The Catacombs Connections

Many cast and crew have worked on other important science fiction films and television. The following are probably the major science fiction series, with a simple guide to who to look out for.

Star Trek (original series, 1966-69)

Star Trek The Next Generation and sequels (1987-present)

Doctor Who (1963-1988, 2005-)

Some British stations broadcast Space: 1999 at the same time as Doctor Who, then at the height of its success with Tom Baker as the Doctor. Inevitably Space: 1999 ratings were dented by the strong established competition.

Among the regular cast, Prentis Hancock had several Who roles, and Zienia Merton was in an early story. Two actors who played Doctor Who appeared in Space: 1999: Patrick Troughton and Peter Cushing.

Babylon 5 (1993-1998) and spin-offs

UFO (1969-1970)

The first live action science fiction series by Gerry Anderson. Space: 1999 was originally conceived as a the second series of UFO

Alien (1979) and sequels

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