here we have a chance. A small chance but a chance. Down there we have none at all.
  82. Yes, you'd make out. But you'd have to take half our supplies with you. Which would make life for us virtually impossible up here. No, no, I'm sorry.
  83. Just do what I say! Now look, we have enough problems up here. Now please go.
  84. Ferro, you must be out of your mind, now put that laser away.
  85. Alright. An Eagle. Fuelled and ready to take off. Now release Doctor Russell.
  86. Security. Call off the search.Alright. An Eagle. What else?
  87. Do you realise..what the loss of those supplies will do to us? Be rational.
  88. Ferro. You have no chance of survival on that planet surface. It's dead! Barren!
  89. Luke. You've got a deal.Paul, I want you to order stores and provisions and have them stowed on the Eagle. Alan, prepare the Eagle for immediate lift off.Do it!
  90. No. Let 'em go.
  91. Luke and Anna were beyond the call of logic and persuasion. They were caught in the grip of a fanatical obsession. Time bombs ticking away. With incalculable results
  92. for all of us if we opposed them, especially for Helena Russell. My first priority was to get her back safely. But to do that would put the whole of Alpha in jeopardy.
  93. Don't you think I know that, Victor?
  94. Luke.
  95. We've done everything you've asked. Now release Doctor Russell.
  96. Now we've kept our side of the bargain! Release her!
  97. Alan. Do as he says. Take Survey Eagle Two to follow them.
  98. I understand.There'll be no pursuit.
  99. We were powerless. We had no way of knowing what went on out there in space. Would they release Helena?
  100. Or would they force more desperate demands on us?
  101. Even Alan Carter, following in a Survey Eagle,
  102. was now outside radio contact. All we could do was trust the words of fanatics,
  103. and wait.
  104. Yes, Paul.
  105. Let me know the second you have radio contact with Carter.
  106. Helena?
  107. Technical.
  108. Everything ready?
  109. Good.
  110. Pursuit Eagle Three.
  111. Pursuit Eagle Five.
  112. Switch to sub space frequency two two zero.
  113. Activate.
  114. Now I think you'd better get those pursuit Eagles launched.
  115. Cancel the launch.
  116. We've got our power back, we won't need them.
  117. Alan. This is an emergency.
  118. Full power. Alpha's on the move again.
  119. Hit that throttle or you'll get left behind.
  120. Alright?
  121. Sure you're alright?
  122. Yeah, Helena, I know. And there's nothing we can do about it. It was their choice.
  123. And so the circle was complete.
  124. The seeds from Earth, so carefully stored and nurtured by us, had returned to their place of origin. I believe it is futile to seek answers to the incredible things that happened on Arkadia. All we know is that life has restarted there.
  125. And that for us, the creation myth of the first man and woman
  126. has a new significance. Our immediate struggle is over. For Luke Ferro and Anna Davis it has just begun. They have found their beginnings. We still wander the emptiness of space seeking ours. We must keep faith and believe- -that for us, for all of mankind, there is a purpose.

The Metamorph (109)

  1. Fraser. Any signs of life?
  2. Fraser. Scan for mineral compositions.
  3. Eagle One. Return to base.
  4. Picard. Pinpoint the location of the titanium deposits.
  5. Magnify.
  6. Fraser. There's a strange light coming off that planet.
  7. It's on your flight path.
  8. Get out of there.
  9. What is that thing?
  10. Evasive action, Fraser, evasive action!
  11. Come on, Fraser, come on. Get off your tail.
  12. There's got to be life on that planet.
  13. What about below the surface?
  14. You know who I am. Who are you?
  15. Why did you attack our ship? We came in peace.
  16. That ship was a survey vessel, searching for minerals. We had no way of knowing your planet was inhabited.
  17. What's happened to my people?
  18. Return my men, Mentor, and we'll go in peace.
  19. That's what you want, isn't it?
  20. You have my solemn pledge that no hostile action will be taken by us.
  21. No, I.. I'm afraid that might cause further misunderstanding. I suggest we rendezvous, but in space.
  22. That's very generous of you. Thank you.
  23. It will be done.
  24. Mentor.Alan. Put Eagle Four on the pad ready for immediate lift off. And Alan, equip it with additional booster units.
  25. I may be in a hurry to get back.
  26. Are you alright?
  27. We'll bring him back.
  28. Mentor. This is John Koenig.
  29. We're at rendezvous point.
  30. Mentor. Signal when you're ready for link up.
  31. I repeat. Signal when you're ready to dock.
  32. Mentor.
  33. We're picking up magnetic disturbance, Tony.
  34. Full power.
  35. Boosters, half thrust.
  36. Boosters three quarter power.
  37. Boosters, full power!
  38. We're clear, Tony.
  39. Returning to base.
  40. And we're right in the middle of it.
  41. Keep trying.
  42. I'm never alarmed when I deal with a man of integrity.
  43. I'll understand what you want me to understand after I see my people.
  44. Let's go.
  45. Let's make for that cave.
  46. They must be from those spaceships we saw out there.
  47. Now we know what Mentor meant by welcome.
  48. Torens.
  49. Yeh.
  50. That charge was only set to stun.
  51. Lew. How can we get past that energy screen?
  52. Lew, wait!
  53. Helena.
  54. Wasn't that the idea?
  55. You Psychons are full of fun and games. Who are you?
  56. His daughterAnd just as tricky.
  57. Of course. Where's the rest of my party?
  58. I've been lied to. Assaulted. Seen my people brutalised, killed. Shall I go on?
  59. Mentor betrayed us. Viciously destroyed my- !
  60. Mentor, where are my people?
  61. We'll determine our own destinies.
  62. Alright, Mentor, you have a beautiful dream. I'll talk more about it after I see my people.
  63. Those creatures in the pits. Torens. You fed their minds into that machine.
  64. You expect me to submit my people to -to this...obscenity.
  65. You're right, Mentor. We can't fight you.
  66. No, you're not reading me. Go ahead, destroy the Moon.
  67. At least they'll die quickly.
  68. Destroy the Moon and you defeat yourself. No Moon, no Alphans.
  69. No.
  70. Wait!
  71. You win.
  72. Tony. I've got good news. We've made contact with the population down here. Our sensors misinformed us about this planet, there are huge subterranean areas which are habitable. What's more we've been given permission to settle here.
  73. I want you to evacuate Moonbase Alpha as soon as possible.
  74. I want you to ship our people down here in phased relays.
  75. Are you disputing my order?
  76. Directive four. It empowers the commander to act in a situation like this. You will do as ordered.
  77. The evacuation procedure is all laid down. Signal when you're ready to land the first wave.
  78. Out.
  79. Helena, I - it was the only way out.
  80. Our survival!
  81. Now look, you can end up like those creatures in the caves, but not me!
  82. John Koenig wouldn't give the order unless this base and all the people on it faced destruction. Launch robot Eagle.
  83. We live in hope.
  84. I'm sorry I had to put you through a ringer but I just couldn't take the chance of telling you.
  85. Mentor. That way we both lose. Let's negotiate.
  86. What do you expect us to do, stand by while Mentor destroys us?
  87. Why do you think he wants us here?
  88. Yes, yes, and what's happened to them?
  89. Maya. That machine destroys peoples minds.
  90. Go down to the caves and see for yourself.
  91. Who says so, Mentor?
  92. Maya, we've been there. Go and see, see what we've seen. Mindless hulks, destroyed by your father.
  93. Go and see. And then come back here and let us out, so we can stop him!
  94. Maya, please, go and see.
  95. Go and see! Go and see!
  96. We can't stop him unless we get out of here. We've got to break that forcefield.Maya.
  97. Maya. Release the forcefield.He's going to destroy three hundred more people unless we stop him!
  98. I want to stop him, not harm him.Alan, get to the Eagle. Prepare for lift off. Helena, you and Fraser get Torens, let's go.
  99. Mentor, come out.
  100. Come on!
  101. Let's get out of here, come on!
  102. Maya, Maya!
  103. Maya, you can't help him, we've gotta get out of here...Maya..
  104. Maya. Come on.
  105. Go, get moving. Fraser.
  106. We'll soon be back on Alpha. In time you'll forget.
  107. I know.Maya. Thank you for saving our lives.
  108. Your science is so far ahead of ours. There's a place for you on Alpha.
  109. We're all aliens. Until we get to know one another.

The Exiles (111)

  1. Range?
  2. Sensor reading?
  3. Course?
  4. Hold it.
  5. They're passing. Let 'em go.
  6. Red alert!
  7. Arm main lasers.
  8. Target.
  9. Prepare to fire.
  10. Hold fire.
  11. Detonation possibilities?
  12. I want a transporter Eagle on the pad ready for immediate lift off. We've got to check them out. We certainly can't leave fifty missiles hanging over our heads.
  13. Alan. Bring us in close to that
  14. lead pair. And tell Tony we'll take it from here.
  15. I also want all other Eagles to return to base.
  16. Maya.
  17. Stand by for depressurisation.
  18. There's no uniform formation.
  19. They're in clusters, two, three, and four.
  20. Rocket motor propulsion, gas points. That means a guidance capacity.
  21. Not enough to make an assessment.
  22. For that we're going to have to take a look inside. I'm bringing one down.
  23. Prepare one of the underground caves. I want to be as far from Command Centre as possible when we open this thing up.
  24. Let's take it home.
  25. Tony.
  26. I want you to hook us up to Main Computer. We're going to run every single test possible before we pierce this thing.
  27. Fellars, suit up. We're bringing it in.Alright, let's go.
  28. Begin the scan.What have you got?
  29. Helena?
  30. We'll have to go in blind.Alright. We're going to cut it with the laser. Activate all safety precautions.
  31. Let's take a look.
  32. Moving parts. There's some sort of mechanism inside.
  33. Computer reaction.
  34. Fill it with nitrogen. Freeze that device.
  35. Stay in there, Helena! You too, Mathias, stay in there! Maya, you alright.
  36. It's humanoid. We've just killed it.
  37. Alive?
  38. That's impossible. That liquid nitrogen we injected in the container should have frozen him to death.
  39. Is there any chance he'll make it?
  40. Tony.
  41. I want you to bring another one of those containers down.
  42. Yes. Make it the twin of the one we've got.
  43. Helena, he can tell us how to open it. You've got to keep him alive.
  44. Helena, these people know the secret of travel in space. Some day our survival may depend on knowing that secret.
  45. Cantar.
  46. We will if you help us.
  47. Yes. They're in orbit around our base.
  48. We've got to know.How do we open those containers?
  49. How do we open them without blowing them apart?
  50. Kill it.
  51. Maya.
  52. Those containers were floating in pairs.
  53. Whose sense of humour? Where are you from?
  54. You were invaded?
  55. Is she breathing?
  56. Out of the question. Our life support facilities cannot support any more. It's impossible for us to bring those containers down.
  57. Our medical officer, Doctor Russell, is in charge of life support systems. Helena, would you try to explain?
  58. You see, Cantar, we have no choice.
  59. In thirty six hours?
  60. I'm sorry, Cantar, I can't take the chance.
  61. No.
  62. They look like you and me, but that's all we know about them. About their minds, their motives, we know nothing.
  63. Yes. Where the safety of Alpha is concerned.
  64. Helena. When I was an astronaut cadet I was on a resupply mission to a Venus space station. As we were preparing to dock, a computer diagnosis informed us of fourteen of the scientists up there were sick. Three already dead. They had a disease unknown to Earth against which we had no antidote. My commander had to make a decision. He couldn't bring that disease back to Earth. We left those men to die.
  65. Helena, they may have something, something our sensors can't detect. My concern is with the survival of this base.
  66. Have Cantar come to my quarters immediately.
  67. Don't thank me yet.
  68. I had to make sure our weapons were effective against them, I had to stun him.Alright? Alright, let's let them try to expand our life support systems. But. I want security men on duty at all times.
  69. Everything under control?
  70. I want an immediate report on any break in the routine.
  71. Tony. I'll be with Doctor Russell if you need me. For anything.
  72. Helena. Can I come in?
  73. Helena.All right. Which is it?
  74. Well, of course I can tell. Maya can only hold that shape for one hour. All I have to do is sit back and wait.
  75. What do you have in mind?
  76. Very simple, nothing to it.
  77. There was absolutely no difference.
  78. Helena.I think you're needed in the Research Unit. Your friends are waiting to start work. And Maya. Back to your station.
  79. You know you're very talented, that's terrific.
  80. Was?
  81. Lift!
  82. Maya, get down here right away.
  83. What happened?
  84. Life support!
  85. Maya. The girder.
  86. Okay, that's it.
  87. And it won't happen again.
  88. Get down to Life Support, I want those aliens out of there. No arguments, go!
  89. Give me that!
  90. Give me visual.
  91. You know how to show gratitude.
  92. You're asking me to sell a whole planet into slavery. No. I won't do it.
  93. And we have you.
  94. Stop it.
  95. All right.
  96. And you would.
  97. We will recover the remaining containers. Begin preparations now.
  98. You think I have a choice?
  99. Launch recovery Eagles.
  100. Alright, Alan.
  101. Let us know when we're alongside.
  102. Alright, let's get ready.
  103. Maya, out of the way.
  104. Activate.
  105. What took you so long?
  106. Well, I-
  107. I didn't do it.
  108. Helena.
  109. I can explain, really, it's not quite as simple as-
  110. Helena.
  111. What?

One Moment Of Humanity (54)

  1. Reset.
  2. Switch to emergency power.
  3. Try again.
  4. Life support systems?
  5. Who are you? Where do you come from?
  6. John Koenig, Commander of this base. We are in your sphere of influence by accident, with no hostile intent.
  7. Thank you.
  8. And we will take action if you don't unlock our systems..
  9. Then unlock our systems.
  10. What do you expect us to do? Stand by while you drain our atmosphere?
  11. Don't interfere with us, and we will not interfere with you.
  12. And what guarantee do I have of....your good will?
  13. Alright, I'll go.
  14. Now, just a minute, nobody leaves..
  15. I want a line of communication kept open at all times. As you said.
  16. Well, keep trying. They lied to us. They're not letting us communicate.
  17. Helena and Tony. We've got to get down to Vega.
  18. Isn't it conceivable that it's a simple mechanical device that's fouling up our electronics?
  19. Well, just on the off chance, I'm organising a search.
  20. Alright. This section seems clear. Let's try Section Seven.
  21. How long do we have?
  22. Couldn't we have some sort of temporary heating?
  23. What about a chemical reaction producing heat?
  24. Good. Alan.
  25. The power packs of the Eagles. Take a detail down there and bring some back.
  26. Maybe, maybe not. We have to get power from somewhere.
  27. Try anything.
  28. Minus five degrees. We can't take this much longer. Can't you raise it a few degrees?
  29. Is there any way we can produce more power?
  30. We've got to get down to Vega.
  31. Zamara.
  32. Where are they?
  33. Why have you come back?
  34. You have a retentive memory.
  35. It was a political act.
  36. No, we're not.
  37. What do you want?
  38. What is?
  39. I suppose so.
  40. Yes, Zamara, Helena and Tony, when will they be-
  41. What do you want to know?
  42. Zamara! Wait! Wait!It won't work. Not with Helena and Tony.
  43. Yes, but only with lovers and Tony does not love Helena.
  44. I do.
  45. Tony Verdeschi? He's in love with Maya.
  46. Of course we would.
  47. How are you?
  48. As Othello.
  49. Maya.
  50. I don't know how much longer I can take this.
  51. Zarl. You've felt tenderness, compassion, eh?
  52. Now feel love. Take it.
  53. Take that extra step! Don't stay a machine, become human!
  54. They'll be fine.

Journey To Where (99)

  1. Where from?
  2. Yasko. Identification.
  3. Tony. Keep that channel open.
  4. Well get them back. Tony. What about neutrino transmissions?
  5. But could they have perfected that system so soon?
  6. Which in Earth terms is decades.
  7. Okay. Okay. So it could be Earth.
  8. This is Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha.
  9. It could be. If that's really a transmission from Earth.
  10. Well?
  11. No, Doctor Logan, she is not.
  12. What was the name of the wife of the first man in space?
  13. Let's hope Logan can calm them down.
  14. Who won the World series in nineteen ninety eight?
  15. Forgive my caution, doctor. Maya. As soon as you have Doctor Logan's instructions I want you to contact the Engineering Section and have construction started.
  16. Hey hey!
  17. Doctor Logan. Test package in position. It's all yours from now on.
  18. Begin monitoring.
  19. In nineteen ninety nine our earthquake prediction systems were highly sophisticated.
  20. Could these small shocks affect your calculations?
  21. Will you delay the transfer?
  22. Good. Good.
  23. Doctor Logan. What's the forecast on the quake activity?
  24. Is there any risk?
  25. How many can you transfer at one time?
  26. Time, Tony. We have no time. Room for two more.
  27. Sorry, Tony. You're in command of Alpha now. Let's go.
  28. A okay.
  29. You call the signals, Tony.
  30. Helena. Helena. You alright? Alan?
  31. Dunno.
  32. Dunno.. pushed our luck too far..something went wrong.
  33. So wherever we are, we're not on Earth. It's a wonder we're alive.
  34. We'll all be warm if Alan ever gets that fire started.
  35. Anything if you stop singing.
  36. We could be anywhere in the Universe.
  37. We'll get back. If you were Logan, what would you do?
  38. And pinpoint our location.
  39. He'll have time to spare. Get that fire started, will you?
  40. Alright. Come on.
  41. Bless you. It's the damp air. You're not used to it.
  42. You're the doctor, Helena.
  43. Logan will be recalculating now. We'll be on Earth before it ever gets that far.
  44. I wonder what kind?
  45. How about checking your temperature?
  46. We need help. We're not going to hurt you. We just need help. Help us.Helena.
  47. Helena.
  48. Easy. Easy.
  49. What's a foot or two closer in this place? If we're going to get it we're all going to get it.Anything?
  50. Check the door.Helena. You look..
  51. I think you look great.
  52. Thanks a lot.
  53. Ninety eight point six.
  54. Yours?Get those guards to understand we need some help.
  55. If we could just get your temperature down.
  56. I'm talking about now, in the next hour, not the next week.
  57. Pneumonia?What's the cure?
  58. Could be what?
  59. Supposing it's a variant of the same fungoid. How do you prepare the drug?
  60. Heat. That means we've got to get out of this place, in order to build a fire.
  61. Okay, Helena. You're the doctor. How many hours?
  62. Yeh.
  63. The fungus.
  64. How's that?
  65. What is it, Helena?
  66. Helena, we've left the Moon.
  67. She's delirious. Let's give her some of that.
  68. Here, have some of this.
  69. It's a moon, Helena, but it's not our Moon. This planet could have six or seven moons.
  70. And the Mare Imbrium above it.
  71. It's our Moon, Alan.
  72. Right.
  73. In nineteen ninety nine.
  74. We may be hundreds of years back in time.
  75. I'd say we're fairly far north.
  76. Time for some more. How you feeling?
  77. Your temperature down?
  78. They're switching on and off.
  79. It's Alpha, trying to make contact.If only we could communicate with them.
  80. How are you feeling?
  81. Yes, um,.. Explain that, Alan.
  82. Alan.
  83. Slange.Your language?
  84. Bannockburn: when was the battle fought?
  85. New Year's Day, twenty five years after Bannockburn. If we can get that message to Maya, Logan's computer will know.
  86. She has been, she needs some sleep.
  87. Give us some shelter where she can rest. Put some guards on it if you like.
  88. It's not the plague, I tell you. she can be cured. It's not the plague!
  89. Like I tell you, it's not the plague!
  90. It's not the plague, she can be cured.
  91. It's not the plague, she can be cured!
  92. Helena. Reach out to me as far as you can.
  93. Let's just hope somebody on Alpha remembers their old training.
  94. Goodbye Texas City. And thanks anyway.
  95. On your scale of one to ten, where are you now?
  96. No thank you.
  97. Better?
  98. Oh, sure, we could have caught the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, the Spanish Inquisition, the retreat from Moscow, the sinking of the Titanic, the storming of the Bastille.
  99. The London Blitz.

All That Glisters (151)

  1. Almost forgot what clouds look like.
  2. Maya. What have you got for us?
  3. Life signs.
  4. Atmosphere?
  5. Sounds alright.
  6. That planet's going to be a piece of cake.
  7. It means there's nothing that'll give us any trouble.
  8. Not a bad landing, Alan. Not bad.
  9. What's the latest count? How much time do we have before Alpha's out of range?
  10. Three hours. Let's conserve energy. Switch to minimum power.
  11. Alright, everybody, gather round. All set? We've got exactly three hours.
  12. I hope you're right. Maya. Program computer for three hours.
  13. Somebody has to. Tony, stay with her. Let's go.
  14. Dave?
  15. I hate to break up your romance with this rock, but we've got work to do.
  16. What is it?
  17. Before we do, let's check it for radiation, or any other dangerous elements.
  18. Alright, then. Go ahead.
  19. Let's find out how off balance.
  20. Computer negative.
  21. Alright, get that thing out of here.
  22. I said get it out of here.
  23. What?
  24. What?
  25. You say he had cardiac arrest.
  26. It may destroy the rest of him.
  27. He began to respond.
  28. Helena-
  29. I thought I told you to get rid of that rock!
  30. You saw what it did to Tony.
  31. I don't like the intangibles here, we don't know what the hell we're dealing with. We take him back to Alpha and cure him there.
  32. Alright. But noone goes near that rock, touches it or looks at it, is that clear?
  33. We've got bigger things to worry us now.
  34. Alan. Keep him company. I'll be right with you.
  35. No milgonite?
  36. You could have made a wrong reading.
  37. Now hold it! I told you nobody cuts up that rock, nobody looks at it!
  38. No, it's too dangerous.
  39. Alright.
  40. What do you make of it?
  41. Like blood corpuscles.
  42. Only they keep separating and spreading.
  43. Obviously the life form our sensor picked up.
  44. And lethal.
  45. What made that rock in the Eagle have the power to strike Tony, and yet here it left us alone?
  46. Yes, Helena.
  47. What?
  48. Then he's alive.
  49. Helena. Helena. Are you alright? Helena!
  50. Stay where you are. You're safe in there until we find Tony.
  51. Alright, let's split up. Let's go.
  52. Tony! Tony!
  53. Tony! Tony! Tony!
  54. Tony!
  55. Tony!
  56. He's been here.
  57. Helena.You said he was alive. Helena.
  58. That does it. We're getting off this planet.
  59. Oh, we'll take it. But we'll dump it in space.
  60. Nothing, no response.
  61. Eagle Four calling Moonbase Alpha. Eagle Four calling Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha. Come in, Alpha. Nothing.
  62. Keep trying.
  63. How long has it been pulsating like that?
  64. Any change?
  65. That thing's gotta go. It's too dangerous in the Eagle.
  66. We'll work on that outside.
  67. So could old age.
  68. I'm alright. I'm alright.
  69. The rock. The rock hit me with a blue light. It caused a paralysing pain.
  70. Yellow, orange and blue. I wonder what colour kills? Did you get through?
  71. Maybe it was trying to communicate. Say something.
  72. Did we? Or did it bring us to it?
  73. Alright. One more time. What does it want?
  74. Dave. The computer reading was right. But your source..your source was all wrong.
  75. The rock, we think. That rock programmed our computer to get us here on the pretence we'd find milgonite. That rock has power,,..intelligence..and purpose.
  76. No, it's not human. But it is a life form. What we don't know is it's purpose. And, Maya, I think you can help us find that out.
  77. Maya, it can be very dangerous.
  78. Because there's no other way!
  79. Have you any suggestions?-
  80. Discussion ended!
  81. You fool!
  82. Suppose they killed Maya in retaliation to your action?
  83. It's a life form. You can change into anything organic. You should be able to communicate.
  84. Yes, Helena.
  85. Helena. Get out of there.
  86. That could be the death colour.
  87. I told you to get out of there, Helena!
  88. Helena. What's going on in there?
  89. Are you alright?
  90. Helena. Helena. Are you alright?
  91. Helena, I told you to get out of there!
  92. Helena. We're right close to the ship.
  93. Are you still held in a lock? Can you get out?
  94. Try to get out.
  95. Stay put.
  96. Try computer.
  97. Any pain?
  98. Helena.
  99. Go in to the pilot section.
  100. Yes.
  101. Maybe it's like humans.
  102. When they panic, they don't think too well.
  103. And Helena's in there with that rock.
  104. Make a break for the door.
  105. It's lifting off!
  106. You've got a one track mind in a stone age skull.
  107. How come is it all you can think of is that damn rock!
  108. Get away from me!
  109. It's coming down!
  110. Helena.
  111. What's happening in there?
  112. What about Tony?
  113. What colour?
  114. It's facing a deadline the same as we are.
  115. I don't know. But my guess is our friend has to get off this planet soon, or it's gonna die.
  116. Helena, are the star charts still flashing?
  117. Now, listen, Helena. We think that rock is trying to get off this planet. If it is, Tony's going to have to do his rock gathering bit again.
  118. The second he leaves the ship I want you to alert us. Okay?
  119. Let's move.
  120. Alright. I want the two of you to stay clear of the action. We'll take care of Tony.
  121. We can't let him take any more of that rock into the Eagle.
  122. Stun him. Maybe if we hit him hard enough we can loosen the rock's hold. I want the two of you to get behind those rocks and keep out of sight. Alan, you come with me.
  123. Okay. Stay where you are.Make sure that gun's set on stun.
  124. Yes.
  125. Helena. We just hit him with our lasers, hoping it would loosen the rock's grip on him.
  126. Now, that means it's most vulnerable now. If we can take Tony's comlock, we can open that Eagle door.
  127. We have Tony's comlock. We're going to use it to try to open the Eagle door.
  128. Where's his comlock?
  129. He's gonna do something stupid!
  130. Come in, Dave. Come in! Come in, Dave.
  131. Come in, Dave. Come in, Dave. Come in, Dave!
  132. No, if it wanted to kill us, Helena would be dead now.
  133. We owe him for that. It got Helena and Tony out. How are you doing?
  134. How much longer?
  135. Are you sure it will work?
  136. If we have to, then we have to.
  137. Better get ready, Maya.
  138. If that rock is using Dave, he should be coming out any time now.
  139. That rock could become too powerful to beat if it gets reinforcements. Alan. Get close to the Eagle. Tell us the second he comes out.
  140. Maya. You know what to do.
  141. Maya! Get out of there!
  142. Okay, it's okay. You're alright, you're alright, alright. Alan, how's he?
  143. Call Helena and Tony. We're getting off this planet.
  144. Alright, Alan. Take her up.
  145. Yeah.
  146. Nucleoid?
  147. Maya.
  148. You all set, rain maker?
  149. Jettison crystals.
  150. Alan. Do you think you can find the way back?
  151. Let's go home.

The Taybor (104)

  1. Recreation Centre report.
  2. What happened?
  3. Make sure nobody touches it. I'll get Security on it right away.
  4. All Alpha personnel. Report immediately any object of unfamiliar appearance. Objects found have been small and multicoloured and may be glowing. Do not touch.
  5. Report at once. Repeat, do not touch.
  6. Identify yourself.
  7. Anything on your screen, Maya?
  8. Permission to land refused. Alert all security guards. I want Eagles on the pad ready for immediate lift off.
  9. I said identify yourself.
  10. The name of your ship?
  11. Who are you?
  12. You didn't identify yourself. And sudden appearances make us nervous.
  13. Where did you come from?
  14. Pinvith?
  15. Gifts? Your gifts have put one of my technicians into a catatonic trance and badly burned and nearly blinded a young hydroponic assistant.
  16. No.
  17. We do.
  18. I'm sorry. I imagined on your ship-
  19. Mister Taybor-
  20. Taybor. If we could get down to discussing-
  21. Well, first I'm curious about one thing. How did your ship appear so suddenly without our scanners or sensors picking it up?
  22. Hyperspace? Where is hyperspace?
  23. Jump drive?
  24. Anywhere? Could we build this jump drive? Could you explain how it works?
  25. Surely you have a drive manual? Diagrams that explain all the parts and how they work?
  26. He knows more about that ship's drive than he's telling us.
  27. That ship is intergalactic. If I could trade for the plans of that jump drive and get us all home, or at least to some habitable planet, I'd give the Earth.
  28. Could she carry human cargo?
  29. A habitable planet. In your travels you must have come across some planet that's compatible with our needs.
  30. Could you take us on an exploratory trip. Let us check out the planets you think are most habitable and let us decide for ourselves.
  31. What about Earth? Can you get us to Earth?
  32. Draw up a contract for one Moon, its fixtures, fittings, spacecraft, libraries, machines, it's all yours.
  33. Well, I guess...yes.
  34. Get us back, it's all yours.
  35. No. Galaxy M one oh four.
  36. I can't explain it. There've been space warps...
  37. Well, it's half way between PKS eleven forty eight double zero and three C four five four.
  38. It's a.. spiral galaxy, it's right near N G C one eighty five and, ah, M thirty three. It's a small cluster of thirty or so.
  39. Well, I can screen a general diagram. I'm sure you can match it up with your charts.
  40. No.
  41. At least where are we now?
  42. Thank you, Taybor.
  43. I want that jump drive.
  44. Tony, I've already offered him Moonbase Alpha. He's turned it down.Alright, Taybor. Let's go.
  45. Like an art gallery.
  46. Taybor. If we can adapt your drive to our Eagles, we'd have a chance. You show me how it works, and I'll trade you anything, anything we've got.
  47. How do you start it?
  48. And that jumps you into hyperspace?
  49. How can this ship register hyperspace?
  50. You've left Alpha?
  51. Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  52. Out here? What do you mean, out here? You just said you haven't left Alpha.
  53. Put me through to my Command Centre.
  54. You were able to teleport before. Yourself and your gadgets.
  55. Where are you taking me, Taybor?
  56. No games, Taybor.Get me back.
  57. Right now. I don't have much of a sense of humour.
  58. Alright, Taybor. I enjoyed seeing Hyperspace and I thought your joke was very funny. Now do we get down to discussing trade for that jump drive, or do you just get me back to Alpha?
  59. Alpha, do you read me?
  60. E T A thirty seconds.
  61. Same place as before.
  62. Taybor. Just what is it you want in trade?
  63. No, Taybor. The answer is still no.
  64. Taybor. Maya is not mine to give away.
  65. No deal.
  66. You don't value your return to Earth as much as I thought.
  67. Taybor, anything. Anything else on Alpha.
  68. Taybor. What if it didn't have to be that way? What if I did give Maya to you?
  69. A duplicate Maya. An exact likeness. A perfect image. To travel with you everywhere you go in the Universe. Able to talk to you in her voice and Maya's voice. Just think, you'd never be alone again. You'd always have Maya with you. What's more, she'd never grow old. She'd always be beautiful, Taybor. Always be beautiful. Never grow old.
  70. Well, Taybor?
  71. He's too alright in the head.Then you accept, Taybor?
  72. Got it, Taybor. Thanks. For the diagram.Oh, by the way. Everyone on Alpha's anxious to trade wares with you.
  73. In the Recreation Centre, then. One hour.
  74. Mister Verdeschi and Maya will assist you. I'll join you later.
  75. It's possible.
  76. Taybor's trading session over?
  77. Where's Maya?
  78. Helena.
  79. Helena, I...
  80. It's out of this world.
  81. Where'd you get it?
  82. It's beautiful. Strong.
  83. Taybor's perfume. Wait a minute. It's not right.
  84. Something's not right.
  85. No, Taybor's perfume.
  86. Helena, it distorts the mind.
  87. Taybor's tricked us! Listen to me, Helena!
  88. Helena, listen to me, we've been tricked.
  89. We've been tricked.
  90. You alright?
  91. Yasko. Link me up to Taybor's ship.
  92. We've kept our part of the bargain, Taybor. Give Maya back.
  93. Yasko. Scan the area where Taybor's ship was standing.
  94. Nothing. Okay.
  95. You never asked.
  96. Wait!
  97. I think we will. I've planted a limpet transmitter on Taybor's spaceship.
  98. Exactly. Yasko. Open channel D four.
  99. Maya. We have a limpet transmitter
  100. attached to Taybor's spaceship. We know you're in hyperspace and there's no way we can get you back.
  101. Remember. Taybor surrounds himself with things of beauty, that's why you're there.
  102. Please try to understand. Try to understand.
  103. Well, looks as if- Taybor's a sore loser after all.
  104. I was just thinking of that perfume Taybor gave you.

The Mark Of Archanon (16)

  1. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha. Are you receiving?
  2. We're in the eye of an approaching meteor storm.
  3. We may be cut off at any second so let's wrap this up fast.
  4. Let's hope we won't need bringing in. Helena, anything to add to the incident report on the two aliens?
  5. Tony.
  6. Until you do, treat them as an X factor.
  7. Hardly.
  8. Orbital reference three six seven. And highly uncomfortable.
  9. Good idea, you'd better.
  10. We've got meteorite damage to the hull.
  11. A few bruises and a little space sick, but we'll be -
  12. Glad to be back. I'm sorry I wasn't around to help when all that flak was flying about. Alan says I would have liked Etrec.
  13. Helena.You can't blame yourself for what happened.
  14. You're a doctor. You did what any other doctor would have done. Pasc knew what would happen if he gave blood. You didn't know.
  15. You saved the boy.
  16. Is that all you have to be grateful for?

The Rules Of Luton (113)

  1. Maya.Sensor reading?
  2. Alright. Let's put it down.
  3. Take over, Tony.
  4. Four hours until critical level.
  5. No. You go back to Alpha, pick up another Eagle. Maya and I will have completed our survey by the time you get back.
  6. Eagle One has developed a malfunction and is returning to Alpha.
  7. Maya and I will continue our survey until Tony returns and picks us up.
  8. Just stay in touch.
  9. We'll talk to you in half an hour. Out.
  10. Great.
  11. Koenig to Alpha, Koenig to Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  12. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  13. Who are you?
  14. What is the crime we..
  15. We picked a flower and ate some berries.
  16. We didn't realise..
  17. Please believe us, if we committed a crime it was out of ignorance.
  18. Move.
  19. Back.
  20. This is useless. We'll need a weapon.
  21. Yeah, we'd better not get hungry before this is over.Come on.
  22. Come on.
  23. These would make good arrowheads.
  24. Yeah. American Indians. Used arrows and bows.
  25. We could probably make a bow. But we need some string. I bet we could make a spear.
  26. Maya, yes. If we want to survive.
  27. You've got a point.
  28. Yes. But first, let's make sure...we've got some security between them and us. Like a canyon.They're tracking us.
  29. Stay on hard ground.
  30. He could tear a mountain apart with his bare hands. You're right, Maya. I'd rather have him as a friend than as an enemy.Hallo! Hallo!We don't want to fight with you! We want to be friends!But he doesn't.
  31. Maybe they can't swim. Stay here.Listen to me! Please listen to me! We've no reason to fight! Don't let them make us kill each other! Listen to me!
  32. Maybe it's their nature to kill, not talk. Well, that river gives us a breathing space.
  33. No, just trying to figure out a way across. Well, it'll be a while before they catch up with us. We've got to find some way to defend ourselves.
  34. I haven't noticed any live animals. Those vines look like they have a stranglehold on that one.
  35. Let's just say it eliminated a natural enemy.
  36. Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha, come in, Alpha.
  37. Why must we kill to save our lives?
  38. We will not
  39. submit to those rules. They're cruel and vicious!
  40. We will not fight. We will not submit to those rules.
  41. Obviously animals are a lower form of life on this planet. If we all kill each other it's acceptable.
  42. Three against two aren't heavy enough odds.
  43. No, Maya, he'd tear you apart if you got close enough, no matter what form you took. But wait. Maybe we could use your abilities to give us an edge. That way we'd know where they are at all times.Don't stay in one place too long.
  44. Maya. Stop him! Stop him! Stop him. We must talk to him.
  45. Yeah. One second the other side of the river, the next second this side. If he could transport, why didn't he do it again to escape?
  46. Yeah, could be. Anyway, thanks.
  47. Alright, then I thank the bird for it's keen eyesight and the lion for it's terrible roar.
  48. Don't look so sad, it doesn't hurt that much.
  49. Okay, mom. I won't get it infected and I won't get any dirt in it.
  50. Right, and some peace and quiet. I'm afraid we're not going to get much of that.
  51. We'd better take that with us.Give it to me.
  52. Don't waste time arguing.Okay,
  53. Maya. We'd better get moving again.
  54. We can't stray too far from where the Eagle touched down. When it comes back we've gotta be there.
  55. Oh sure. How about some pheasant under glass, asparagus hollandaise, topped off with chocolate mousse and coffee expresso, mm.
  56. Sure. All we need for that are the ingredients. And on this planet there are no such ingredients any more.
  57. Have you seen any around? The only bird we saw was you. If you take another form don't stay in any one place too long. We mustn't give them a chance to get at you. We also need some more weapons. That lance isn't going to be enough.Company, huh?
  58. Who says I can't?
  59. Yeah. Why'd I get you into this?
  60. Better check out the area.
  61. Battle formation. Could be that..this is where the animals made their last stand. The animals wiped out all the plant life in that area, to protect their rear. Can you imagine the battle that must have taken place on the.. on the rim of this cliff?
  62. Yeah. Better check on our friends below, huh?
  63. Why don't you take a closer look, huh?
  64. Yeah, I will as soon as I finish this.
  65. I'd sure like to know where the other one is.
  66. It's a bolo. In ancient times on Earth, bush natives invented a very effective weapon.
  67. Yeah. You can get some more rocks about this size. No, make it a little bigger. And round.
  68. Well it only hurts when I laugh.
  69. It's an old Earth joke.
  70. Well it was on Earth.
  71. Okay, then tell me some old Psychon jokes.I'm sorry, Maya. I didn't mean to bring up sad memories.
  72. Your brother left?
  73. Did they find another planet?
  74. If the break up of the planet was inevitable, why didn't Mentor leave?
  75. But if every...every scientist on Psychon knew what was coming...why did Mentor remain so stubborn?
  76. What about you?
  77. He should have made you go.
  78. Yeah.
  79. Firepower, Maya. In a combat situation there's nothing as persuasive as firepower.
  80. I had a wife.
  81. Weren't there any wars on Psychon?
  82. In nineteen eighty seven all the hatreds on Earth between races, classes and religions, all came to a head. The war was global and awful. It was finally the war to end all wars because the survivors realised that..if there was another one it would be the..the end of humanity.
  83. The one virtue of that war, if war can have a virtue, is that prejudice was wiped out. People realised if..they were going to survive they would have together, accept each other for what they were. So we began to create a brand new, wonderful civilization.But it was too late for my wife. She was a casualty of that war.
  84. She was like....Helena.
  85. It's just like ours.
  86. Careful, he knows we're alerted.
  87. He's gotta be down there.
  88. The wind's blowing in this direction. Good. Come on. Come on, let's move back.
  89. If my hunch is right, we've just discovered the third ability given them by the judges of Luton.
  90. We may not be able to see him, but he's up here somewhere. Maya. You could pick up a scent.Go find him, Maya.
  91. What'd I do...pass out?
  92. As long as I was only delirious. I'd hate to have recurring nightmares like that again.
  93. That bad, huh?
  94. Judges of Luton.
  95. Free her. And I will go down to him.
  96. I will let him kill me.
  97. She can keep that form for only an hour. She will be crushed.Free her and he can kill me.
  98. You're the judges of Luton. You can do anything!
  99. Wait! Please, please wait! Wait!
  100. We're...we're fools..if we fight!
  101. understand me?
  102. Let her out of the cage. She'll be crushed!
  103. Maya.
  104. No! I will not kill!
  105. No! You are the criminals!
  106. You could have stopped us before we
  107. tore plants and destroyed flowers!
  108. You want to see things die. You would like everything here to die.
  109. To satisfy your lust for death.
  110. Anything to get rid of us before we start an uprising.
  111. Where did that come form?
  112. I think Tony needs to have his sense of humour retooled.
  113. Hold it. Do me a favour. While I'm around never pick a flower.Back to Hydroponic.

Brian The Brain (137)

  1. Much good that does.
  2. Oh, I'd like it much better if my off duty time coincided with yours, and it hasn't, not once, not once since we started this memory rewind.
  3. I'd rather get back to the present.
  4. Change?
  5. No, that's happening now.
  6. Yasko. Show me the horizon.
  7. Maya. What's pulling us?
  8. Yasko. Find something on that screen.
  9. Maya. What factor could be involved in a change of course that we couldn't read?
  10. Locate that gravity source.
  11. Cancel the review.
  12. Come on, come on! I want to know what's pulling us off course.
  13. Yasko. I want a three hundred and sixty degree visual scan.
  14. Evacuation procedure.
  15. Check rate of change.
  16. Evacuate.
  17. Identify.
  18. Estimates only what? Why isn't our computer dealing with this?
  19. Is that what's pulling us off course?
  20. Focus and magnify.
  21. Wait a minute.
  22. Intercept.
  23. Koenig to Eagle One. Are you having abnormal gravity from that spaceship?
  24. Let's try to check that out.
  25. Yeah, we'd be more operational if I knew about that gravity pull. Any more data?
  26. Moonbase Alpha to Swift. Alright, come on down and have lunch with us.
  27. Eagles remain on stand by.
  28. We'll investigate Swift. Helena.
  29. This is the Commander of Moonbase Alpha. We're coming aboard.
  30. What?
  31. The ship is in good order?
  32. But empty.
  33. Right here.
  34. Koenig.
  35. Yeh, that's me.
  36. No.
  37. Yes, who are you?
  38. What do we call you?
  39. Brain.
  40. After you.
  41. We've had an odd change of course on Alpha. Has your computer-
  42. Have you recorded it?
  43. What about that..lunch you wanted?
  44. Mind if I come along?
  45. Where are you taking us?
  46. Let you be?!!
  47. What do you think you're doing?
  48. You alright?
  49. I wasn't talking to you! Where are you going?
  50. Trim it back to Moonbase Alpha.
  51. Program this spaceship to return to Alpha.
  52. Let me communicate with Alpha.
  53. Why are you taking us to planet D?
  54. I don't trust you.
  55. Let me talk to them.
  56. Tony.
  57. Return to Alpha.
  58. That's so. But if you don't go back your computer will be blinded like Moonbase Alpha. And you won't be able to get back.
  59. You must.
  60. We're being looked after, we're..we're safe. Acknowledge command. Acknowledge, Tony.
  61. Did you check whether the Moon and Planet D are on a collision course?
  62. What course are they on?
  63. Eagle One return to Alpha. I want all personnel back on Moonbase.
  64. Does it have air?
  65. No.
  66. What if we don't?
  67. Shut your eyes!
  68. Alright, just turn it off. Turn off the light.
  69. Are you alright?
  70. In there?
  71. Okay.
  72. No, I don't.
  73. Why are you making me go out on planet D, why don't you go out yourself?
  74. What are you after?
  75. Enough for a thousand years.
  76. Alright, turn it off, now turn out that light.
  77. Yes, okay.
  78. Koenig to Swift.
  79. Am now in the vicinity of the Mothership.
  80. Communication indistinct. Can't see you, can hardly hear you. I'm going round to the blind side of the ship now. Out.
  81. Tony! Maya!Am I glad to see you.
  82. You see what's out there?
  83. Captain Michael, Commander of the Star Mission.
  84. Permission granted. But make it fast. We've got to get back to Helena.
  85. That Brain is mad.
  86. That's why Captain Michael was left alone with no means of life support.
  87. To transfer the fuel from this ship back to the Swift.
  88. It wants to live forever, Maya. We'd better find that fuel.
  89. Not only that. It's got the only working computer in this part of the Universe.
  90. By breaking it's mind.
  91. Confusing it to the extent it doesn't know what it's doing. It killed the man who made it. We'll work on that.
  92. I know you did, Maya.Hello, what's this? Wait a minute. I think Captain Michael was working on something here.
  93. Yes it does, Tony. I think I know what this was going to be.
  94. How do we get you aboard?
  95. Good girl.Easy, Maya.
  96. Let's find that fuel. Tony.
  97. Koenig to Swift. Am approaching with the fuel core.
  98. Are you ready to receive me?
  99. I'm fine.
  100. Mind if I take off this spacesuit?
  101. Brian?
  102. Incidentally I saw your crew scattered all over the planet surface. Lying dead.
  103. And Captain Michael. Sitting at his command desk. Also dead.
  104. Brian. Which end goes in first, which end is up?
  105. You're the boss, Brian.
  106. Planet D.
  107. There are now. It's got a message for you.
  108. A message from Captain Michael.
  109. Revenge.
  110. Why did you kill your master?
  111. He was sitting at his command desk, dead. You killed him.
  112. He died because you blinded his computer. His crew was misled and he was left with no means of life support.
  113. I know why you killed him. He was working on an improved version of you.
  114. Yes, he was, I saw it. He was working on an advanced version of you. You were gonna be scrapped, weren't you?
  115. No, no. You can't solve your problems by killing us the way you killed Captain Michael.
  116. Yes, you did.
  117. He told me!
  118. Captain Michael.
  119. He conceived you. He made you. He's wiser than you and greater than you. And you killed him.
  120. We're going to blow you into space.Out. Out. Out.
  121. Let's contact Tony. I'll stop this Swift for docking procedure.Koenig to Eagle One.
  122. Let me talk to Tony.
  123. Come along side and pick us up.
  124. Preparing to dock.
  125. Our problem now is to get the memory core from the Brain and take it back to Alpha.
  126. We'll destroy it, cut it.
  127. Is that the truth? Or another lie?
  128. I'll take that chance. Cut the antenna.
  129. Alright, Brian. We'll let you live, if you give us your memory core undamaged.
  130. Alright. Let's see if it works.
  131. We still don't know where we're going. Direction check.
  132. I don't know, Maya. Let's take a look at it.
  133. Return the memory core to the Swift.
  134. Are we going to have any off duty time that coincides?
  135. Terrific. I was looking forward to discussing that love test.
  136. Oh, ah. Just a little something that our friend Brian devised.
  137. I thought we passed it.

New Adam, New Eve (131)

  1. Let's see it on the Big Screen.
  2. Maya.
  3. Punch through it.
  4. There's something there.
  5. I'm alright.
  6. Who are you?
  7. Yasko. Get that image back.
  8. That's not our style.
  9. You haven't presented any.
  10. You look like an artist's rendition of the original article, I'll..I'll give you that.
  11. That went out with Nero.
  12. No, thank you.
  13. Leave it.
  14. It's our way. You should know that.
  15. Too bad.
  16. We're a bit low on sacrificial goats.
  17. All right! Alright. Whoever you are.
  18. Whoever you are, you've a great deal of power. Now what do you want with us?
  19. How?
  20. You said you were going to help us.
  21. How?
  22. What is that?
  23. You're going to return us to Earth?
  24. We've learned to mistrust appearances.
  25. Why didn't we see the planet before?
  26. Maya?
  27. The we could settle there?
  28. Alright, Magus. We accept your invitation.
  29. I'm Commander. If there are teams to be picked, I pick them.
  30. Alright, Magus. Alan. While we're down there you're in command here.
  31. No, no. We'll go down in one of our Eagles.
  32. Tony, check the spacesuits.
  33. Check the suits, Tony.Yasko. Preparing for lift off.Have a seat.
  34. You had to have it your own way.
  35. Yasko? Yasko? Koenig to Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  36. Well, it seems compatible. What about animals?
  37. Water?
  38. Well, I'd like to make a feasibility study of the entire planet, before we make decisions about Gardens of Eden. I'd like to bring a task force here.
  39. What?
  40. Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Alpha. Come in Alpha.
  41. We're great triers, we primitives. Koenig to Alpha. Come in, Alpha.
  42. We choose our own future.
  43. Now look. Whoever or whatever you are...
  44. I trust we've proved interesting subjects.
  45. Humanity belongs to noone!
  46. Your monitoring may not be as good as you think. Maya happens to be very beautiful. but I-
  47. I'm not looking for your blessing! We make our own choices!
  48. There's one thing you've overlooked.
  49. Why?
  50. I insist you reopen communications with Alpha.
  51. But we do wish it!
  52. We couldn't really expect him to miss that trick, could we?
  53. Well, if he'd come down to Earth a few years back an awful lot of people would have said so.
  54. Maya.
  55. He's making sure we do things his way. He's paired us off.
  56. It won't work, Magus!
  57. You hear me?
  58. What?
  59. I think I might get some more wood for the fire.
  60. You know, that's an interesting theory of yours, that, ah, that God is just a name for, ah,...for God.
  61. And our Universe is just a...just a part of it all.
  62. You know we're being manipulated?
  63. After all, we can't fight City Hall forever.
  64. Maya.
  65. Good girl, Maya.The creature. It went in the cave, left some tracks. Let's follow them.
  66. That was quite a show you put on last night. What was it you didn't want us to see?
  67. You haven't answered.
  68. We were never without hope.
  69. Free will.
  70. We had it before you took it away from us.
  71. Free will is also the right to walk out of the glade without you acting like something out of the book of Job.
  72. Yeah, I'm alright.Helena! You alright?
  73. I'm okay. We've met force fields before.
  74. Congratulations. You're a big big physicist.
  75. Last night did it look as if we needed your protection?
  76. You can't keep a force field up for ever.
  77. We've got to get out of this zoo.
  78. E.S.P.?
  79. Mechanical?
  80. Well, his powers are beyond our understanding, Tony, but..they're not limitless. And he's got an awful lot to do with them.
  81. The gravitational pull.
  82. We've got to get out of here. If we could get to those tracks outside the cave, anything to give us a clue as to what's going on around here.
  83. Wait a minute.
  84. I wonder.
  85. Maya. A bird could do it.
  86. What about the tracks? Did you find anything?
  87. Where?
  88. Yeah. Like it was blocked in the last few hours.
  89. You know, it's possible this cave connects with the one we saw last night. Now if it does we can get through it and out of this glade. Lasers.Now!Alright, come on, stay close behind.
  90. Quiet.
  91. Stay here.
  92. What?
  93. Why did you attack us?
  94. Who won't let you die?
  95. What does he want?
  96. Is there a way through the caves that will lead us out of the glade?Thank you.
  97. Helena. Maya.
  98. This is your Garden of Eden, is it? And those are your Adams and Eves! You were going to use us like laboratory animals, weren't you?
  99. You're a bungler, who creates nothing, nothing but misery.
  100. You didn't.
  101. No doubt.
  102. Help you? Help you to do that?
  103. Stop!
  104. I..I agree to talk about it.
  105. I think I've got it.
  106. I don't know. Let me try it out on you. He had us whipped. He knew it. Yet he wouldn't wait, he wouldn't press home his advantage, why? Because for some reason he can't stand the dark.
  107. Think about it. Last night he left before it got dark. He won't go in the caves. And what about the laser, the effect it had on him?
  108. Right.
  109. We didn't. That was a holograph. A projection of himself in the sky.
  110. I didn't think that was possible.
  111. It must be the nearest thing there is to being God.
  112. We have to find some way to cut off his source of power, which means to black out the light.
  113. By being primitive. It's the last thing he'll expect from us.
  114. Yeah, Tony, we'll make sure it works. Okay, got it?
  115. Okay. Hang on.Got it?
  116. Alright, cover it up.It's a total blackout. It's as black as pitch.
  117. I know, Tony.
  118. Yes, we have considered.
  119. Magus. We don't trust you. Why should we put ourselves completely at your mercy?
  120. Alright, Magus. But there are the conditions. There are to be no more experiments on the mutants. Not even observations.
  121. Those are our conditions, and that is our ultimatum.
  122. And the horror of your deeds astonishes us!
  123. Koenig to Alpha, Koenig to Alpha, come in, Alpha.Come in Alpha!
  124. Koenig to Alpha, come in Alpha. Koenig to Alpha.
  125. The mutant! You get aboard the Eagle, I'll meet you there!
  126. Go on!
  127. Come on! We'll take you all back with us!
  128. All of you!
  129. Helena. Sit down, gotta get going.
  130. One chink of light as Earth broke up around him and Magus would still get away with it.
  131. Would you like to bet against it?

The A B Chrysalis (127)

  1. Compute.
  2. Yasko. I want to know the nature and origin of that explosion.
  3. Red alert.
  4. Check emergency life support. Check back-up power circuits. Helena, prepare for casualties.
  5. Launch Eagles.
  6. Yes, Alan.
  7. Hold your positions. You'll be shielded from the blast.
  8. Blast procedure.
  9. Maya. Alright? Kate. You alright?
  10. This time...yes.
  11. There it is. The eye of the explosions.
  12. Except one obvious conclusion. It's still there. It hasn't been destroyed.
  13. Right.
  14. Some form of intelligence is responsible.
  15. I want Eagle One on the pad ready for lift off.
  16. Maya, let's go.
  17. Alan, what's our E.T.A. at the planet?
  18. It always does. Scan.
  19. Magnify.
  20. Maya. I want a sensor reading.
  21. Maybe too perfect.
  22. Try the moons.
  23. Alan, set a course for the nearest moon.
  24. Maya?
  25. Alan. Take her down.
  26. Camera helmet.Decompress.
  27. Okay?
  28. I'm at the nearest installation.
  29. There's no obvious entrance. What's it made of, Maya?
  30. I've found an entrance. Operated by weight sensitive pads.
  31. Radiation negative. Life form negative.
  32. I'm going in, cover me.
  33. Atmosphere negative.There's sort of a..
  34. Alan?
  35. Isn't everybody after getting hit with three or four hundred volts?
  36. Some kind of probe. I think we're being checked out.
  37. Basic geometric figures. I think it's trying to communicate.
  38. It's trying to find out where we're from.Sun. Mercury. Venus. Earth. Mars.
  39. I'm Commander John Koenig, this is Alan Carter.
  40. I'd like to talk to someone who has authority.
  41. We've a vital matter to discuss.
  42. Our base with all aboard is heading directly towards your planet. unless we-
  43. Then let me talk to someone who can.
  44. A computer?
  45. Then put me in contact with your masters.
  46. Why?
  47. We're not leaving until we get some answers.
  48. Yes, Maya.
  49. Let's get out of here!
  50. Maya, decompress.
  51. Alan, get us out of here.
  52. Switch to emergency circuits.
  53. Resetting.
  54. Manual start. Link in the solar batteries.
  55. A ring of moons, each one with a space station.
  56. Let's assume they're all building a similar energy.
  57. Right. Conclusions?
  58. Producing an energy wave like a thousand H-bombs. Radiating a million miles in every direction.
  59. How much time do we have?
  60. Alan, take her down. We're landing on the planet itself.
  61. Alright, let's take a look at that surface.
  62. I think we're expected.
  63. Some things it told us could use explanation. Your masters. Do they have a physical form?
  64. You said reborn.
  65. The reason for the explosive force field.
  66. Are they all in this chrysalis stage of existence?
  67. Could you take us to him.
  68. Is this the Guardian?
  69. Can he still understand me?
  70. I am Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha. We're heading directly towards your planet. Unless you stop the next explosion, my base and everyone on it will be destroyed. Are you still translating?
  71. Alan. get away from there!
  72. Let's get out of here. Come on. Come on, Maya. Out!
  73. Alan! Alan!
  74. Good, Maya. But hurry, he's got less than a minute.
  75. It needs chlorine! Open up, please! Unless you want to kill!
  76. Alan. Alan. Hurry, Maya. Change back. Change back.Maya. We'd better get him back to the Eagle.
  77. Well, the burns don't look too serious. What I'm concerned about is internal damage.
  78. In three hours they'll be no Alpha to go back to. Maya. Can you operate the ship's lasers?
  79. I'm going outside. If I give the order start blasting.
  80. Through there are the chambers containing your masters in chrysalis form. Correct?
  81. You are programmed to defend those masters at all times.
  82. The Eagle's lasers
  83. are aimed at those chambers. On my command they will fire and destroy.
  84. I want the next explosion stopped or we start shooting.
  85. Forget logic. Recognise desperation. I will destroy your dome if I have to.I'm waiting for your answer.
  86. Hold it, Maya!
  87. Decide.
  88. Disarm laser.
  89. Where are they?
  90. You know my name.
  91. You must stop the next explosion.
  92. Listen to me..
  93. Our lives are threatened, if you..
  94. There is no choice. There's only one decision. Make it.
  95. Universal decency.
  96. What conditions?
  97. I don't understand.
  98. Make the decision. The only one you can.
  99. Deciding vote?
  100. I understand your need to defend yourselves. But we mean you no harm. Please. Let us pass in safety. In a few hours we will be gone from your planet forever.
  101. Yes.
  102. Born from desperation.
  103. One. You seek perfection.
  104. There are things more precious than safety. Loyalty is better than logic. Hope is better than despair. And creation is better than destruction. I just wanted to tell you that, you seekers of perfection.
  105. It's unanimous. We're leaving.
  106. Come in, Alpha.
  107. We've left the planet. Prepare for detonation.
  108. Negative.
  109. We don't have enough fuel, we're not going to make it.
  110. I know. Me too. Patch me in to the internal system.
  111. This is Commander Koenig.
  112. In less than a minute you will be hit by another energy wave.
  113. At this range Moonbase Alpha may well be destroyed. At best you must assume severe damage and large numbers of casualties.
  114. Let the log show I commend all personnel for their courage, fortitude and devotion to duty since we left Earth orbit. That is all.
  115. Countdown?
  116. Blast procedure.
  117. Check it.
  118. We're fine.
  119. What happened is...we're coming home.
  120. Alright, let's take a specific case. I asked you for an E.T.A. at the planet and you beat the computer.
  121. And yours is based on the function of an ellipse?
  122. One, three..four point five.
  123. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Your system simplifies the process, but you still come up with the answers in miles per hour, feet per second, our system.
  124. And you beat the computer every time. You know, Maya...Maya. Hey! Maya. Maya.
  125. Oh, oh. Hi.
  126. Women? Oh, wait a minute, I could hardly see them.
  127. Green? They were? I didn't really notice that.

Catacombs Of The Moon (26)

  1. Any new facts? New readings? New anything, Sahn?
  2. How about tempers?
  3. No, nothing.
  4. You're in command in my absence, Tony.
  5. Yes, Helena.
  6. We've no tiranium to spare.
  7. We have a total emergency on our hands. At this moment tiranium is irreplaceable.
  8. Helena, in normal conditions I'd take the risk.
  9. I'm sorry. But it's one life against hundreds. And I can't jeopardise all of Alpha. You - you'll find another way.
  10. I wish you luck, Helena. Eagle One out.
  11. There's no need to state the obvious.
  12. Maybe it was formed by whatever's causing the heat.
  13. Well, we sure can't tell from this side.
  14. Glare shield!
  15. There's our heat wave, Bill.
  16. Computerise it's course.
  17. Speed.
  18. Eagle One to Alpha. Firestorm is on a direct line for Alpha. E.T.A. eleven hundred. So batten down your hatches, Alpha.
  19. Helena, I know what I'm-
  20. We've got a head start. Let's see if we can outrun it.
  21. The heat waves are blasting Alpha.
  22. Can you clear a landing area?
  23. It's good to be back, Helena. I guess luck was with us. What's with Alpha?
  24. Not of your manufacture, I hope.
  25. Tiranium?
  26. Didn't I..oh, yeah.

Seed Of Destruction (99)

  1. Eagle One to Alpha.
  2. Eagle One to Alpha. Anything to report?
  3. Source?
  4. Can we set down?
  5. Let's accept it.
  6. Right. Let's go.
  7. Yeah, but the surface temperature's warm.
  8. That's strange.You handle it. I want to have a look around.
  9. Koenig to Eagle One. Alan. I've found some sort of cave entrance.
  10. No, I'm going in. I'll report back every three minutes.
  11. Alan.
  12. You can't believe this place, it's like a vast, vast hall of mirrors. The composition appears to be some form of dense crystal. It could be the energy source Maya mentioned.
  13. Have you located the malfunction?
  14. Alright, keep trying. I'm going to do some more exploring.
  15. Alan.
  16. I have a sample of the rock. I want to take off immediately.
  17. In five minutes.
  18. One minute could make a whole world of difference.Ready?
  19. So are we. This whole asteroid is one strange reading.Ready for lift off?
  20. Take this to the Observation Room. Don't let it out of your sight.
  21. Attention all Alphans. This is the Commander speaking. I have just returned from an exploratory trip on the asteroid. And I must tell you it poses a very serious threat to Alpha. We are presently surrounded by a very strong energy screen, which if we do not neutralise will render all of our instruments totally useless. In order to escape from this force, we will create an energy beam. We will direct this beam at the asteroid, which is like a gigantic crystal.
  22. It will reflect the beam back, cutting through the energy beam, and breaking its hold on us.
  23. Time is our enemy. We have an enormous task to achieve. But I know I can count on the full cooperation and support of all Alphans on Moonbase to complete this task and complete it successfully. I want all construction crews to report immediately to Main Technical Section to await further instructions as to the beginning of exterior work.That is all.Any questions, anyone?
  24. We'll be in for more serious trouble if we don't.
  25. It's not necessary now.
  26. I've already completed that analysis.
  27. I had enough portable equipment with me.
  28. Any other questions?
  29. I'm sorry, I don't want to argue with you.
  30. Are you questioning mine?
  31. You are confined to your quarters until further notice!
  32. You may leave now.
  33. And my job is to protect the safety of this base. It is my responsibility and mine alone. And none of us will survive without discipline. Remember that. All of you.
  34. Why are you holding me here? What do you want from me? And my people?
  35. I ask again. What do you want with me?
  36. You said we.
  37. A seed?
  38. So you drain the energy, all the energy from our world and destroy us, so yours can be reborn. What kind of uncivilised beings are you, to commit such a crime?
  39. Unit two. Status.
  40. Unit three status.
  41. Attention all construction crews. I want the energy reflector completed and operational by nineteen hundred hours.
  42. Have her come in.
  43. These are special circumstances. There are a lot of guards on duty. Well, what is it, Helena? Time keeps running away from me, I can't stop.
  44. Nothing is happening to me! I've got a job to do and I'm trying to do it!
  45. I'm not! I told you all once. If we don't break this force we'll all perish!
  46. Helena! I can't stop for anything! Nothing!
  47. But.
  48. Helena, do you think I would do anything to jeopardise the health or lives of our people? Now trust me.I must check in with the construction crews.
  49. I'm the one who will make that decision.Doctor Russell. When this is all over I will have that medical examination.
  50. Cranston!
  51. Did you program Main Power Plant for transfer to energy reflector units?
  52. This is the Commander. All Alpha personnel will remain at their posts or in their quarters during the transfer of power to the energy beam.
  53. Deactivate main circuits.
  54. Effect the transfer.
  55. Doctor Russell, I have no time for conversation.
  56. Some people may die. But some people are not all the people, doctor.
  57. Yes, what is it?
  58. Where's it heading?
  59. Shoot it down.
  60. Are you asking to be relieved of duty?
  61. Activate laser gun!
  62. You heard me!
  63. I gave you an order! Obey it!
  64. Shoot it down.
  65. Shoot it down!
  66. Carter! I gave orders to shoot that craft down! Now what sort of insubordination is this?
  67. I ordered you to fire!
  68. Retract laser gun.
  69. I owe you all apology. I have been withholding information from you. I realise now it was a mistake. That asteroid is not only draining our power it's-
  70. Helena, what are you talking about? If I'm not John Koenig, who am I?
  71. She's right. I am like ice. Something did affect me on that asteroid, I don't know what it was. But I do know that -we'll never be free again unless we break that asteroid's hold on us, on me.
  72. That's why I gave strict instructions that noone leave Alpha. I'd rather have them shot down than go there and face dangers beyond the ones I faced.
  73. I only hope it's not to late to save them.
  74. Helena. Please try to get hold of yourself. Now don't force me to use my authority as commander. I'd hate to have to confine you to your quarters. Nor do I want to order you to medical centre for observation.
  75. Sahn. Increase the energy flow to the beam. We've got to break free.
  76. Oh, am I glad to see you.
  77. Yeah, I'm fine.
  78. I know.
  79. He's trying to regenerate an entire new civilization; this place is about to explode into life any second now.
  80. How's he draining off the power?
  81. To the seed. It's the heart of Kalthon. It's like an embryo. It's the crux of everything here, I've seen it. It's here somewhere in this complex.
  82. Good. I'll take your Eagle back to Alpha.
  83. You two find the heart of Kalthon and destroy it. We'll pick you up later.
  84. Increase power flow to maximum plus five.
  85. Do it!
  86. Maintain power level as is.
  87. We need all available power for the beam.
  88. I will not have my orders questioned. Now get back to your posts, both of you!
  89. Doctor Russell, you're relieved of duty.
  90. Alan, get back to your post.
  91. Increase power flow to maximum plus fifteen.
  92. Carter, I gave you an order!!
  93. That order is countermanded.
  94. You're at my desk, alien.
  95. One if us is real. One a reflection.
  96. That's the truth. If it can't drain the last of our power, it'll die.
  97. Helena, you can tell us apart. The thing's we've shared he can't know.
  98. Yes, the lettering is backwards, because he switched jackets. But he overlooked one little thing. The hair. Alan. Helena. The part in my hair.
  99. Kalthon dies!

The Beta Cloud (13)

  1. What is it?
  2. What about it's range?
  3. It looks to me like it's closing.
  4. Maya, what about it's composition?
  5. Mainly?
  6. Nothing more substantial on the sensor? All gaseous, nothing solid?
  7. I'm alright, Tony, I'm alright.
  8. Helena. We think we know the source.
  9. It's the cloud, Helena. It's the cloud.
  10. Sure I do.
  11. I'm alright.Maya, your comlock.Tony must have programmed the computer to lock all doors.
  12. Well, if that thing is what you say it is, he did what he had to do.Alan..
  13. I can't hold up, you take over.

A Matter Of Balance (91)

  1. Anything specific?
  2. I'm on my way.
  3. What's going on?
  4. Magnify.
  5. Maya, give me a reading.
  6. Bill. Locate a landing site. We'll see just how good it is.
  7. Helena. I'd like you to join a landing party.
  8. Alright, I understand.
  9. Well, she must have been having a nightmare.
  10. Well good. Because I'd like her to join a landing party.
  11. Alright, Helena. Thank you.Bill. Tell Eddie Collins I want him to join the landing party. Now what's bothering you, young Tony?
  12. She looks up to you, Tony. You explain it to her, okay?
  13. Is all the gear on board Eagle One?
  14. Where's Eddie Collins?
  15. Shermeen, I thought you were supposed to be in Hydroponics.
  16. Yes, but I thought Eddie Collins-
  17. Are you sure you're okay? No nightmares?
  18. Good.
  19. Maya.
  20. Everything alright back there?
  21. You Shermeen?Shermeen?
  22. Maya. Is there any variation on previous readings?
  23. Everything down here's exactly like Earth. There should be life forms. Keep checking.Bill?
  24. You alright?
  25. It's almost as if a ghost had... I had a superstitious grandmother.
  26. Maya. That structure. Obviously built by intelligent life.
  27. Bill. Maya.It's stopped. It won't come past the obelisk.Shermeen. Better find her.Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha. Koenig to Alpha, come in Alpha.
  28. Shermeen gone, I can't raise Alpha. Our sensors recorded no animal life, yet we saw that creature.
  29. I don't know.
  30. There's one way to find out. Maya.
  31. Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Alpha, come in, Alpha.
  32. Bill, hold it.
  33. Just wait.
  34. Are you alright?
  35. Bill.
  36. Yeah, Shermeen seems to have some kind of immunity. Mm. Let's go.
  37. Bill. Take over.
  38. Shermeen. Mind if we have a little chat?
  39. I'm curious. How did you get into that temple?
  40. Well, I know, but when I tried to do that the...the creature attacked me. What I'm trying to find out Shermeen is why didn't the creature attack you?
  41. Why did you go in there?
  42. You could have been hurt.
  43. On where?
  44. Is that what it's called, Sunim?
  45. How do you know that?
  46. Someone? Who?
  47. Of course you haven't. I'm not even suggesting you have. Shermeen, I'm very glad you came along with us. In fact I'll be very curious to find out about those.You will give me a report, won't you?
  48. Good.
  49. Well, they sure look human enough.
  50. What do you mean?
  51. Yeah. So what's the explanation?
  52. What's its function?
  53. We live in a world of matter. So in theory there must be an antimatter world.
  54. Here, now.
  55. Tony. Something happened to Shermeen on that planet. I want to know what it was.
  56. I did, but she was holding back.
  57. Right. I think you can reach her.
  58. Tony, Tony. Because if we don't find out..
  59. Yes, so does Chris Potter. We found him in the Equipment Room in the same state you're in.
  60. Yeh. Not only that. One of our miniature nuclear generators. It's missing.
  61. Yes, Maya.
  62. What!? Who's aboard her?
  63. Well that figures, doesn't it? I want an Eagle on the pad ready for immediate lift off. Come on, let's go.
  64. Shermeen! Shermeen! Shermeen!Bill! Bill!
  65. The temple.
  66. No, Tony. Don't fire the laser, it will bounce back at us.It won't come past that point. Hold it's attention.
  67. Hey!
  68. Our sensors showed no life forms on Sunim. So it had to be antimatter.
  69. What?
  70. And project into our minds the illusion that an antimatter form may appear solid.
  71. There's only one way to find out.
  72. You've taken over one of our technicians. She's here somewhere. I want her back.
  73. Send her out.
  74. Maya, stay with Tony.
  75. Where is she, Vindrus?
  76. Where is she, Vindrus?
  77. What about Shermeen's survival?
  78. How many others, Vindrus? How many others? Certainly not just us. Not even just Alpha.
  79. No, Tony, no!
  80. Vindrus. We're no good to you dead. You need us alive so you can make the exchange.
  81. And our species?
  82. Vindrus.
  83. Vindrus. Shermeen's coming back. She's coming back.
  84. She never got fully into your world, Vindrus. She only got half way. I knew what you were after. So I programmed the generator so it couldn't function on full power.
  85. Now, Tony, get him in.
  86. Right. And this corner of the Universe will be blotted out.
  87. I'm setting this to self destruct. Better get the door open so we can get out of here.
  88. Alright, Maya, you go with him. Shermeen, you come with me. This way.
  89. Only matter will be destroyed, not antimatter.
  90. Loud and clear, Alpha. Loud and clear. We're on our way back to Alpha now. Out.
  91. Antimatter.

Space Warp (41)

  1. Go ahead, Alpha.
  2. We'll return after we board the derelict ship-
  3. Alan. Come in, Alan.
  4. Give me a shot of Alpha on the Big Screen.
  5. It's disappeared.
  6. There's only one answer, Tony. They must have gone through a space warp.
  7. It might not make any difference even if we had all the fuel we needed.
  8. Okay. This is just about where Alpha disappeared.We've matched Alpha's velocity. And now all we have to do is find that hole in space.
  9. No, let's try to raise Alpha on the screen.
  10. I guess there are going to be no miracles today. How about that derelict?
  11. It's power pods could be the same as ours and we might be able to use it's fuel store
  12. if it's got any left.
  13. What have we got to lose?
  14. That looks like a docking port.
  15. Cut power.
  16. Right. Let's take a look.
  17. Tony. Check the power room. See if the fuel supply is adaptable to our Eagles.
  18. Obviously a data bank.
  19. Maybe the answer lies here.Look at that one. It's a different colour.
  20. We owe him. We owe him for pointing the way. Twenty six?
  21. Well, we don't.
  22. Yeah. But it's a shot. Let's find that locator.
  23. Tony. I've found it. Yeah, this is it. Let's transfer it to Eagle One, and see if it works.
  24. Tony, it's my hunch that everyone on Alpha is working on that contingency. Now come on.
  25. We have link up. I'm going to activate.
  26. Alright. I'm coming onboard.
  27. One down to blue.
  28. Compensation factor?
  29. Green plus two.
  30. Well, here are the coordinates. Let's hope they're the right ones.
  31. Do I?
  32. Break link with derelict.
  33. Right, thank you. I want you to tow the derelict back to Alpha.
  34. We're bringing the derelict in.
  35. It's a long story, Alan.
  36. Right.
  37. Oh, and have Maya stand by. So she can apply her beautiful scientific mind to reveal the mysteries
  38. of this magnificent marvel.
  39. You mean she's asleep?
  40. Well, you can't blame them, Tony,
  41. if nothing's going on on Alpha the least they can do is get a little relaxation. Right, Helena?

The Bringers Of Wonder (70)

  1. Yippee! Ha, ha, ha. Hey, her, hey.
  2. Weee!
  3. Oh oh.
  4. Look ma, no hands!
  5. Oh baby, look out!
  6. Yeah.
  7. I haven't had so much fun since I burned granma's wig.
  8. Wow!
  9. Hallelujah, there are angels everywhere!
  10. Come and join us, come and join us,
  11. Come and join our happy band! Haha, yehoo!
  12. Wee! Haha.
  13. Keep your head down, big daddy's coming in, yah!
  14. Helena..
  15. You tell me.
  16. Okay.
  17. Ohh.
  18. Yep. Eagle Ten?
  19. How long was I out?
  20. Five hours.
  21. What do you mean, what happened? Everyone must have seen what happened. Rocket malfunction.Well, that's what it was, wasn't it?
  22. That means pilot error. That's terrific.
  23. I don't remember anything other than going out to check that neutron count.
  24. Yeah.
  25. What?
  26. Superswift?
  27. Doctor Shaw?
  28. Of course I remember Doctor Shaw. Very, very well indeed.
  29. Sahn's fiancee.
  30. Professor Hunter..
  31. Diana Morris? Well, well. Now Helena, please don't even joke about that barracuda... Only you're not joking. You really mean it. You mean they...somehow something worked..
  32. You mean they got it licked? They're really here?
  33. And we can get back to Earth?
  34. Oh, ho, Helena.Helena.
  35. Helena.
  36. I didn't want to bore you with my romantic past.
  37. We were childhood sweethearts.
  38. Would you believe we met in a jazz ballet group at M.I.T.?
  39. I'm not a liar.
  40. Don't come near me, stay away from me.
  41. Stay back, don't come near me.
  42. Alan, what' the matter with you? Tony? Helena? Maya? What's the matter with you?
  43. Tony...they're not your friends..they're horrible. Ugly, hideous.
  44. Listen to me! Listen to me! Tony!
  45. Clear the Command Centre!
  46. Helena, stay behind me. Stay behind me.
  47. Arm all lasers.
  48. Destroy that alien ship.
  49. Damn you, Tony. I'm in command!
  50. Alan!
  51. Get clear, Tony.
  52. Got to get out of here..out of here...things to be done..answers, answers, got to find answers..
  53. Danger..danger..the entire base.. It's in danger...
  54. Everybody on the base..
  55. Got to get out..g-got to get out..Helena.
  56. Those things out there..what are they? ..What do they want?
  57. They're not people! Are you blind?
  58. Why can't you see what you've got out there?
  59. Get that out of here!...Get that out of here!...Get that out of here!!...Get out of here!!...Get it out of here!!
  60. Tony, Helena, let me out of here, please! I've got to get out of here! I've got to get out of here. Helena.No! No!
  61. Eyes clear? Pulse rate normal?
  62. Blood pressure down?
  63. Do I seem rational to you?
  64. Fine. Now will you believe that when I look at your friends from Earth, I don't see what you see?
  65. Something hideous, something ugly, and..horrendous and hostile and deadly. Now, please listen to me, please listen to me. Look, please let me get out of here!No, please, don't do that, don't do that, please, please, don't do that. Don't do that.Look...don't you find it very strange that all the personnel on the rescue ship are people you know? I mean close relatives and friends. What do you think the odds are against it..aren't they pretty heavy?
  66. Fine. Okay, fine. What about the pilot ship? You said you drew lots to see who would go first?
  67. And Ehrlich, Bartlett and Alan were the winners?
  68. Now don't you find that strange? The three men chosen are members of the radioactive monitoring team? Isn't that strange?
  69. What's the matter with you, can't you see you're being manipulated? What's happened to your instincts? Why won't you listen to me? You're all blind!
  70. Tony. Don't. Don't let them go. Don't let them go, please! Helena, don't let them go! No, no, no! Don't let them go!

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (106)

  1. Don't come near me, stay away from me.
  2. Tony. Alan. Maya, what's the matter with you?
  3. Why won't you listen to me? You're all blind!
  4. No!
  5. They're in an Eagle.
  6. Maya. What do you see out there? In the Command Centre?
  7. I was hoping. I thought your different brain structure would have resisted their..their telepathic control.
  8. Maya. When you look, you see people, from Earth. When I look..I see monsters from a different dimension.
  9. Will you accept that it could be you?
  10. Maya. I'm the only one on this base who was hooked up to that machine.
  11. Or protected it!
  12. Everyone's a friend because everyone's out of someone's memory.
  13. They couldn't project strangers, because people we haven't seen can't be in our memories.
  14. Or maybe they have to be present to exert that control.
  15. Now listen to this.
  16. We've been in space for months. In earth time that's generations. If they are from Earth, they'd have to be hundreds of years older than they appear.
  17. It didn't occur to you because they wouldn't let it. The reason they haven't been able to control my mind is because..I was hooked to that machine.
  18. Helena. Please. Unstrap me.
  19. No. Our best weapon is surprise.If we tell Tony, they may probe his mind and take away the one advantage we've got.Maya. Would you let Helena give you the same treatment I had?
  20. Yes.
  21. Helena. If I'm right, there are things Maya can do that you can't.
  22. Good.Helena. What do you see out there?
  23. Maya.
  24. There's one way to find out.
  25. I really hate to ask you, Maya, but..
  26. If there was any other way.Maya. Remember. They know you're a metamorph. So be careful.
  27. What do they want, Maya?
  28. What do they want here?
  29. Wait a minute, wait a minute. That could be beneficial to us. Let's give them our nuclear waste.
  30. Why not?
  31. It's what they did to me in the Eagle. Wait a minute. Alan, Bartlett and Ehrlich.
  32. That's where they really are. Still on the surface.
  33. They're at the atomic waste dumps.
  34. They're going to detonate them.
  35. There's your atomic fuel. That's the trigger to blow up the dumps.
  36. Computer. Close and lock entrance to Atomic Fuel store.
  37. I've got to get to an Eagle.
  38. Tony. I must have an Eagle. Tony, listen to me.
  39. Alan?
  40. Now how long will it take to process all our people on that machine, make everyone of our people immune to those aliens?
  41. Unless we can break the aliens' hold on our people, I'll never be able to save Alpha.
  42. What?
  43. It would have to be amplified and transmitted to all of our people.
  44. Alright, let's go. Helena, stay away from those aliens in Command Centre, otherwise they'll take you over again.
  45. Make sure these things are set to stun. And let's hope the aliens don't read your mind, Helena.
  46. It was set to kill.
  47. Don't, Tony.
  48. Shut up.
  49. Helena.
  50. What about Alan an the others on the surface? Will the sound reach them?
  51. No, Tony. They get their power from energy.
  52. The Atomic Fuel Store.
  53. We haven't stopped them. They're on the way to Bartlett with the trigger.
  54. Tony, Maya.
  55. You said they were starving. Where are they getting their strength?
  56. Helena.
  57. Cut all nonessential power, all except communications. Out.
  58. They've got to be down there somewhere.
  59. Alan, this is Commander Koenig. Do you read me? Alan?
  60. Alan, are you receiving me? Come in, Alan.
  61. Answer, Alan. This is Eagle One to Alan Carter.
  62. Are you receiving?
  63. Switch on scanners.
  64. Alan. Ehrlich. This is Koenig.
  65. Do you read me? Do you read me? Alan, do you read me? Alan? Do you read me? Come in, Alan.
  66. Touch down in front of them, Tony.
  67. We'll use the harness. Drop me in front of them.
  68. Maya, prepare to depressurise.
  69. Decompression complete. Lower away.
  70. Alan, stop.
  71. Alan, stop, you don't know what you're doing!Ehrlich, stop him. Ehrlich.
  72. Alan! Alan, stop.
  73. Alan. Ehrlich. Alan, it's me, John.
  74. Ehrlich, listen to me! Alan, listen to me! Ehrlich, you don't know what you're doing.
  75. Tony. Ehrlich's lost most of his air. We've got to get him back to Alpha fast.
  76. He needs depressurising, that's his only chance.
  77. Alan! Alan, wait!Alan! Alan, wait!Alan!Alan! Alan.
  78. Maya.
  79. There are aliens everywhere. All over the place.
  80. Maya.
  81. How come the aliens are still controlling Alan and Bartlett?
  82. Everything's closed down, where are they getting their energy?
  83. When people are unconscious, their brain activity is reduced, isn't it?
  84. Helena.
  85. I want everyone on the base knocked out, with the exception of yourself and the Chief Engineer.
  86. I mean unconscious.
  87. Don't argue with me, can you do it?
  88. Just do it. Out.
  89. Alan, Bartlett.
  90. You were about to plug it into the core.
  91. That's right.You and Alan have been living in an illusion. But you've broken the aliens' control. Now help me!Maya. I think Bartlett's returned to normal.
  92. Bartlett. They're still controlling him. Alan, listen to me. It's all right, it's all over.
  93. No. That won't help.
  94. Hopeful? Hopeful for whom?
  95. Yes, but it's not real. You've been living in a dream.
  96. Bartlett. Help me!
  97. How long can the dream last? As soon as the nuclear waste is triggered... all...all human life on..the Moon will be wiped out.
  98. Bartlett! Don't listen! Help me!
  99. Bartlett! Use your laser! Stun Alan..
  100. Stop him. Stop him, Bartlett.
  101. Alan! Listen to me! It's Koenig! It's Koenig!
  102. It's better to live as your own man than as a fool in someone else's dream.
  103. So much for illusions.
  104. How much longer before they wake up?
  105. Well, can't you do something to speed it up?
  106. How am I supposed to run a base of sleeping beauties?

The Lambda Factor (90)

  1. Yes, Helena.
  2. Be right there.
  3. What kind of force did that to her?
  4. Well, that couldn't be a laser cut.
  5. Have you checked perimeter defences?
  6. Well, something got in. It may still be here. What do you think killed her, doctor?You should have some idea.
  7. Why don't you do that. Tony, I want a complete dossier on the girl. Get it to me as soon as you can.
  8. Still getting malfunctions?
  9. Just get rid of those bugs, okay?
  10. Yeah?
  11. Well, what is it?
  12. Is that the best you can do?
  13. All the sensors?
  14. Another assumption?
  15. Alright, let's talk to them separately. Sanders first.
  16. Alright. Mark.Sit down.
  17. Yeah, are all of us.
  18. Mark, you and Sally. There was talk that you were getting married. But you split up?
  19. Alright. Where were you when Sally was in Medical Stores?
  20. Carolyn. We picked up rumours that.. Well, that you weren't particularly fond of Sally.
  21. Just exactly what results are you hoping for?
  22. Yep.Well?
  23. She's too smart to do something so stupid.
  24. That could be, Tony. But I think you're letting prejudice cloud your reasoning.
  25. You get that message from Alan? Three quarters of our Eagles are nonoperational.
  26. Could be. Alan's checking it out.
  27. Computer readout?
  28. It could be a life form, couldn't it?
  29. Send Alan Carter down here right away.
  30. No. Thanks Pete.If that thing
  31. might be affecting our sensors, and might be affecting the instruments in the Eagles
  32. it might also have something to do with what happened to Sally Martin.
  33. Tony. You and Maya go down to Medical. Check on those autopsy reports.
  34. Some unknown force kills Sally. Instruments go haywire. Eagles malfunction, an atomic engine starts by itself and won't stop. And all of this has happened since
  35. the appearance of that thing out there.
  36. Lambda waves.
  37. Then it could be affecting some of our people?
  38. How do we find out?
  39. Alright, go ahead, conduct your experiments.
  40. Lambda waves.
  41. No. No, no. No, no, no.
  42. No!
  43. No!
  44. Come on in. I wasn't asleep.
  45. They do?
  46. Go on, go on, I'm listening.
  47. No, no.
  48. Helena. Do you think the lambda variant could have anything to do with the way I'm feeling?
  49. I can't sleep.
  50. Helena. I'm afraid to sleep.
  51. I've told you part of it. A long time ago when I was an astronaut cadet. We had to abandon some scientists on a Venus space station.
  52. Yeah. Something for which there was no antidote for. We couldn't bring that disease back to Earth because an epidemic would have killed millions of people. Before we discovered the disease two of our crew were on that space station, an advance party. Sam and Tessa. We left them to die with the others. There was no choice. And now, every time I close my eyes I...I see them standing there accusing me...
  53. Helena, Sam was my best friend. We went through astronaut school together. He and Tessa were going to be married.
  54. Don't you think I keep telling myself that, but it doesn't do any good, it doesn't make it any better!
  55. And Helena if I do go to sleep I'll go mad! That's an interesting problem, isn't it, Doctor Russell? How do I command this base if I'm losing my mind?
  56. Still no change?
  57. Just like Sally.
  58. Maya's instruments recorded a tremendous surge of energy just before this happened.
  59. Okay. One more time.
  61. No...
  62. No, no...
  63. I..murdered them!
  64. They keep coming back.
  65. They hate me!
  66. I see them. They're coming back again.
  67. I see them.
  68. They want me.
  69. No.
  70. No.
  71. No.
  72. Sam. Tessa. You're my friends. I love you. I left you to die. But I had to.You know that. You had to know I had no choice. You had to know, I had to do it. You're not Sam. Tessa. You are not Sam and Tessa. I am not..guilty.
  73. Yeah, sure, go ahead.
  74. Carolyn was in rapport, right?
  75. That thing out there wasn't using Carolyn, she was using it, right?
  76. So it boosted my guilt. So that I created ghosts. My own ghosts in the shape of Sam and Tessa.
  77. Commander Koenig will be there.Two ghosts down, one to go.
  78. You're in the wrong place, aren't you?
  79. Has it?
  80. Carolyn, I know what you want.
  81. You want us to hate you. To attack you. So you can use the energy of our minds to build your strength. But it's not going to work. We neither fear you, nor reject you.
  82. You can't harm us, Carolyn. You see, there's no hate or fear for you to latch on to. The only one you can hurt is yourself.
  83. We can't do that, Carolyn. There is no hate in us for you.
  84. I don't hate you, Carolyn. Helena doesn't hate you. Sahn doesn't hate you. Tony doesn't hate you.
  85. It's left us, Carolyn.
  86. Move. Come on, get out of that corner. Ah.No luck, nothing.
  87. Just as long as he can fix Eagles.
  88. You know, Helena, I'm still not exactly sure why everything happened the way it did.
  89. So we're back to our unmagical selves.
  90. I can't say I'm sorry.

The Seance Spectre (110)

  1. I don't know..
  2. Tora. It's shifting position.
  3. Maya. My instruments show a change of position.
  4. Can that be correct?
  5. Keep tracking it.
  6. It is. We've got to get back immediately. Eagle four to Moonbase Alpha.
  7. Koenig to Command Centre- respond.
  8. Command Centre, do you read me?
  9. Calibrations show Tora and Moonbase Alpha on direct collision course.
  10. Go to red alert. Repeat.
  11. Go to red alert.
  12. Come on.What happened?
  13. Sanderson!
  14. Sanderson!
  15. Stand back.
  16. Get a Medical team up here right away.
  17. How is she, okay?
  18. Helena. What is it?
  19. As far as I'm concerned it's criminal.
  20. Is mutiny one of the symptoms?
  21. Responsibility, for what? Mutiny?
  22. None of the other teams ever reacted this way.
  23. Alright. Confine Sanderson and his team to Medical Centre. Under guard.What have we got?
  24. Could we travel straight through it?
  25. Which could mean a planet. Sanderson's habitable planet?
  26. Alan, have a reconnaissance Eagle prepared.
  27. Maya, come with me.
  28. Right here. You were confined to Medical Centre.
  29. There is no new planet. So far it's just a weather belt. Until we explore it and maybe, maybe find something else.
  30. If we find the planet, I'll determine whether or not it's habitable!
  31. Sanderson, why would I do that?
  32. If there's a planet out there everyone on Alpha will be told.
  33. Alright. Alright. Every piece of data from Tora will be processed here on Moonbase through main computer. Now that way everyone on Alpha will see what's happening as it happens step by step on their screens. Now how does that suit you?
  34. Put that Eagle on the pad ready for lift off.
  35. Eagle One to Alpha. On course for Tora.
  36. Range?
  37. Not so far in that we can't pull away at the first sign of gravitational drag. Got a reading?
  38. Alright, let's hook up to Main Computer.
  39. What have you got, Sahn?
  40. Are we still clear on gravitational pull?
  41. I'm going in to range one to confirm negative atmosphere indications. We turn back at the first confirmation of a gravity pull.
  42. Zero gravity? I can't believe it, something's wrong.
  43. Maya, everyone on Alpha will think we're holding back information. We stay with Main Computer like I said. Get Tony.
  44. It's impossible. Get him back. Tony. Run a full systems check. You must be wrong.
  45. Maya. you alright?
  46. Get the helmets.
  47. Let's get out of here. Seal this off. Come on.
  48. Still operational?
  49. You'd better check the oxygen.
  50. Yes, Tony.
  51. They've got us on automatic. They're trying to get us out of here.
  52. Sit down.I know a source that can create oxygen. Vegetation.
  53. Or something that replaces the sun - like a bright light.
  54. I've never seen you before in my life. Doctor Russell.
  55. Where is he now?
  56. Sahn, get me Travel Tube four, section D.Sanderson. It's urgent that you listen to me.
  57. If you can hear me, let me know, we have no time to lose. We're on a collision course.
  58. Well...well, there is a planet, but it's in the earliest stages of formation.
  59. There's no green grass, no rivers, no trees. We've arrived fifty million years too early.
  60. It's not a habitable planet. It's just a weather belt.
  61. With a thick core of dust and unbreathable gas.
  62. There is no orbit. We'll be swallowed by a vast swamp of dust.
  63. We've got to get through to him in time.
  64. Maya. How long do we have?
  65. Eight hours. Tony. Is there any way we can alter Tora's trajectory?
  66. Okay, then we go round it.
  67. Nineteen ninety nine, the way this whole thing started. When the nuclear waste dumps blew up.
  68. It's the only way. We have to create an explosion big enough to shift the Moon one or two degrees off it's course.
  69. Maya. Give me a damage forecast on a sudden two degree shift.
  70. And people?
  71. Attention all Moonbase personnel.
  72. We are faced with the enormous risk of blasting the Moon out of it's present collision course.
  73. To minimize the risk I am ordering immediate and total evacuation.
  74. We'd better take that along, just to be on the safe side. Maya.Yes, Helena.
  75. If we can't shift the Moon's course, those Eagles will be our only home.
  76. You know a lot of Alphans said the same thing when we split away from Earth.
  77. Right on.
  78. Sanderson and the others?
  79. Sanderson. You know the danger of staying here when we trigger the waste dumps. This is your last chance. You can still make it to a boarding station and be evacuated safely. Respond, Sanderson.
  80. Good. The last Eagle lifts off in five minutes.
  81. Alright. Let's get that atomic trigger in position.
  82. Maya. Get the gun.
  83. Fire!Why didn't you fire?
  84. We've got less than two hours to set the atomic trigger, let's go.
  85. There they are. The old nuclear waste silos.
  86. Each of those shafts is ten thousand feet deep and capped with concrete.
  87. We'll have to blast one of those concrete caps away, so we can lower the atomic trigger.
  88. Yeah, Tony, got it. Thanks.How are we doing?
  89. Eighteen minutes.
  90. That's all the time we've got. Four minutes to blast away the concrete cap...two minutes to attach this device to the silo and get back here..and twelve minutes at full thrust to blast ourselves as far away from here as we can get.
  91. I'll need it.
  92. I'm at the silo now.
  93. Connecting charge now.
  94. All clear, Tony.
  95. Aerial rigged for detonation.
  96. Tony, keep trying.
  97. Okay, the cap's blown. I'm going in to lay the atomic trigger now.
  98. Atomic trigger in position.
  99. Okay, Tony. What's the damage report on Eagle Two?
  100. Okay. I'm on my way.
  101. Maya! Maya!
  102. Maya!
  103. Don't know yet, Tony.Maya!
  104. Open up!
  105. Maya! Maya!
  106. The door's jammed. Open it on manual.
  107. We've got four and a half minutes, Maya!
  108. Looks good. I've never seen so many bored people in all my life.
  109. You think your system will work?
  110. It figures, you show them trees, meadows and streams until they can't stand another blade of grass, right?

Devil's Planet (59)

  1. Sensor reads vegetation. No other life forms.
  2. Yeah. It is a city. Buildings. Streets. Some form of transportation system.
  3. And little coloured dots which could be human beings. Check the atmosphere.
  4. Let's take a look.
  5. It's alright. Home in on that signal.
  6. Alright, let's set her down in that clearing.
  7. Let's find out why.What have we got here?Dead?
  8. Cause of death?
  9. The city too.. Every body on that planet is dead.
  10. Let's make a pass over that Moon and see what else we can pick up.
  11. Let's take a closer look at that surface.
  12. Go to auxiliary.
  13. Emergency booster drive?
  14. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha. We're out of control.
  15. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha. Repeat, out of...
  16. Not functioning.
  17. Retros functioning. Vertical thrusters maximum burn.
  18. Come on. Let's get out of here. This thing's liable to blow.
  19. I'm from Moonbase Alpha.
  20. My spacecraft crashed on your planet.
  21. Now wait a minute, nobody sent me...
  22. The Hunt? You want to be hunted?
  23. You mean...down there?
  24. Everybody's dead down there.
  25. Wait a minute, I was there. I saw all the people. All of them are dead.
  26. Now hold it!Now hold it! Stop! Listen to me. I was on that planet. I saw a man transported there. He died, instantly.
  27. I don't know what killed him, maybe...maybe some sort of a plague.
  28. And I don't know why I didn't die, maybe...maybe I have some sort of immunity.
  29. I don't understand. I know what I saw.
  30. You've been brainwashed! They're all dead down there!
  31. Thanks.
  32. I agree.
  33. Elizia. They thought you sent me up here to spy on them.
  34. If you'll permit me, I'd like to contact my base. Have someone come and pick me up.
  35. Well, I don't understand, I mean... We're no threat to you. My name is John Koenig, I'm Commander of Moonbase Alpha.
  36. You say you probed my brain. Then you know of course you won't be able to keep me here.
  37. My people know where I am. They'll come for me.
  38. What's your boredom quotient?
  39. No, I didn't.
  40. We're not like you. We do not commit mindless violence.
  41. Fraser! Fraser! Alibe! Can you -
  42. The magic door to certain death.
  43. Double think.
  44. Your game with words. On my planet we'd call it double think.
  45. Hope? What kind of hope ends in extinction?
  46. And what is the prize? To enter the transbeamer? So you can send them 'home'?
  47. Another example of double think.
  48. In front of an audience?
  49. Koenig to Moonbase Alpha. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha.
  50. Eagle One to Moonbase Alpha. Are you receiving me?" * "Eagle One to Alpha, come in Alpha. Alpha, are you receiving me, come in, Alpha.
  51. Agreed. Mind if I wait over here?
  52. I'm just making it more convenient for Elizia to transport me.
  53. What's more important, Elizia....I've outwitted you.
  54. Yes, I will be. But if she fires, she'll also disintegrate this Transbeamer. And none of you will ever see home again.
  55. Yes, that's true. Everybody on Ellna is dead.
  56. Elizia knows it. But she's lied to you.
  57. Wait! Wouldn't you prefer death to torture? To Elizia's brand of torture?
  58. Elizia's lies are your only prison. Make her tell you the truth.
  59. If there's no death on Ellna, Elizia can follow and bring me back.

The Immunity Syndrome (109)

  1. Did you check for life signs?
  2. Well, there has got to be a way in.
  3. Tony.
  4. Hate to spoil the flow, but we've discovered signs of civilization here. Some sort of sealed living area. Tony, head back immediately. I'd like everyone in close until we check it out.
  5. How about those bruises?
  6. Maybe. But why did Tony just take off like that?
  7. West? Heading away from Base Camp.
  8. Take care of Lustig. Let's go.
  9. He can't be far ahead. Let's go. Spread out, go that way.
  10. This way.There he is.
  11. No. Head that way, make sure he doesn't double back.
  12. I know. But I don't think he'll use it on me. Go ahead.
  13. Koenig.
  14. Good.
  15. Okay. Let Travis handle it. We've found Tony.
  16. Yes, but we don't have him yet.
  17. No, but we will soon. Alan, you and Spencer pick us up.
  18. Tony. Tony, it's alright.
  19. Tony, Tony, easy, easy.
  20. Tony. Tony.
  21. No, Tony. Tony, no. Tony.
  22. Is there anything we can do?
  23. Alright. Let's get him back to Alpha.
  24. Maya. We've found Tony. Tell Helena we're bringing him in.
  25. Sick. Very sick.
  26. Stabilisers gone. Switching to back up.
  27. Yeah. Long enough to get to Alpha?
  28. Maya. We're having trouble with the survey Eagle.
  29. Malfunctions.
  30. We'll try, but if negative we'll head back to Base Camp and
  31. switch to Eagle One.
  32. Maintain present altitude. I'd better check these circuits before we set course for Alpha.Alan. All the metal's corroded. Let's get back to Base Camp, quick.
  33. Okay. I've got this one, Alan.
  34. Here. I'll take over.
  35. Some landing.
  36. Phew.Tony!
  37. We've got to get him back.
  38. Stranded? What about Eagle One?
  39. Dead?
  40. What about Tony? What got to him?
  41. Well, something flipped him.
  42. What caused the pressure?
  43. Tony suffering..from the same kind of pressure?
  44. Well, if you do, can you help him?
  45. Yeah. But by now Alpha knows we're in trouble.
  46. The plastics are holding up.
  47. Wait a minute.
  48. Yeah. And uncorroded. Plastic, but one of the best conductors of energy we have.
  49. Oh yes we do. Solar cells. There's a whole cluster of them around that alien structure.
  50. One induction unit. Performance...doubtful.
  51. Koenig to Alpha. John Koenig to Moonbase Alpha.
  52. ..we can transmit but cannot receive. Our situation is serious. We are without ships and equipment.
  53. Three more of our party have died, and the condition of Chief Security Officer Verdeschi..
  54. remains grave. We now know that this planet is overwhelmingly hostile to our life forms.
  55. We will strive to effect counter measures. Until we do, I expressly forbid any attempt at rescue.
  56. Repeat. No Eagles are to come down here. Repeat. No Eagles are to come down here. Should they try...
  57. their metals...their metals will disintegrate on contact with this planet's atmosphere. It was this phenomenon that caused the crash of..
  58. Well, let's hope some of it got through.
  59. He's cold.
  60. What are his chances?
  61. Good.Alert Carter.
  62. It's a holographic recording.
  63. Wait. He was interrupted. He's coming back.
  64. Yeah. Alan. Go through the records again. Maybe we missed something. Let's go.
  65. Hello, Tony.
  66. Still a long way from home.
  67. Easy, easy.
  68. We'll talk about it later.
  69. You tried to disarm him. The laser went off. Then what?
  70. Go on.
  71. Did it have a form, a shape?
  72. That's all?
  73. It confirms what we know already, Tony.
  74. Helena! Maya!
  75. How'd you get here?
  76. Glider?
  77. He'll want to see you. Come on.
  78. Do what you can for him.
  79. It's still active.
  80. If we increase the protection around the's Tony's only chance.
  81. That's where Lustig was found, right through that arch. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to make contact with the being in that clearing.
  82. Yeah.
  83. Loud and clear.
  84. Like I'm in a hole a million feet deep. I wish I could see out of this thing.
  85. Right. Just point me.
  86. I am not your enemy! I am not your enemy! I don't want to harm you!
  87. I have no weapons!
  88. Please! I've got to talk to you! We've got to communicate! We've got to try and communicate.
  89. Yes, please.
  90. Who are you?
  91. What are you?
  92. A man! John Koenig!
  93. I am a living being, like you.
  94. No. You are one among many.
  95. Yes.
  96. Why?
  97. What about the others who looked at you?
  98. The others who looked at you and went insane? You don't know the power you possess.
  99. I trust you.
  100. Yes. You are one among many, as I am. May I show you?
  101. Helena! Maya!
  102. Alan! Show yourselves!
  103. That is for each of us to discover.
  104. I speak for myself, though I am one of many. If we understand others, in time, I believe, we come to understand ourselves.
  105. Will you help us?
  106. There's noone here, the camp's deserted.
  107. Bill, what are you doing here?
  108. I know. Bill, lead the way.
  109. We had a little help, Tony.

The Dorcons (89)

  1. How powerful?
  2. Let's have a look at it.
  3. Red alert. Defence teams into position.
  4. All other personnel
  5. into protective areas and stand by.
  6. Let me see that.
  7. Alibe. Contact that thing out there.
  8. What happened to her?
  9. You alright?
  10. What was that?
  11. All of us?
  12. Helena. Why did it single her out?
  13. Yeah. Alibe. Can't you raise that thing?!
  14. Tony. Maya. I want a sensor reading on that thing.
  15. Yeah. There's no sign of brain damage.
  16. Anything, Maya?
  17. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. Alibe?
  18. Alan. Scan that ship. Find out what you can.
  19. Easy, Maya. Easy. What are Dorcons?
  20. So they can transport matter.
  21. Why, Maya?
  22. Yes. And attacked one of my crew.
  23. A question would have been the simple and harmless way to do it.
  24. I'll withhold my forgiveness until I'm sure of your intentions.
  25. Alright. Now we know who you are. What do you want?
  26. We're always ready to cooperate. For the common good.
  27. But your actions so far make me doubt your intentions.
  28. Yes we have.
  29. Negative.
  30. Varda. Thank you for demonstrating your...peaceful intentions.
  31. Tony. Lasers.
  32. Alan. Prepare to launch Combat Eagles.
  33. Tony. Secure the base against attack.
  34. Tony!
  35. Maintain full alert. And stand by.Seal every exit throughout the base. Security units
  36. Put back up units on stand by.
  37. And keep those exits covered at all times.
  38. Damage crews?
  39. Good. Maya. Any movement?
  40. Maya. Before you said something about immortality, the Psychons gave them immortality. How?
  41. What?
  42. Fire!
  43. Launch Eagles!
  44. Get away from there, Alan!
  45. Back off, Alan! Back off!
  46. Put that laser down, Stewart.
  47. Helena!Alibe. Contact them.
  48. Varda!
  49. Call off the attack.
  50. There she is, Varda. The last living Psychon. Now call off the attack or she dies!
  51. And you lose!
  52. Okay. We've stalled them for now.
  53. I know.
  54. No!
  55. This is Commander John Koenig.
  56. Alpha has been invaded by superior military force. We have no choice but surrender.
  57. You will be safe, provided you stay at your posts.
  58. And remain calm.
  59. Await further instructions.
  60. Spare us your concern, Consul!
  61. You have what you want.
  62. Varda.
  63. Where is she?
  64. What have you done to her?
  65. Then she's still alive?
  66. No. She'd have to have a mind for that. And she won't have one, not when you've finished with her, right?
  67. Sure you do!
  68. What are you doing, justifying your actions to me or to yourself?
  69. Meson convertor. A machine that transmits matter. I'm impressed, Consul.
  70. Antimatter?
  71. You're being too kind. Malic. Why?
  72. Which way's the trap door, Malic?
  73. Of course I do.
  74. Maya. Alright?
  75. You think you can make it to the transporter beam?
  76. Let's go.
  77. Not so crazy after all.
  78. Yes! Prevented a crime..
  79. You said you would spare my base.
  80. No, I did not!
  81. Varda. Malic killed him.
  82. I saw him do it. He used me to decoy you away from the Archon.
  83. No! He killed your leader!
  84. The antimatter shields are going, let's go.
  85. Helena.
  86. She was quite a woman, after all.
  87. Consul Varda. What kind of state are we in, Tony?
  88. My place or yours?
  89. Whatever you say, doctor.

Copyright Martin Willey