The Catacombs Connections

Many cast and crew have worked on other important science fiction films and television. The following are probably the major science fiction series, with a simple guide to who to look out for.

Star Trek (original series, 1966-69)

Star Trek The Next Generation and sequels (1987-present)

Doctor Who (1963-1988, 2005-)

Some British stations broadcast Space: 1999 at the same time as Doctor Who, then at the height of its success with Tom Baker as the Doctor. Inevitably Space: 1999 ratings were dented by the strong established competition.

Babylon 5 (1993-1998) and spin-offs

Star Wars (1977, and sequels)

UFO (1969-1970)

The first live action science fiction series by Gerry Anderson. Space: 1999 was originally conceived as a the second series of UFO

Alien (1979) and sequels

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